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The Element Authority is an expansive oligarchy of alien beings of pure element which each represent the elements of the periodic table. There are 118 members, but they each don't take the common names they possess today, as such names are reserved for their servants, smaller versions of themselves that live in a eusocial communist society where each element has a specific job. Each of the elements share a psychic link and thus they know what each of their servants do. Created by the Matter Councilors as a failed experiment to see what self-sustaining matter existed, they ultimately became the creators of the Gems of Steven Universe, including the Great Diamond Authority, in being meant to be something that would appease their creators as they had aimed to use Gems as a means to reduse hostile races, a common factor in the making of an Inter-Dimentional Empire in aiming to appease their Grand Design-sense of values. But the Gems rebelled in cause of the Diamonds desiring more then just a repellent to hostile races and founded themselves as an independent race as the Elements couldn't defeat them because their ideals of perfection which caused the war against the Crystal Gems was what made them impossible to defeat. However, cause they still maintained a fraction of what the Elements meant for them to be, they ended up conquering planets and drastically changing them into horrific unrecognizable husks. But since they opened the door for individuality thanks to the influence of Steven Universe, this allows the Elements to return for a war that could change everything, espeically since the Authority came to be enfluenced by Grand Advisor Jerktonium.


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Elements are similar to Gems in that they have a core sentience. While a gem's sentience is contained within their gems, Element sentience is contained inside a small condensed orb of the element they represent. This orb is sentient thanks to a quantum charge within that grants the orb awareness of its surroundings, and unlike Gems, this core sentience can move freely even when their physical body is poofed. This orb is capable of creating their own bodies made entirely from more of the same element around them. They do this by drawing any of the element around them to construct their physical form. However, each element still functions as it does in nature. Some elements are reactive, flammable, radioactive, or don’t last very long. This is why some elements require environmental protection suits comprised of other elements, especially in an oxygenated environment like Earth where the element could react exactly how they do without protection.

Elements are capable of controlling their state of matter, turning the element they’re composed of into a solid, liquid, gas, and even plasma. But this ability cannot be done by all elements. This ability depends entirely on their element’s melting and boiling points. If the melting and boiling point is not feasible, they cannot produce the element in its state of matter. This ability also depends on the environment, as this ability, if not done carefully, could react, burn, or freeze in the wrong conditions.

Elements are capable of fusing like Gems. But their fusion is more free than Gems. Fused elements are called ‘Molecules’. The fusion of the right elements can create fusions that represent the respective compound like water, carbon dioxide, and so on. As a result, Element fusion is essentially limitless and can produce a wide variety of new beings. Fusions can still control the respective elements that comprise them, but they can also control the molecule itself. However like any atom, this fusion ability depends on the electron charge of each element.


Prime Elements

The Prime Elements are the ones that represent the elements as a whole and make up the Element Authority. Each member takes a primordial name, while the common name is reserved for atoms, the lower versions of the members that do their caste-based job in the communist element society.

  1. Protium- The representative of hydrogen with the ability to control virtually anything due to hydrogen’s simplicity and high abundance. Hydrogens are in charge of virtually any job available due to this flexibility. They are capable of flying by being lighter than air, hydrogenation, combustion, and even starting a variety of reactions. Because of their reactive nature, they need a coating of helium to interact with other elements.
  2. Duodium- The representative of helium, capable of flight and is very merciless in spite of her squeaky voice. Heliums are able to prevent chemical reactions as inert gas creatures, create nuclear reactions, control stars, provide nuclear power without any accidents, and their supercool liquid helium allows for absolute zero cooling uses. Their most important job, however, is creating environmental protection suits for the other elements to keep them from reacting to their environment, alongside other noble gases, as well as make them lighter and increase their physical capability, allowing them to come close to that of hydrogens.
  3. Tridium- The representative of lithium, capable of creating certain reactions corresponding to oxygen and nitrogen. Lithiums are the frontline operatives as the least dense metal, and because of their reactive nature they require a suit coated with mineral oil. Their nature gives them higher agility and jumping height, and higher physical strength.
  4. Tetrium- The representative of beryllium, capable of controlling x-rays and ionizing radiation, and can create bivalent fusions as well as beryl compounds such as emerald. Berylliums help with radiation conditioning, and have very toxic essence, and are one of the many elements immune to magnetism.
  5. Pentium- The representative of boron, who has metalloid properties and is capable of doping an element’s electrical and optical properties, making them immune to ionic charge or even make them undetectable to the naked eye, and can form trivalent bonds and borates. Borons can act as dopant agents to prevent any ionic accidents or stealth agents.
  6. Hexium- The representative of carbon who can create incredibly complex molecular bonds like organic material, can control genetics and DNA, and even oil and fossil fuels, thanks to her tetravalent bonding abilities. Carbons act as scouts for organic life across space for survey data. Carbons can create strong polymers down to the molecular level like diamonds, fullerenes, graphene and nanotubes, can create allotropes from other elements, and they are good conductors.
  7. Heptium- The representative of nitrogen with a bad temper. Nitrogens can create pnictogens, explosives, cryogenics, pentavalent bonds, nitrates, fertilizers, medicinal substances, and some polymers or industrious compounds, are electronegative and thus control electrons. As such they are very industrialized.
  8. Octium- The representative of oxygen that can control air, oxides, and ozone layers. Oxygens are in charge of environmental conditions for organic beings if needed and managing atmospheres. They are the best oxidizing agents capable of deteriorating anything like causing metals to rust, can take away electrons from any matter, they can control color by absorbing light with their electron-controlling abilities, they can produce combustion when given heat and fuel, and can serve as handy metallurgists.
  9. Ennium- The representative of fluorine that is one of the strongest reactive agents and can control most forms of reactions as well as attract and wield electrons and thus also control oxidation. Flourines are very strong reactive agents who can destroy and melt anything at their leisure. But they cannot react to argon, neon, and helium. Because of their reactive nature, they must wear helium coats.
  10. Decium- The representative of neon, capable of photokinesis and ionic abilities, and can control plasma. Neons are in charge of managing lighting systems. As an inert gas, they can be used as a different kind of environmental protection. Neon-based environmental protection allows them to become invisible and allows neon agents to cloak themselves from anyone.
  11. Hendecium- The representative of sodium, capable of controlling saline substances and dehydrating objects. Sodiums are in charge of defrosting agents and dehydrating agents.
  12. Dodecium- The representative of magnesium who can create lightweight metals. Magnesiums are in charge of synthesizing these metals.
  13. Triscidium- The representative of aluminum, and is thus stronger than magnesium and can create stronger metals and can resist acids. Aluminums are responsible for synthesizing these metals and act as Aluminum-Class infantry in the Element Military.
  14. Tetrareskaidium- The representative of silicon who can control electricity and produce conductive metals and therefore electronics. Silicons are engineers, scientists, and inventors with massive IQs that are in charge of science and technology.
  15. Pentekaidium- The representative of phosphorus who can glow in the dark, and can create luminescent chemicals and can refine metals. Phosphoruses are thus in charge of luminescent chemicals and are metallurgists.
  16. Hexaidium- The representative of sulfur who is pyrokinetic, and can fertilize and control organic wastes. Sulfurs are in charge of waste disposal and fertilizing.
  17. Heptakaidium- The representative of chlorine who can sanitize, disinfect, and sterilize anything. As such, Chlorines are responsible for cleaning and sterilizing, or can often fill the role of minor servants.
  18. Octakaidium- The representative of argon who can weld anything and use photokinesis. As such, Argons are responsible for welding.
  19. Enneakaidium- The representative of potassium who can control the health of organic cells and can control organic reactions. Potassiums are in charge of organic stability on colonies and certain organic chemicals.
  20. Icosium- The representative of calcium who can control the bones of organic beings and even shells of certain animals or any kind of keratin, as well as wide perceptive analysis and cementing abilities. Calciums are responsible for architecture and infrastructure.
  21. Heiskaium- The representative of scandium who can create strong metals and resist acids. Scandiums are responsible for creating these metals and are minor versions of aluminum, acting as worker versions.
  22. Duokium- The representative of titanium and is the strongest member, but also the heaviest, capable of making the strongest metals and Herculean strength. Titaniums are the pinnacle of the Element Military for these abilities, responsible for defending the race and creating indestructible metals.
  23. Tricosium- The representative of vanadium that can resist temperatures and conduct electricity, capable of superconductive electrical attacks and increased resilience and stamina. Vanadiums are in charge of maintenance of machinery and electricity.
  24. Tetricosium- The representative of chromium who is very shiny, very durable and resistant to acids, and can create stainless steel. Chromiums are responsible for creating stainless steel and solar energy maintenance.
  25. Penticodium- The representative of manganese who can freshen any material and revert it back to peak state, and even control enzymes in organic creatures. Manganeses are thus in charge of construction.
  26. Hexicosium- The representative of iron, and is capable of creating base metals and even controlling meteors. Irons are in charge of smithing, middle-class infantry in the Element Military, refining metals, and safeguarding metal ingot warehouses.
  27. Hepticosium- The representative of cobalt who can resist temperatures and masterfully smelt objects. Thus Cobalts are responsible for smelting.
  28. Octicosium- The representative of nickel who can control magnetism and polarity. Thus Nickels are in charge of navigation in travel.
  29. Enneicosium- The representative of copper who can conduct thermal and electrical energy. As a result, Coppers are the highest ranked elements in conditioning as well as acting as public law enforcement.
  30. Triakonium- The representative of zinc who can extend an object's lifespan and durability, and make technical repairs. Thus Zincs fill the role of custodians for repairing damage.
  31. Heitriakium- The representative of gallium who can mold metals at will like a 3D printer and detect neutrinos, as well as being a good semiconductor. Galliums are responsible for being minor aids in construction and crafting, as well as detecting discharges of power.
  32. Dutriakium- The representative of germanium who has all-seeing abilities, can refract light and fire beams of it, as well as create holograms and conduct electricity. Germaniums are in charge of acting as monitors and advertising.
  33. Tritriakium- The representative of arsenic who can resist and control toxins, and poison people with one touch. Arsenics act as biological agents in the Element Military.
  34. Tetritriakium- The representative of selenium who can control darkness and shadows as well as speak machine coding. Seleniums act as night op agents and hackers for the Element Military.
  35. Pentitriakium- The representative of bromine who can negate fire, chemical reactions, and flammability of matter. Bromines are thus in charge of search and rescue.
  36. Hexitriakium- The representative of krypton who can manipulate light and machine coding, acting as encryption agents, as well as photographic memory and control lasers and plasma. Kryptons act as diagnostic agents.
  37. Heptriakium- The representative of rubidium who can control electromagnetism, plasma, and lasers. Rubidiums are thus in charge of electromagnetic weaponry and machine sabotage.
  38. Octatraikium- The representative of strontium who can negate X-ray emissions, but is a minor member of the Authority. Strontiums are thus one of the many civilian-class elements.
  39. Enneatraikium- The representative of yttrium who can create synthetic luminescent crystals and control light. Yttriums are in charge of maintaining the luminescent crystals that play a role in the architecture of element society.
  40. Tesserakonium- The representative of zirconium who can create crystalline materials and can control any form of energy, and possess great analytical skills. Like their Gem counterparts, Zirconiums act not just as lawyers, but are tacticians and analytical agents.
  41. Heitesserium- The representative of niobium who can superconduct electricity to a massive degree, and create superalloys. Niobiums are in charge of creating superalloys.
  42. Dutesserium- The representative of molybdenum who can create any form of material and thus Molybdenums are the top metallurgists in element society.
  43. Tritesserium- The representative of technetium who can corrupt matter with just one touch or transform any machine with liquid metal. Technetiums are in charge of enhancement in sciences and the military.
  44. Tetratesserium- The representative of ruthenium who can enhance chemical reactions of any kind. Rutheniums are thus useful as chemists.
  45. Pentitesserium- The representative of rhodium who is completely immune to chemical cataclysm and can extract resources from stars, black holes, quasars, and other spatial bodies. As a result, Rhodiums are in charge of space travel.
  46. Hexitesserium- The representative of palladium who can stabilize and control any reaction, making Palladiums reaction control agents, or reaction fighters.
  47. Heptitesserium- The representative of silver who can see the past, present, and future, and is masterful in civil economics. Thus Silvers are economic agents and politicians.
  48. Octitesserium- The representative of cadmium who can absorb and contain energy. Thus Cadmiums are in charge of collecting energy and creating batteries.
  49. Enneiteserium- The representative of indium who can merge nonorganic objects and create a variety of different forms of matter. Indiums are in charge of fabricating and assembling machinery for other elements.
  50. Penteconium- The representative of tin who despite being the smallest of the elements, is hardy and can shapeshift more creatively than any other element. Thus Tins are in charge of low-class maintenance and are the pinnacle of civilian-class elements.
  51. Heipentium- The representative of antimony who can purify metals of any mistakes in production, deter fire, and conduct electricity. Antimonies are in charge of acting as purifiers for any faulty machines acting as handymen.
  52. Dupentium- The representative of tellurium who has the ability of duplication and omnipresence, being anywhere she wants, and can conduct electricity. Telluriums are in charge of being secret observers across the universe.
  53. Tripentium- The representative of iodine who is capable of transferring and controlling nutrition in organic creatures and enhancing metabolism, as well as radiocontrastic vision and electromagnetic vision. Iodines are in charge of maintaining topography on colonies, as well as the life inhabiting them.
  54. Quinpentium- The representative of xenon who can control light, plasma, and lasers, can turn matter into any of it's four states, and can control nuclear energy. Xenons are thus helpful for terraforming.
  55. Pentipenium- The representative of caesium who can create pyrophoric substances, control radioisotopes, and fission reactions. Caesiums are responsible for producing pyrophoric substances, radioisotope metals, and managing fission reactions.
  56. Hexipentium- The representative of barium who can create electroceramics, trigger unstable chemical reactions, and can eliminate reactive gases. Bariums act as getter agents, producing electroceramics, and sometimes chemists.
  57. Heptapentium- The representative of lanthanum who can disintegrate anything by touching them, or reintegrating them. Thus Lanthanums are responsible for quick repair in times of war or collapse, and are the highest ranked construction workers in element society.
  58. Octapentium- The representative of cerium who can only disintegrate anything by touching, and thus Ceriums act as quick saboteurs in the Element Military.
  59. Ennopentium- The representative of praseodymium who can control spalling in elements, as well as immune them to certain ailments. Thus Praseodymiums are the top healers and infirmary caste in element society.
  60. Hexecontium- The representative of neodymium who can use transforming lasers that fill the role of any caste member they touch. As a result, Neodymiums act as substitute agents.
  61. Heihexium- The representative of promethium who is one of the unstable elements, capable of inducing spontaneous fission wherever she goes, and atomic manipulation powers. She can only be stable when in a body made by other elements. Promethiums are in charge of creating atomic batteries and other atomic machines.
  62. Duhexium- The representative of samarium who is a very powerful magnetizer with magnetic powers comparable to an elctromagnet. Samariums create and maintain electromagnets as a power source.
  63. Trihexium- The representative of europium who can superconduct, powerful magnetic powers, and can create strong oxidizing reactions. Europiums are thus in charge of being power juggernauts, who are the heavy maintenance of electronic power.
  64. Tetrahexium- The representative of gadolinium who can absorb neutrons to create zero net charges capable of overloading machinery by it's power. Gadoliniums are thus good as zero-net electricians.
  65. Pentahexium- The representative of terbium who has sonar abilities, and are capable of technopathy. Thus Terbiums are useful as technomancers.
  66. Hexahexium- The representative of dysprosium who despite being sensitive to magnetism, is capable of nuclear manipulation, and can create cermets. Dysprosiums are in charge of producing cermets.
  67. Heptahexium- The representative of holmium who is mentally unstable and too reactive to be without a body made by other elements and has the ability to trigger any kind of reaction, can sustain and control her own magnetic field to act as a shield, and create burning toxins. Holmiums are in charge of defense support in the Element Military.
  68. Octahexium- The representative of erbium who can create illusions, control ions, and obscure one's vision in many ways. Erbiums are thus useful as entertainers.
  69. Ennohexium- The representative of thulium who can create solid-state lasers, and can superconduct, giving them the ability to corrode anything. Thus Thuliums are in charge of mining and offense in the Element Military.
  70. Hebdomenium- The representative of ytterbium who can control seven stable isotopes that can act as invisible arm vectors, is capable of irritating eyes and skin upon touch, and can absorb electrons, allowing them to create negative charges. Thus Ytterbiums are useful as negative electricians, and stealth attackers.
  71. Heihebdium- The representative of lutetium who can use the ability to psychometry. Thus lutetiums are helpful as detectives, private-eyes, and investigators of all kinds.
  72. Duhebdium- The representative of hafnium who can use microscopic vision and nuclear fusion abilities, as well as shoot plasma flames from their fingers. This makes Hafniums experts at nuclear power plant caretakers, nuclear fighters, and plasma cutters.
  73. Trihebdium- The representative of tantalum who has network vision, allowing them to see any kind of network including the Internet from their eyes. Thus Tantalums are useful as cyber security agents.
  74. Tetrahebdium- The representative of tungsten who can learn how to use any kind of weapon and rapidly learn and adapt to her surroundings. Tungstens are thus the backbone of the Element Military.
  75. Pentahebdium- The representative of rhenium who can craft any number of vehicles and refine them with a broad learning scope and a more increased awareness. Thus Rheniums are vehicle builders.
  76. Hexahebdium- The representative of osmium who is the most dense of the elements and has even skills to Titaniums, but they can also superconduct, induce chemical reactions, and manipulate ultraviolet radiation. Osmiums are a useful asset as high-rank soldiers in the Element Military.
  77. Heptahebdium- The representative of iridium who can create and control meteors because they are rich in iridium, guiding them around space as a superweapon, and is also super-strong and superheavy. Iridiums are in charge of mining asteroids and as asteroid bombers. She even has a legion of rogue Gems called Shocked Quartzes, which were just like Quartzes of Homeworld, but they could enhance their power by absorbing energy and nuclear abilities.
  78. Octahebdium- The representative of platinum who has the ability to purify metals and elements so much that they can be immune to magnetism, reactivity, corrosion, and spalling. Platinums thus act as guardian assistants and also the best servants.
  79. Ennohebdium- The representative of gold who is superheavy, possess Herculean strength, and are known as capable of detecting resources anywhere. Golds were responsible for currency and banking.
  80. Ogdohekium- The representative of mercury who can conduct electricity, form machines from liquid metal, shapeshift, and turn to liquid metal. Mercuries are a black ops choice in the Element Military and expert assassins.
  81. Heioctium- The representative of thallium who can poison and corrode anything, and cure if need be, has all-seeing abilities, and can superconduct heat and electricity. Thalliums are thus in charge of being all-seeing scouts and saboteurs.
  82. Duoctium- The representative of lead who can resist magic, or anything of quantum origin, being completely invisible to such power. Thus leads are in charge of being quantum scientists and wield magic and quantum energy to make the elements more unstoppable with the ambition to surpass the Gems.
  83. Trioctium- The representative of bismuth who has the highest scientific weapon prowess than any other element, capable of forging anything and absorbing any kind of energy. Like the Gems of the same name, Bismuths are construction workers. But like the Crystal Gem Bismuth, they're also weaponsmiths, but they specialize in high-tech firearms and geological and elemental weaponry.
  84. Tetroctium- The representative of polonium who can control radiolysis, allowing her to control radioactive chemical bonds and self-heating, giving her the ability to kill elements at will. Thus Poloniums are in charge of higher authority in element society.
  85. Pentoctium- The representative of astatine who has to adopt an avatar of bismuth-polonium-radon alloy because of her unstable physiology. She has the ability to destabilize elements into half-lives, a condition common to related elements to her with half-life, causing a condition similar to cracked Gems. Astatines act as torturers and interrogators because of this.
  86. Hexoctium- The representative of radon who has to inhabit an avatar for noble gases because of her unstable physiology. Like astatines, she can induce half-life, but she can also duplicate herself into many short-lived clones, making her a one-person army. Radons are in charge of acting as last resort agents in wars.
  87. Heptoctium- The representative of francium who has the ability to control protons, making franciums useful as positive electricians.
  88. Octoctium- The representative of radium who can control radiation at the strongest scale and can create nuclear weapons capable of destroying planets. Radiums are thus in charge of extreme attacks and radiation poisoning agents.
  89. Ennooctium- The representative of actinium who can control air and water, and yet reacts heavily with both touching her, making actiniums excellent Navy members of the Element Military.
  90. Eneneium- The representative of thorium who is elastically indestructible and can upgrade his physical strength with electricity giving him the punching strength of Mjolnir. Thoriums are thus good a juggernauts in the Element Military or even minor wrestlers.
  91. Heienium- The representative of protactinium who is a dense hitter and can absorb blows from opponents adding them to her strength. Protactiniums are thus useful as absorber juggernauts in the Element Military.
  92. Duenium- The representative of uranium who can control radiation and nuclear fission, induce nuclear explosions, fire nuclear beams, and create yellowcake uranium and uranium metals. Uraniums are thus useful as nuclear demolition experts.
  93. Trienium- The representative of neptunium who has the ability to turn one element into another with her transuranic abilities. They are thus useful in various ways in element society.
  94. Tetraenium- The representative of plutonium who has all of a uranium's abilities, but is also capable of corrupting any element into unsentient monsters and eventually unsentient matter, turning the element into it's common unsentient form, especially those who make fun of her size. Plutoniums can thus act as corrupter agents.
  95. Pentaenium- The representative of americium who has the powers of a plutonium, control smoke, and can see anything as well as negate vision, but is a civil servant that upholds the laws of element society. Americiums are thus massive judicial agents acting as judges for the many courts.
  96. Hexenium- The representative of curium who has the same powers as an americium, but he can also control antiferromagnetism, and can induce tumors in organic beings. Curiums are thus in charge of acting as ferromagnetic agents.
  97. Heptenium- The representative of berkelium who can synthesize any elemental metal after touching another element. Berkeliums are thus in charge of metallurgy.
  98. Octenium- The representative of californium who can conduct strong neutron emissions and control electromagnetism on a massive scale, and create nuclear power. This makes californiums useful for maintaining power plants.
  99. Ennoenium- The representative of einsteinium who can copy the powers of other elements for a limited time, as well as having the highest IQ of the elements. Einsteiniums are thus in charge of science and technology as well as heavy analysis and emergency agents in the Element Military.
  100. Unnilium- The representative of fermium who has to inhabit a uranium or plutonium avatar because of her unstable physiology. She has the power to control alpha particles and thus alpha decay, and can thus control atomic kinetic energy. Fermiums are thus in charge of high-velocity element transport.
  101. Unnilunium- The representative of mendelevium who can control valence in elements, turning them into hive-minded particles that can reform back to base form if need be. Mendeleviums are thus in charge of particle transplants (Particles being the central organs of elements), and act as particle splitter agents.
  102. Unnilbium- The representative of nobelium who can control particles and trigger explosives, as well as forced fusion and defusion of elements and gems. Thus nobeliums act as tactical agents in the Element Military.
  103. Unniltrium- The representative of lawrencium who is unstable in volatility and can trigger the strongest of reactions in people based on their feelings. Lawrenciums are in charge of element reaction control as the superior chiefs.
  104. Unnilquadium- The representative of rutherfordium who needs an avatar of hafnium due to her instability. She has the ability to negate quantum effects and effectively cancel magic or any unnatural abilities. Rutherfordiums are in charge of weakening colonies as preludes to invasion.
  105. Unnilpentium- The representative of dubnium who needs an avatar of vanadium, niobium, and tantalum, because of her unstable physiology. She is capable of controlling the powers of other Elements and Gems, and thus dubniums act as colony sabotage agents or other sabotaging jobs.
  106. Unnilhexium- The representative of seaborgium who needs an avatar of tungsten due to her unstable physiology. She is capable of permeating, melting, and malforming any form of matter. Seaborgiums thus act as sabotaging agents.
  107. Unnilseptium- The representative of bohrium who needs an avatar of rhenium because of her unstable physiology. She is capable of refreshing elements and gems, returning them to peak memory and physical condition, or even turning them into normal matter. Bohriums are thus in charge of execution and prosecution.
  108. Unniloctium- The representative of hassium who needs an avatar of osmium due to her unstable physiology. She is able to control the density of matter in anything, but not manipulate all forms of matter. Hassiums help as recyclers and refurbishing agents.
  109. Unnilennium- The representative of meitnerium who needs an avatar of cobalt, rhodium, and iridium, because of her unstable physiology. She has the ability to resist all forms of reaction and control fusion and fission. Meitneriums are thus in charge of reaction control rescue.
  110. Ununium- The representative of darmstadtium who needs an avatar of nickel, palladium, and platinum because of her unstable physiology. She can unstabilize and kill any form of matter in extreme chemical and particle reactions, making darmstadtiums demolition experts and one of the most feared elements.
  111. Unununium- The representative of roentgenium who needs an avatar of copper, silver, and gold because of her unstable physiology. She has the most unlimited control over radiation than any other element, making roentgeniums the heads of radiation control.
  112. Ununbium- The representative of copernicium who needs an avatar of zinc, cadmium, and mercury because of her unstable physiology. She has the highest control of oxidation than any other element, making coperniciums heads of oxidation control.
  113. Ununtrium- The representative of nihonium who needs an avatar of boron, aluminum, gallium, indium, and thallium, because of her unstable physiology. She is capable of creating isotope clones of any element, making nihoniums isotope chiefs.
  114. Ununquadium- The representative of flerovium who needs an avatar of lead because of her unstable physiology. She has the ability to transport people faster than light and travel faster than light, helping develop hyperspace for the elements or even controlling hyperdrive engines in spaceships since every hyperdrive uses flerovium. Thus fleroviums are spaceship builders, drivers, and repairmen.
  115. Ununpentium- The representative of moscovium who needs an avatar of nitrogen, phosphorus, arsenic, and antimony. She has the highest control of corrosion than any other element, making moscoviums heads of corrosion control.
  116. Ununhexium- The representative of livermorium who needs an avatar of oxygen, sulfur, selenium, tellurium, and polonium because of her unstable physiology. She can control the concentration of matter in any space, allowing her to suffocate organic creatures that need respiration. Livermoriums are thus in charge of matter control.
  117. Ununseptium- The representative of tennessine who is the second most unstable element and needs to maintain her body by inhabiting a particle accelerator orb. She has unlimited control of molecular bonds and can tear apart matter at a molecular level. There are no tennessines because of her half-life unstable physiology.
  118. Ununoctium- The representative of oganesson who is the most omnipotent of the elements, but also the most unstable of them, needing to live as a walking particle accelerator robot like Ununseptium. She has the ability to see, archive, and control the souls and physiology of all the elements and matter in the AUU, but still can't control everything, by controlling all forms of particles. There are no oganessons because of her half-life unstable physiology.


Molecules are to Elements what Fusions are to Gems. Like Gems, atoms can fuse and create representatives of common compounds. The elements made sure that the Gems never succumbed to the fusion of different Gems since it was something that could make them too powerful.

  • Helium Hydride- An ionic fusion of a hydrogen and helium that have the power of a star, and can control or cease chemical reactions, serving as perfect agents for chemistry, solar power, and all the capabilities of hydrogen and helium combined. But despite this, because of being reactive, they require a coating of helium to interact with other elements.
  • Diatomic Carbon- A fusion of two carbons used primarily as autopolymerization agents for creating fullerenes much easier.
  • Acetylene- A fusion of two carbons and two nitrogens which are useful as strong bonding agents.
  • Water- A fusion of two hydrogens and one oxygen that can turn into water, ice, or steam, as well as control the water around it including that of the bodies of organic life.
  • Carbon Dioxide- The fusion of two oxygens and one carbon that can control heat and greenhouse gases.
  • Carbon Monoxide- The fusion of one carbon and one oxygen that can sabotage an organic creature's circulatory and respiratory systems.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide- The fusion of two hydrogens and two oxygens that can act as sanitizing agents.
  • Sulfuric Acid- The fusion of one sulfur, four oxygens, and two hydrogens that possesses corrosive abilities and can dehydrate and oxidize.
  • Methane- The fusion of one carbon and four hydrogens that can induce flames and act as a fueling agent.
  • Ozone- The fusion of three oxygens that can control atmospheric conditions and can absorb and control ultraviolet radiation.
  • Tritium- The fusion of three hydrogens that can turn air into water.
  • Ammonia- The fusion of one nitrogen and three hydrogens that is a very dangerous biological warfare agent and yet a good fertilizing agent.
  • Salt- The fusion of sodium and chloride that can dehydrate anything at a rapid rate.