The Dark Trinity

The Dark Trinity

The Dark Trinity is a group of rouge alien criminals from Futurasia which are dedicated to a sense of honor, though rather twisted and askew, and the security of Futurasia's technology since they believe that Futurasia sharing it's technology to worlds not yet properly or responsibly ready for it. Because of lack of strict enough rules about introducing technology to less-advanced worlds, they believe that Futurasia is causing more harm than good, and they went out of their way to make their examples known by sabotaging that tech to prove a point. While they're technically right about this since it is a well-known law in the Galactic Federation, they're guilty of trying to get their point across through extremely dark means, even if people ended up getting killed or ruined for their actions. They admit no proudness for their actions, but accept them for it gets their point across further. Yet the Futurasian goverment and the Magellan Cloud Core doesn't appreciate their stunts and have been made extremely wanted to every known alien police force and military across the UUniverses. Their talents would make them an interest for Don Slime to include in his revenge quest against Senator Tricorn.


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  1. Dr. Cyclon Hacslis- A Zylkin and the leader and founder of the group. Formerly a highly-regarded scientist and once hopeful to join Galaxy Defense Industries for the Galactic Federation. He was personally disgusted that advanced technology was being sent to worlds that were not yet ready or trusted to handle them properly and responsibly, and doesn't think the current rules normally against it weren't enough. His attitude got worse when dishonest fellow employees plotted to sell their inventions to worlds that don't even have technology yet, Mythos being among them, in return for profit higher than their paychecks in response to budget cuts at the time. When Cyclon reported it and had the crook employees arrested, Cyclon had enough at this point since there was no way to prevent people from doing this in the future, blaming technology being sent to other worlds at all as the source of corruption and greed in the scientists committing the crimes. He decided to give up on his dream of joining GDI, went rogue, and founded the Dark Trinity.
  2. Tetra Patra- A talented Hadroan gymnastic expert and a master of a few known human and alien martial arts. She is Cyclon's fiancé, right-hand alien, and bodyguard. She had friends who were less-advanced beings that worshipped her father like a god because of his technology when she was in her teenage years. The problem was that he was working for a dishonest profiteer who was forcing Patra's father to illegally give primitive beings technology they were not yet ready to have yet for nothing but cash. Patra tried to warn her father not to trust the criminal. But he couldn't bring himself to turn down his high-pay until it was too late when a horrible hoverboard accident lead to massive property damage, yet no one was killed. The Futurasian government had the profiteer and the employies who worked for him arrested, including her own father. When she tried to beg the authorities to spare her father, she was punished with juvenile hall for resisting superior orders. Even with her new adopted family, she became hateful for the justice system for taking away her father. While she was troubling in later years, she ran away from home at age 19 and became a traveling female vagabond. Her mastery in several alien and human martial arts had her join the Dark Trinity with Cyclon, whose beliefs she agreed with, and she also developed feelings for him, but she kept professional about it to avoid being 'distracted'.
  3. Hagon 'Hackerz' Malar- Hackerz was a Sillon both with a superior mind in computers and machinery, but ended up being a troublemaker growing up. He was raised in a mining colony on a moon in the Futurasian system who had a bad habit of helping others with homework at his learning circuit (the Sillon variant of school), causing a bit of a problem with the students cheating at tests. He did several other bad things in the circuit such as sabotaging the teach-bots and fire alarms, and tricking a class into dissecting unconscious frogs. Though he was never caught. When he grew up, he became a computer technician. Though he was still a troublemaker since he ended up hacking into animatronic robots, hacked a vending robot to get a beverage without payment, and he hacked his workplace's computer system to spy on a sour bully. But what really drew the line was when he hacked Perseus-QX when he was actually trying to solve his crimes, giving Perseus the programming of a ballarina bot and left him to look like an embarrisment. Yet it didn't help as Perseus-QX was restored, and Hackerz was caught in the act. Hackerz was forced to pay large fines for sabotages of public robots and computer interfaces, and was sentenced to community service in the same mining colony he was raised on. Though he ended up running away when the employees were extremely rude on him. He later joined the Dark Trinity where he would be safe from authorities, and provides part of the team's computer and hacking skills. He is mainly neutral with Dr. Cyclon's beliefs, yet he is a great asset to the team for his skills.
  4. Scartrox 'Scar' Kleegen- An insane Uberite who was born with a mental illness that gives him the mind of a caveman or animal. He was as agile and strong as Quasimodo, yet he had developed a habit of cutting himself with whatever sharp objects he can find, and he was very hostile to those who tried to stop him. He was also incapable of speech due to his deformed mouth and slurred behavior. The scars even seem to obscure his natural ability to change color, and he was afraid of water even when he is semi-aquatic. He even stabbed his own eye with a fork, obscuring his depth perception forever. For the good of the community, his brokenhearted parents had to send him to an asylum where he was given cybernetic eyes to replace both so he could never stab them again, yet it was impossible to stop him from trying to wound himself. So his cell was made to keep him and others safe from his insanity. But just as the doctors were planning on gassing his chamber with a mental medicine, he was abducted by Dark Trinity, where Dr. Cyclon planned to train him into a living weapon since he knew a person with the exact same mental illness. He fit Scar with a special suit which could prevent him from cutting himself with his new vibroknives. In a few months time, Scar only learned how to say the words 'Scar', 'Cut', and 'Rip', though it was all he was capable of saying. He also became an agile assassin who learned how to properly use his vibroknives, as well as any other bladed weapon, useful for disabling potential threats and giving them an animalistic edge. Because Scar is mentally disturbed, he has no moral or knowing understanding of what he's being made to do and mostly follows Dr. Cyclon because he mistook him and Patra as his parents.
  5. Monlan the Dishonorable- Monlan Kronox, nicknamed 'Monlan the Dishonorable', is a Docen that is contradictory to his namesake. He earned his falsely-named title because of his actions long ago. Monlan once had the misfortune of working for a company that was illegally introducing technology to worlds extremely unready for it for money and to take advantage of less-advanced people. Monlan couldn't stand that he was contributing to the suffering of many people because of the greed of the CEO, who was also his own brother whom he swore to protect when his parents died. But Monlan finally couldn't take it after he heard about what happened to the father of Patra, and reported his own brother to the police. He agreed to testify against him in return for a light sentence. His angry brother declared him a disgrace to the family because of breaking his vow, naming him 'Monlan the Dishonorable' as a result. While nobody took those words seriously since his brother was still a jerk, Monlan took it rather badly since he still broke his promise. He felt ashamed of what he did, and blamed greed and introducing technology to less-advanced worlds for corrupting his brother, though it was mostly greed that did it. He ended up becoming a favorite for Cyclon to have because of these beliefs, and that the guy was huge and strong. Monlan became the wild card of the Dark Trinity, both smart and strong, and has the heart of an honorable warrior to boot. He dons a powerful electro-mace that was capable of knocking even a greatest of Futurasia's beast to their knees.
  6. Zimba the Invincible- An aged yet battle-worthy Balcoran who was a former gladiator who was battle-hardened, Viking-minded, and fight-loving, which made him very famous, aside from his knack of using no weapons except for his fists and his mighty roar that is considered as menacing as the gladiator alien animals he fought. He's mostly all-brawn, but he's not a complete idiot. Zimba enjoys fighting, and has the personality of a fight-loving warrior to boot. The problem with him was that he had a bad habit of trying to pick fights that didn't need to happen. He also tried to force clearly-unworthy opponents to fight him, including children. His lust for a fight worsened when he retired from being a gladiator. He started to cause bar brawls, street fights, he even robbed banks just to get the police to fight him. But his own fight-lusting ego made him foolishly accept Perseus-QX as his challenger. While the two were evenly matched, it was Perseus' quick wits that defeated the battle-hungry titan. Zimba was sent to prison and placed in the strongest cell available. Zimba naturally became a favorite for Cyclon to include into the Dark Trinity as the sixth and most brutal member of them all. His strengh is only rivaled and complimented by Monlan, and Zimba respects him for that, as the two became noticeable friends. Zimba is strongly neutral to Cyclon's beliefs, as he is mainly with him so he can get to bring down anyone who itches to stand against them, making Zimba the Trinity's trump card against the most strongest of the Trinity's adversaries.


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