Vambi Clandara, dubbed now as "The Deer-A-Nator" is an emotionally distruct female deer who lost her child to off-season hunters who by dumb accsident killed her child after mistaking him for an adult deer from a misunderstanding. Cause of this, Vambi became emotionaly distruct. Looking for answers, she inadvertingly found them when she discovered an advertising for "Deer Avenger", cause of this, she desided she would seek revenge on those who wrong her and the woods. Her emotional and mental problems may lead her to be labeled as trouble. While she not seem to look physically strong, she had mentally trained herself to lift objects nearly 200 times her size, driven by revenge and raging motherly love for her son.


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"When I'm done here, there's gonna be no more hunting season for any of you outsiders."

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