Dorm mouse, a drunk rodent who is a teapot hermit.

The Dormouse
is a character and a friend of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare in spongebob and friends and alice in wonderland. He is a drunken rodent who reacts crazy-scared at the sound of the word cat. he is rumored to have that under control to later become a shell louger. he, along with the mad hatter and march hare, are one of Cynder's subjects when she saved Wonderland from the queen of hearts. unlike the rest, aside from the White Rabbit, he beleaved that Cynder was innosent, but was butted out by the March Hare. he's the offen quiet little brother of the louge. Despite him seeming useless to some, such a thing is proven wrong as they can use his fear of cats against their opponents as his running around can cause agitation and damage.
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