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The Cult of Skim'salom is an unknown Alternate UUniversal cult of demon-worshippers who originated, or was first claimed from, the Planet Ergo. They are an extremely religious group of theocrats who believe in the dark god 'Skim'salom', which was an ancient demon in Ergo mythology that was said to be the unholy ruler of all demons of any other world in the AUU, and could control life-force and manipulate the makeup of a planet. They were lead by an unknown tiny insect leader referred to only as The Speaker. They were anonymously included into the Villains Act by Darkness Qui in hopes thar they would include demons into the VA. But sometime after the fall of the Villains Act, they were destroyed by Superius Samantha. They were originally a target of the Union Against Religious Abuse, who believed that their actions in forcing their beliefs counted as religious abuse, but were not very angry that a local hero took it down. In fact, they personally thank the hero through video that the hero saved them the trouble and reshorces of dealing with the cult themselves, giving Samantha early knowledge of the union.


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