The Dark Founder

The Dark Founder of the Villains Act

The Dark Founder 2

The Dark Founder Unmasked

The Dark Founder of The Villains Act
, real name Faethos, is the main founder of the Villains Act. Nobody knows about The Dark Founder or his identity or history. Not even the Villains or other founders theirselves. The Dark Founder has been known to be the most powerful villain in the Villains Act, and alters people's minds to protect his identity. What they don't know is that he is a mythical Invervitraxian creature called a Polyzoon (which means 'many animals'), which is similar to a Draconequus or a Chimera. He is the Invervitraxian spirit of victory and the defeat of battle, which is why he founded the Villains Act to see various battles in the Alternate UUniverses, due to being inspired by the Original Universe. He by no means had any truely malvolent intentions, he merely sought to add excitment. Unfortunately, he didn't realize before it was too late that he has put many lives in danger since he founded it, and discovered too late that his powers were too inheritly dark due to his race being traditionaly evil that it's mostly villains that popped up more, and dishasters followed. Cause of this, he became afriad of the controversy that followed, and became afriad that he's looking at a great punishment, so he had to be a mysterious monsterious master of evil that supposingly died or was nothing but a myth, and insure the other founders did not even knew of him so only they would take the fall, leaving him to spend eturnity to live in shame, fearing this would never being resolve or that it wouldn't be stopped until too many lives are lost.... But even he did not predicted the unexpected appearence of heroes from that same universe he was inspired to do this in the first place, while glad, he hopes he would never be found.... But the future has a bad tendingcy to say otherwise.


The Dark Founder wields unlimited power far greater than any other villain in the Villains Act. He has the ability to mentally attack those who are suspicious of his true intentions for the Alternate UUniverses, making them forget, or giving them alternate personalities. Most of his other abilities are unknown, though it's spectulated some of his abilites are simuler to the likes of Original Universe Draconquui like Discord.

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