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The Defense For De-Extinction Part 1 is the 1st Part of the Season 3B Premiere of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. On the Alternate UUniversal planet of Orgelle, a company called Helix Transgenics is pursuing an ambitious, even well beloved project. A machine called Project "Re-Genesis", processing speical primorideal ooze found in the planet, is planned and being designed to recreate several exinct speices of early dinosaur, certain mammels, an extinct breed of pet, even a lost Teadr 1 race who are beloved for being able to have found a cure of all known desises but ironicly fell victim to a plauge, which at the time was a lesser known vierity that inconvinently started cause of a prank gone awry. CEO Pirchoch Helix is the mind father of this project, which he loves like a child, fitting for the phrase "Brain-Child", along with several brother and sister sciencetists and close friends, work on this project to live Pirch's dream to "give fallen speices and races another chance", where Pirch doesn't believe that extinction should be an accepted outcome, where in his own words, "Extinction shouldn't be used as an excuse to keep such great animals and people away from us because of something that wasn't in our control at the time. We're at a time where we ourselves may be a new force of nature. Heck, science is OUR nature. So in a way, Extinction is nothing but a test to see if we can create ways to save others from becoming extinct, and even pulling them from Extinction.". He also argued against cases were extinction wasn't by nature's design, but because of the actions of others, and that those such animals and races shouldn't be left to be gone forever for anything, not even if it's by design. He espeically wants to do this to help the sturggling Sodo Bird race, and save any left behinds from their endling status. However, terror struke in the AUU once more, as an army of re-invented Nova-Titans riding on an astro-laser came out of nowhere and kidnapped all of Helix Transgenics, even the ambitious CEO himself. The leading Nova-Titan sent a message to the Grand Council that if they want every staff member of the Helix Transgenics to return alive, they cancel the Re-Genesis Project, disband the company, place Pirch in Oranos for "Fanactical Unrealisum", destroy any evidence that Re-Genesis even existed, and to accept that "Nature cannot be defied". Failure to do so, and the Novas will do it themselves, through the Astro-Laser, having been named as "The Drill of Extinction" and use it on the planet where Helix Transgenics is held as an overkill means to do it themselves. The leader Nova gave the Grand Council 8 of their main planet days to make their choice, and warned that either way, "Transgenics will be extinct reguardless". This forced the Grand Council to make the risky move of alarming the HA and the Lougers, minus Sandy since she went to Texas to support her family due to Hurricane Harvey, who secretly investigate this mysterious uprising, and how it appears to happen on the day after an unpopular efnics group, The Ecocrats, a group of "realist" birds of the Square Province allience, lead by one of the remaining Sodo endlings, Vector aus hol Gult, nicknamed The Eco-Realist, priorly came to the company and complained about the ambitious project and tried to argue their usual justifications, legit as they darkly be, for Extinction, but the group, more so the leader, angerly left after being told by Pirch's arguements and made polite but stern warnings about sicing security on them if they persist. The misfits smell a rat.... Rats with wings.

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Intro Theme (Bon Jovi- It's My Life) Coming soon...

Chapter 1: Helix Transgenics and CEO Pirchoch Helix

A Planet was seen in the distence.

  • Narrator: "This planet, is called, Orgelle. At first glace, it's not a particularlly interesting or unigte planet on the surface, but it would become the epicenter of genetic good..... And bad. And all because of the future founder of Helix Transgenics named Pirchoch Helix, which interestingly enough, is a product of hybridity. Only... In a different twist. Pirchoch is not the average hybrid. He is 1/4 Simobe, and 3/4 Cunone, therefore he is what the AUU calls a 'qymbrid'. But the world has more to tell than him. This world has been among the biggest influences of genetic aid for decades thanks to Helix Transgenics. They helped bring back extinct animals, and done so for ever since the famed discovery of the planet's primordial ooze. However... There were those who said that doing so was wrong. (Some figures stood tall among them)... Their leader, even with his species being critically endangered to a rare occasion, believes that it is nature's law for things to go extinct, and bringing them back, is violating said law. You can safely guess that the individual in question isn't one to realise the irony of his spieces' situation, or does but is amoral to the blight, or even, as a less resresctful person would say, just doesn't flatout care about it. Thus, he seeks to have them shut down, especially when he claims that people who are suffering his problem are utterly angered by his claims. He is the ultimate ethical shame to genetics in the AUU to people everywhere. Pirchoch has never been rid of him for a while... Until now...... But first a brief interuption for an otherwise mostly unrelated scene one of the producers want to focus on relating to current events of this episode's airing."

Dragon Temple

  • SpongeBob: SANDY?!? (He was searching for her and kept calling for her in random and comical areas)... (He enters the living room) Uh, guys? Have you seen Sandy?
  • Lord Shen: Uh, SpongeBob? Don't you remember? She's gone.
  • SpongeBob: WHAT?!?


  • Sandy: (As she was packing up while SpongeBob was playing a video game with Kairi) Alrighty, Sponge, I gotta go! My family needs me more than ever thanks to that recent hurricane! Take care! (She left)


  • Kairi:... You weren't paying attention all the way, were you?
  • SpongeBob:... I guess not... (He cries)
  • Lord Shen: AW, COME ON, DO YOU HAVE TO CRY EVERY TIME SHE LEAVES?!? FOR YINGLONG'S SAKE, IT'S NOT LIKE SHE'S GONE FOREVER! Why, it is LITTERALLY for until the Harvey mess is sorted out! She wants to be there for her family, and who are we to dare hold her back on it?
  • Kairi: SpongeBob, you know she had to leave to support her family. Hurricane Harvey was not very merciful to her hometown. It's bad enough Irma and Jose came afterward. Yeesh, Earth is being more of a bitch to humans since we're practically being a bitch to it.
  • Icky: "Well yeah, I mean, have you even SEEN the news?! Harvey was like if Ivan and Katria had a three way with Hurricane Sandy, no pun intended! It looks like Texas has became the new florida!"
  • Lord Shen: "Confoundery, Prehistoric one, try to be more respectful then that!"
  • Icky: "Okay okay, sorry! All the same though, I hope Sandy's family's okay."
  • Patrick: "Well given how duriable and determined Sandy is, I wouldn't be surprised if they were prepared ahead of time and doom-prepped their way to be secured survivers."
  • Lord Shen: "Actselly yes, I would not put it past them."
  • Spongebob: "But if so, then why does Sandy need to go?"
  • Lord Shen: "Well I wager that even with proper preperations their home would still face intense damage and would need time to get things in order."
  • Duke: "Hey, have you guys seen Gazelle?"
  • Icky: "She went to her room with Pang Bing."

Gazelle's room.

  • Gazelle was seen exspearimenting with wild western outfits.
  • Pang Bing: ".... Okay, I must ask, why do you need to dress in those silly westerner outfits?"
  • Gazelle: "Well, I heard about what went down in Sandy's Texas, so I wanted to start a donation drive in the Dragon Realms to send our support."
  • Pang Bing: "A noble jesture, but, it's litterally happening in a world far away from here, so, I doubt the people would nessersarly be so motivated if it isn't related to them."
  • Gazelle: "True, but Sandy is from there, AND is one of the more popular Lougers. They would want to help because of her."
  • Pang Bing: "Well you have to concider things like money conversion to Dragon Realmian wealth to their currentcy-"
  • Gazelle: "Hecktor vollenteered to help, so did Sir Hiss."
  • Pang Bing: "You also need to supply clothes-"
  • Gazelle: "Rarity got right on it."
  • Pang Bing: "Food-"
  • Gazelle: "Po's adopted father saw it as a chance to advertise his shop and instently began to send out alot of his noodle soups in droves."
  • Pang Bing: "Shelter-"
  • Gazelle: "It took alot of political haggling, but I convinced Tri-corn to ask her mother in the senate to be in works with the animal Texan goverment to build a shelter."
  • Pang Bing: "First aid-"
  • Gazelle: "I asked an old friend who works for Zootopia's "Doctors without Terratories" to bring that help over."
  • Pang Bing: "Would that be like "Doctors without Borders", but Zootpianised?"
  • Gazelle: "Si."
  • Pang Bing: "..... You always planned for everything?"
  • Gazelle: "Well it's not really the first time I took time to bring help to others in need. Espeically when Hurricanes are involved."
  • Pang Bing: "Well, at least your not in over your head about this."
  • Duke got in.
  • Duke: "Hey there you are, Gazzy, I-...... Okay, what's with the get-up?"
  • Pang Bing: "She became aware of the Squirl's blight and is orginising an aim to help."
  • Duke: "Ohhh right, I forgot you do that sort've thing. I should've figured concidering that Sandy went there to help her folks. Did you got it off the ground yet?"
  • Gazelle: "It doesn't offictally start until tomorrow. But it's getting close."
  • Duke: "Well, let's just hope we don't get dragged in into a new mess."
  • Pang Bing: "It litterally has been a long while since my little uprising, weasel, let alone Gazelle's little reunion with a former friend, and there's barely been anything serious enough in this "AUU" worthy of Louger concern that hasn't already been snuffed out quickly. I doubt a serious situation is going to pop out of nowhere."
  • Gazelle: "Hey, be careful when you say that, Pang. A slow day would ultamately end with a busy day in minutes. One can never predict a new problem."

Suddenly, the clip gets interupted and Deadpool shows up!

  • Deadpool: "HOLD IT?! Why the awkword transition to the Lougers talking about Harvey?! I thought it was about a genetic company defying extinction and an angry group of Ethic cunts!?"
  • Scroopfan: "(Sighs), Look, Deadpool, it was something MSM wanted to do. I know it interupts the narrative abit, but I am making it work by having it transiton BACK to the main focus. It's just a scene designed to justify Sandy's absince, okay?"
  • Deadpool: ".... Okay, but that Harvey stuff will quickly date this episode."
  • MSM: "Uh, d***-wipe, I had to show Sandy having concern given her home was victimized. She's not gonna be referenced, and it's not a Family Guy-style subplot. She's just gonna go home to support her family. Hopefully, she'll be back by the end of this two-parter."
  • Scroopfan: "Yes, pardon MSM for wanting this series to have a pinch of revelicenty for the times. And besides, we were JUST about to get back on Track, Deadpool."
  • Deadpool: "Okay okay, sheesh! Just making sure you guys aren't getting distracted is all! (Poofs!)."

The Film resumes playing as we get back to Orgelle and pan into the company.

  • A group of sciencetists are seen working on genetic compodents.
  • A Yurun sciencetist was seen working with a concoction very carefully.
  • Yurun: "Carefully, care-full-leeee."
  • An Anthro Deer Gril appeared from nowhere!
  • Deer Girl: "HI DOCTOR GEN E. SIS?!"
  • The Yurun paniced and ended up causing the concoction to blow up litterally in his face as he ends up having a tenticale beard.....
  • Dr. E-Sis: "....... OH DASH IT ALL?! YOU PESTY CURUON BRAT?! If your kind weren't critically endangered-"
  • Another Anthro deer, an older male, came up.
  • Deer: "My apologies, E Sis. My niece is visiting for the day while her parents are away helping our spieces. I'll, try to get her to satisfy her curiosity with something else."
  • Dr. E-Sis: "Well I suggest you do?! And how am I suppose to fix this?!"
  • ???: "Oh don't worry E Sis! (Pirchorch was seen with a huge chemical hose) I got you covered! (He blasted a series of rough but non-toxic chemicals at the Yurun doctor as he yelped! It has restored him to normal)....."
  • Dr. E-Sis: "..... Thanks, for the free chemical bath, Mr. Helix."
  • Pirchoch: "Anytime. And please mind young Healia. She's so full of life. Alot of Curuons started out like that."
  • Dr. E-Sis: ".... Well, fair is fair. My apologies for the aggression, young lady. But please be sure to give working sciencetists their space."
  • Helia's uncle: "You have my word as a sciencetist on that. Thanks for helping me, Mr. Helix."
  • Pirchoch: "Sure thing, Curos. Anything for an old friend."
  • A Fenale AUU Pterasaur with hand-clawwed wings and feathers on her flew up to Pirchoch.
  • Pterasaur: "Mr. Pirchoch, it's urgent."
  • Pirchoch: "What seems to be the problem, Miss Ecu?"
  • Miss Ecu: "(Sighs)..... The Ecocrats are back, sir."
  • Pirchoch: "..... (Sighs). He's really a persistent sort, isn't he? Okay, I'll go see what Vecter wants this time."
  • The other Sciencetists started to laugh!
  • Pirchoch: "Hey now, everyone, please! I know, Vecter hasn't been.... Wise in his ways, but.... That doesn't mean he isn't worth being treated with respect and dignity."

Chapter 2: The 'Realist' of Nature

Helix Lobby.

  • A robotic sectratary: "Please be pathent sir, or security will get involved."
  • A collection of old birds were seen behind him.
  • Old Harrator: "Ya know, Vecter, maybe we should come back another time."
  • Old Zowl: "He's obviously not coming."
  • Old Xulture: "We can always just fax him our intentions and-"
  • Pirchoch came in.
  • Pirchoch: "Okay Vecter, what do you want this time?.... Though based on past encounters, I can already guess."
  • AUU Dodo: "I'll have you know that I go by the name, "Eco-Realist", to non-members of the Eco-Crats! The most respectable Eco-Ethics Group in our United Universe community."
  • Robot Sectratary: "Tecnecally, your the most hated group in the United Universe community at large for acts of anti-science advancement, continuious lobbing to get beloved projects canceled in the name of respecting nature, even when the extinction isn't naterolly caused, and being considered a defeatest, Self-Proclaimed "Realist", and extinction loving loonitic. Along with being hypocritical considering the status of the Sudo bird."
  • Eco-Realist: "GAH?! Your stupid sectratary bot insulted me?!"
  • Pirchoch: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, D.E.B.R.A. has always been known to be sassy. She does that to even people she likes."
  • Old Garrot: "Yet she seems more willing to do that to us and it's CLEAR she doesn't seem particually caring of us."
  • Pirchoch: "We're getting off track, gentlemen. Okay, Vecter, what are you gunning for this time?"
  • Eco-Realist: "IT'S ECO-REALIST TO YOU! And yes, I have a reason in returning to this company that is insultingly dedicated to disrespect nature's will! I, am building up a lawsuit against you and your many De-Extinction projects and attempts! I am taking you to the Grand Council court!"
  • Pirchoch: "Oy. Again with the lawsuit. If it's not trying to build forged petitions that's just you and your friends writing down fake names on it to try to make it LOOK like everyone's aganst the projects, it's lawsuits. Look, I'll save you the embarrisment and let you know that the Grand Council has no problems with what I am doing. Otherwise, you'd think they brought this up by now."
  • Eco-Realist: "That is why I have recruited a talented lawyer from the other UUniverses! A land shark by the name of Hammy Hammerhead! He can pursway the Council to reconsider such things! I'll even get the corperate confederate against you in the court!"
  • Pirchoch: "..... I hate to break it to you, but.... I heard that this "Hammy Hammerhead", is having abit of a bad rut lately."
  • Eco-Realist: "Well I have good faith that this will be the case where his rut ends, because nature, WILL WIN IN THE END?! You better know a good lawyer?!"
  • Pirchoch: "Oh, the company has plenty. (A wall opens up to reveil an army of corprete lawyers of each race and spieces)....."
  • Old Rood: "...... I do believe that, as the youngins would say..... We're f****d!"
  • Eco-Realist: "Nonsense! Hammy used to be a corperate lawyer himself! He knows how to counter against the likes of them. We'll see you at court!"
  • Dumb Old Male Flicken: "Ohhhh! I'll get my Bennis racket!"
  • Eco-Realist: "..... NOT THAT KIND OF COURT, STUPID?!"

Grand Council Room.

  • Headmaster Warson: "All rise for the court case of... (Sighs unimpressed)..... The Eco-Crats vs. Helix Transgenetics."
  • Jling: "AGAIN?! That's the upteenth time this month?!"
  • Jarvis: "Actselly, this looks to be different. Vecter has invited a talented lawyer from the Lougers' universes named Hammy Hammerhead."
  • Bayo: "..... I heard he has abit of a bad rut."
  • Warson: "Well, we may as well humor him. He won't go away otherwise."
  • The court was set up as the Eco-Realist came in with Hammy Hammerhead, as Pirchoch came in with one of the best corperate lawyers, a little AUU Parakeet.
  • Hammy saw the other lawyer.
  • Hammy: "(Scoffs!) Out of all of the corperate lawyer army he has in store, he picks a freaken parakeet?! Aw this is gonna be a slam dunk!"
  • Eco-Realist: "Don't lose focus. That is the grandson of one of our members. He defected from the Eco-Crats after he began to miss the point. He would try to make us look bad."
  • Hammy: "Oh don't worry, I'll counter it by using my "Evidence" I collected with my little spybot and try to paint Pirchoch as the bad guy. You'll look good in contrast, garrintied."
  • Eco-Realist: "Ahhh, good thing I have a Lawyer that's willing to fight rough."
  • Jling: "Let's get this over with. Does the Lawsuit Maker have anything to start with, other then same old same old?"
  • Hammy: "Actselly, yes, we do, your honor. (Everyone was surprised by that)."
  • Jling: "..... Well hey, things might get interesting for once. (Warson bonged him in the head). OW?!"
  • Warson: "That's to remind you that the court is not a private specitcal!"
  • Rishon: "Would you care to elaberate?"
  • Hammy: "Alchourse. (Whisles!) (A robotic probe flew in). I personally desided to investigate what went behind the scenes of Transgenics with my new little buddy I bought with the paid in advanced money from the Eco-Crats, my little Spybot, Petey. What I am about show, may be graphic, horrorfying, and non-advertiser friendly on youtube! Err, well, at least, what quilifives as Youtube in the AUU! Petey, show them!"
  • The Spybot beeped and proceeded to show still images of out of context scenes, mainly involving E-Sis ending up going through his humiliating mutantions and Pirchoch hosing him!
  • The Councilers gasp!
  • Hammy: "Shocking stuff, I know! For years, Pirchoch has commited the crime, of Yurun abuse! A HATE CRIME?! He continiously mutaints Yurun employies, and hoses them with deadly chemicals for getting out of line?! Pirchoch, is a MONSTER?! A Yurun tormenter?!"
  • The Council started to get act up?!
  • Warson: ".... ALL OF YOU CALM DOWN?!"
  • The Councilers did that.....
  • Warson: "..... Does the accused have anything to say?"
  • AUU Parakeet: "Yes your honor..... THOSE PHOTOS ARE TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT?!"
  • The Councilers began to mutter.
  • Naeem: "Enlighten us."
  • Parakeet: "I would like to call Dr. Gen E Sis to the stand."
  • Gen E Sis walked down the court as Eco-Realist grabbed Hammy closer to him!
  • Eco-Realist: "(Quietly) You better correct this?!"
  • Hammy: "Oh don't worry, I got this in the bag."
  • E-Sis was in the witnesss seat.
  • Parakeet: "Dr. Genafold Eugana Sistom. Can you explain the photos?"
  • Dr. E-Sis: "(Looks at the photos) Why yes. They're all, (blushes), of me getting mutanted after several accsidents often caused by Healia surprising me and Mr. Helix restoring me afterwords with non-toxic chemicals."
  • Hammy: "OBJECT YOUR HONOR, HE HAS STOCKHOLM- (The Xulture Ecocrat wispered in his earhole)...... WOLLHOLM'S SYNDRONE?!"
  • Warson: Overruled! I know that chemical when I see it! The statement stands!
  • Hammy: DAMN!... (He signaled another picture showing photos of Pirchoch doing other seemingly-awful things)... Pirchoch seems to have approved of a gene drug smuggling operation.
  • Dr. E-Sis: Again, that is out of context. First off, the primordial ooze he found is perfectly harmless. Gene drugs are commenly made from less biologically friendly primoridals. We would like to insist that we in Transgenics stay very well clear from dangerious primoridals and only use the proven save ones. Also, about the situation in question. An employee from Eol was betraying him because he was denied the payment as a punishment, and he stole it back by almost making him look like a crook. And the evidence was pointed out by locating missing ingredients. Thus, the employee was confronted. (He showed the footage on the HoloNet as it played like this)

Family Guy - Stewie And The Muppets

  • Executive: Mr. Annex, it is our solemn duty to inform you that Helix Transgenics is being reopened, and that your services will no longer be required.
  • Mr. Annex: I... I'M BEING FIRED?!? FOR WHAT?!?
  • Executive: Well, if you must know, we've discovered during our investigation that large quantities of builder enzymes, organic compounds of all kinds, organelloids, and some every day cases of medicine have gone missing.
  • Mr. Annex: Really? (Chuckles nervously) I never noticed!
  • Executive: Oh, please, we BOTH know those are the ingredients used to make gene drugs! And I've got a PRETTY good idea who you've been giving them too as well!
  • Eol Executive: (Clearly jacked up in a similar way to Bulk Biceps) YEEEEEAAAHHHH!!! I FEEL SO GOOOOD!! Oh hey Annex, when your done talking to the dweeb, I wanna talk to you about a thing.
  • Executive: So, yeah, you're fired, and you're under arrest for framing, possession of illegal drugs, conspiracy, and larceny.
  • Mr. Annex:... YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! (He jumped out the window, and ended up falling into a police car)... WELL, THAT WAS BOTH UNREALISTIC AND INCONVENIENT!!! (The log ended)
  • Dr. E-Sis: So once again, it is not valid.
  • Hammy:... What about th-
  • Dr. E-Sis: A cure for a genetic disease, NOT illegal genetic experimentation on a lower lifeform.
  • Hammy: And-
  • Dr. E-Sis: Gene therapy.
  • Warson: Mr. Vecter, is this just a way to doctor up lies to incriminate Mr. Helix?
  • Eco-Realist:... Hammy, PLEASE tell me they're ALL not out of context, or your advance pay will be retaken by the confiscation of the bot!
  • Hammy: "...... Uhhhhhhhh...... (Grabs Petey) (Quietly) Petey, please tell me you got something good?!"
  • Petey beeped.
  • Hammy: "(Quietly) What do you mean they're all out of context?! Our future's on the line here?! (Realises that everyone's watching him)... Ahaaaaa... (Nerviously laughs)... I would, like to call Pirchoch to the stand!"
  • Pirchoch went up to it.
  • Hammy: "(Ahem). Pirchoch..... Do you have any proven cerification that the primordial pools you found ARE safe, AND certifived by a licensed expert?"
  • Pirchoch: "Why, yes! (Brings out a long stack of papers) I have the many exbert reports to prove it, in triplicate."
  • Hammy: "... (Facepalms)... (The Ecocrat Xulture wispers into his earhole again.)... Light-bulb! Pirchoch, what is your private marital life like?"
  • Pirchoch: "Hey, I'm pretty sure that infomation isn't even relevant to Transgenics."
  • Hammy: "Oh nooo? Even when it turns out that you are, (Stuffs his hand into Pirchoch's pocket), DATING A RAPTOR SNAKE?!- (The Xulture Ecocrat wispered again.)... A PHEND?!?"
  • The Councilers gasped!
  • Pirchoch: ".... Okay, I see what your trying to do here. First off, Orgelle is a sanctuary planet. Second, she's a defected member of that race. 3rdly, she's gone atheist. And finally, she's not even interested in what I am involved with, so if your trying to make it look like that my corperation is supplying Phends with genetic weaponry, well, that's just ANOTHER needless count of character assassination, good sir!"
  • Rishon: "Also, I for one am NOT fond of you trying to use a controversial race to lean the court against anyone! I can understand the Ecocrats desire to be respectful to nature, but I cross the line here!"
  • The Councilers muttered with disapproval at the attempt.
  • Hammy: "Uhh...... He, pees in pools?" (Everyone paused as a guy said this)

Are you fucking serious?

  • Warson: "Can we get back to the topic please? First off, being gross is not illegal nor relevant to the case about Transgenics activities for De-Extinction. Secondly, you have just further proven that you really are in a bad rut."
  • Jling: "Well for once, I have to side with ya. We can all agree that Eco-Realist has wasted our times once again. We declared this train wreck of a court case, CONCLUDED!"
  • Warson: "COURT AJORNED!"
  • The folks proceeded to leave.
  • Hammy: "..... Welp, so much for a new start."
  • Eco-Realist was raging out.
  • Hammy saw this and yelp!
  • Hammy grabbed Petey bot and ran off!
  • Old Nuta: "..... Well there goes several million down the drain."
  • Old Sashum: "Well this went utterly nowhere...."
  • Old Xorabeak: "Per usual."
  • Pirchoch approached Eco-Realist.
  • Pirchoch: "Well, I'll give you this Vecter, it was short and to the point. Though I recommend you get a better lawyer next time.... Provided he can overlook your reputation."
  • Pirchoch proceeded to leave.
  • Old Ranacock: "... Well, at least he's honorable about his victory."
  • Old Silverbeak: "Buuuut, I don't think Vecter's taking the defeat well."
  • The Eco-Realist started to lose his cool!

Outside of the Nexx Tower.

  • The Eco Realist Screamed so loud, the entire city heard it as various car alarms and crying babies can be heard in the distance.

A hovering Mansion seen flouting in space.

  • It was shown to have the Ecocrat symbol as it was hovering over Orgelle as it looks to move away from the planet.
  • Inside, The Eco-Realist was seen sulking in his private study, as a young female Parava came in looking sorry for him.
  • Parava: "..... Can I come in, Mr. Vecter?"
  • Eco-Realist: "(Sighs), Alchourse, the Richimillion Child. Please come in, our novice and youngest member. How's your father doing?"
  • The Richimillion Parava: "Well, he's, still coping with the cancer. And, it's Joonla."
  • Eco-Realist: "I don't mind the correction. What brings you in my studies, Joonla?"
  • Joonla: "..... I, heard the lawyer you hired failed..... Really badly."
  • Eco-Realist: "Ugggh. I know. And he came so highly recommended, too! At least the Grand Council was generous enough to have the idiot captured and had his bot confiscated to pay back the payment I wanted back for his failure!"
  • Joonla: "Well, that's.... Likely because it would be honorable to not let him cheat you out of your money, as much as, they don't agree with you."
  • Eco-Realist: "I know it wasn't done because they liked me. (Gets up and faces the fireplace). That fool being scheduled a banishment court is not in my name, but because on principal for being an unethical lawyer guilty of character assassination attempts and dishonest practices. The worse thing is, people will mock us for hiring that imbecile!"
  • Joonla: "Well, it's just a suggestion, but.... Maybe we could try going after ACTUAL violations against nature, and not just things we have personal opinions against?"
  • Eco-Realist: "But that's the thing, my dear Joonla...... DE-EXTINCTION, IS A CRIME AGAINST NATURE!! De-Extinction is why you don't see so many Sudos anymore! (Takes down an old holo book with a title that reads 'The Tragedy of the Sudo Bird'.) It was because we made a horrible, horrible mistake."
  • Joonla: "Uh, my father already explained in full detail about the Sudo Tragedy, so-"
  • The Eco-Realist opened the book.

Flashback in sytile of outdated Holograms.

  • (Eco-Realist): A scientist will tell you that the Sudo bird had evolved on an island with no predators, and because of the law of island tameness, we evolved away fear. For some like me, it's for the best. As for this... It's not the whole story. You know that our planet of origin, Sodoka, was the one place that made the Aphronion System what it is today, to where it is the planet birds of many worlds came and found on their glory. You see, we weren't ALWAYS fearless. We believed that de-extinction would allow us to advance up as the first sentient animals to make a difference. But we brought back the wrong animal to do it: The Slaughter-Bird Carnivoravia major! (A giant long-legged terror bird with deadly foot claws, an intimidating head feather display, an intimidating wing display, long necks with powerful red toothed and pronged killing beaks, the ability to fire acid from it's beak, and utterly work in flocks, they were seen killing entire communities of Sodos and consuming them)... It was too clear to the 105 last ones left, that de-extinction was dangerous, and the UUniverses gave us what we deserved for doing their job and desecrating the laws of nature. Thus, we had to evacuate to the most isolated areas in the UUniverses, that being islands. Alas, as terrorable the lession was, my spieces had not changed their views, not even once. Not even a tiny smidget of alteration. Not even my own family. Thus, I ended up being the only exception, one that has been deemed a pariodic irony to the universes.


  • Eco-Realist: My problems has since lead me to found the Ecocrats! So you see, Joonla, de-extinction is dangerous! We learned a valuable lesson here: Extinction is and always will be inevitable. You can't just bring a species back. If a species is gone, they should STAY gone, and you should deal with it no questions asked.
  • Joonla:... I suppose that makes sense.
  • Eco-Realist: Good girl! You do me and your father proud! And someday, we'll show the worlds that they were wrong, and I was right!
  • Joonla: "Well, it's just, I had been looking up alot of arguements on the issue, and.... Some people have good defences for De-Extinction. Like, when an extinction is man-made, for lack of a better term, or artifically caused, like because of the introduction of an invasive spieces. Or like, any of the Gordon Extinctions."
  • Eco-Realist: ".... Look, Miss Joonla, I am not trying to be a cheerleader for death itself, and I do reckindise the understandable fear of the ineditable. But more bad then good things had came from trying to defy it. By all means, I am not trying to say we should LOVE extinction like sadistic masochists or psycopathic madmen like people are steriotyping me for! I, am trying to ask, for a respect to nature. I mean, as much as I wouldn't mind the Teadr 1 races of the Teadr 1 Era to still be around, unless they made an anti-extinction method of their own as an act of preservation or only said they were extinct to avoid to get involved with the kind of socity we have now-a-days, we shouldn't try to play God..... Or play nature if you're non-relijustus in nature, or, maybe even play the UUniverses themselves for that matter."
  • Joonla: "And it's not people don't understand that.... It's just, you're doing it in a mean and, condesending way. You tend to refuse descending arguments and insult people who are against your arguments as lesser or worse."
  • Eco-Realist: "Well pardon me if people are honesty intolerant! I blame modern socity allowing people to hide in their own echo-chambers of self gratification for not tolerating an oppisite opinion."
  • Joonla: "Well, it's just that, the oppisite opinion is basicly asking people to be amoral to when a race or spieces had died out and it wasn't by nature's decidtion. To them, that kind of idealogical belief sounded.... Awful! I mean, what if a beloved race like the Yatorans or Humans went extinct because of something nature didn't intended, and no one would want to bring them back?"
  • Eco-Realist: ".... Consider this. For some races, a reversal of their extinction would be pointless. Bringing the Veexomites back will just have the Cunones destroy them again. Bringing the Carbonoids back will have them DESTROY THEMSELVES again! And restoring my people? Given our stupidly fearless behavior, it'll only end up being until another de-extinction attempt puts us back to that spot again! Our literal fearlessness would have us kill ourselves like daredevils with a death wish. Point being, the Veexoes are too hated, the Carbonoids are too insane, and the Sudo spieces are too STUPIDLY SUICIDAL, to waste resources to try and change the ineditable! As much as it seems hypocritical and self-louthing, I hate my species for getting themselves that way. It's survival of the fittest. You can either adapt, or you can be left behind. The best we can do is to learn from their examples. We learned that not all races can be easily trusted like the Veexoes, we learned to lean away from polluting fossil fuels from the Carbonoids, and we should've learned from the Sodo tragedy well and STAY CLEAR OF DE-EXTINCTION..... And I have to be the one to do it frankly, because some people are actually more stubborn than my own species!"
  • Joonla: But... I think the reason they find it awful, is that it's like saying 'It's your fault you're dying out, so you deserve no help whatsoever. If you die, it's your problem'. You're leaving them to die, and you're essentially giving no courtesy.
  • Eco-Realist: Well, then I guess facts have no such thing, because that's PRECISELY what I'm saying. What do you think 'survival of the fittest' means? You flunk in Tharles Cerwan? All races should be independent in their struggles of survival. Some races toxify their worlds because they are just too stubborn or impatient to discover renewable energy sources, others keep getting into terrorable wars, others have a reputation so horrendus it's a wonder they they weren't extinct aleady aside from moral restrictions on our part, and most of all, what if there were those that HAVE to be made extinct because of something beyond our understanding? You call it abandonment, I call it a way to teach them a lesson. They had their chance, and they blew it. (Music started playing)... That's how nature has always worked! That's the law of nature! It decides what should live and what shouldn't. (He started to sing this)

【Angelix Sings】Mother Knows Best ~Male Cover~ (Tangled) REDO

  • Joonla: "..... Was that even nessersary?"
  • Eco-Realist: "Oh, AHEM!.... Sorry, sometimes when I get too tense, I burst into song. Sudos are nateroal singers in nature."
  • Joonla: Really? Because, from their biological database, that's only to each other. To others, it's like an inexperienced wind instrument player.
  • Eco-Realist: "....... I'll pretend I didn't hear that. You're dismissed!"
  • Jonnla: "... Yes sir. (She leaves sighing)."
  • Eco-Realist sighed.
  • Eco-Realist looked at the fire place again....
  • Eco-Realist: "...... Now what?"
  • Suddenly, a VA Qui Drone Spy crawled in from the shadows and surrprised the Eco-Realist!
  • A voice: "Well, that's because they are still a grand use to the Dark Radicals. The name just became a reminder, of what once was."
  • Eco-Realist: "..... Who, who said that?!"
  • The Spy Drone began to project a silhouetted hologram.
  • Leading Stranger: "Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are to be known as, for now under safety reasons, Corruption's Co's top three."
  • Secondary Stranger: "It's so in case you would try to STAB US IN THE BACK, MAGGOT?!"
  • 3rd Stranger: "Oh behave yourself, you robotics warmonger!!"
  • Secondary Stranger: "Look who's talking, GUN-BOY!!"
  • Leading Stranger: "ENOUGH!! BOTH OF YOU, OR I WILL GENETICALLY MODIFY YOU TWO TWITS INTO ZOMBIES WITH PUDDING BRAINS! I swear, sometimes being awake 24-7 with three sleep cycles can be advantageous, but also disadvantageous at times."
  • The Two Strangers: "...... We'll be good..... Realitively speaking."
  • Eco-Realist: "Wait, you gents mean you're VA scourge? What business do you want with a respectable advocate for respecting the laws of nature?"
  • Leading Stranger: "Try to be honest with yourself, Vecter "Eco-Realist" aus hol Gult- (The other two strangers laughed).... QUIET, YOU TWO?!..... As I was saying.... Let's, be frank. Your group is known for years to challnage the wrong people while actual crimes against nature go virtually unnoticed. You're basically rich, well, to put nicely, overtly liberal people. You would rather complain to those that legally did nothing wrong instead of seeking out those that did."
  • Eco-Realist: "Ugggh, you sound like our youngest recruit Joonla. She speaks generally the same thing."
  • Second Stranger: "Well like it or not, it's true as all hell, Sudo-Brain! You guys actselly make ethics look intolerable and almost as bad as what went down in the Beofynzeny System! Crap like yours is what created Awesome Jaxtom!"
  • Eco-Realist: "But HE was harping on how he wasn't allowed to use Teadr 1 tec to the fullest potential!"
  • 3rd Stranger: "Ahhh, but he was still a product of ethic nuts having their way! The reason people despise you, is not just because you're trying to say "Hurrah to Death", though not helping, but because you're an exact reminder of why people hate those that care TOO much for basic rules!"
  • Eco-Realist: "...... Well, true as that is, I still want to halt that De-Extinction Project Pirchoch is doing! He may mean well for the troubled Curuons, but that's NO excuse to create things like Project: Re-Genesis to create ways to reverse extinction! Now, do not deem me an advocate for accepting death! I am saying that those resources should be spent on saving those that CAN still be saved!"
  • Leading Stranger: "Well, alas, you word it in a way that said otherwise. And let's be honest, suing him and making fake petitions obviously isn't gonna budge the Grand Council. Nor Transgenics. So, if you can't control something, bring a forceful end to it."
  • Second Stranger: "And do WE have the weapons for you, buddy! (A hologram of an Astro Laser filled with Nova Titans appeared) Say hello to our masterpiece!"
  • Eco-Realist: "AN ASTRO LASER AND A NOVA TITAN ARMY?! ARE YOU MAD?! Both of those devices are virtually outlawed in all places of our United Universes, baring systems with techno nuts like Ugoldest!! The Grand Council, being supported by the USRA races, are not gonna support this!!"
  • Leading Stranger: "Hear us out. We didn't say YOU and your ilk have to use it. We wanted to make it look as if a gang of rouge Nova Titans of unknown origin managed to gain an Astro-Laser and have defelupt a nasty hate of science being used to defy nature.... Like your irk with De-Extinction. They, will take all the blame should Orgelle be, "victimized", to put it lightly. Whether or not they succeed, fact of the matter is, De-Extinction will decline in popularity because of fear of almost unstoppable robots controlling one of THE most infamous superweapons of all time. Your group might benifit this in a Kingpin deal sort've fastion, where whether or not Trangenics falls or otherwise, either way, it may be the end of Projects like Re-Genesis because, even if people still think fondly of such, fear of rogue automations with a deadly planet breaking space station would, discourage any future attempts. What do you say?"
  • Second Stranger: "And before you give us the arbirtary self-rightious speech, it's either this, or another flimsy Lawsuit attempt."
  • 3rd Stranger: "Or another lackluster petition or protest."
  • The Eco-Realist began to ponder......
  • The Eco-Realist: "..... I guess I have no real alternative choice. Very well, but I GET TO NAME THE ASTRO LASER, AS "THE DRILL OF EXTINCTION"?!...."
  • Leading Stranger: "Not, a name I would use, but..... Very well. Consider the deal, done. You can expect to hear about our masterpiece in the news, soon. See you then."
  • The Hologram faded off as the Drone vanished into darkness.
  • Eco-Realist: "...... I hope this does not bite me in the tailfeathers."

Ecocrat Boardroom

  • Ecocrat members: "YOU DID WHAT?!"
  • Eco-Realist: "I know it's very abysmal gentlemen, but they roped me into it because of how much our usual methods had failed?!"
  • Eco-Realist: "LET'S BE REAL, GENTLEMEN?! WE ALREADY HAVE AN AWFUL ENOUGH REPUTATION AS IT IS, SO IT'S CLEAR LEGAL MEANS WILL ONLY CONTINUE TO FAIL!! Besides, the strangers had promised me that we would not be in direct control. The blame will fall to those Nova Titans."
  • Harrator Ecocrat: "Vecter, with all due respect, some of us have fragle enough reputations as it is. I, for one.... I'm already enough of a familial outcast as it stands, and my nephew barely speaks to me anymore. I can't risk involvement with this!"
  • Nuta Ecocrat: "Not to mention it involves being with the Dark Radicals of all people!! They're basicly a VA spinoff! A byproduct if you will! Even without the Astro Laser and those four-legged kinda misnamed bots, VA ASSOCIATION WILL GET US OUTCASTED!!"
  • Ranacock Ecocrat: "More then already that is! This is LITTERALLY WORTHY OF ORANOS, MAN!!"
  • Aurla Ecocrat: "Vecter, this move is too dangerous, even with your species standards in mind! This is a risky reputation destroying move!"
  • Lior Ecocrat: "A move that will cost us everything if anyone puts two-and-two together!!"
  • Noxornis Ecocrat: "And that's another thing, you don't even know the strangers' names!! I doubt that they would be trusted!!"
  • Ovoloit Ecocrat: "Vecter, I'm for wanting to stop De-Extinction, but not like this! I vote we report to the Grand Council about this and-" (Eco-Realist stood up and pulled out a gun and fired it into the air and destroying a shattering chandelier, getting everyone's attention)
  • Eco-Realist: "... There! Now that I've got your attention, LISTEN!!! I won't ask you all to like this decision, but it's our best hope yet! For all we know, these strangers could be trusted and really do want to help us. All we can do is trust them. (A large figure loomed from behind the entire hovering manor) I have reason to believe that... That... (Notices the shadow and turns to see that the promised astro laser appeared from the window of the hovering manor)... Well, see? They delivered!"
  • The Manor started to tremor as it was shown that the Astro Laser caught the Manor into a tractor beam!

Inside the Astro Laser "Drill of Extinction" Docking Bay.

  • The Manor appeared inside, as it was greeted by legions of Nova Titans.
  • Eco-Realist and the Ecocrats cautiously come out.
  • The reveiled strangers, three Tiikons, came forth.
  • Leading Tiiken Stranger: "..... Welcome aboard, Vecter. I, am Dr. Enzyme. These are my betters. Dr. Worx, and Dr. Zone."
  • Dr. Worx (Reveiled Second Stranger): "You like the Astro Laser? It was painstakingly made by unpaid manual labor. I made the Nova Titans myself because I managed to recreate a lost Nova Titan Schematic."
  • Dr. Zone: "I provided the re-modifived Garganula, Bullarn, Phendian, Pharcumian, even re-discovered Teadr 0 weaponry the machines now have inside them. The leader Nova Titan, has the best one of the God technology (A buffed up Leader Nova Titan came in and revealed a very overglorifived Cannon Weapon that would make even the Intensifiver look like a toy)..... Say hello, to the most marvelious piece of lost AUU god technology yet. The Heavy Duty Q-5540 Quantum Cannon. This baby is the ultamate wet dream for gunophiles! Even the worse other-dimensionally horror will be instantly slain by this beauty. Observe. 0MEN, destroy that lone vagabond asteroid."
  • 0MEN looks to see a Asteriod traveling in space, proceeds to get closer near the edge to get a better shot, aimed, fired it, and lead to a blast so powerful it was blinding! When it faded, there was no traces of the Asteroid anymore.
  • 0MEN: "..... Aimless space rock, eliminated."
  • The Ecocrats were terrorfived!
  • Eco-Realist: "...... Goodness, you gentlemen don't play around."
  • Dr. Enzyme: "Alas, we're pretty much the rare only compident VA villains ever since it's disbanding. Even my dear old colleague Glowrod has suffered a fall from graces. I hope he can get out of that rut soon."
  • Dr. Worx: "Hey, at least he's still better off then that Gen Rabodan! He, a Mieberian bovine, and former benufactor Corrk got their butts handed to them by the HA! Even after they brought Lighthead back, who got de-dark magilo-ed and is now likely another resident in Oranos."
  • Dr. Zone: "Oh, I heard of him. If he wasn't too prideful and preferent to independence, I would imagine he would've make a fine addtion to the Dark Radicals."
  • Dr. Enzyme: "But we diegress. Come gentlemen, come with us to the viewing room and see our plan unfold."
  • The group leaves.
  • Joonla was watching in secret and was shocked. She tried to move, but the Spy Drone intervined and stop her.
  • Joonla gasped and tried to escape, but she was already surrounded by the Novas.
  • Nova 1: "Deviant member. Contain."
  • The Novas got closer.


  • Joonla was seen trapped in a prison.
  • Eco-Realist came in.
  • Eco-Realist: "...... The Doctors told me what happened."
  • Joonla: "Vecter, please, don't get involve with them!"
  • Eco-Realist: "..... I'm sorry, but I can't afford to just go back to being considered a laughing stock. The doctors warned me that your lack the capability to enjoy their ways just from seeing you alone from their spy drone. I'm sorry. But, to spare you from their wrath, and, from the possability of this going south, I will have to relieve you from the Ecocrats. It's nothing against you and your father. I do this to protect you from them and/or any possable backlash."
  • Joonla: "Vecter, please!"
  • Eco-Realist: "It's Eco-Realist now to you, young lady! Farewell. The Doctors promised you will be released on your home planet with all memory erased after the deed is done. I WILL hold them to that, for your father's sake."

【Angelix Sings】Mother Knows Best (Reprise) ~Male Cover~ (Tangled) REDO

  • Eco-Realist leaves as Joonla started to cry.
  • Eco-Realist: (He walked over to the bridge)... So, how does this thing work?
  • Dr. Worx: Like a charm, that's how it works! Remember that this thing requires a balance around space, otherwise with the artificial gravity on, we'll be spun around like nuts in a jar.
  • Eco-Realist: And the laser?
  • Dr. Worx: Well, the laser requires the aid of 9 large solar reactor cells that are all powered by, of course, solar energy from the Sun. This world's sun is powerful enough to get it charged up and get the tough job done lickity-split.
  • Eco-Realist: And you are certain there will be no setbacks?
  • Dr. Worx: No. However, there are things to keep in mind when it comes to this powerful weapon. Like any other astro-laser, the reactors use nuclear energy to charge the energy to as much megatons to destroy a single planet, but I'm not saying you're gonna blow one up even if it's necessary, it's just a precaution. It needs to be emptied of it's nuclear waste every time it is used, otherwise the station blows up the next time it's used.
  • Eco-Realist: And why are you telling me this when these machines already have it covered?
  • Dr. Zone: Duh, because it's yours. You named it after all.
  • Eco-Realist: Well, I certainly did.
  • Dr. Zone: So therefore it's your responsibility to command the machines into doing it.
  • Eco-Realist: And what will you three be doing while I manage this flying laser pointer of death?
  • Dr. Enzyme: We're mainly tec support. We just want to see if our masterpiece can, make an impact.
  • Eco-Realist: "Well if this goes right, gents, your certainlly gonna see your "Masterpiece" in motion."

Helix Trangenics HQ

  • Miss Ecu was seen working on paper work with D.E.B.R.A., when suddenly, the doors blow up and smoke dominated the room, and Ecu looked shock!
  • Red glows appeared as the Nova Titans marched in.
  • Nova 1: "Transgenics staff detected. Contain."
  • Miss Ecu: "NOVA TITANS?!"
  • D.E.B.R.A. tried to activate an alarm system, but a Nova Titan fired a zapper disabler to deactvate her!
  • Miss Ecu: "D.E.B.R.A.!!"
  • Miss Ecu flew away before the Novas got her!

Pirch's Office

  • Miss Ecu barged in!
  • Pirch: "Miss Ecu, what is the meaning of this?!"
  • Miss Ecu: "Sir, I think we have a big problem?!"
  • Pirch: "Oh bother, is it Vecter again so soon?"
  • Miss Ecu: "NO SIR?! IT'S NOVA TITANS?!"
  • Pirch: "... (Laughs)... I never fancy you to have the humor of a Jokedon, Ecu. Everyone knows there's barely any functional Nova Titans left."
  • Miss Ecu: "THEN EXPLAIN THEM!" (She turns on the camera feed and shows the Novas capturing and stunning the staff)
  • Pirch: "Don't worry, I know what to do! I'll make contact with the Grand Council, and- (Suddenly, 0MEN bulldozed the wall of the office with it's great size and strength)..... That, is one, big, bot!"
  • 0MEN: "(It was joined by two more Novas as they fired stun lasers to disable the two)... Targets Acquired!"

Chapter 3: The Bribe To The Grand Council

Nexx Tower, Xorizome

  • Warson: "Well, I'm glad we finished up our business for today. With that, I think we finally deserve some relaxation."
  • Calixto: "Yes. Esepically when we scheduled the banishment court with Hammy Hammerhead come next week. It should be nothing but smooth sailing."
  • D.O.R.I.S. charged into the room!
  • Warson: "Oh for the love of the systems, D.O.R.I.S., what is it now- (D.O.R.I.S. said nothing as she projected a transmission from 0MEN, to the Council's shock) HOLY CAUTER CUBS!!"
  • Lotus:... Have I gone insane..... Or is that..... A NOVA TITAN?!?
  • Naeem: "And a particularly BIG one at that!"
  • 0MEN: "Statement of warning: This unit is designated as 0-Model of Eradication, or 0MEN. Class: Leader of Renegade Nova Titan army built by a long-departed mad scientist that managed to decode a long lost Nova Titan schematics for the purpose of an army. Location of Transmission: Aboard his prized invention, the Drill of Extinction, the alias of his functional Astro-Laser. Note: This Astro Laser is of traditional standards, and not like the models of Equilist design. (The Main Councilers gasped) Location of Drill of Extinction: Orbit over Orgelle. Home planet of the Helix Transgenics company that is commiting a mass violation of disrespecting the laws of nature, the Nova Legion's newfound purpose."
  • Warson: "... I have a feeling that you have a reason for contacting us."
  • 0MEN: "Affirmative. We issue an ultimatum: The Nova Army will be willing to spare hostages and the world of the Drill of Extinction, in exchange for the banning of De-Extinction projects, the destruction of all things related to them, Transgenics to be disbanded, and the arrest of Pirchoch Helix and all legally-charged partakers of the corporation, and embrace the universeal truth that nature is not to be defiled. Failure to meet these demands and/or any attempt to form a rescue.... Statement: History has many examples of what Astro Lasers are capable of. It's usage on Orgelle would be historically catastropic. You are given the countdown of 8 celestial cycles of the Nexx Tower's home planet to comply. Be made aware that reguardless of what transpires, Transgenics will be extinct either way. 0MEN, leader of the Nova Legion, signing off."
  • The Transmission ended.
  • Rishon: "Please remember that those are Nova Titans, Miss Lotus. They're designed to be powerful fighters!"
  • Bayo: "Jling, be professional! That being said, I'm on the same page as you, begrudgingly. We must settle this quietly!"
  • Taleen: "I doubt an Astro Laser is very hard to miss, Miss Bayo! We need to organise an evacuation?!"
  • Inigo: "It would take too long! The population of the planet is too great for a quick evacuation!"
  • Warson: "WILL YOU ALL CALM DOWN?!...... I agree with Taleen and Galeno. We must be honest with them and get them to safety. Nova Titans only attack when it is deemed threatened. They won't attack evacuation ships. I'll make sure the planet's governor will prevent a serious panic and maintain claim. Calixto?"
  • Calixto: "Yes?"
  • Warson: "..... Get, the HA, and the Lougers, INVOLVED!!"
  • Calixto: "But the Nova Titan said it won't tolerate an attempt to stop it!"
  • Warson: "I know, but we're going have to risk it. I'm worried that there's something the Nova Titan didn't explain. Something, doesn't feel right."
  • Jling: "What's there to question?! The tincan said some crazed mad sciencetist has managed to-"
  • Warson: It's the Eco-Realist! (Everyone was surprised)
  • Jling:... Excuse me?
  • Warson: Think about it! You have brains, use them! 0MEN explained what HE wanted right in front of our faces. What are the chances that a force like THIS could have power eerily similar to what he would've done? 'Drill of Extinction'? Orgelle? Helix Transgenics? Disrespect of nature? Since when do Nova Titans, let alone any madman who would manage to recreate them, would care about such persuits!? It's too obvious that he's involved.
  • Galeno: Well, how can you know for sure? Vector may be rough against de-extinction and Helix Transgenics in general, but he is DEFINITELY not one to resort to terrorism, especially ASTRO-TERRORISM! He's already the most unliked bird in the United Universes! Heck, he makes Foul Cheese look swell in compairision, espeically how well Cheesey is repenting! This would make him look even more bad!
  • Warson: Well, you know what they say: Desperate times can call for desperate measures.
  • Jarvis: Unfortunately, I'll have to disagree. If it WAS him, he'd know right away that we'd guess this by now. Yes, he can be irrational and not always think ahead, but he's not stupid, and he knows WE'RE not either! He'd have his cover blown right away! I must recommend a full investigation.
  • Warson: Motion denied! It's no doubt him.
  • Oswin: Sir, I can agree that the odds of this not being him are tiny. But, I must agree that this full investigation has to be allowed. What if we were to just burst into his space mansion, and accuse him of this without knowing he did it? I mean, even if it's on someone people don't generally like anyway, it would not be good for our reputation because of the principal of being accused without representation. If anyone's gonna be accuse of anything, they have to be proven of being respondsable, or else it ends up being a time wasting Grim Sister hunt! We must be pragmatic about this.
  • Calixto: He's right, Headmaster. It doesn't hurt to see if he IS the culprit. I know this sounds like something he would do in throey, but it's just coinidence at best that they showed up when the Ecocrats failed to get that failed lawsuit through. It's dangerious to go on cowinidental whims! Does alot more harm then good in my opinion! Just have the Heroes Act and Lodgers look into it.
  • Warson:... (Sighs) Very well Calixto. Investigation request granted! Just get them here ASAP!
  • Calixto: Yes, sir! (He left)
  • Warson: ".... But I know I have a gut feeling that Vecter is involved. But, who could push him into this?"

Chapter 4: Lodgers to the Rescue

Dragon Guardian Temple

  • SpongeBob: (Talking with Sandy on the phone) Yes it's true Sandy! Tomorrow, Gazelle is coming to help donate for the relief effort for your hometown.

Houston, Texas

  • Sandy: (As many animals were seen on small makeshift boats and she was helping her family and friends with Concord) Well, good! Given how drenched our park home is, we're gonna need all the help we can get. Especially since... (She dived down and brought out some toads and kicked them right into the boat)... Especially since there's the concern with them rotten looters!
  • Sandy: Speaking of raccoons, you may wanna face Concord for this! In fact, if you wanna avoid time in a jail cell, perhaps you can help us clean up!
  • Toad #2:... I dunno how I feel about-
  • Sandy: POLIIIIICE!

Dragon Temple

  • (Sandy): So, yeah, I'll be a bit occupied before Gazelle gets here. Don't worry, though, once this is cleared up, I'll be back.
  • SpongeBob: I hope so. I wish you luck. (He hangs up)
  • Patrick: "Sounds like it's really a mess down there."
  • Spongebob: "Yeah, but at least Sandy left during a time where the Villain League is too busy getting their lair fumigated for for acid spitting termite monsters, the Scourge Imperials deal with yet another rebellion of Spherus Magna's Bionicle inhabitants, and it's game night for Team Nefarious."

Team Nefarious Space Station

  • The entirety of Team Nefarious are trying to play Twister as they were cartoonishly tied up.
  • Bellwether: ".... Next time, can I pick the game?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "AWWW, ZIP IT?!"

Dragon Guardian Temple

  • Spongebob: "And all of the independent villains haven't done anything yet."
  • Fidget: Lord knows it's like a half a year of no major threats.
  • Patrick: "Well, all that's left to worry about is a sudden new surprise from the AUU."
  • Icky: Oh, hell no! We just dealt with 3 of them already before we saved Pang, and we already told a story about it to our Fan Club! We do NOT need another one knocking at our door!
  • Brandy: Uh, dork, the UUniverses and multiverse is unpredictable. If another threat in their world comes, WE GET USED TO IT!
  • Icky: Well, not this time! I mean, we're sure to have PLENTY of other threats out there like a new independent villain, because we've been intoxicated with otherdimensional travel enough. I swear, if another mission there comes, I'm gonna-
  • Icky:... (He blabbers angrily, stormed off, gotten to a personal car, drove off, and drives over to Dragon Realms Hollywood in the same setting that Deadpool went into to confront Scroopfan and MSM about the scripture)

Animated Atrocities 37 Chicken Little 2005 Movie

Goes from 9:10-9:39

  • Scroopfan: "Oh my devines no?! Icky's gone mad! Icky, no please! I always considered you a personal idol of mine in my childhood-" (Punch!) (I ended up making this sound effect!)


  • MSM: NO-NO-NO, NOT THE FUR- *Rip* (He screamed like a girl)
  • Scroopfan: "NO NO NO, NOT THE TOILET- (Gurgling is heard!)"
  • MSM: NO, NOT THE- (A stuff was heard and a muffle) HOOMHOOGHHAAKKK!!
  • Scroopfan: "ICKY, NO, NOT THE HORSE CROTCH?! ANYTHING BUT THAT- (Muffling and a horse Winni was heard!) OHHH HO HO?! AT LEAST IT'S A GIRL HO-HO-HO-HO-HOOOOORSE?!"

French Narrator: Please Sand By...

  • Icky: (He was seen ruffled up with a burned out shotgun)... WHEN... WILL WE GET A BREAK... FROM THE A-U-FREAKING-U?!?
  • Scroopfan: "(Heavy breathing), Don't worry, it's the last one until at least The Weirdest Villain from Space, which is not a proper AUU episode, in fact, a proper one won't be until Traditions Don't Go Well With Cruel Laws, so please..... Calm down. We realise that we should've take it easy with the AUU episodes. We'll try to avoid another situation like this..... Okay?....."
  • Icky calms down......
  • Icky: "........ Look, guys, I'm sorry, I'm just getting stressed out, I-"
  • Scroopfan: " WE, will discuss this, in your ineditable, theropy session, Icky.... Until then, just, get back to work, please...... SECURITY!!"

Dragon Guardian Temple

  • Icky was tossed back in!
  • Lord Shen: "...... Prehistoric one..... Please tell me you didn't do what I THINK you did?!"
  • Lord Shen:... Prehistoric one, you must understand they've had a great history of hopelessness in villain dystopias than we have. It's clear that they CAN'T take care of themselves. Until they DO learn, if it were to be made possable, we have to be there to give them hope. Worlds around them are falling apart. They've had wars all over them. As the ones who freed them from the Villains Act, it's our job to give them the hope they need to pull through those dark times. Sure to one it seems like they're too reliable upon us, but pragmatically, we do it because we're the only ones who are the icons of hope to them. It hardly exists to them anymore.
  • Shifu: Shen is correct, Icky. The AUU needs hope and they'll take it in any form, even if it's in the form of comical misfits. We have to be there for them so we can give them hope, and inspire them to strike out on their own, if it should be reachable. It is not that they are dependent on us, as there are serious problems currently too great on handle on their own terms. They NEED heroes, and they can't find as many as we do on their own.
  • Icky:... (Sighs) You're right. I'm sorry.
  • Calixto:... If we're done with the drama show here, can we please acknowledge the mission?
  • Icky: Sure, chief, what's up?
  • Calixto:... Let's just say... It could potaintionally concern an ecological ethicist we've been dealing with for a while.
  • Iago: Says the one who comes from a prehistoric world.
  • Icky: Shut up!
  • Calixto: Please, this is serious! This ethicist might be of needed concern. According to Warson in throey, he may be planning an astro-laser assault on Orgelle, a world which our top genetic advancement company, Helix Transgenics, is headquartered. We don't know if it's him or not, but we were told that it was Nova Titans operating the astro-laser.
  • Banzai:... Yeah, I don't buy it for one second. Since when do machines, let alone ones programmed to destroy, care about the environment, to where they HYPOCRITICALLY RESORT TO BLOWING UP A PLANET?!?
  • Shenzi: Yeah! That wouldn't fool even a kindergartener! It's him, no ifs and/or buts about it!
  • Calixto: Well you kinda need to prove that because we don't want to make rash assumtions. We need to get onto this just in case. It could be wrong.
  • Sparx: Bulls*** it is! What are the chances of THAT being true?
  • Icky: About as likely as Mr. Krabs deciding to do something generous.
  • Squidward/Spongebob/Patrick/Sandy via a TV monitor coming from a celing: "BUT NOT INACCREATE?!"
  • Mr. Krabs: "....... Okay, fair's fair."
  • Calixto: "I can't stress enough how impourent it is. This problem is a threat to De-Extinction projects, let alone Project Re-Genesis. See if you can save Pirchoch and his family and friends in Trangenics at all costs!"
  • Spyro:... Well, know, that we won't all be available. The Uniter Princess, Duke, our newest member and Gazelle's protégé Pang Bing, and Sandy are out because Sandy's home was tarnished by a hurricane. True, Gazelle didn't left yet, she won't leave until tomorrow, BUUUUT, she is VERY touchy about donation drives, so, we let her do her own thing. Besides, we won't need Gazelle to deal with a simple ecological ethicist.
  • Cynder: Yeah.
  • Calixto: Well, you helped us even without her, so, I will not complain. Just be here as soon as you can.
  • SpongeBob: We're on our way!

Chapter 5: Heading to the Drill of Extinction

Hero Hive

  • The HA heroes are seen prepping for the upcoming battle.
  • Hawkens: "Just our luck another Astro Laser, a serious one no less, pops up over that Orgelle planet. AND it ain't none of the local Phends fault!"
  • Stephenie: "Honny, we discussed this. The Phends there are detracters and defecters of the main race."
  • Hawkens: "I know, I know, I acknowledge that, but still! You still gotta think about the Phends that ARE loyal to their primitive ways to the point that they managed to out-terrorist Iallog, the terrorest factory planet! I bet ya it's a gang of loyalists wanting to punish the defecters AND the people who would dare cuddle with them!"
  • Libby: "Well the Nova Titan's demands are not consistent with Phend extremeisum. Phends don't like to give a prior heads up before the deed is done."
  • Hawkens: ".... Your right. Phends like secrecy and surprises. I was WAAAAAAY off."
  • Zosimo: "Not to mention they ain't usually ones to keep prisoners unless they can use'im for something big."
  • Magnum: "Well, the leader Nova said they were created by a long departed mad sciencetist."
  • Ruther: "Maybe they're lost creations of Dr. Zolost, the guy who wiped out the Ceallans?"
  • TJ: "Then I'd think they would've referenced him."
  • Zorra: "Hey, maybe they were lost escaped creations of early Tibella Sciencetists before the Omnican Revolt happened."
  • TJ: "Trust me. I think I would've heard my dad, Nerdus, who he and Waifu are settling in quite well as the HA robotics aide, baring a few, mishaps, and Regigono who approves everything in concern of tec, would've talked about those things. And trust me, they did not talk about the Tibella neither."
  • Vancer: "Well, maybe they were a secret project of Pre-Reformation Darkness Qui and now they just got out."
  • Aurlena: "Then I'm sure Qui would jumped right in to help us out in correcting it or at the least priorly warned us about it so we can stop that mess from ever happening."
  • Xandy: "Well, I have a theory that's a bit of a streach, but.... What if it's a trio of Corruption Co. Sciencetists that desided to test out potaintional new weaponry and are just flaunting those bots and the Astro Laser to see how the public would fear them as a demented Showcase?"
  • Zosimo: "Well, they did simular stunts before, but they need a reason to do that. They need to have an emergeny fall guy in case the showcase ends up compromised. But who would be the kind of sucker who would end up being the fall guy for an Astro Laser with a Nova Titan Army over threatening Orgelle for De-Extinction?"
  • Hudson looks very distent and concerned.....
  • Xandy: "....... Hudson, what's wrong?"
  • Hudson: "..... Guys, promise me you won't deem me as jumping the gun like Warson, but..... I think the Corruption Co Sciencetists would likely drag in the Ecocrats as their emergency fall guys."
  • Samantha: "Well, considering they don't have a good reputation and Vecter the "Eco-Realist" is a reknown fearless fool, it's not hard to see the Corruption Co. Sciencetists using their silver tongues against their weak minds.... But, why does that come to mind?"
  • Hudson: "I...... I have a rich uncle who's a part of them from a richer side of the family my mother broke ties with to have a less, boring and snobby life."
  • Nanobyte: "Yeesh! Being related to one of those naturally-correct assholes? Tough break, Hudson!"
  • Hudson: "Hey, Uncle Houston is not as bad as the other Ecocrats, and is a far cry to what Vecter is, it's just... My mother's side of the family are known nature lovers. And Uncle Houston is a Sodo sympathizer, so he joined the Ecocrats because of what Vecter is."
  • Zosimo: "Well there's nothing wrong with feeling sorry for a troubled spieces."
  • Hudson: "But it's another thing to aside with a clear deviant to what the Sodos believe! Sodos are de-extinction lovers! Vecter is the speices' aberration on how he BLINDLY hates it, even when de-extinction can help him?!"
  • Telthona: "Well, that's kinda because the Sodos' attempted to bring back the Slaughter Birds in their world, and we all know how that went down because of incompident security measures."
  • Hawkens: Not to mention living on predator-free islands have made them live literally without fear thanks to island tameness, leading to their near-extinction status even further since their population was nearly exterminated by the Slaughter-Birds.
  • Hudson: "Not the point! I just, I just don't know why my uncle would ever take Vecter so seriously! Vecter is obviously off his birdy rocker, and my uncle is just, following him! He's becoming as bad as those other members!"
  • Tollund: "Relax Hudson. There's a good chance the Ecocrats aren't even within MILES of that space ball of death."
  • Hudson: "BUT THAT'S IT! That Astro Laser appeared AFTER another failed Ecocrat lawsuit on Helix Transgenics.... I'm worried that, even if it's just Vecter, that the Ecocrats ARE the Corruption Co patsies, and.... We all know what happens to people when banned tech gets involved."
  • Nanobyte: "Yeah. A one way ticket to Oranosville USRA. Population: More than I can count."
  • Xandy: "Look, come on Hudson, you shouldn't let the possability of your uncle being rotten get to you."
  • TJ: "Yeah. I had pretty much one of the worse fathers in history and I'm recovering from it."
  • Hudson: "But I want to believe that Uncle Houston is nothing like that, I-"
  • Zosimo: "Look, Hudson, if you cared that much for yer Uncle, then we'll talk to Warson about it and see if we can pardon the Ecocrats and simply get Vecter relieved of his duty as leader. Granted, we kinda have to find at least ONE redeemable member in that group. I'm sure it's likely just Vecter being an irrational idjit again and the Ecocrats are forcefully along fer the ride. Does that help?"
  • Hudson: ".... I guess.... Where's Clifton?"
  • Samantha: "He said he wanted to review the recording of the Nova Titan's threat. He seemed, concerned."
  • Clifton kicked the door down!
  • Clifton looked beyond stressed!
  • Clifton: "CONCERNED?!.... (Crazy sounding) Concern, doesn't, even, DESCRIBE IT!! (Brings out a still image of the Nova Titan 0MEN) DON'T YOU SEE WHAT THE NOVA 0MEN HAS?!"
  • Nanobyte: ".... A cool design?"
  • Clifton: "..... (Eyes twitch).... Well, yes, BUT I'M TALKING ABOUT WHAT HIS ARM IS ATTACTHED TOO?! The, Nova Titan, has, my, WAIFU GUN?!"
  • Xandy: "...... Beg yer pardon?"
  • Samantha: "..... Oh no, Clifton, not another of your gun-mania trips again."
  • Zosimo: "This happened before?"
  • Samantha: "71-in-a-half times as a matter of fact."
  • Xandy: The half being when he almost wanted the gun he saw.
  • Hawkens: "I don't understand why yer so worked up about an overglorifived pea-shooter. A gun's a gun."
  • Samantha: I think I already know. I recognize the architecture, design, and technology anywhere. That belongs to the-
  • Samantha/Clifton: Teadr 0 Category!
  • Clifton: The technological category OF THE GODS! The category of transsentience!
  • Zosimo:... I don't understand, though! How could they come across this kind of technology? Where did they even get it? It's said to only be found in the God Zones in the center of each universe. They couldn't have possibly entered without disappearing afterward.
  • Clifton: I have NO IDEA!!!
  • Zosimo: What concerns me is the quantum energy this weapon uses. Quantum manipulation was said to be perfected by the gods and gave them the uncanny power to manipulate and bend reality. In guns, they can use it to nullify their quantum-based immortality and thus were the only things that could kill them, or they can shift the ammunition type from pulse, laser, atomic, disintegration, and so on, allow infinite ammo, and they are self-assembled. (Clifton shivered)
  • Samantha: Clifton, we need to talk about this when we're done with this mission. It's not healthy.
  • Zosimo: But, the thing about Teadr 0 God Firearms are that they can only be wielded by them, or anyone worthy to do so. It won't accept any other.
  • Clifton: Oh, I'm worthy!
  • Zosimo: I mean 'worthy' in an amoral understanding. It won't just accept any random hero it sees. It has to be wielded by the purest of the pure to where they are as worthy as the Gods. They can sense any weakness within one who picks it up. If it detects even ONE flaw within you, you are not worthy to wield it. If you were to pick it up, with your unhealthy lust for guns in mind, espeically while during your gun-mainia episode, wanton destruction, and uncertain fears would dub you unworthy, and thus it would be useless.
  • Clifton:... Why does the UUniverses have to be a buzzkill?
  • Zosimo: Because shut up! But what I'M asking is how could 0MEN wield it? Even if it's a robot, it would STILL be unworthy to wield it. It's not like a DNA recognition scan, the guns have minds of their own.
  • TJ: "Well, Fattex always liked to claim that there exists a deserted planet that has old Teadr 0 ruins that are filled with abandon Teadr 0 weaponry and Teadr 0 bot parts. He said it's name is Bibler. The planet that is said to be a Teadr 0 motherload."
  • Zosimo: "But the planet is said to be impossable to find because it never stays in one place forever. Unless...."
  • Samantha: "It potentionally appeared in Corruption Co terratory and they have managed to make it stay there."
  • Zosimo: "If so, I hate for the idea of the Dark Radicals getting at Teadr 0. As much as that worthiness stuff is true, the Dark Radicals ain't known to give up (Snaps his fingers), just like that! They might have a corruption process to turn the tec evil!"
  • Hawkens: "Well if that's so, then we have to get that addressed. But fer now, the Astro-Laser and that bot army have abit more priority."
  • Magnum: "Not to mention that our best chance to bust that Teadr 0 tec farming and corrupting can be best dealt with by capturing the creaters of the Astro Laser and the Novas. Otherwise, Bibler can't be helped if those sciencetists are still loose."
  • Miami: "Got ya. Above all else, capturing those Corruption Co nerds is priority number 1, along side stopping their little science project!"
  • Cloakblade: I wouldn't be confident that they gotten the cannon from Bibler. It HAS defenses of it's own. Antibodies, for lack of a better term, in the form of hive-minded microscopic organisms that feed on living flesh. They were said in the Didle to have been created as part of a germ warfare experiment for safeguarding sensitive technology. They wouldn't survive before they set foot on that planet. The only way they could get far is if they were gods, and becoming a god is simply impossible for our common Teadr 2 society. Even if they did capture Bibler, they would not be able to acciquitely take advantage of it, even with careful planning and protection.
  • Xandy: Well, what if they had some source? I know it sounds far-fetched, but there could be a source connected to Bibler. They could have someone who could bypass that defence like it was nothing.
  • Zosimo: Let's not worry about it, and instead ask our possable Corruption Co. Sciencetists themselves.
  • Xandy: Fair enough.
  • Stephenie: "Though one can only guess who those sciencetists could be."
  • Clifton: "It could be anyone. A lot of sciencetists from the once Globex Branch that Backer Stabbington turned into Corruption Co. are known for these kind of stunts. Though I don't know alot of them being as extreme as an Astro Laser and a Nova Titan Army."
  • Xandy: Well, we ain't gonna find out by just standing here like trees! We've got some work to do. Let's meet up with the Lodgers, and get this show on the road.

AUU Space.

  • The Van was seen.
  • Inisde, Icky was being made to make an apology letter to the producers by Shen.
  • Icky: "I already gave an apology upfront."
  • Shen: "Sometimes, one needs to make MORE then one mere apology, Prehistoric one."
  • Mr. Dodo: It does in Wonderland!
  • Spyro: And many other surreal worlds for that matter-
  • Patrick: "But didn't you took Spongebob's locker and turn it into a private money vault?"
  • Icky: "That's money needed for Louger business."
  • Iago: "Well it should also be used to make serious amends."
  • Tigress: Okay, that is enough! We'll deal with whatever legal issues this has caused later! Right now, we need to deal with this astro-laser crisis before any innocent bystanders are hurt.
  • Sparx: Or blown the f*** up!
  • Tigress: Abit too crude, but my point exactly!
  • Sam: I'm just concerned we have to possibly deal with an ethicist of all things. They seem t have mixed views when it comes to free speech.
  • Max: Yeah, they can suck ass in every world! They're more annoying than hippies... In fact, they're hippies more controlled in the modern world... Modern hippies.
  • Sam: I feel that's a little ethnically-insensitive, buddy.
  • Shenzi: Wow, you two, that's the first time in a while I heard you talk in your usual characteristic ways.
  • Sam: Probably because MSM doesn't know us very well, and might need to watch us more.
  • Max: Not to mention stuff like that can take all day to write.
  • Savio: If you all are done acting meta, the HA is here! (The Obrah Dropship arrived, only much bigger)
  • Izzy: Holy s***! And before you say it, we're adults in canon, so f*** watching our language! Anyway, THEIR DROPSHIP GOT BIGGER!
  • Joe: Well, when you grow in numbers, you might wanna make more room.
  • (Magnum): Indeed we did. We had it digitally refitted to fit our growing numbers.
  • Agumon: Wait... You can construct digitally?
  • (Zosimo): That's one of our greatest technological breakthroughs: Digistruction. With the right resources, the results can be given digitally, virtually, or molecularly.
  • Zosimo: Well, put it away, we have to get to the Orill System. Pirchoch needs us.
  • Lord Shen: "Very well. Lougers, time to take action!"
  • The Ships zoom off!



  • The boat was seen as Sandy rounded up more flood escapers.
  • Sandy: "I think that's everybody."
  • Randy: "Well, we're likely gonna be here for awhile, so, we're gonna need some entertainment."
  • Dandy was seen with a strange intrament and a weird get'up.
  • Dandy: ".... Okay Dandy..... Time to shine!"

Dandy started to rock out like in this video as it faded to black.


Edd plays instrument

Dark Card

  • Deadpool: Wow, that was short for a first-parter!
  • WB Deadpool: "I guess that because MSM wants to get to the Changeling Episodes VERY quickly because of Season 8 being on the horizon, even if it's still far off. Didn't help that the last episode took forever to produce thanks to slow production."
  • YB Deadpool: "Why is he worried about that?"
  • WB Deadpool: "Because he thinks Chrysalis would reform in Season 8 even dispite that she rejected the offer the first time around. Never mind that she could be an exception to the rule like Tirek or Show Canon Sombra."
  • Deadpool: "You DO know the Producers don't consider the christail seige shit canon, right?"
  • WB Deadpool: "I know, I know, in fact, the comics are tecnecally not fully canon to the show. I mean, yes, the comics consider the show canon, but it's not nessersarly the other way around. Otherwise, you'd think the Flimflam Brothers and that Hulk Hogan Minotaur guy would be in JAIL by now ever since the comic that is considered to be the only fake one out of the other ones the series DOES reference. Heck, Lighting Dust should've suffered punishment by now. That comic was SERIOUS character assassination. And the includtion of the Changelings? FANSERVICE, I SAY?!"
  • Deadpool: "NAAAAH, Fanservice involves BOOBIES, not ugly-bug horses!"
  • ???: "EXCUSE ME?!"
  • Deadpool turned around and see a ticked off Chrysalis.....
  • Chrysalis: "What was that about me, BEING AN UGLY BUG HORSE?!"
  • Deadpool: "Isn't that what Changelings are basicly?"
  • Chrysalis raged out and turned into a Xenomorth Queen and roared!
  • Deadpool runs away like a bitch as Xeno-Chrysalis chased him!

To be continued...