"Nothing shall stand in my way.."

Genloid T. Arnstone, currently The Dark Human, is a human corrupted by the dark spirit of an evil overlord from the TZ Quygans named Lord Inachitin-Boe. After Inac used his father, Commodore Arnstone, to ruin the humans' reputation with the Quygan race, and start a brutal war, the humans labeled his family as a disgrace to the TZ Alliance, and had Genloid sent to prison. After being tempted by the ghost of Inac, Genloid swore horrible vengence on his own race and many others for his father's crimes, and allowed Inac to possess him. The Dark Human is an unbelievably powerful being, taking the appearance of a human-Quygan hybrid, and gaining strength and power by absorbing the souls of his victims. He now plans to become an unstoppable overlord, and possibly stronger than the strongest Darkspawn, almost on par with Chernabog himself. He hasn't exactly reached that point yet, but Inac knows that he'll gain near-reality-manipulating powers. Having been possessed by Inac's powerful but unstable ghost, Dark Human has supernatural powers and incredible intelligence. He's proved to be nearly unbeatable. If he would ever end up in the Alternate UUniverses or the Original UUniverses, no one would be safe. He has the combined personalities of Ganondorf, Lord Shen's evil persona, and Tirek. With every soul he absorbs, he gains strength, size, and new powers, and when he gains enough of them, he can become a massive 12ft powerful being.

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