The Cunone Rebellion was an elite group of rebels founded on Planet Cunoone in the Alternate UUniverses. It was formed by one of the many USRA races, the Cunones, since they were known to have missed the humans the most following their departure in the hands of the Villains Act. Thus, they decided to avenge them by asking Emperor Brundel Tankoru to order the Cunone's military police force, the Cunone Praetorium, to form a large anti-VA rebellion on Cunoone. This event was famous in Cunone history since the sadness of losing their human friends left so many Cunones to step-up their natural love of exploring and gave them the urge to fight. They were thus one of the many rebellions that lasted until the fall of the Villains Act, and they were very good at fighting it with their high-grade military technology. Brundel lead this rebellion for the entire campaign, and when the Villains Act fell, the rebellion converted back to the Cunone Praetorium, and it was made stronger now that there were so many war heroes that either retired or continued serving. Brundel was clever at hiding the rebellion from the several VA invasion forces that tried to destroy or conquer them, especially with the help of the Praetorium's main leader, General Sulan Phaser.


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