Vector aus hol Gult
Eco Realist
Vital statistics
Title The Eco-Realist, Founder and Leader of the Ecocrats, moronic sudo, hyproctical nay-sayer to de-extinction, advocate to extinction/death lover, Vector Asshole Gult, The Stiffiest Bird that even puts Foul Cheese to shame, Sir Hater of Science.
Gender Male
Race/Species Sudo Bird (Vegertarian Breed)
Faction The Ecocrats (Founder/Leader)
Description Healthy to Sodo standerds.

Heavly cynical and critical to De-Extinction, Prideful, Pompus, Noble-minded, Fear incapable, Snobbish, Universeally Inlikeable.

Skills and Abilities Being rich.

Antigue Blaster. Runs surprisingly fast dispite his girth.

Status Alive.
Location Alternate Universes.

Wherever the Ecocrats are located via a hovering space mansion.

Alignment Grey-Areaed/Jerk Evil

Vector aus hol Gult, AKA The Eco-Realist, is an Alternate UUniversal Sodo from Planet Arplume. His species is known to be critically-endangered UUniverse-wide to the point where they are extremely rare and close to extinction. However, such a thing doesn't bother the Eco-Realist as he has stated that his race is doomed to die either way and nothing lasts forever, and that he actually hates his own race for getting themselves in their predicament in the first place. He has soon grown up to be a realist who seeks to ensure that life goes as it should. However, he eventually found de-extinction as something that was intolerable as people were 'playing the UUniverses' and 'violating the laws of nature', as he feels that extinct animals should stay dead because of 'survival of the fittest', and that scientists who work on such pursuits, whom he insults as being 'dumb and self-defeating in their pursuit', should accept that nothing lasts forever, and that if an animal goes extinct, however it was done, they must deal with it no questions asked and just spend their time preserving endangered animals. Thus, he founded The Ecocrats, an organization out to ban de-extinction and ecological manipulation, or anything related to it. One target he seeks to put a stop to is Helix Transgenics, an AUU corporation run by CEO Pirchoch Helix specializing in genetic and biological technologies, in particularly over the ambitious project, "Project: Regenesis", an ambitious machine with huge popularity with the universes because of the promises to bring back several extinct creatures, including a sentient race. But due to his beliefs that de-extinction is against the law of nature, Eco-Realist seeks to shut this down with as much legal action as he can. However, their interests are easily crossed with looking like they're pro-death, given that extinction is very assusiated with death, making people believe that they don't care for the arguement of when a race has died and that it was not in nature's design and ignor good benifits to de-extinction, which commonly outwaights legit negitives like what the Ecocrats are concerned with. They have been made unpopular because of this. Not helping that the Eco-Realist is a stubbern asshole who mocks everyone with a condrictionary opinion and belief. Effectively, they are the most unpopular group in the AUU. Even Gordon the Animal frowns at thier beliefs, even when he would benifit from de-extinction being banned, which means the races he harmed would truely never return. They have earned the mocking nicknames "Naturely Correct Assholes", basicly a play on Political Correctness, only for nature, "Science Deniers", for the fact their beliefs commenly conflicts with sciencetific interest, "Tecnophobic Stiffs", again cause of conflcits of interest with science even if it's for very benvolent reasons, and last but far from the least, "Hypocritical Bird-Brains", considering that their leader is considered to be an endling for a nearly dead race. Eventually, being ignored would be too much for this whiny jerk and he would lead a VERY dark and unpleasent path as a result.


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  • "Extinction is and always will be inevitable. You can't just bring a species back. If a species is gone, they should STAY gone, and you should deal with it no questions asked."
  • "You imbeciles think you can just control life itself? Don't play God. In fact, as an uncertain atheist, I shall rephrase that: Don't play THE UUNIVERSES!"
  • "The past is in the past. It's not OUR fault they couldn't adapt. What really matters is the future."
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