An all-time powerful fighter named The Crimson Powerhouse challnages Jiku into a fight, and according to his record, he is an incredable and strong fighter, even the toughest champions were sent to the hospitel after a minute of fighting him. Jiku is admitingly worried he may be another line of defeated champions by this un-nateral beast. Dr. Nefarious, (pretending to be a medical doctor named "Dr. Neiousfar"), offers a streagh drug that'll make Jiku strong to defeat Powerhouse.... the problem? Crimson Powerhouse has the same drug! Nefarious is tricking both of them into fighting, while being unknowingly tested into becoming super-brute monsters for Team Nefarious. It's up to the lougers and Rachet & Clank to pull the plug on the doctor once again.

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