The Crowne Empire, AKA The Monarchy Empire Of The Crownes Family, is an Alternate UUniversal government headquartered and originating on Planet Royale formed after the defeat of a hivemind Crown-of-Thorns-like entity called The Facsimile, aiming for absolute peace under the leadership of the Pure Crowne Family while other family members are interracial, and due to the hostility, ingenuity, the harshness, and for the fact that the Theta Universe is the most technologically-resilient universe, the affected civilians banded together to form the Crowne Empire to quell any imbalance in government and power, and have a police force called the Crowne Federation. They are the supreme rulers of the Theta Universe and a powerful and indisputable empire. Even the USRA has to actively ask permission and share benefits with this wide-spread empire as the Crowns family used a traditional law that states that all planets in Theta are automatically theirs to own, and that anyone interested in them has to obey their laws and pay tribute by-annually. They are stern about exceptions and are unforgiving to those that disrespect their power. The Crowne Empire was a powerful supporter in the attempts against the VA, even more so that the VA dared tried to take control of worlds without their consent and overall threaten their authority. The Crowne Empire is not a force to be tampered with, as they are known to come crashing down hard to worlds that dare try to resist and refused their rulings and tribute. Because of this, an angry collection of system leaders are actively trying to get the entire Theta universes to be free of their self-righteous stupidity so they don't have to play by their rules and not waste money on this "Empire of Greedy Vigs". However, should the Theta Universe do such, it will risk a deadly revolutionary/civil/system war between loyalist systems to the Crown Empire and those that tire of their bullshit.

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