The Cosmic Powerians

The Cosmic Powerians.

The Cosmic Powerians are the twin borned Outer Gods of The Amoral Ones by the All Mother. Though the Amoral Ones are the ones that create universes, the Cosmic Powerians are higher then them by virtue that they are basicly the cosmic elements of all impourent power cosmics of the Mutliverses (At least by the standerds established by Marvel), Soul, Reality, Mind, Space, Time, and Power, the strongest of all of the other Cosmic Powerians, The Infinite First-Born, the crafter, maker, and birther of cosmic items with the powers of cosmic forces, which included The X-Infinity Neckbrace, and other Infinity Based Weapons, jewelery, and creatures of outer power, being respondsable for the Outer God Animals and the Primordials of the Pan Dimention to basicly give the Amoral Ones pieces to use to bring forth Multiverses, often intending such forces to be used in the name of balence, but often the creations of infinity are not used with wise discretion, so the First-Born has it's siblings in the Cosmic Powerians to try and find suitabler wearers of it's gifts, with mixed results. They created weapons capable of granting godly powers including the famous Infinity Gauntlet and even guard the Infinity Stones they originally wielded before the Celestials in Marvel infamy, creating the stones and gauntlet for each universe.

PTE Redux Conditions: If and when Outer Gods are introduced, these ones will be renamed "The Cosmic Powerfuls", because "Powerian" isn't even a word.


  1. Soul Powerian- The cosmic creators of souls and life force, as well as the introductors of emotion, feelings, and most of all, morality, so to give inrealm beings an understanding of passion, caring, and empathy, to balence out a mortal's left-over animalistic intstincts.
  2. Reality Powerian- The cosmic creators of basic reality and introducers of thing slike physic laws and realistic possabilities for each reality, so to enable diversity in realities, so no one reality is alike the other.
  3. Mind Powerian- The cosmic creators of logic and the introduction of intelligence of beings, so to better seperate which creature can be considered sentient or not.
  4. Space Powerian- The cosmic creators of space and introductors of how cosmic energy is maintain, along with quanton physics and gravity and basicly where planets and celestial bodies are held.
  5. Time Powerian- The cosmic creators of time and the introductors on how all thinsg age and change and that of history so universes don't stagnate to the exact same periods.
  6. Power Powerian- The cosmic creators of power and introductors of all things power, magic, chi, the force, virtually anything related to power, the Power Powerian is respondsable for, so to establish Inrealm Hierarchies and to enable inrealm beings an ability to combat threats beyond conventional standerds.
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