Dark Sisterhood Symbol

The Dark Sisterhood Symbol

The Dark Sisterhood is an Alternate UUniversal criminal syndicate that originated from Xeexar VI. It is an all-female assassin group of normally a neutral status that usually served the Villains Act. They weren't complete allies of the Villains Act, but not completely enemies neither. Sometimes, Darkness Qui gave requests to the Dark Sisterhood to carry out certain assignments against any political enemy of the Villains Act, a possible VA general on the verge of turning good for any reason, and/or is planning a usurp, or any hero foolish enough to actually try to take on and destroy the Villains Act for a price. Aside from that, the AUU Grand Council doesn't consider them full Villains Act members due to their neutral status, given that they're an assassin's guild, and that their dark religious worship in "The Mother", while controversial, is just in their nature since rumors went around that their leaders descended from the Mother herself. In legend, the Mother was an unknown being that went to illegal sciences and dark arts to protect and bring her children back to life, but was eventually executed for it. But since the Dark Sisterhood utilizes these powers in a group, all police forces gave up bringing them to justice. The Dark Sisterhood maintains their neutral status even after the Villains' Act's fall, doing what an assassin's guild would do: odd jobs for 'colorful' clients for the right price. They are lead by the The High Sisters.


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