By 2019, the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures franchise has officially become it's own timeline. As a result, the UUniverses split into canon and fanon versions of themselves or more than one, one of which is The Separated Universes, the still united but natively separated UUniverses in which the Shell Lodge Squad, or any crossover team including The Jungle Crew, Villain League, The Dark Dragon Scourge Empire, Team Nefarious, etc. never formed and the fate of the realms rested on other heroes. Thus the Shell Lodge ends up meeting heroes and villains from these alternate timelines, familiar or new, and have to keep the time butterfly stable by fighting off these threats. Thus begins this spinoff franchise.

Season 1.9: The events that never happened.

Season 2.9: The MLP Season 9 Arc.

Buzzord has created a device that allows the students to view into Divergent Timelines, but the one timeline that got their attention is a timeline where Grogar ended up returning differently, and/or if Backgammon never quickly got Cozy out of Tartarus. Then the Discovery of a Divergent Timeline that sleeps within the main timeline can be discovered.

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