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The Dark Radicals are an Alternate UUniversal criminal syndicate founded pretty much sometime ago which was a sophisticated team of villains dedicated to restore the rule of villainy after the Villains Act had fallen, and in their society, evil is treated more like a business as supposed to what someone would extremely claim a terrorist organization, henceword "extremely" cause the Dark Radicals are at best an extremely well organised criminal group. Their main hideout, The Radic Temple, is hard to find, but is located in a hidden underground cave on Planet Goalax. The DRs have also established other hideouts throughout the AUU, which are also equally hard to find. It is run by the evil Croghton Nuke Munbay as well as a few others. They seem to have almost all of the access to what power was left behind of the Villains Act, including Corruption Co.. They also seem to be the last remaining remnants of the Villains Act because of villains being sent to Oranos by the hundreds, as well as the Secret Founders losing control of it's remnants due to a traitor within their ranks.


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DR Ruling Council

  1. Nuke Munbay
  2. Pow Nado
  3. Pickles
  4. Sue Wai
  5. Bot Timber
  6. Rude Hacko
  7. Cassel Argentia
  8. Sam Bill
  9. Bloggle the Ancient

Minor Members

  • Mnu Numray- A Chrogton who was a close relative of Nuke who serves as the Dark Radicals' public spokesperson, having a right arm made of pure plasma due to a Corruption Co. lab accident.
  • Siin Flac- A Gaxanoid who serves as the public spokesperson for CEO Backer Stabbington and Corruption Co, and is an old financier and forerunner designer for Bloggle.
  • Jo Spreet- A Pruntan from Planet Inorbon who is the last associate from the Villains Act's deteriorated access to the AUU Currency Troupe who was still capable of granting the Dark Radicals the profits needed to continue their way of life.
  • Calt Ninh- A primate-like feline who serves as the personal assistant of Sue Wai, and even makes sure she remains corrupted.
  • Deivalia Yee- A Saurocone who serves as one of Cassel's powerful mage guardians and magocrats for the Dark Radicals.
  • Orge Assryne- A Saurocone who serves as one of Cassel's powerful mage guardians and magocrats for the Dark Radicals.
  • Pow's Aides- Two aides for Pow Nado who, despite taking the shape of Croogs, are actually shapeshifting Synthans that can serve well as guards too.
  • Pickles' Guards- Two Squama guards for Pickles who accompanied him during his attempt at conquest, and still serves him, serving as two commanders for the Starbot armies.
  • Mogma Sadrima- An Orsidian who was a former senator for his people until moving on to becoming a powerful general for the Starbot battle fleets.
  • Mraj ScLutter- A Crucion and former slave queen that put her skills to the Dark Radicals and created artificial slaves to help them when work forces became completely scarce.
  • Atan Molx- A Crucion and former head slavedriver for Mraj until her defeat left him to be the commander of her artificial slaves.

Former VA Members

  • CEO Backer Stabbington- The president and CEO of Corruption Co, which has been under the Dark Radicals' control since the fall of the Villains Act.
  • Doctor Worx- A Tiikon scientist and head of the Robotics Division of Corruption Co.
  • Doctor Enzyme- A Tiikon scientist and head of the Biological Division of Corruption Co.
  • Doctor Zone- A Tiikon scientist and head of the Military Division of Corruption Co.
  • ICC Exelbrok- The former commander-in-chief for all invasions of the Villains Act.

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Villain Reserves

In order to build up a new villain composure, the Dark Radicals founded Villain Reserves in order to find fresh new members, whether they were of Villains Act origin, had Villains Act experience, or were just independent villains. Offering better promises and rewards for service, a couple of villains were placed into the reserves, whether by own choice or were drafted and have served them for a few odd jobs. However, this doesn't mean that all of the villains in the reserves are of full servitude to the Dark Radicals, as it is often because of many things, whether debatable relieability, that they're at worse just very dark anti-heroes then true villains or often that they're not true fans of the VA-based group or their origin of the va in general or because of too little known infomation that the Dark Radicals felt that they shouldn't trust what they don't know much about, in fear of them turning out to be spies or not as dark as abvertised or even alittle TOO dark for them to control.

  • Lazurite- A bat-faced canine who was a lesser-known member of the Villains Act that wasn't respected for his average skill, then Nuke convinced Corruption Co. to augment him and make him into a weapon, giving him more respect than the Villains Act ever did... Though because of being in the reserves, he is not reckindised as a true member as of yet. He wields two laser blades, different kinds of explosives, is a master of stealth, and augmentation gives him nearly-indestructible bones, enhanced strength, speed, stamina, endurance, and enhances senses.
  • EXVAN-19- A rogue Warobot who was scrapped by the Villains Act for being too destructive. He later became a criminal who built his own new robotic body after his last one was too damaged, and now serves the Dark Radicals who offered him a better position, though being in the reserves, it shows that it has yet to happen. He is like the XL of the AUU.
  • Krollon- A Spidklon killer who was a former space pirate that killed for pleasure, yet was abandoned and left to be arrested by his own crew because he was an intolerable disobedient and dishonest jerk. Now he serves the Dark Radicals as a mercenary, being in the reserves. His attatude alone is why he's not a true member, along side poor hygene, lack of reguard for any given orders, and a very sexist attatude.
  • Wreaker- A masked gunslinger whose identity remains unknown as he had put his mask on when it was freshly welded, and wields two of three of his most common weapons which are pistols, assault rifles, and shotguns, and has the ability to teleport and sublimate. It's because his true identity isn't known that makes the Dark Radicals causious about making him a true member, out of fear that he's either a secret Grand Council Spy or at worse just a dark anti-hero who would cause great harm to the Dark Radicals if given any given reason. However, not making Wreaker a true member and only a reserver would prove to be both a smart move, yet a fatal mistake in the making.
  • Axphrion- A Grykron who was an extremely vicious local bully for his hometown on Empyrean until one day, his commen dispising of children lead to him attempting to kill a child for ruining an illegal firearms deal, though he ended up being humiliated dennis the menace sytile during the attempt. He has since been freed by the Dark Radicals and serves as a deadly gun-tinkering mercenary, though because of being in the reserves it was an indication that Axphrion may not be able to enjoy becoming a true member anytime soon.
  • Brolhelm- A primate cyborg and a former soldier from the Folboxian military who died in action and was resurrected into a cyborg by Corruption Co, now serving the Dark Radicals, though as a reserve because Nuke is highly cauious, even alittle fearful, that Brohelm's true nature as a good soldier will return to fulll force.
  • Jynyrgy- An Angellan space witch who is known for her ability to absorb energy from weapons and temporarily augment herself through it. Her powers are overwhelming as she commonly carries a magic gun and bombs that are augmented through her own absorbed energy. The reason she's a reserve and not a true member because the space witch is at best a dark anti-hero and not nessersarly a true villain, and that Nuke and the others don't fully trust her with Dark Radical agendas and infomation in fear of her not truely being on their side.
  • Qe Qe- A mentally-unstable Kreeron teenager from Arplume who went into extreme super criminal lengths after her criminal parents were executed. Now she serves the Dark Radicals as a reserve for her literal explosive personality, though while useful, is also too destructive for Dark Radical productivity to the point that it's also somehow useless cause of her never having a true goal or a focused mindset and just does crazy shit out of being batshit insane.
  • Anathema- A former supersoldier from Mox who was infected by the deadly Xenoplast-88, and turned permanently into a monstrous semi-sentient beast. Because of the untameable nature of Anathema, it is only a reserve member because even Mind Warper can't tame the beast and that it's too reckless to be anything other then a reserve, which has been kept locked up in the Dark Radical's private zoo ever since until absolute control can be established.
  • The McGyvters- A Cunone outlaw family that is famous for having an entire family consisting of a single father: Qlow, 6 children: Etter, Facet, Jash, Maya, Talloy, and Qyper. The Mother devorced Qlow over an unrelated incident prior before the family turned criminal. The entire family is skilled in weapons and dispite being in the Dark Radical Reserves, they aren't interested in being anything more then just criminals, where even the father doesn't think very highly of the VA and the Dark Radicals as a whole, which is why their status as reserves is more drafted onto them rather then willful joining on their part, though it's likely that when the time is called for them to become true members, Qlow will never accept out of having standerds and preference of his independent lifesytile, as well as the fact that he doesn't want his children to defelupt the kind of standerds the Dark Radicals have, proving that there is a limit for him on how far he wants to make his family dark.
  • Spanner- An "evil" being-animal hybrid child who is an "evil genius" that has developed a variety of "evil inventions", or at least were deemed evil because of mistranslated intentions. He is young, but he is far from being an amature. The only reason why Spanner isn't a true member when he's perfect for it, is because he has no true interest in sharing universeal power with the likes of "Outdated fools", nor any true interest of conquest in because it would mar his true intentions of being a genetic messiah, vs. getting involved would only serve in making him look like "Another power-mad maniac". Thus meaning that the membership offer is drafted and not willfully accepted. Another thing is that Spanner is not entirely traditionally evil, as the reason for his desires is just for the sake of wanting to make it better by making everyone as geneticly superior as he is, considering his genetics as the "next course of evoultion", assentully making him a much more compident verson of Hank the Mutant Frog, or more closely, another Hank Jr. Though his villain lisence is still strongly justifived by his quickness to use painful exspeariments and questionable efnics to make his geneic utopia happen, though only by that merit.
  • Armsfever- A Promenan whose physiology and mechanical anatomy remains unknown. However, he has proven to be a powerful superweapon of unknown origin who is capable of maximum destruction, and thus serves well for the Dark Radicals, though as a reserve cause the Dark Radicals can't trust what they know little off, espeically since Arms has been seen being unexpectingly nice to smaller creatures or anything not a threat, implying that he's not a mindless weapon of mass destruction.
  • Charging Gunz- A hammerhead rhino who uses a recharging energy shield, wields powerful heavy guns, and was a former criminal who now serves the Dark Radicals but as a drafted reserve, cause Guns has no love for the Dark Radicals because of the days of the VA where his brothers died to VA forces, and Gunz only turned criminal to supply for his family. He's the most unlikely to ever get true membership cause if push comes to shove, Gunz will gladly single-handingly destroy the Dark Radicals, no questions ask.
  • Dreamsurge- A female Aectoid who is a powerful dreampunk witch that can haunt people within their sleep, is a powerful psychic, and can mind-control people. She is a rejected candidate for the Villains Act as her powers were too risky and too reckless, and as such is only a reserves member by drafting, as well as the fact that her failure in attending VA membership has made her more then unwilling to get involved with VA forces ever since, viewing it as "If they don't want me, who am I to try to prove my worth to them otherwise?", viewing it as their lost and even boasts that she could've saved the VA by preventing the heroes from ever invading their base, adding to the fact that she's a serious egoist.
  • Heavyarms and Galigher- A large robot that was scrapped from the Beofynzeny System of corrupt Armatage design. It is a large robot that was later refurbished into being the aiding partner of the young bounty hunter Galigher, a young Uym orphan and mercenary/bounty hunter who was raised on a corrupt tinker society and found a friend in Heavyarms. Thing is, the duo aren't true evil nor true good, as like many bounty hunters, they do whatever is required of them by whoever would've paid them to, and thus are not nessersarly villains in nature, so as such, the reserves includion is drafted, not willfully granted. 
  • Bandit Cruge- An outlaw/bounty hunter/smuggler/mercenary Ohrugan from Thexus who uses Crucyd weaponry and lived during the times they were still alive, even living amongst them as an inspiring Academic trainer for them until a moment of pettiness and pride lead to him committing a murder in a competition, leading him to an outlaw life until the extinction of the Crucyds left him with no reason to stay on Thexus and thus left for the Dark Radicals. However, he's not thrilled he's been placed in the reserves instead of true membership because the Dark Radicals view him to be too much of a flight risk, even dispite the weaponry he possesses. Cruge has since would leap at any oppertunity to punish the Dark Rads for this disrespect to him.
  • Brewly- A poison-dart-frog-like amphibian who was an insane master bioterrorist who always got his hands on any and all banned hazardous substances and poisons, being as dangerous as the Joker, even to his toxic skin that he uses to get an entire army of drug chemists. Though after his entire career was destroyed by the Alpha Feds, he left and moved what was left of his power to the Dark Radicals, who provide much biological weaponry and sources for them. However, because the Dark Rads became more cautious around terrorests ever since certain events and that extremeisum was what got the VA disbanned to begin with, his offering of reshroces was rejected and only made a reserves member then a true one. Brew clearly felt insulted that the reminants of the VA have become more "pansy-like" as suppose to what they were like, because of a conspiracty against a more moral villain aside, he felt that the Dark Radicals are being "False Representations" of the more extreme VA and has vowed to "correct" this, which only further cements his reverses status cause of "pottainional for Yarge-Out".
  • Hellzone- A Zlash that was cursed in an ancient Ehaexon underground tomb into becoming a fire-powered fire-striped and black-furred supervillain who was too insane to even be accepted by the Villains Act, yet when it fell and villains were in short supplies, the Dark Radicals invited him in, though clearly only as a reserves member, because "We're not THAT desperate", clearly still acknowledging that there was a reason why the VA didn't accept Hellzone, and it's more then just insanity, as it was also because he's been known to abuse his minions and betray partners, basicly another classic cause of a Yarge-Out risk.
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