Master Algor's fears have been realized. Ororo was being watched by The Mimic Cult throughtout her life, even before she was banished. Their leader, Copyrightous, a highly near-religious and very convincing Superior Llama, has intended to make Ororo another member of the Cult ever since she first saved Kratos, and lead the Justic Teens perfectly. Now, thanks to the battle against Grinch-Titanous, Copyrightous finally sees her wrothy to join the Cult, and the next day, Ororo goes missing from sight when the Cult kidnaps her. While the Justic Teens and Ororo's very furious boyfriend Wade intend to find her, Ororo meets Copyrightous himself, who tries to convince Ororo to join them by telling her of the times when their own kind were being harshly discriminated, and be given everything she's ever wanted. The heroes get the Shell Lodge Squad (Who were hanging out at the time) to help, but the problem is that the Mimic Cult's hideout is highly secretive. Meanwhile, Copyrightous is getting closer to succeeding in tempting Ororo to join them. The heroes must find and stop Copyrightous before Ororo makes the biggest mistake of her life.


Copyrightous' Ultimate Plan

Mimic Cult

  • Copyrightous: (As Ororo was watching hesitantly)... Welcome, fellow mimics! I only wish it could've taken earlier for this to go exactly as planned. Yet alchourse, this meeting ended up not happening sooner because, reasons...... But now, she is finally here. We are finally here to celebrate, as now, all your hard work pays off. With Ororo Joltzen, the most famous of us on Kratos, on our side, we can ensure that it's finally time, to act!
  • Ripper-Offer: Heir heir! (They all did their salute)
  • Ororo: (Hesitantly did it sarcasticly) Oh, yay, I can hardly wait!
  • Copyrightous: Ororo, you have little faith! But trust me, you WILL thank us after all you've been through.
  • Ororo: Define "Thanking you".
  • Copyrightous: Fellow Mimics! The time to act is at hand! Kratos turns it's back on Superiors like us. They stopped depending on us. The only thing they haven't stopped doing is LAUGHING at us. They've discriminated our kind in the past, they've considered our powers stealing and infringement! They've called us terrible names like 'rogue', 'wastes', 'sponges', 'copycats', 'mockers', 'infringers',... 'mimickers'! But their insults just give us strength! Because soon, my friends, THAT ALL ENDS! We have the best of us on our side to give us hope to fight for our name to be placed where they deserve! (Shows a simulation of their plan)... With her on our side soon, we shall be ready to rob powers slowly growing in strength, but surely being strong enough, to become very grand. (Ororo was watching in shock) They laughed at us, but now, it's our turn to laugh back! (The mimickers in the simulation slowly advanced with their simulated plan)... THIS is our destiny, Ororo! Embrace your inner mimicker, let it fuel you! You may see us as evil, but that couldn't be further from the truth! What we are doing, is showing Kratos, that we are NOT to be pushed around! That we are NOT to be treated as segregated trash! They forget that all Superiors, Mimics included, have fought in the rebelion against the Avatarverse Dinasty, but they let a few bad eggs make an automatic judgement against our kind! I've been a victim of this. Everyone of the council were victims of this. All members were victim of this. Why, even the hero of Kratos, started out as a victim. Reguardless of what Algor had intended by banning Mimicry, he is STILL guilty of allowing that anichent hate to be revived! He may not hate you as a person, but he clearly hates Mimicry! In a twisted extention, he doesn't like that we are mimics! Whether we earned this power, or in your case, managed to be born with it dispite having non-Mimic parents, Algor is just as intolerent to this great power more then one who is open about their hate. Algor is in denial of it. And not embracing your hate, is just as abhorrent to us as it is acknowledging it! Because confessed haters are one thing, they have no intention to keep their hate a secret, but the unconfessed haters? That cannot be tolerated! That is what the Cult wants from this, Miss Joltzen. But yes, you clearly show a face of hesitation, not unsurprising of someone pre-membership. You see our acts as proving their point, but when you think about it.... What good is proving them wrong, when they often to CARE for contriditions to their failicy in logic, if doing so means that accomplishments like yours are ignored because you are deemed a small miniute exception to Mimics being an embarrisment to Superiors! Mimicry is hated no matter what you or I would do and do not! I see it as them giving us no reason to co-exist and giving them the consequences! Mimicry has to be aggressive in a world that views it poorly, never mind that Mimics have fought and even gave their lives in Kratos' most historic wars! And yet, this is what we were rewarded with? Several years of hate and discrimination and the goverment too afraid of bad press to stop it sooner, is why half of these mimics have joined. They gave us nothing but hate and violence. It may not be a moral decidstion, but it is a surviveal desidtion.
  • Ororo: I'm STILL not convinced to join you! I've had time to say this, but Algor was in the RIGHT to outlaw power mimicry and protect me!
  • Copyrightous: (Scoffs in offense) Joltzen, you poor blind naive self-insulting girl! Listen to yourself! Remember that this is the same fool that mistook a deadly war machine as a means to make Kratos a Supercontinent planet and thought becoming Omnipotient is a perfect plan B to his father's dead pipedream! I don't think that metal headed imbacile knows what's good or bad for the people anymore! Algor may had intended your protection, but his implantmented law hurted you, your non-mimic family, the adopted son of Miss Rightra, and heaven forbide who knows how many innosent mimics in that moronic exidus to "Protect" you. If he truely wanted to protect you, you'd be drafted to learn under him and be shaped to a future heir, but I guess he still is too afraid of Mimicry to ever trust a mimic personally again. And yes, you did helped to amend that trust, but that wasn't the initional case, Miss Joltzen, cause you started out rebeling on him, and he rewarded your understandable outrage by wiping your memory and exiling you to a vacation planet where you because the adopted child, OF A FREAKSHOW OWNER?! Heck, it was even assumed that you were just some escaped mutant from some rouge secret laboratory until wiser folk took a better look at you and discovered your Superior heratage. That, lead to many great things. Including finally bringing you, to us. Acts like THAT are precisely the problem! They think we're a threat! And given their treatment, I fail to see the point of wanting to insist otherwise! (As the heroes were already on the move) You will aid us in this revolution soon enough, whether you like it or not! I suggest you take pride in who you are, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
  • Ororo: If it means hurting innocent people, count me out of it!
  • Copyrightous: (Sighs)..... Innosence, is a relitive term, Miss Ororo. You can argue that Kem was "Innosently" just trying to spread Kemoisum, a belief that free will is a terrorable thing apawn us. You can say that Malvonio was an "Innosent" driven to madness by continuious cons and scams and became the worse exsample of superiors everywhere! You can argue that the Avatarverse clan were only "Innosently" trying to keep our rise as Superiors down because of their failure to appresiate a power that saved us from Darkspawn! Mimic Haters are only "Innosent" because they've yet to reach the naterol end result of them founding a violent Mimic Hate group or rose into power that shouldn't belong to them and allowed them to be revive Mimic Hate! Innosence, shouldn't be awarded to people like that, just because they weren't as violent as fanactics or terrorests or anarchists!
  • Ororo: "Well, okay, I see your point in that. Maybe it isn't nessersarly accreate to call haters "Innosent", but the problem with your logic is, your assentially building a philosify based on okaying violence on someone who's a total ass! Mimic Haters can also be nazi, darkspawn lovers with necrophilic, pedophilic, beastiality sexual desires and only exist to be the bane of Mimics existence, hurting them, unless they were actselly guilty of something, isn't nessersarly being morally superior to them! You basicly trying to give an "It's okay to punch a Nazi"  narrative arguement because of the term being HEAVILY assusiated with socially AND morally unacceptable beliefs! Hurting someone for even being dead wrong, does not make you better then them!
  • Copyrightious: It is not about being "morally" superior then them! It is about bringing forth justice! Besides, I don't wish to be considered an equil to Mimic Haters! Especally not on a moral scale!
  • (This music played)
Cars 2 - 17

Cars 2 - 17. The Lemon Pledge

  • Ororo: "..... Then you just made me ashamed to being a Mimic Superior. It's no wonder why Algor wanted to keep me from meeting you. Your echo chamber of a cult is not making Mimicry look good. What good is it to punish haters in that fastion if it just proves them right? I know being on the moral highground tends to not be satisfying as snooping to their level, but..... Look at it this way..... By not allowing haters to know they can get to you, THEY end up being the moraly inferior ones, and people will ultamately turn on them. They will be outcasts, not the ones they belittle and victimised."
  • Copyrightious:..... Not that it wasn't a touching speech, but..... We TRIED it that way...... And some haters proved too persistent to be so easily outcasted like that. I think you are missing the point, Miss Joltzen, to all of our dismay. (Turns to the other members) Fellow Mimics, listen to what she's saying! She's on their side after how much they oppressed and treated her like dirt! This was meant to be the day when mimickers would be respected. But Ororo, alas, proved harder to convert then suspected. But soon enough, they will understand the mistakes they have done in the past, and COMPLETELY ignored what we were TRULY capable of. Soon enough, they will SEE the clear truth, and we, with our clear ability to absorb virtually an infinite amount of powers... (He showed the simulation plan ending flawlessly)... will become THE MOST POWERFUL SUPERIORS IN THE UUNIVERSES! (The heroes continued to run in and started to get far) We have stated for decades how power mimicry was useful, but all they have done is deem it a dangerous superpower. But soon enough, when Kratos is in danger of something more powerful than whatever demon may crawl from the actual pits of Tartarus, they will come to us, as they will have no choice, because they will NEED us! (The heroes were suddenly spotted by advanced security and captured)
  • Cult Member #1: We figured you might stop by! (They took them as they watched Ororo in the meeting)
  • Copyrightous:... And when we prove that mimicry can be used to turn our enemies' abilities against them, they will finally RESPECT us! So hold your hands high! Soon, you will NEVER again be ashamed of who you are!
  • Justic Teens: NOO!!
  • Copyrightous: Long, live, MIMICKERS!
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