A recreated Fang Empire flag, now a "Dark Dragon Scoure Imperial flag."

Ever since Emperor Fang recruited Dark Dragon, he knew Fang can't be all that powerful on his own, and he confirmed it with the discovery of Makuta, or Teradax as the Bionicle Canon goes. While ensuring Fang, and his loyalist followers, Othello and Malock go off, The Dark Dragon would meet with and talk to the Makuta in secret. He inisists that he can be much more capable to lead an empire of villains WAY better then Fang, and the Makuta, intriged by this, asks that he proves it by gaining more loyalty to him then Fang without getting caught, and then they'll talk more. And done so he did. In secret, he included all the easily malmitulatable of the empire and earn their loyalty by insisting that Fang will not be in charge for long. Eventaly, in the events of Spyro and Friends Enter the Wild, when Fang called for help when captured by future louge members Gilda and Trixie, Dark Dragon refused, and abandoned Fang, Othello and Nivawk, and thus, The Dark Dragon Scourge Empire is born.

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