Dark Order Symbol

Symbol of the Dark Order

The Dark Order is a criminal organization which is known to have Galactic Federation origins. It's leader is a malfunctioned and corrupted machine named Or-Gan-I-Zation, which was created in Galaxy Defense Industries by a scientist named Dr. Krobin Forkfacer and a few others as a means to be the prime source of vast data, and could connect to any computer system, machine, or even living organism. But after surprising turns of events, Or-Gan disappeared from the labs, and founded the Dark Order with an evil sister of the Soothsayer, False-Sayer. This is one of the few alternate villain teams in the Chronicles series to last longer than two episodes, but is short-lived compared to it's record-breaker, Dragon Army. Being of GFed origin, the Dark Order has wide knowledge of sciences such as genetics, robotics, nanotechnology, and others. Their main source of power is a stolen gene-blending device called the 'Morphogen 5000', which had the power to combine anything, living or not, into various kinds of creations.


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