(Chapter 2: The Elements of Disharmony)
(Chapter 2: The Elements of Disharmony)
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*Stygian: (They teleported in)... Guys! I didn't get to the girls, but I did find people just as good.
*Stygian: (They teleported in)... Guys! I didn't get to the girls, but I did find people just as good.
*Icky: So, Beardo, what's up with the Tree?
*Icky: So, Beardo, what's up with the Tree?
*Starswirl: "That's the problem. It's still being desided. But it is unfortunately leaning torwords bad news, because a thaumavorious creature has managed to siphoned some of the trees magic without being turned off by the tree's naterol defence, TERRORABLE-TASTING tree sap!"
*Gazelle takes a good look at it.
*Gazelle: "...... It looks consistent to something a VERY strong woodpecker would do."
*Flash Magnus: "(Shudders). Well, if it siphoned the magic, then it, also had to be tolerent to the tree's sap, cause it usually tastes like Earwax!"
*Icky: ".... Okay, are we dealing with a giant magical woodpecker with a tolerence to earwax?"
*Rockhoof: "That's the thing. Birds usually have a bad hapit of leaving their calling cards, per exsample, some stray old feathers, or even..... Deafication."
*Iago: "Ya mean if it took a shit somewhere?"
*Meadowbrook: "The other problem is that there ain't alot of Magic-Sap Woodpecker spieces that can tolerate the Tree of Harmony's sap."
*Shifu: ".... Perhaps, is it possable that the Woodpecker isn't even a living thing at all?"
*Po: "You mean like a robot, like the ones Dr. Animontronic had? Aw gees, could he be behind this?!"
*Icky: "Pretty sure we wrecked all that wackjob's toys."
*Iago: "And that said wackjob is already locked up tight in Super Villain Jail!"
*Soothsayer: "But are we certain someone hasn't gone out of their way to restore one of them?"
*Crane: "Well if so, who would be brazen enough to completely restore a broken bot in a short amount of time to siphon some of the Tree's magic?"
*Lord Shen: "Well it can be safely assume it's hardly for a good reason! Everyone, we are going to round up some of our villainious Genius Rouster and interigate them on if they had revived any of Animontronic's creations! In the maintime, Starswirl, see to it that you and the Main Six keep cautious of any unusual defeluptments."
*Somnambula: "Kinda what we're already doing."
*Lord Shen: "But first off, can you see about doing something about that crack?"
*Starswirl: "Oh don't worry, the Tree of Harmony has self-healing properties, it ain't the first times magic-sappers have tried to harm it."
*Patrick: "What about the ugly black spots on the pretty gems?"
*Starswirl: "BLACK SPOTS?! (The group looked to see that small but barely noticeable black spots are seen)."
*Icky: "..... Wow, I would've figured that something that's impourent to the tree and Equestria would be taken better cared off then that."
*Merlin: "I don't think that's dirt! This looks like it's magic related! Perhaps a sign that the tree was siphoned, or a warning that the siphoned power has been taken to somewhere else?"
*Iago: "Well how did we missed that until Patrick point it out?"
*Rockhoof: "They could''ve just, appeared. They certainly looked fine when we were here."
*Starswirl: ".... I'm afraid the black spots could mean 1 thing..... Whoever has managed to siphon the magic, has used it to create a false elements of harmony, or worse."
*Skipper: "Are you trying to say that SOMEBODY managed to create a counter-fit Elements of Harmony?"
*Mistmane: "Heavens forbid, they manage to create another tree."
*Thunderclap: "Well what crazo-pants would want with a christailian magical tree?"
*Meadowbrook: "Try not to forget what the tree's capable of, suger. This tree has helped shaped Equestria. This tree can litterally shape worlds."
*Starswirl: "And in the wrong, undesireable hands, it can also take just as much as it gives. Espeically if they create a dark tree. A Dark Tree will end up over-spreading it's enfluence beyond it's place of origin. Espeically if on a restrictive small evioment. And if the dark tree realises that it is in such an evioment, then it will control the current place if it is moble, to find a planet to germinate in and grow into a bigger tree, and spread. Then, it will proceed to repeat the process until it is capable of producing christaileen spores that will go to other worlds, and spread like madness, leading worlds to be infested with dark trees!"
*The Lougers stared blankly.....
*Icky: "..... Then how the fuck the Tree of Harmony isn't like that but a darker verson would?!"
*Rockhoof: "That because the Tree of Harmony was planted to be a force for good. But if such a tree like it were to be created in evil hands, the results will be dishastorious, to even it's creaters."
*Trixie: "(Gulp). And, how, did you know about this?"
*Starswirl: "..... Ever wonder why I created a time travel scroll? Surely you realised that such a thing would be forbidden by the time lords otherwise."
*Boss Wolf: "..... I don't like where this is going."
*Starswirl: "And has it ever been wondered why the tree has to be in a cave and now be shown for the world to admire? Well, once apawn the time, we, initionaly didn't had this wise foresight to place the tree hidden. It was once displayed out in the open for all to see, precisely around where ponyville now resides. And it used to be VASTLY larger then this. Big enough to be seen for miles away, no less different then a simular case in Mythos."
*Icky: "Well why is that not the case anymore other then paradox?"
*Starswirl: "Well, again, I created the scroll to indirectly enfluence myself to plant the seed in the cave instead of out in the open, because, the original thing ended up becoming too beloved and public. That was how I learned that it's beauty and raw power were too much for even undesireables. Such an undesireable, a millaterry general named Helmit-For-Brains, (The Lougers were about to laugh) Don't laugh! Anyway, Helmit was Flash's self-rightious superior for the pegici millaterry he was apart of. He wanted to weaponised the Tree to be used to re-take the world we left behind during the Windego's reign. So, he took out the elements, and started to create element based weapons based on it's weilder's best traits. The fool's corruption tainted the tree, and it became dark. The Dark Tree began to spread it's roots through the world, that it ended up becoming the greatest dishastor to Equestria and all of the world.... It was too much for even the Time Lords to bare, hence why they gave me permission to create a time scroll and told me the indirection loophole to time travel, in that as long as you didn't directly influence it, you can actselly change time without paradox. And so, I did, and both Equestria and the Tree were saved from Helmit's stupidity. Though for added measure, since I knew the Tree of Harmony would not be secret forever, I also used the scroll to make it that helmit never became prime leader of the millaterry. Unfortunately, it had the buttterfly effect that, apart from his arrigance, he existed as being the shorce of our millaterry's compidence, so.... Our millaterry forces being incompident jokes was, my doing. I desided to have the scroll restricted away ever since."
*Icky: "..... Wow! Good to know that fucking up epicly runs in the element profession!"
*Starswirl: "I know, that is why I re-adjested the scroll to only take you in time for a few moments.... Before a certain Starlight Glimmer managed to basicly inadvertingly restored it's true funtions."
*Flash Magnus: "Told ya you should've destroyed that scroll instead!"
*Starswirl: "Confound it, Magnus, I kept the scroll in meant to be use for another not easly fightable emergency!"
*Rockhoof: "Ya know Starswirl, you always have that infamous tendingcy to create things that cause more trouble then good!"
*Monkey: "(Chuckles amused), Starswirl has a tendingcy to basicly Go Po on you guys?"
*Po: "HEY?!"
*Tigress: "Don't act like it isn't an accreate term, Po."
*Mistmane: "(Chuckles), Like you wouldn't believe. He one time worried about being un-needed so badly, he ended up going crazy and created a problem by using a want it need spell on a dusty old book and caused the old village of Vanderfill to fight over it!"
*Starswirl: "Confound it, I had asked we never speak of that mess again!"
*Shenzi: "BAH!?! So essentally, you made the same mistake as Twilight?!"
*Starswirl: "Wait, Miss Sparkle had a moment where she felt uneeded?"
==='''Chapter 3: The New Secret Weapon..... Another Hippobliterator?'''===
==='''Chapter 3: The New Secret Weapon..... Another Hippobliterator?'''===

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The Elements of Disharmony is the 10th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. Dr. Nefarious managed to reverse engineer the Elements of Harmony by stealing energy from the Tree and creating clones that were subugated to a corrupting machine become emotionless and opposite (as well as having no cutie marks since they were just born), naming them the 'Elements of Disharmony'. These clones are named Darklight Spark (Magic), Gray Dash (Defiance), Cruelshy (Rudeness), Greedily (Greed), Applejerk (Dishonesty), and Meanie Pie (Torment). Using these new clones to cause disharmony, Nefarious plans to become the new ruler of Equestia and turn the defenseless and defeated ponies there into robot-ponies with his new Hippobliterator, turning Equestria into a robotic world. The Lodgers and the Mane 6 are called into action once again, but Twilight senses something about Nefarious' clones, who are showing signs of positive feelings, indicating that they are under the same scenario that she and her friends were in when Discord was last freed, but in a different fashion, as Discord claims that they know chaos magic because they had to have been in self-pain, the emotional fuel for chaos magic. Thus Twilight realizes that the clones are not truly evil, and all they need is the power of friendship and some occlumency and Equinox training. But is this true, or is it just because they're just more interested into be minor trouble makers than real threats to the point where they become the true threat? Can our heroes be able to discover what's what and defeat them and Nefarious once more and teaching him a lesson about causing trouble in the wings of resolving another issue?


Chapter 1: Nefarious's New Plan of Attack/Clones Going Evil

Nefarious Space Station

  • Dr. Nefarious was seen messing around with files apawn files of potaintional plans to use.
  • Bellwether was helping organising them while Lawerence helped prevent the files from falling over.
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Come on, come on, there's gotta be SOMETHING to use! It's the new year, and Team Nefarious barely got to do serious evil in 2017! 2018's my chance to make up for it! (Looks into the files harder until he finds something) Oh, OHHHHHH! This one, is, PERFECT?!"

Nefarious Lounge Room

  • King Dedede: (He and Escargoon were seen playing checkers, Smarty-Smarts was playing chess with Octocat, and Doofenschmirtz was playing Monopoly with Warp, XL, and Zurg until Nefarious burst out spreading the pieces everywhere) WHAT THE HECK?!?
  • Octocat: Meowrow!
  • Smarty-Smarts: Yeah, much of your ideas are crazy, but I'm an optimist, so shoot.


  • Zurg: You want, to make... CLONES... Of the Mane Six?
  • Nefarious: I know! It's a good plan! CHEER FOR ME!! (All the Nefarious Troopers clapped forcefully)
  • Escargoon: Surely you can't be serious, Dr. Nuts And Bolts!
  • Doofenschmirtz: I think he is, and don't call him- (Escargoon hits him with Dedede's mallet)... Worth it.
  • King Dedede: Was it really, Doofy?
  • Zurg: Nefarious, with as much due respect as an old friend can give, that plan you picked out..... It's actually among the most overdone villain plans in the book. Pretty much every single villain in the spectrum of the villain food chain has done it in various possable ways at some point! Heck, even I did it once with Team Lightyear. Didn't go over very well. First I create evil kid versions of them that beat me up for not including an XR, and then I create elderly clones. I had those elder clones sent to a retirement home since that clone mess. God knows what those kids are doing now!


  • The four are seen held up in a juvinal hall for young galactic space criminals.
  • Raeythgil: "...... Craters."

Back to Nefarious

  • Zurg: "Turns out the cloning device I had was made with faulty parts, so it's KINDA why it only made kid clones and elderly ones!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Oh, Zurg. That's litterally a level one problem of cloning. Bad parts or not, every good cloning machine needs to have a part that gets the clone to the exact age of the DNA host. Even the League's dorky Galaxhar member knew that when he created not just his own clones, but when he cloned ponies as well."
  • Zurg: "NOW I'm being told this?"
  • Grub: Well, sir, you haven't used it since those elder clones. You never really brought it up.
  • Zurg:..... Fair point. Also, the Sin Ponies were more borrowed from random hosts but are otherwise their own creation. You basicly want to make clones that're EXACTLY like the Main 6! And let's not forget that ponies are among the purest, if not almost angelic purest, creatures in the universes! They wouldn't have an evil bone in their body!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "It has been shown that it is possable to make ponies BAD, Zurg. And I have my ways."
  • Dr. Nefarious: "What?! NO!? Of course not, you stupid slime! In Doofinsmirtz' own words, THAT'S BAD EVIL?! Granted, evil is supposed to be bad irreguardless, but that torment stuff is obviously pushing it! I'm more thinking among the lines of doing like how that mishapen yuts Discord did it!"
  • King Dedede: "You mean, basicly turn'em into their oppisite personalities and have'em be MORE obvious in being the clones?"
  • Bellwether: "That's kinda a missed oppertunity to maybe either frame those 6 as either jerks or manaces, or maybe like, have the clones hurt each of the real ones' feelings and make them louthe eachother."
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Having you seen the leaked footage of the season 8 episodes which is why this episode is being released earlier into Season 3? Breaking their bonds will only result in someone like Starlight gluing it back togather. And the framing thing's too obvious of a first thing to do with clones anyway. It'll be too easily resolved. And the Lodgers have dealt with that kind of crud so many times before, they'll reckindised it even before we framed Pinkie Pie of being a jerk!"
  • Bellwether: "Fair enough. So what would you have the clones do then if the initional things are made too obvious?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Simple. Remember my statement of giving them the same state as Discord's method to demoralising the Main 6? I'm being a step beyond just making them alternate personalities. I'm gonna see if I can turn them, into...... (Dramatic pose).... THE ELEMENTS, OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, DISHARMONY?!"
  • Lawerence: "..... Your basicly saying that you want to make YOUR own elements?"
  • Bellwether: "Ya do realise that would require obtaining something from that magical chrsitaleen tree in that cavern in the ruins of the two sisters? And I'm pretty sure that once apon a time, even with a team up under pre-reformation Darkness Qui, you failed to get ahold of that thing!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "And thank you for the arbatory continuity check, Bellwether. But we don't nessersarly need the entire damn tree this time. This time, I intend to only taking enough to allow the clones their own elemental powers. And I already have a perfect method.... I borrowed a robotic woodpecker from that ironic nature loving mad sciencetist that is trying to cause an artifical nature uprising through robots, Dr. Animontronic C. Ritters."
  • Grounder: "Hehehehehe! Dumb name!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Alot of intermediate or major villains with indignet names tend to have them. Kinda a trend in recent years. Point is, I managed to contain one such bot after a recent battle between him and the Misfits, rebuild it in my Nefarious image, and already had it sent to collect the amount of engery I need to give these my own Mane 6 the power they need!"
  • Scratch: "But how can it harvest a magical crhistail tree? Won't it be too tough for it to break?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "It doesn't need to do actual damage to it, moron! I modifived it to have some magic syphin abilities so it will collect just about enough for me to make use of so when after I am able to create my clones!"
  • Bellwether: "But what about DNA?"
  • Nefarious: "I hired a specialist to accure that. Some of you may be familier with Professor Sizemo?"
  • Lawerence: "You mean the dwarfed Blarg genius that can make himself a giant or the size of an hozsun ant?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Yes! THAT Sizemo! Interestingly, he was an indirect cousin of Drek! I promised to make him a super weapon so he can take revenge onto Rachet and Clank in return of getting me the Main 6's DNA.... Admitingly, he kinda laughed at me about how I wanted to collect samples of ponies, but I explained my plans and, more or less he took me at least abit more seriously."
  • Zurg: "You sure an outsider indie villain can be trusted, Nefarious? You're sure the guy won't betray you for his own priorites the sooner he gets this super weapon from you?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "I had insisted that the super-weapon's creation can only be garrentied if he plays ball with me."
  • Bellwether: "Ahhh, so you haven't even made it yet."
  • Dr. Nefarious: "And I only plan to AFTER I congured Equestria! By then, I would be too powerful to betray!"
  • Bellwether: So what exactly is this superweapon?
  • Nefarious: I prefer to keep that a surprise. The payoff is TOOOO huge!
  • Warp Darkmatter: "Well it better, given how risky a gambit you're playing by messing with the Equestrians Messiah Tree again since the Qui-Team-Up."
  • Nefarious: Trust me. Sizemo will not disappoint.


  • An extremely tiny Blarg was seen trying to pull off a piece of Pinkie's hair from a brush! This was presumably Professor Sizemo.
  • Sizemo: "Man this stuff is hooked in tight! How strong are these ponies' hairbrushes! Yeesh!"
  • Sizemo: SIR!!!
  • (Pinkie): Wha? (Pinkie came in and looked around as he hid)... Huh? I thought I heard something. Oh well. (She brushed her hair straight and it cartoonishly got poofy again spreading hair around) Perfect! (She skipped away joyfully as Sizemo collected some fallen hair)
  • Sizemo:... Whew! Sir, how do you expect me to do my job if you yell at me and risk blowing my cover like that? Shrunk missions take a lot of effort.
  • (Nefarious): Well, why didn't you go Ant-Man on them or something?! You've gotta be more subtle than that. You could've been easily spotted or killed that way! You're a scientist. Do better!!
  • Sizemo: You're lucky I obtained Pinkie's DNA, sir.
  • Sizemo: "And how are you gonna lower the payment of a super weapon?"
  • Sizemo: "Okay, Spazzatron 9000! How would you do this if you were in my shoes, huh?"
  • (Nefarious): You've done this kind of thing successfully and with great intelligence and technology for years, so you tell me. If I had your equipment, you'd sure know how I'd do it. Hop to it. Nefarious OUT! (He hung up)
  • Sizemo:... That guy's a d***. And to think, the alternate verson of my cousin in the movie verse worked with his Doppleganger.


  • Sizemo: (He was in a small flying bug-like air bike with multi-purpose chelicera)... I don't get paid enough for this s*** anyway.

French Narrator: Meanwhile...

  • Nefarious' mechcanical woodpecker was already at work sucking some of the Tree of Harmony's powers.
  • (Nefarious): Now THIS is subtlety. You don't attract attention to yourself.
  • (Bellwether): "Well as subtile as a metallic woodpecker is."
  • A teleportive flash was heard!
  • (Starswirl): "I felt a disturbence here?!"
  • (Nefarious): "Rats!!! That anichent hero must be force sensitive to this tree?! Hide my beauty, hide?!"
  • The Robotic Woodpecker cloaked away with a cloaking device as the Pillers of Equestria arrived....
  • Starswirl: ".... I don't know why, but something feels wrong."
  • Rockhoof: "You sure you're not just getting paranoid, Starswirl?"
  • Stygian: ROCKHOOF!
  • Rockhoof: "What? It is common with ponies his age."
  • Starswirl: "Humorous. Just to be safe, we're staying here to keep the tree safe. Whatever it was, it was a force that was attempting to siphon the enegry of the Tree of Harmony."
  • Flash Magnus: "Okay, whatever you say, Swirl."
  • Stygian: Well I'll tell the others if that's what you want, sir.
  • Starswirl: Well, given they might be too busy with a friendship school, it might be rude. But let's do it regardless just to be safe.
  • Stygian went to do exactly that.
  • (Bellwether): "(Quietly) Oh nice job not figuring the pillers would be an issue!"
  • (Nefarious): "(Quietly) It was a plan made back when MLP Season 4 was still a thing, where it kept in the file cabinate because I felt wasn't ready yet after how dishastorious the Qui-Team-Up was."
  • (Bellwether): "(Quietly) It was unutilized for that long?!"
  • (Nefarious): "(Quietly) Well I didn't think anichent heroes would be revived and that they'd have a connection with a giant christail tree, now did I?! The future's an unpredictable bitch, and I made this with the mindset that it WASN'T gonna happen!?"
  • (Bellwether): "..... (Quietly but sternly) Well, would I have your permission to give your old plan some DUE UPGRADES?!"
  • (Nefarious): ".... (Quietly) Your obviously upset with me, so, to avoid an embarrising butt-whooping from a scorned sheep, yes, yes you may."
  • (Bellwether): (Quietly) GOOD!! (They left)
  • (Nefarious): I just hope that Sizemo is doing well.


  • Rainbow Dash: OWCH!!! (Sizemo obtained her DNA) Stupid skyfly!
  • Applejack: OWCH!!! (Sizemo obtained her DNA) Idjit corn fly!
  • Rarity: OWCH!!! (Sizemo obtained her DNA) Dumbfounded house fly!
  • Twilight: OWCH!!! (Sizemo obtained her DNA) Pesky intellectually inferor horsefly!
  • Fluttershy: OWCH!!! (Sizemo obtained her DNA)... You know, if you wanted my blood, you could just ask! That's an easy way to get me sick. (Sizemo ignored her and flew away)
  • Sizemo: "I'm surprised not alot of them swatted at me. I mean, the animal lover I get, but the others did nothing to me! What, did they went through a crazy exspearience that got them to have a better respect for bugs or something?
  • (Nefarious): "Let's just say yes. I won't bore you with details because they're not impourent. Did you get the samples?"
  • Sizemo: "Pretty much. And I don't need to get some from the pink one since I already have the hair."
  • (Nefarious): "Well, the hair thing's still stupid, but I wouldn't be a great villain if I look at gift horses in the mouth, so it'll do! Now hurry off that planet!"
  • Sizemo: "Well unless I have vacation plans here, that's exactly what I aim to do over here!"
  • (Nefarious): Duly noted. (He left)
  • Sizemo: "(Sighs), The super weapon he promised will be SO worth this."

Nefarious' Labs

  • The Grubs and the Brains were seen working on the cloning machine.
  • Head Brain: "Dr. Nefarious, I think you'll fine that your cloning device is well underway."
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Exsellent. And you had ensure it doesn't become the second coming of Zurg's attempt at clones?"
  • Head Brain: "Entirely new parts were used, sir. And we gotten the part that ensure age accreate clones."
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Good! Cause you have any idea how embarrising it would be if we had kid clones helping us?"
  • Warp: "The fact that they would also be ponies adds into the embarrassment factor. Just saying."
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Oh trust me, after I had exposed to ponies to chaos magic, it wont be AS embarrising!"
  • Brain Pod: Speaking of which, how do you plan on doing that?
  • Nefarious: Simple. A virtual reality device. It'll introduce them to something that'll make them not only opposite, but much more.
  • Brain Pod: And the chaos magic?
  • Nefarious: The funny thing is I found out where chaos magic comes from. It's the unconscious mind escaping a broken mind. Like dreams becoming real. The virtual journey should be enough to give them what I want.
  • Brain Pod: We can make them evil. Emperor Zurg has always said if you want something turned evil, turn it evil yourself.
  • Nefarious: EXACTLY, YOU STUPID BRAIN-IN-A-JAR!!! IT'S MY PLAN, SO I DO IT MY WAY!!! And trust me, when these clones enter the virtual reality, they'll never look at life differently again. We don't need to steal chaos magic. We can just make it.
  • Bellwether: I thought you said you wouldn't torture them.
  • Nefarious: This isn't the kind of torture you were insinuating. It's just tamed to acceptable levels. I thought the point was too clear. Chaos magic means you have to hurt them with that kind of stuff. I know that makes me a liar, BUT HELLOOO, EVIL!!!
  • Brain Pod: Then you should know that these clones will be born curious and clueless. They'll be the same in personality, but have no memories of their DNA donors' lives.
  • Nefarious: Exactly my point.
  • Zurg: "So when is Sizemo gonna show up."
  • Dr. Nefarious: "He cautioned that he may take a while. He had to hide his ship in that forest people don't like to go in to have a hiding spot and be able to not be noticed leaving just as much as entering."
  • Grub: You CAN teleport, right?
  • Lawrence: He dumped manual teleportation since being stranded on that asteroid. Complained about the out-of-range problem and the specify-destination thing too much.
  • Lawrence: (Sighs) I'll just teleport him in with the new maxed version. (He did so)
  • Sizemo: NO, I'M NOT A BUG, DON'T EAT ME!!...... Oh... What took you so long?
  • Lawrence: The usual. Nefarious getting off the subject.
  • Nefarious: Lawrence, please! Did you obtain the DNA samples?!
  • Sizemo: Would I be waiting for you if I didn't? (Gets large again and gives them the samples)
  • Nefarious: (Cackles) SPLENDID!!! Now it's time to bring my creations to life.
  • Sizemo: "I should warn ya that those Equestrian creatures are said to be extremely pure. They're likely gonna come out too nice to work with, and will question just about everything you guys do."
  • Nefarious: Uh, what kind of genius would I be not to consider that? They'll be born as dumb as babies. No morality and no niceness, but those things grow quick with that purity, so I just need to get them in my control before they start doing that. Get a bigger education, pal.
  • Sizemo: Sheesh, you don't have to be a d*** about it.
  • Nefarious: You're lucky I'm paying you not just a superweapon in exchange for the extra parts of the job, because if you didn't finish it by now, your pay would be lowered. Just shut up and take the bolts. (He gives him bolts as he handed over the DNA and left)... Ass. Speaking of asses, let's make some related to them.
  • Bellwether: "Your seriously going for that?"
  • Nefarious: It's not my fault that's a slur on your world. You're going to have to get used to it.
  • Bellwether: Well even if it wasn't, it's not even a good joke.
  • Nefarious: Whatever, let's just create these clones. (He inserted the DNA into the pods as they slowly created age-accurate clones identical to the Mane Six but with no cutie marks)...
  • Twilight Clone:... Where am I?... Who am I?
  • Pinkie Clone: I have no idea! All I feel is the need to have a party. I'd say a baby shower, but none of us are babies.
  • Applejack Clone: I'd say so. This accent is so strange.
  • Rarity Clone: And I just feel gross crawling into life.
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: I feel an unexplainable urge to beat up anyone close to me for the information... Except you five, of course.
  • Fluttershy Clone:......... (Whimpers)...
  • Scratch: Oh, God, that is adorable.
  • Nefarious: Shut up, will you? Let's just get them to the virtual machine before their purity acts up. (Opens the chamber and enters) Weeeeeellll, if it's answers you want, then you should perhaps ask your creator. (Fluttershy Clone hid her face in her mane)
  • Pinkie Clone: A robot created us?... How do we even know so many words?
  • Applejack Clone: Why not ask this freaky guy?
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: "Okay, cromedome, start spilling, who the heck are we and why are we here?"
  • Nefarious: The answers, are in this very virtual tour! (A six-seated virtual supercomputer was seen with a hallelujah choir)
  • Pinkie Clone: (Was doing the hallelujah choir on a tape recorder as Applejack Clone nudged her)..... Where'd this come from? Whatever, IT SURE LOOKS IMPORTANT!!! LET'S GO!!! (Twilight Clone grabbed her tail as she was running for the machine)
  • Twilight Clone: Hold on there!... You're our creator, aren't you?... Can we be sure we can trust you?
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: Yeah, you look like somepony who isn't up to any good.... Wait... Somepony? THE HECK KINDA WORD IS THAT?!?
  • Applejack Clone: "Well yeah, what kinda Smurf Talk languise is that?.... And what did I just say?
  • Rarity Clone: Well we have to get answers somehow.
  • Twilight Clone: Just ask him yourself!
  • Nefarious: Believe me, this thing tells everything to you quicker than I can. If I explained it myself, we'd be here all day.
  • Twilight Clone:... I can't argue with that. Come on, girls. (They entered the device)
  • Rarity Clone: "I don't know why, but I have this nagging need to give the inside of this contraption a due makeover."
  • Applejack Clone: "And I'm having an irresistible urge to shrug and roll mah eyes at you."
  • Pinkie Pie Clone: "Ohhhhhh! Is this a movie?.... What's a movie? Oh, whatever, I bet it's gonna be fun!"
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: "I don't know why, but I have this itch to call you random for some reason."
  • Fluttershy Clone:......
  • Escargoon: You do know you can talk right?
  • Fluttershy Clone:... I can? Oh gosh, I can!
  • King Dedede: I swear if she sings that Talk Song from the Charlotte's Web cartoon, I'm gonna throw up.
  • Undertow: It's not like she knows what that is.
  • Fluttershy Clone:... Well, then can I say this thing feels, dark?
  • Nefarious: Free speech, my child. But you were just born, so you'll get used to it.
  • Fluttershy:... I can't exactly argue with that. (All six enter as they went through a virtual reality and Nefarious chuckled rubbing his hands)

Twilight's Virtual Reality

  • Twilight Clone: "..... Where, am I?"
  • ???: Well hello! (An Alicorn God Twilight came)... Welcome to the first step to your new life.
  • Twilight Clone: Who are you? Uh, who am I?
  • AG Twilight: I'm your guide. And you, are the clone of a pony by the name of Twilight Sparkle.
  • Twilight Clone: Twilight Sparkle? That sounds like the name of a cartoon horse. (AG Twilight shows her to a mirror as she looks at herself)...... Wow... I AM a cartoon horse. I look nice.
  • AG Twilight: We Equestrians always do. We are the purest beings in our dimension. Your DNA comes from a great hero.
  • Twilight Clone: Really?! Then... Why was I created?
  • AG Twilight: You'll learn soon enough. First you must learn the history of Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  • Twilight Clone: "I'm a princess clone?! (Looks at wings) That explains these weird feathery growths..... I felt like these things weren't always there."
  • AG Twilight: They weren't. Observe, your DNA donor's past. (Her childhood from Season 1 was seen)
  • Twilight Clone:... Ohhhhh, that's... Really cute. (She witnessed what happens afterward from Magic University to Shadow Play)....... Wow, she's very interesting.
  • AG Twilight: She is. However there's a danger to her way of life. Magic in Equestria is tied to emotions. The stronger you feel, the more powerful you get. But with that comes serious consequences. Equestria is too peaceful and needs to prepare for danger far worse than what you witnessed. If this remains unchanged... Twilight will destroy herself.
  • Twilight Clone: Uh, I don't quite see what's wrong with how she views the world. I agree with what she does.
  • AG Twilight: You should. You are a clone. But you need to see what happens should Equestria should step up and not hide from the harshness of life. For should it stay that way... (They enter a future setting)...
  • Twilight: I know this sounds bad, girls, but with all that the friendship school has taught me, I think we need to acknowledge real life and be prepared for anything.
  • Pinkie: So... That means no more parties?
  • Twilight: Not as much as it is now. Magic needs to be used more proactively. If we're going to evolve as a race, we need to make sacrifices.
  • Rainbow Dash: Is this because of Chancellor Neighsay? You do know he's racist because of his friendship with Shineflare, right? He's kinda an asshole.
  • Twilight: Yes, and confound that twat by all means, but otherwise, he made me realize that not all races are going to care about us. So to keep up with the rest of the world, we need to give up our candy-colored ways. Lowering parties, increasing donations for defense effort, AND resloving our incompident guard problem, increasing education, and, well, anything it takes.
  • Fluttershy: Twilight, aren't you sure that's a little too much to give up? Equestria is just fine as it is.
  • Twilight:... (Sighs) It pains me to bring this up, but remember what I said after I tried to steal the Pearl of Transformation? This isn't Equestria. At least, not how I said it was supposed to be. Now that we have students to help spread friendship, we can no longer have this cheerful façade. We need to change to the etiquette of other lands if they're going to accept us. We need to show that friendship isn't as immature as it sounds. That starts with showing more visually how adult we are. I don't want us to make another international incident like said attempted theft again. We need to be ready for any challenges ahead. And we can't be if we continue to look too cartoonish than we are now. It won't matter what the people want. All that matters is what they need.
  • Applejack: "Well the commen folk are one thing, but it's Celestia who I'm sure is the biggest roadblock to that plan. She might end up thinking that your kind of thinking ain't friendship focused. Equestria is so rooted into that religen, the idear of tuning it down sounds, obscene."
  • Rarity: "Not to mention that Celestia may end up thinking that you made yourself unworthy of your title thinking like that."
  • Twilight: "Well short of exile or anything else more extreme like having me De-Alicorned, I can confidently say Celestia doesn't have the ability to really stand in the way."
  • Pinkie Pie: "Yikes, Twilight, that's very ballsy of you to basicly say that Celestia ain't got nothing on you!"
  • Applejack: "With due respect to you as a princess and my friend, that's dangerious talk right there, Twilight. Celestia may have feelings for you, but she ain't afraid to really put her hoof down if she thinks you done missed the point about friendship!"
  • Twilight: "Don't get me wrong girls. I know Celestia will always have the final say in everything..... That's why, I want to coherse half of Equestria to enter a Declaration of Independence to form an Equestria that will take things more seriously."
  • Rarity: "...... You do realise that Celestia WILL aim to talk you out of such a radical proposeal, right Twilight? A devided nation would be a sign of an unhealthy one, and, that won't really improve other race's opinion of us if we are disunified as a race."
  • Rainbow Dash: "If anything, at best, other races will take us even less seriously for inconsistentcy, while the races we do got to care for us will be left confused, or at worse, SOME races will think that ponies that aren't so easily bound to friendship to be a threat waiting to happen! I mean, we have power over the weather, magic, and even things other normal beings can't control! Our beliefs in friendship is what held many generations back from desiding to use that power to screw people over! You have any idea of what half of Equestria that even only tones down friendship for abit would be like?!"
  • Fluttershy: "Alot of ponies without friendship being as universeal as it is would end up being cold, mean, and uncaring in the best case senario, or dangerious in the worse one."
  • Applejack: "You also have to take in account that some ponies will revolt in trying to bring a more universeal friendship back into the would-be half of Equestria that just, suddenly demands it be tone down in the name of progress."
  • Starlight: "Can I speak?..... Twilight, remember that story you told me on Hearth's Warming? How a pony that wanted Equestria to focus more on being profitent, ended up only dooming it? What if friendship is more then just a religen? I mean, you have to remember that before it's founded, the tribes used to basicly hate each other! Friendship was basicly the reason why Earth Ponies, Unicorn and Pegisi aren't otherwise still at each other's throats! Friendship gives us a reason to love..... We even so much as tone it down..... Ponies might end up starting to be aggressive with eachother, and..... That would bring the Windigos back. I think it's better we just drop that declaration of independence stuff, okay?"
  • Twilight: Girls, I'm not saying that we drop friendship entirely. That's ludicrous. I said I wanted everyone in the world to see how important it is. To help all races understand the magic of friendship. What's to say other races out there were victimized by the Windigoes the same way? They need to see that friendship is the biggest superpower this world's got. If we're going to continue with what we do best, then we need more publicity. We need to let everyone outside Equestria to see that we need help to obtain peace. Especially since the loan incident with Goldstone. Our name as a race is being sugarcoated. We have to think about what's best for Equestria. I want to do this with all of you because we're all we got.
  • Starlight: But Twilight, it's one thing to try and make Equestria more proactive and more respected because we know you're scared of making the same mistake you made with Queen Novo because of what happened immediately afterward, and you don't want it to occur on a much larger scale. But it's not the friendship way to force this issue on others and expect them to accept it right away. This will theoretically encourage other lands to help, but it'll be a controversial move to the ponies of Equestria.
  • Twilight: Sometimes friendship can't fix everything, Starlight. We just need to help the world as the successors of the Alicorn Gods. It's all on Equestria to repair the world we abandoned during the Windigo Ice Age. It's our duty to bring friendship and peace amongst other lands.
  • Starlight: "Well it's not just the ponies that won't like the move I'm worried about. I'm also worried about the ones that do, but think any disunified half isn't going far enough and try to manipulate you to go even farther with it to the point that friendship becomes as mundane in your Equestria as it is viewed in other nations! There would be ponies that just like a more proficient Equestria but would want to lean it away from being about helping the world and just help ourselves and manipulate you on that as well, espeically ponies like Neighsay."
  • Twilight: "And can I ask why you guys aren't backing me on this?"
  • Rainbow Dash: "Well for me, a disunified Equestria will mean more complicated international flyzone restrictions for the Wonderbolts. An Equestria that becomes a disjointed separated nations would be a nightmare to fly in!"
  • Applejack: "Well, my family's pretty widespread in Equestria. What if Appaloosa stays to Celestia's Equestria, and other places where my familly resides does the same? This could divide my family, Twilight."
  • Pinkie: "You have any idea how much of a headache border patrols are when I am trying to throw a party for someone who DOESN'T LIVE IN EQUESTRIA?! ESPECIALLY IF IT'S A BIRTHDAY?! A disjointed Equestria would be a traveling NIGHTMARE!!"
  • Fluttershy: "Well, what if the half of Equestria you created to be more serious ends up not being able to have a part of Equestria where the Breezies live? It would be hard to get Equestria to prepare for their migration. Also, a more proficent part of Equestria would mean a more industrialized Equestria, where I'm not just worried about Breezies getting hurt by it, but I'm worried about the homes of animals being demolished in the name of progress, just like with Well-To-Do."
  • Rarity: "Well for me, a disunified Equestria, espeically after I am having shops appear in each part of the nation, well, that would be difficult for business! Espeically since it's unlikely Canterlot would be included in your Equestria, Twilight! And if Manehatten can't be with your Equestria, Twilight? I would have to surrender them to Coco and Sassy Saddles for the businesses' survival! Not to mention the utter NIGHTMARE it would be if I have to make something for a customer that lives on one side or the other! I WOULD GO SIMPLY DAFF!!"
  • Starlight: "And me?..... A more serious Equestria would mean, less love, less kindness.... Less forgiving....."
  • Twilight: "Less forgiving?"
  • Starlight: "Twilight, don't forget that I wasn't always this nice!! I once converted a town into Cutie Mark Communisum and commited Chronoterrorisum!! Equestria as it is forgave me and gave me a chance when it reasonably shouldn't.... A Equestria your trying to create...... They would have no reason to forgive me, espeically if ponies like Neighsay have their way!"
  • Twilight: "Girls please, I promise I will never let undesirables control me like that!"
  • Applejack: "Maybe not willingly, but magic could make promises like that moot if somepony corrupts you into doing what they say! And Neighsay is CLEARLY a unicorn! I bet he might have a spell powerful enough to manipulate even an artificial Alicorn to do his bidding!"
  • Rainbow Dash: "And he might figure out how to disable that Occo-Whatumacallit thing too!"
  • Twilight: Girls... I'm sorry. If it means we have to spread friendship however possible, then sacrifices have to be made. I promise you as a friend that I'll make necessary changes and compromises, but it's not going to be easy. I care about you and your lives, and I want to do the best I can to protect them. We need to be more prepared. Believe me, you'll thank me soon enough. (Time fast forwarded into an Equestria at civil war, shocking Twilight Clone)
  • Celestia: Twilight Sparkle, for crimes against the ponies of Equestria, you are stripped of your title as princess, your name as my protégé, and banished from Canterlot.
  • Twilight: You don't understand! I was trying to protect Equestria and make the world understand us.
  • Twilight: Girls, I never meant for this to happen. I wanted peace like the Alicorns wanted from us.
  • Luna: Yes, but your stress, indecisiveness, and self-entitlement caused you to ignore the consequences of your decisions. War is rampant and the entire land is being frozen because you wanted to become too absolute for your own good.
  • Rainbow Dash: You destroyed our lives, Twilight! We trusted you and you do all this? Well don't expect us to stick by your side after this because our friendship is over.
  • Twilight: I-I-I-I can fix this, I promise!
  • Celestia: It's too late. Equestria is too damaged to be repaired. (She was turned back into a unicorn and teleported out of Equestrian borders leaving her to start crying hysterically, as Twilight Clone watched distraught with AG Twilight)
  • Twilight Clone:... No! I don't want this to happen!!! I know her too much to understand why she did this!! (Her magic went insane as she started releasing chaos magic) PLEASE, IS THERE A WAY TO STOP THIS?! (She was being hypnotized in the same way with Discord by AG Twilight)
  • AG Twilight: The only way to do it is to balance out peace, with chaos. (Twilight slowly turns monochrome) Magic and friendship cannot solve everything. It's easier to use it for the betterment of one's own self. Raw power is the only thing of worth to something as powerful as magic or friendship. With the clones accompanying you, you have the power to make that come true. Just follow Doctor Nefarious, and you will begin this journey.
  • Twilight Clone:... Yes! (She turns completely monochrome) Magic is worth nothing if not used correctly. It's power. The power to give chaos, and chaos to give balance. I swear to this day that I only exist to bring chaos in a completely peaceful land, for my name isn't... DARKLIGHT SPARK!! (Cackles)

Applejack's Virtual Reality

  • Applejack Clone:... Hello? Someone out there?
  • AG Applejack: (She appears before her) Greetins', my friend. I will be yer' guide across the plains of your purpose in life. You are a clone of a pony named Applejack.
  • Applejack Clone: Applejack? Seems strange to be named after an alcoholic beverage..... And ceral..... Even stranger that I even knew what that stuff is. Who is she?
  • AG Applejack: Baiscly you, me, and her. (A mirror was shown and she took a look at herself)
  • Applejack Clone:... Whooooooowee! I actually look rather nice. This Applejack sounds like a pony who knows how to stretch her legs and enjoy life.
  • AG Applejack: She does. But to understand your purpose in life, you must look straight into Applejack's past. (She shows her Applejack's cutie mark story as she sobbed with joy)
  • Applejack Clone: That's so adorable. I pity her. (She saw the rest of her story)... YEE-HAW! THAT GIRL KNOWS HOW TO HAVE MORE FUN THAN A FISH IN A BARREL!!
  • AG Applejack: Eeeeyup. As the Element of Honesty, Applejack must show and learn about honesty itself. However, there's still danger 'round the corners of her path, and the biggest one she cannot learn so easily.
  • Applejack Clone: "Beg yer pardon?"
  • AG Applejack: See, everypony has secrets. Especially friends. When a person gets desperate... Well, not desperate, but maybe hopeless, despondent, or scared... They do and know things they must keep secret for everyone's sake. Lying can be needed to protect people. To keep secrets a secret. Sometimes, lying can be the nicest thing you can do.
  • Applejack Clone: You sure 'bout that?
  • AG Applejack: Don't take mah word fer it. Observe. (They see a future scenario)
  • Rainbow Dash: APPLEJACK, PLEASE, I'M BEGGING YOU. You have to keep this a secret!
  • Applejack: You have a... Wing fetish? Rainbow Dash, you do know that stuff about wings being sexually active is a brony myth, right? I.E., the infamous wing boner?"
  • Rainbow Dash: "Oh, I know that! But, it's kinda different from that! It's just, there's something romantic about being able to fly with these babies! It's an, irresistable sight, ya know? I'm even interested in girl wings even though JUST TO BE CLEAR, I'm not gay! It's just..... Wings are just, a beautiful sight, ya know! Heck, others into the same s*** compare the wing feathers to toes for a foot fetishist. (Wiggles her wing feathers) See? Some ponies can be into that and so am I."
  • Applejack: "Well, I kinda get what you mean, but, now I'm kinda starting to see why y'all always give Celestia and Luna's wings them bedroom eyes. Ya even gave some to Ember. And heavens forbid if you even look at Flurry Heart in a funny way!"
  • Rainbow Dash: "Don't worry I deemed Flurry off-limits!"
  • Applejack: "Good! Now, this being said, you have my word that nothing's gonna escape these lips."
  • Rainbow Dash: "Thanks Applejack. Now please, don't tell anyone, espeically not Rarity. Ya know how that pony likes to gossip!"
  • Applejack: "Aw don't you worry none, Dash. I ain't one to blab things out like that. Ma's the word."
  • Applejack Clone: So... How is a fetish a secret worth keeping? People do it all the time. Heck, it's kinda natural, that's why people don't mind too much.
  • AG Applejack: Well sometimes a fetish can be completely embarrassing when shown publicly. There's many sensitive things in the world that are best left unspoken. By being openly honest, one can hurt one's feelings when it wasn't the intent and ruin them too much at the cost of their friendship. Watch.
  • Applejack: Look, Rainbow Dash, I had to tell them, because ponies were gonna ask questions as to why you always got tingly when looking at one's wings. If they were to understand, they had to know so they could help you. When you fetishize something for so long, you can't easily control yer' nonexistent boner.
  • Rainbow Dash: (Sobbing) IT DOESN'T CHANGE THE FACT THAT PEOPLE WON'T FEEL COMFERTABLE AROUND ME ANYMORE?! Even the Wonderbolts feel uncomfertable ever showing their wings in front of me. They now gave me a new name: WING BONER?! IT'S ACTSELLY WORSE THEN RAINBOW CRASH?!
  • Twilight: I couldn't agree more. Applejack... I'm sorry to say that you're no longer the Element of Honesty.
  • Applejack: WHAT?!?
  • Twilight: You're way too honest. Being too honest can be dangerous. Now Rarity knows and you KNOW how much of a gossip she is. Rainbow is publicly humiliated! She won't easily let this down. We can't trust somepony who's too honest for her own good.
  • Applejack: (Sobbing) I-I'm sorry!! I didn't intend for this to happen.
  • Pinkie: This should've been your chance to learn that this kind of thing can break somepony's trust... FOOREEEEEEEEVEEEEEERRRRR!!!!
  • Fluttershy: What if it was me who had that secret? I'd be more humiliated than her. You know how sensitive I am. Why should we trust somepony who can't keep a secret because of the element she represents?
  • Applejack: I... I'M SO SORRY!! (She cries hysterically and runs away)
  • Rainbow Dash: GOOD RIDDANCE!!!
  • Applejack Clone:... No!... But... But how could telling the truth be so hurtful?
  • AG Applejack: (While slowly hypnotizing her as she turns slightly monochrome) They say you should never lie, but that itself is a lie. Sometimes people need to lie. If you told someone they were fat or ugly, it would be hurtful regardless if it was true or not. Truths can be as destructive as lies. But you can keep Applejack from making that mistake... By being her opposite.
  • Applejack Clone:... You're right. (She turns completely monochrome) Lies are often for the greater good.
  • AG Applejack: So? What do you say? You still think you should always tell the truth?
  • Applejack Clone:... Yes!
  • AG Applejack: What do you me- Oh, OHHHHHHH, NICE ONE!!!
  • Applejack Clone: I swear to all that's holy I won't let this be mah downfall. I hereby call myself... Applejerk!
  • AG Applejack:... That's kinda lame.
  • Applejerk: NO IT AIN'T!!
  • AG Applejack: YES IT... OH, YOU SNEAKY LITTLE SHREW!! (Applejerk looked around nervously)

Pinkie's Virtual Reality

  • Pinkie Clone: (She was humming Giggle at the Ghostly as she hopped around) Uh, why do I know whatever that song was? Wow, memories are so weird.
  • (???): I'll say. (AG Pinkie came in) And it's just so good you have to laugh at it.
  • Pinkie Clone: OooOOOOOOOooooh! You look pretty!
  • AG Pinkie: (Giggles) Oh, you charmer. But seriously, I will be your guide. You are a clone of a pony named Pinkie Pie.
  • Pinkie Clone:... (Giggles) Funny name. Who's this Pinkie pony like? (She's given a mirror and sees herself)... Wow, she certainly looks funny. Look at her hair. It's so... Poofy, I could eat it like cotton candy.
  • AG Pinkie: (Giggles) You have no idea. But we do need to look funny. Pinkie Pie is a hero of cheer and the Element of Laughter. She lives for spreading happiness and joy to all of pony kind and beyond. It all began from something unexpected. (She is shown her childhood and cutie mark story)
  • Pinkie Clone: Ohhhh, that's so sweet. (She sees her following life while this song played)
Pinkie Pie-Smile smile smile! (with lyrics) LEAKED VERSION

Pinkie Pie-Smile smile smile! (with lyrics) LEAKED VERSION

  • Pinkie Clone: That sounds like a really compelling way to live. Making others laugh and have a good time.
  • AG Pinkie: "Yeeeaaaaaah, but...... Good times aren't forever."
  • Pinkie Clone: "What do ya mean?"
  • AG Pinkie: "Kiddo, there are somethings that can NEVER be a laughing matter."
  • Pinkie Clone: Really?
  • AG Pinkie: Heck yeah. Jokes are nice and so is laughter. But Pinkie has a hard time learning that not all jokes are necessary or needed. She sees somepony new, and all she wants is to have fun with them. Some jokes aren't meant to be funny or be made. Otherwise it makes them more miserable. She learned that laughter can hurt, and that not everypony can take jokes. In fact, not everyone will have a good first impression for her. She won't stop for anything just to brighten somepony's day. But she fails to realize that some people just don't like jokes and are too serious for it. Trying to inspire happiness and laughter can cause a horrible impression. Case in point. (A mean-looking griffin appeared in Ponyville)
  • Griffin: I am disappointed at what Goldstone did. So unprofessional and dishonorable. That's why I have come to provide for the PR restoration effort.
  • Rarity: That's appreciated, Count Gryffindor.
  • Count Gryffindor: I was told there were six of you. Where I ask is the sixth?
  • Twilight: (Nervous sweaty face) Well, Pinkie isn't exactly... Somepony you'd want to meet. When King Cedric told us about how infamously serious and intolerant to nonsense you were... We told her to take a visit to Griffinstone. She'd be a nuisance to you.
  • Count Gryffindor: Wisest decision in your life, your highness. Being nonsensical and having unnecessary fun and games is just not something I do... Or TOLERATE!
  • Applejack: Well glad we can accommodate-
Pinkie Pie - I never leave home without my party cannon

Pinkie Pie - I never leave home without my party cannon

Skip a few seconds

  • Pinkie: "(PINKIE APPEARED) TA-DA?!"
  • Main 5: "CRUD BASKITS?!"
  • Count Gryffindor started to twicth madly as eyes turned red, seeing that he was covered in party stuff and cake.
  • Pinkie: "I actselly heard how much of a cranky pants you are, so I'm here to cheer you up! Pinkie Pie sytile! (Starts playing the accordian and dances around the count, who continued to rage out, he ended up raging out so badly, he ended up getting a rage seizure and rampently produced a bloody foam at the mouth, of which Pinkie stopped and notice, as the count fell to the floor and speraticly frail limbs about until finally dying out).................. Oopies.........."
  • Pinkie Clone: "..... I, don't think dying from a rage-indused seisure's physically possable."
  • AG Pinkie: "The count was an extreme special case. He was raised by extremely stupid parents to the point that he defelupted a tumor that can't handle stupidity, nor anything fun since his parents were also FUN dumb idiots."
  • Pinkie: (Takes out random heart zappers) CLEAR!! (It cut as Gryffindor was carried away by the hospital)... Well glad to know he'll make it.
  • Pinkie: Excuse me?
  • Rainbow Dash: You're always going to do this to people regardless of their intolerance to things like this! If Gryffindor was killed you'd be technically responsible for murder, and YOU COULD'VE RUINED THE PEACE SUMMIT EVEN MORE!!!!
  • Twilight: She's right, Pinkie! You need to show restraint.
  • Rainbow Dash: This is Pinkie! She's never got restraint.
  • Twilight:... Yeah, it's Pinkie. What am I saying? Sorry Pinkie, but we have to let you go.
  • Pinkie: Let go as in take a break? I can learn-
  • Twilight: No, we mean you're no longer the Element of Laughter.
  • Pinkie:...... What?
  • Twilight: This lack of self-restraint is very dangerous for your own good. We all know you don't easily show it. That's why you can't be around anymore. If this had gotten to the worse, you would've committed a murder and we wouldn't so easily help you. You can no longer help us.
  • Pinkie: (Her mane deflated)... But I thought we were best friends!
  • Twilight: We'll just BE friends. You'll still give us joy, but you can't help spread friendship anymore. I'm sorry.
  • Pinkie: (She softly sobbed and ran away)
  • Pony #3: MAN, WERE WE WRONG!!
  • Mayor Mare: Pinkie Pie, you're banished for your near-crime.
  • Pinkie: (Sobbing) It was an accident!
  • Mayor Mare: There are no accidents. You chose to take the risk. We can't have a menace like that around. I expect you out of Ponyville by tomorrow. (Pinkie was shocked as everyone in town laughed at her)
  • Pinkie: (Crying) STOP LAUGHING AT ME, I DIDN'T MEAN TO!!! (Cries hysterically as Pinkie Clone watched in horror)
  • Pinkie Clone:... That poor soul. (Her mane deflated) She accidentally hurt people doing what she did best..... Although, I do have to question the realisum in this, cause, that Gryffindor guy was obviously a jerk, and I kinda question how ponies would turn on her over something that was a clear accsident and over someone clearly not a nice dude! Also, it didn't seemed smart of Pinkie's friends to not realise that she would end up learning about the Count in litterally a place a SOUNDS like it has griffins in it, and-"
  • AG Pinkie: "It's a simulation, kid, don't over analise it, it's purely a hyperpathic scenario. However, a potentially accurate one. What if Pinkie ended up telling a joke that kills.... In a litteral sense of the word!"
  • Pinkie Clone: "Well, thankfully you said that rage tumors are rare, so-"
  • AG Pinkie: "There's a bajillion ways a joke can end up killing or maiming someone, it's not just a ridiculously rare condition!"
  • Pinkie Clone: "There are?"
  • AG Pinkie: Jokes can be dark, insensitive, mean, insulting, racist, and can be utterly unacceptable. Laughter can hurt easily, mentally, socially, and physically. Pinkie fails to learn that to this day. She needs help. (As she hypnotized Pinkie Clone and she slowly went monochrome) If she doesn't learn to stop and think, and she never will because it's Pinkie, then something like this could come true. So... Go ahead and have a good laugh. It could really make ponies like you happy.
  • Pinkie Clone:... Happy? (She turns completely monochrome) Like hell it does! Laughter itself is nothing but a cruel joke. So if it means Pinkie learns best... I Pinkie Swear to this day that I exist only to do jokes my own way and laugh at others in their misery and expense, just to see how they like it. I hereby dub myself... Meanie Pie.
  • AG Pinkie:..... A kinda obvious name choice, but it works. Then go out there and give those jerks a taste of their own medicine. (Meanie cackles insanely)

Rarity's Virtual Reality

  • The Rarity clone walked down the area.
  • Rarity Clone: "Uggh, these place could really use some more flair."
  • AG Rarity: (She appeared) Ugh, like you wouldn't believe. I am your guide.
  • Rarity Clone: Hmm. Well, if so, then who am I?
  • AG Rarity: (Showing her a mirror as she was stunned by her own beauty) You are a clone. A clone of a pony named Rarity.
  • Rarity Clone: Rarity? Fitting name because I LOOK SO DIVINELY GORGEOUS!!! I must be a happy mother with a happy husband because I could really catch an eye. Just look at me.
  • AG Rarity: Oh, you are attractive. REEEEEEEEALLY ATTRACTIVE! Just ask many ponies in Ponyville. It's actselly an oddity that she/you are not married yet! You, or at least your DNA donor, are a fashionista who runs a boutique, and you are the Element of Generosity. Your generosity has given life and beauty to all corners of Equestria. From the first moment you dazzled the audience with your talents. Behold! (Rarity Clone witnesses Rarity's cutie mark story)
  • Rarity Clone: So nice of her to dazzle a little costumes with gemstones. But... Unless you're a dragon audience, I don't see how adding gemstones to food costumes looks right. (She saw the rest of Rarity's life)... She sounds like a pony who likes to spread a little too much beauty.
  • AG Rarity: "And as the Element of Generosity, your donor's also quite generous... However, generosity can be a, compromising position. There will come times were being generous can make it difficult to maintain a proper business. In fact, it can eat you out of house, home, and fame. I'm sure you know of Suri Polomare, but if somepony worse comes along, there's things even she can't do about it. Observe."
  • Rarity: So... You're Suri's mom?
  • Suri's Mom: Indeed. I am Vogue Polomare. Fashion designer, fashion model, former shameful porn actress, and very good physical instructor. I cannot even begin to confess how sorry I am for my daughter's theft, fraud, and attempted incrimination.
  • Rarity: "Well, no harm done, I did find out she had her reasons ever since a lawsuit I now, semi-regret."
  • Vogue: Yes, but, it doesn't exactly change on how much of my fault it was she behaived like that. She grew up a very dishonest child you see. She lied to so many ponies to get what she wanted. She even lied to get her career. She even loved Filthy Rich for his money at first. You weren't exactly her only victim.
  • Rarity: So she was a fraud?
  • Vogue: Not completely. She is a legitimate fashion designer. She's my daughter after all. But she lacks responsibility. In fact, she takes it after me. I'm going to be openly honest, I used to do things I'm not proud of.
  • Rarity: Aside from porn?
  • Vogue: Oh believe me, I did some things are even worse then that.
  • Rarity: "Well, I bet they really had to be, since staring in dirty litterature is usually a hard thing to glance over."
  • Vogue: Oy, don't remind me. Everypony knows what my vulva and breasts looks like, and how 'divine' they are. Something I prefer to forget. But yes, porngraphy was barely even the WORSE things I was involved with.
  • Rarity: We all did things we're not proud of, darling. However... I feel there's something else you came for.
  • Vogue: You certainly have an eye for detail. To help everypony forget about my daughter's crimes, I wish to help you open a boutique in the Crystal Empire. (As Rarity's eyes glittered in excitement) Hopefully it'll expand your experience in fashion. I'll introduce you personally to their local fashion designer Page Prism and her fashion model friend Glitzy. We'll wash off all our shame and you get to be a much better fashionista.
  • Rarity: "A splended idea!"
  • Vogue: "There's, a catch though. Having a building in the christail empire doesn't come cheaply! Yeah, how unsurprising that an empire made of love-powered christails doesn't have cheap real estate. You're going to have to sell away your stores in Manehatten and Canterlot, even Ponyville should it come to it, to your compatriates in said stores."
  • Rarity: "..... Just, give everything I do have up, just like that? You, You sure I can't just ask Candence and Shining Armor to provide me a place?"
  • Vogue: "That's the thing. Real Estate isn't their juristiction. It belongs to that strict Cinch pony. And trust me. She's VERY picky about who gets to live and/or do business in the empire! That pony isn't easy to haggle with either! It's either her exact price, or no business at all."
  • Rarity: "...... Well, I'm, sure Coco and Sassy can take over the stores from there, but..... Who do I give the original boutique too? It's not just a business, it's, it's also my home. To have a store in the Christail Empire would mean..... I have to move."
  • Vogue: "That's how the business model works. Sometimes in order to move up in the world, you need to move higher up in the ladder. That often means you have to leave the little ponies behind. Because, if you fail to move up in the world, somepony who isn't so afraid to do so will end up having a quick rise to fame and over-shadow ponies like you and Suri. If such a pony succeeded...... You would be.... Obscured!"
  • Rarity gasped!
  • Rarity: "Okay, okay you convince me! I'll do it! I don't want to be obscured and only remembered in fastion documentaries not too many ponies even care to watch!"
  • Vogue: "Then let's get to work, Miss Rarity. Start making calls."
  • Rarity Clone:... Makes sense. As one who can agree with social class, sometimes you have to make sacrifices.
  • AG Rarity: But at what cost? It's unwise to not think before you act. Because next thing you know, something like this happens.
  • Rarity: YOU TOOK MY BUSINESS!!!!
  • Vogue: Oh, I took your business? Who do you think had more taken from them when you became so vindictive to my daughter? Remember the time you sued and ruined her life? She told me you were uncaring and selfish! I lost my career in shame thanks to you. I had to become a con artist to get everything back. We were the best seductresses in Equestria. I told Suri that you had to be smarter than the low-class regals to survive. Moments like this are why my father killed himself when his career and dreams were stolen and destroyed. We do the same to give them a taste of their own medicine. The world is a greedy place, Miss Rarity. But never let it be said I'm not a pony of my word. You have a better business and you paid the price for it.
  • Vogue: Well now you know how my daughter felt. Good day, and nine doing business with you, Miss Rarity. (Rarity got angry and her eyes and horn glowed in black magic)
  • Twilight: Rarity? What're you doing?
  • Rarity: I WISH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WERE DEAD!!!! (The horn produced a green shockwave that killed the entire family)...... What... What just happened?
  • Twilight: (Checking her pulse)... My Celestia... She's dead! Rarity... I think you just used the infamous Black Wish Spell.
  • Rarity: The what?
  • Twilight: One of the worst black magic spells made by those with vengeful rage. It grants dark wishes of revenge.... You just wished for her entire family to die... That is likely gonna include Suri, and possabily tecnecally include Filthy Rich or maybe even Diamond Tiara since Suri WAS involved with him at some point!
  • Rarity:... No... It can't be! I killed an entire family?!
  • Rainbow Dash: HOW COULD YOU?!
  • Twilight:... There are no accidents. You chose to take the risk. You committed a mass murder.
  • Applejack: Cover up murder? And risk being charged with harboring somepony wanted? We can't just make ourselves look like criminals.
  • Twilight: You know that justice comes after friendship. I'm sorry, but we have to turn you in and let you go as the Element of Generosity.
  • Rarity:... You can't be serious! After all I did for you?
  • Twilight: We can't do something to incriminate us, Rarity. It's your responsibility. You made these choices and you paid the consequences.
  • Rarity:... I... I WISH- (Twilight disabled her magic)
  • Twilight: We're sorry, Rarity. (They turned her in as she was sent to the Black Stailian Asylum.)
  • Rarity Clone:... No! That just can't be possible!
  • AG Rarity: Generosity can destroy if it's not done responsibly. People including con artists like Vogue use that to their advantage. Look around. (Cons were seen across Manehatten)... Generosity is easily manipulated. Pity makes you generous. Generosity is something that can be used for greed. It can be used to help others get what they want for free. Generosity is greed's bitch. All it does is empower the wrong people often times too many. (She hypnotizes Rarity Clone as she turned slightly monochrome) That's how con artists survive. They take advantage of people like you. Generosity is only theft without consequence. Are you just going to wait for Rarity to destroy herself like this? She needs a polar opposite.
  • Rarity:... You couldn't be more correct. (She turns completely monochrome) I'll give her a con she won't soon forget. She'll learn the best and worst way imaginable, for my name isn't... GREEDILY!!!
  • AG Rarity: Fitting name. So, are you ready?
  • Greedily: I, was literally BORN ready! (Chuckles dramatically)

Fluttershy's Virtual Reality

  • Fluttershy clone was wimpering as she walked about.
  • Fluttershy Clone: (She was completely silent as she wandered about a spooky forest until she finally encountered an angelic AG Fluttershy)...... (Whimpers)...
  • AG Fluttershy: Hello. Don't be afraid. I know how you feel about this. But there's a reason you exist. Allow me to make you comfortable. (Animals appeared and she slowly sunk in)... You are a clone of a pony who goes by the name of Fluttershy.
  • Fluttershy Clone:......
  • AG Fluttershy: I understand why you're being taciturn right now. You share Fluttershy's ways of thinking. You're shy, you bond better with animals and nature itself, and you have beauty and weak physical and social skill. (She gives her a mirror)
  • Fluttershy Clone:...... Awwwwww, I look like a Disney Princess!... How do I know what that is?
  • AG Fluttershy: Well Fluttershy may be shy and a beautiful introvert, but she's braver than she believes. She's the Element of Kindness. Since she had poor social skills, she was the victim of bullies.... Then when a friend stood up for her, she discovered something better than learning how to adequately fly. (She was shown her entire cutie mark story)... And like a seedling, you grew from there. (The rest of her life story was shown)
  • Fluttershy Clone:... I feel for her. I would defend life with my own life.... I love animals.
  • AG Fluttershy: Many people do. As the Element of Kindness, she must grow into a strong tree of life as it's guardian and a compassionate pony full of life. However there's a hard lesson even Fluttershy has a hard time learning. And that's pretty much her inability to be socially outgoing.
  • Fluttershy Clone: And what does that mean?
  • AG Fluttershy: It means that Kindness, just like the other Elements, have disastrous consequences if not thought out logically.
  • Fluttershy Clone:......
  • AG Fluttershy: Allow me to demonstrate. (They enter a future scenario)...
  • Fluttershy: (Humming in an open field with animals until she notices an injured dog)... Oh my goodness! You poor little thing! (She approaches the dog and patches it up) What happened to you? (She notices the collar on him)... Ohhh, you're lost? I'm so sorry. I'll help you find your home for you. Come on home. (She left with him as this was watched by a wicked-grinned pony)
  • Pony: (Chuckles) All according to plan.
  • Fluttershy Clone: "Uh, who was that, I, I don't get it."
  • AG Fluttershy: Let's just say, somepony you'd rather forget. He's the son of Jargon, Well-To-Do's pony assistant. He wasn't exactly happy when you and your friends put his father out of business and made the family look shameful. So... Well... (They enter her cottage)
  • Fluttershy: Glad to help give you your dog back. We had so much fun together.
  • Jargon's Son: I'll bet you have. Thank you. (They left)... Did you get the information?
  • Dog: Ugh, did I ever! (He transformed into a pony) This shapeshifting spell is a real killer.
  • Jargon's Son: Well it has finally paid off. That pretty pony took my family's successful business, now we're taking everything she loves in return. (Chuckles and time fast forwarded as the Everfree Forest was destroyed)... I never actually thought it would be so easy. The Everfree Forest is now gone for what it did to mom. That pony will actually care for anything. She just fell for the oldest trick in the con artist book.
  • Jargon's Son: And why not? The Everfree Forest has done nothing but terrorize anything around it in the name of nature. Well, if this hippie forest is going to terrorize us, then it shouldn't exist. But I couldn't have done it without you. You gave me exactly what information I needed to destroy it for what it did to my mother.
  • Fluttershy: IT'S NOT THE FOREST'S FAULT!! Your mother was just treating it so cruel when she wanted to cut down a tree to use it for selfish reasons.
  • Jargon's Son: BUT WHAT IT DID WAS NO BETTER!!! IT MURDERED PONIES IN THE NAME OF PROTECTING LIFE!!! PROTECTING IT BY TAKING IT AWAY!!! NOW I TOOK ALL OF IT IN RETURN FOR IT'S HYPOCRITICAL BARBARISM!!! If you think you'll make me pay for this, imagine how they'll feel idf they learned you helped me do it. You'll be blamed just as much, and you'll be ostracized. You'll never be trusted again. Face it, Fluttershy, you're too kind for your own good. Have fun running away from what you just destroyed. (Cackles as Fluttershy looked in horror as the animals hated her and left as she started crying)
  • Fluttershy Clone: (Sobbing)... No! How could this happen?
  • AG Fluttershy: "The fickle nature of kindness, cause you see-"
  • AG Fluttershy: "..... Wow. I didn't even get to finish and she's already on her way. Heh. Too easy, really."

Rainbow Dash's Virtual Reality

  • Rainbow Dash Clone was walking down.
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: "Ugh, I wish this place had a skylight or something, because I have this weird desire to be up in the sky and be free."
  • ???: "Well, that's all part of the course of being awesome."
  • AG Rainbow Dash: (She appeared out of nowhere) I did. There's no need for violence. I am going to guide you. First, you want to feel free? Here you go. (They are given a massive sky setting as she flies with the Wonderbolts as she briefly stops silent to Soarin's wings causing her to crash comically)
  • Rainbow Dash Clone:... DAMN! That was AWESOME!!! But, don't know what got into me those last few moments.
  • AG Rainbow Dash: Well it should be awesome. You are a clone of a pony named Rainbow Dash. You have the dashing looks to look awesome. (Shows her to a mirror)
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: Wow!... Do ponies ever confuse me for a guy?
  • AG Rainbow Dash: "Worse. Some of them think you're gay."
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: "Yeesh?! I can clearly see why given my hair color. I could only imagine the fanfics Rainbow Dash gets because of that."
  • AG Rainbow Dash: "Oh that's a rabbit hole ya don't wanna fly down to. Trust me. It's too expansive to even bring up."
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: "Based on how you said that, I'll take your word for it. So, tell me about, erm.... Us?"
  • AG Rainbow Dash: Well you have been awesome for most of your life. (They show her cutie mark story and her life afterward)
  • Ag Rainbow Dash: "The accreate term for us ponies is mare."
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: "Eh, potato po-ta-to."
  • AG Rainbow Dash: Expected that. And you're lucky you're the Element of Loyalty. Without it, you'd be an unstoppable powerhouse, though in a bad way. Thing is..... Loyalty doesn't mean you are an automatic improvement.
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: Huh? What can be so bad about being loyal?
  • AG Rainbow Dash: Well being loyal means you can't exactly say no when you disagree with the questionable decisions of those with whom you are loyal to. Being loyal means you need to know when to do what's best with whom you're loyal to, not follow them completely. Being loyal means you look out for those you care about.
  • Rainbow Dash Clone:... I guess that makes sense. But can you show me which order could cross the line?
  • AG Rainbow Dash: That's the idea. (They are sent to a future scenario)
  • Spitfire: Ugh! The Twittermite infestation is getting worse! That dirty Joule Jolt isn't making it easy with his crazy revenge scheme.
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: "Joule Whonow?"
  • AG Rainbow Dash: "That's irrelivent on what your trying to learn today."
  • Soarin: Well what do we do?
  • Spitfire:... Bring in Crash. I fear we must initiate Operation: Double Rainboom.
  • Spitfire: I'm afraid we're out of ideas. Bring her to me. I'll get the potion.
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: "Double Rainboom?"
  • AG Rainbow Dash: Yeah, that's something Rainbow herself swore never to do. It's like the Sonic Rainboom doubled in payload and capable of destroying an entire land. It's also got some other side effects, too, but let's not talk about it.
  • Rainbow Dash: YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?!?
  • Spitfire: Double Rainboom. Joule and his Twittermite infestation are consuming Equestria by the minute and no matter how hard we fight, we're always overwhelmed. Joule did NOT like getting shunned for the idea of a Twittermite power battery and army just to make the royal guard look less incompetent. He's willing to commit to terrorism just to prove we were wrong. So, we have to increase your power with this top-secret talent enhancer potion. A Double Rainboom is the only way to destroy the infestation.
  • Rainbow Dash:... Ya do realize that's just a notoriously crazy and unpopular idea from an animation that's literally just the creator flexing his animation muscles, right? I mean, it's uninamamously denouced as something I would actually do by pretty much all of the Brony Fandom-
  • Spitfire: OF COURSE I DO!!
  • Rainbow Dash: THEN WHY ARE YOU RISKING WRECKING MANY HOMES AND JOBS JUST TO ELIMINATE AN ELECTRIC BUG PROBLEM?! Just have me and my friends deal with Joule ourselves. We'll have that bug nerd give up in 10 seconds flat! Twilight is GREAT at talking ponies out of being stupid! And maybe use the Elements against a super bug or something.
  • Soarin: Sorry to say that Joule thought ahead and swarmed the Tree of Harmony with Twittermites. The Elements of Harmony will be useless.
  • Rainbow Dash: And the Rainbow Power?
  • Spitfire: That is connected to the Tree of Harmony, you know. They won't work either.
  • Rainbow Dash: WHAT?! SERIOUSLY?! How good is this Joule guy?
  • Fleetfoot: Joule Jolt, Pegasus, Age 26, Top Former Military Scientist. He got fired for the idea of using Twittermites as power. His superiors deemed that idea unethical and an abuse against creatures of nature to use them like that, regardless of how pesky they are. He's also a former royal guard. He's too smart for the average solution.
  • Rainbow Dash: "Well I'm just saying that Twilight can talk the guy down and stop this problem without needless property damage. Espeically over some shocky fireflies!"
  • Spitfire: But what if he's not interested in negotiating unless if it's to get him what he wants? Celestia is counting on us, Crash, and this is the only chance we have left! Do this for Celestia. Do this for your friends. Do this for all the loyalties you have.
  • Rainbow Dash: "..... Fine. BUT IF I GET HOUNDED FOR THIS, I'M TAKING YOU THREE DOWN WITH ME?! You three at least owe me for at least sharing the blame and that you admit that it was YOUR stupid idea?!"
  • Spitfire: "You'll have my word that we'll stick our necks out for you when it does happen."
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: "Aw don't tell me those three are gonna double cross her in the end."
  • AG Rainbow Dash: "Oh don't worry, Spitfire's an honorable Wonderbolt. The problem, however, belies with her vice-commander uncle, Fiery Shitzstorm. (Rainbow Dash Clone laughed)..... (Laughs as well) I know, I know, hilarious, his mom was very vindictive! But what he did isn't hilarious! In order to protect Spitfire from willingly sacrivicing her career, which trust me, it's more about protecting the family name and/or his position, he ordered his goons to keep Spitfire, Soarin and Fleetfoot from doing that, cover up the existence of Spitfire's connections to the operation, and frame Rainbow Dash as a self-rightious speed happy rogue!"
  • Rainbow Dash Clone: "Oh no! Please tell me he doesn't get away with it!"
  • AG Rainbow Dash: "..... Sorry kid. There ain't no superhero-saved-the-day ending here. Don't get me wrong, both he and Joule never won, but neither did the heroes." (The Double Rainboom was seen as ponies were sheltered and just enough was preserved as the Twittermites were destroyed and Joule stood with automaton soldiers similar to SilverQuill's Twittermite Robot Army)
  • Joule: AND THEY SAID USING THESE PESTS WAS UNETHICAL!!! SUCK IT YOU- (He was blown away by the Double Rainboom)
  • Shitzstorm: It was horrible! Rainbow Dash is attempting to use a Double Rainboom to stop the infestation. She's going to destroy the- (The Double Rainboom pushed him away as his wings were pulverized and the evidence of his conspiracy fell out of his pockets)
  • Rainbow Dash:... Yes! I hope that didn't cause too much damage.
  • Celestia: Rainbow Dash? Is it true you didn't decide to do this on your own?
  • Rainbow Dash: No, your highness.
  • Celestia: Well good. Glad it wasn't a jinx. But... (Takes the vial of talent enhancer potion)... Is it true that the Wonderbolts had this idea?
  • Rainbow Dash: Yes, but it was for the greater good.
  • Celestia:... Clearly Shitzstorm was trying to frame you. But... Even if he failed, I can't look over the fact that the Wonderbolts and even you were willing to risk so much with this plan. This would've put ponies in serious danger.... I guess I have no other choice. I'm dissolving the Wonderbolts, and having you fired as the Element of Loyalty.
  • Rainbow Dash:... WHAT?!?
  • Celestia: I can't have a taskforce that resorts to a destructive tactic stay alive, or keep a pony willing to follow through with it be a hero.
  • Rainbow Dash:... I... I... I... I can't believe this! Your highness, this is clearly what Shitzstorm wants. It's either me or them!
  • Celestia: Well, both Joule and Shitzstorm are dead. I can't sense their life energy anymore. So we can't specify if that's true or not.
  • Rainbow Dash:... I can't stand for this. Take me, Spitfire, Soarin, and Fleetfoot instead.
  • Celestia:... Are you sure?
  • Rainbow Dash: At least I'm not questioning your authority. This is their fault as much as it is mine. We're the ones who should be punished, not the Wonderbolts as a whole. We'll take any sentence or sacrifice if it means whatever backup plan Shitzstorm had doesn't work. Think about it. If he lost, then somepony else or more would go down with him. Are you going to let him get that chance?
  • Celestia:...... (Sighs) Very well. You, Spitfire, Soarin, and Fleetfoot will be tried for this and the Wonderbolts will stay alive. But the punishment on you being fired as the Element of Loyalty is likely to remain unchanged. The Unicorn Council is not going to be merciful on you.
  • Rainbow Dash: I don't care. If it means that the best flying protectors in Equestria are still protecting the skies, then it'll be worth it.
  • Rainbow Dash Clone:... So... Is that the worst part?
  • AG Rainbow Dash: Oh, no, it gets worse.
  • Twilight: TRIAL?!?
  • Rainbow Dash: Look, I had to do something to keep the Wonderbolts from paying and letting Shitzstorm win.
  • Applejack: Are you nuts?! You couldn't think of a better solution?! The Unicorn Council is infamously vindictive!!
  • Rainbow Dash: There WAS no better solution!
  • Rarity: Oh, wasn't there? You couldn't just oppose both the Wonderbolts or Celestia for a better solution than still just letting Shitzstorm get what he wants? You're sacrificing your idols' leading figures and yourself just to keep them alive?
  • Twilight: Well, if you're about to be fired as the Element of Loyalty, then I can save them the energy. You're fired.
  • Rainbow Dash: WHAT?!
  • Twilight: Rainbow, you're too loyal for your own good. You support superiors too much. Being loyal isn't just following orders. It's finding better solutions for the superiors' own good. You can't just say no to them.
  • Twilight: No, we're saying you need to know when to draw the line. Sometimes even they aren't perfect. If you're expecting us to stick up for you during the case, then you're wasting your time. Perhaps this sacrifice will be worth it in the end. Don't say we didn't warn you if you end up sentenced to life imprisonment for this. You're dismissed.
  • Rainbow Dash:... So that's it? You're just going to turn your back on me? I thought we were friends!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!!! (She storms out angrily and destroys the castle accidentally doing so)
  • Pinkie:... Ouch.
  • Rainbow Dash Clone:... No! This can't happen!! I try to help and this is the thanks I get? This can't be true!!
  • AG Rainbow Dash: Loyalty can be something that garners too much acceptance and agreement even if the act is too risky and unethical. Rainbow is much too agreeable to her loyalties and thus will either accept it or haggle with it. She can't stand up for everything she cares about regardless of the risk. Often times blindly following orders has caused suffering and death. It's important to know when to draw the line, and Rainbow can't easily do that. (She hypnotizes her as she turns slightly monochrome) Being loyal means you'll do anything one says regardless of the risk. The only way you can help fix this is to show that insubordination can be the kindest thing you can do for someone. Not all orders are worth following because they can be costly and wrong. So, what'll it be?
  • Rainbow Dash:... No! (She turns completely monochrome) I'm not going to let her cause destruction blindly following orders. I'm only going to be loyal to the only company I have and nobody else. I am now, Gray Dash!
  • AG Rainbow Dash: Good answer. Now get busy tiger!

Chapter 2: The Elements of Disharmony


  • Undertow:...... I'm hearing jacks*** in there.
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Oh don't worry, I'm sure they're fin- (The door was blasted open) GAAAAAAAA!?"
  • The Now Fake Six walk out of the chamber.
  • Darklight: "..... Where's Doctor Spazzatron?!"
  • Zigzag: "..... I think your contraption was too much on them."
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Chillax, guys, I got this. (Approuches the Fake Six) Are you enlighten now, my dear- (Cruelshy grabbed him) GAAAK?!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "(Gags and laughs), I admire the cutting to the chase?! Okay! I know just the thing to need. (The Robotic Woodpecker arrived) And with perfect timing, I have that power, right here. And now, to the fabication center?!"

The Fabication Center.

  • A large catacomb like room-machine was seen, as Dr. Nefarious arrived to the controls with the Fake 6.
  • Meanie: "What is even with the Sci-Fi crap anyway?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "This, is my fabication center. I can recreate anything, with the right ingredients..... For exsample..... (Brings out a battery-like container) This baby is filled with the harmonious engery of the Tree of Harmony itself. While this, (Brings out a vial of DNA) Is Draconequus DNA. A sample obtained from such during the Dragon Lord fiasco some time ago. I had been itching to use this!"
  • Gray Dash: "Then quit fooling around and scratch that itch already!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Oh with ever long awaited pleasure! (Puts the samples into the incert chambers that went inside the machine."
  • Computer Voice: "Fabrication Commencing. Chosen Subject: A Chrsitailian Tree born from a seed made from a currently unknown shorce. Combined with: Draconequus DNA. Fabrication Beginning."
  • Amazing and epic lazers began to spin around and rise up and down as an almost familier shape takes form, as Nefarious and Darklight and Applejerk wait in anpisipation, while Gray Dash looked like she doesn't give a fuck, Meanie and Cruelshy were shoving eachother, and Greedly was more interested in the shiny spectical then the end result.
  • The Lazer Light Show was done, as a giant, razored, chaoticly pattern, dark clone of the Tree of Harmony was seen.
  • Dr. Nefarious: "...... Behold, young dears....... THE TREE, OF DISHARMONY?!"
  • Gray Dash: "....... And how the hell, is a tree suppose to help us?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "You know how the Main 6 have their powers from the Tree of Harmony? I figured one of disharmony would give you six the Elements of Disharmony."
  • Greedly: "And it does that, HOW?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Take the elevader to ground level, and find out."

Ground level.

  • The Fake Six exit the elevader and are at ground level of the Fabication machine, as they approuched the bottom of the tree.
  • Greedily: "Ohhhhh-hohohohohohoho! Screw the superpowers! I want to sell this baby to the black market!"
  • Applejerk: "The black market won't be interested in a giant magical tree! (Looks around nerviously)...... It probuly ain't worth a fortune?"
  • Greedily: "Oh, with a face like that, I bet the oppisite is true, you big liar?!"
  • Darklight: "FOCUS YOU IMBACILES?! We need to get the tree to acknowledge us."
  • Meanie: "It ain't sentient, brainiac!"
  • Gray Dash: "That's a good point she has there, DORKLight, it probuly isn't even aware of it's own freaking existence! How are we suppose to-"
  • Darklight: DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!
  • (Nefarious): (On intercom) Girls, girls, you're all pretty, now just remember how the Tree of Disharmony works. It works the same way, but by being reversed by the chaos magic within the Draconequus DNA, which I used other than pure chaos magic since that stuff is too unstable to be tangible, that should potentially mean that in creating this tree, I would also create by extension, the Elements of Disharmony.
  • Meanie: Psssh, you expect us to wear trinkets to make us laughing stalks?
  • (Nefarious): "Well, yeah, that's kinda how it works. I mean, I would've gone the Steven Universe route and implant the things inside you, but, Scroopfan's not a big fan of the show outside of his guilty pleasure for that song he used for when Gazelle was kicking Kai's ass. Long story."
  • Darklight: "So tell us how we get them cronedome?! (A root grew from the grown with a chest with the front in the fact of Nefarious. It opened as the trinkits were exposed.)....... Well...... So much for that. (She levitated the objects to her and barely the others in not trusting them to be stupid with them)."
  • (Nefarious): Now, to explain them. Darklight, you are the Disharmonic Element of Magic. Applejerk, you are the Element of Dishonesty. Meanie, you are the Element of Torment. Greedily, you're the Element of... Well, Greed. Cruelshy, you're the Element of Rudeness. And Gray Dash, you are the Element of Defiance. Together you six are, wait for it-
Get on with it!

Get on with it!

  • (Nefarious): "Okay okay okay, you now have the ability to spread disharmony with those things! Yeesh!"
  • Cruelshy: Then say that, goddamn it.
  • (Nefarious):... You girls are quite the ray of UV sunshine, aren't you?
  • Darklight: Well we got what we needed, so tell us, 'dad', where do we start?
  • (Nefarious): "Well..... Just go to Equestria and, cause choas......"
  • Darklight: "....... That's, litterally, it?"
  • (Nefarious): "Hey, this was an old plan I had in the backburner for a while now and Bellwether's already working on giving it some twicks."
  • Darklight: Well I guess it makes sense. Well, girls, you ready to cause some disharmony?
  • Other Negative 6: HELL YEAH!!
  • (Nefarious): "Exsellent?! Lawerence, READY the teleporter!"
  • (Lawerence): "You didn't had to shout sir, I was right next to you!"
  • (Nefarious): I yell, it's what I do.
  • (Lawrence): Whatever. (He teleported the Elements of Disharmony away)
  • (Nefarious): Now let's watch them cause chaos! (Cackles insanely)
  • (Undertow): WITH WHAT-
  • (Nefarious): DON'T ASK A QUESTION THAT CAN BE EASILY ANSWERED!!! (Continues cackling)


  • The Fake Six appeared just on top of some bushes and crashed into it!
  • Fake Six: "OOF?!"
  • Applejerk: "..... That felt nice."
  • Gray Dash: "Yeah I'm just gonna assume you mean the oppisite of what your saying."
  • Meanie: "..... Okay, so we're here. Now what?"
  • Darklight: "Let me think, dum-dums. (Sees that they are actselly not too far from Canterlot)..... Girls, we're near the capital! Do you know what that means?"
  • Greedly: "Riches?"
  • Cruelshy: "Snooty snobs?"
  • Meanie: "Boreville?"
  • Applejerk: "Pumpkins?"
  • Gray Dash: "Yo mama? (Smugass grin)"
  • Darklight: "NO ON ALL FRONTS?! It means we have a shot to take down Equestria's capital at the core! Perfect way to cause chaos! Now, here's the plan. We go in there, confront Celestia, and ask her to do a few simple demands, from giving Twilight an independent nation, and absolving certain issues like-"
  • Gray Dash: "Yo, Dorklight, (Darklight snarled), Ya do realsied that she can CLEARLY see that we're not the actual ones, right? I mean, we're grey as s*** and we don't have those magical tramp stamps."
  • Darklight: "I- (Realizes the fallacy of her plan)......Oh...... DAMMIT?!"
  • Applejerk: "I think it was a great plan. (Gets nervious)......"
  • Darklight: ".... Not, helping, AT ALL?! Okay, NEW plan! We fine the second biggest weakspot of this planet?!"
  • Voices were heard as the Six ducked their heads in!
  • Two random tourest ponies were chatting up a storm!
  • Tourest 1: "I'm telling you, I'm just gonna LOVE the Canterlot."
  • Tourest 2: "I bet so myself, but nothing can ever top our visit to the Crystal Empire! The shorce of all love in Equestria!"
  • Tourest 1: "Oh yeah, and since love is like magic enhancer, if that were to fall under the control of someone who really wanted to, it can cripple or control all of Equestria's fate."
  • Tourest 2: "Oh totally. It would suck if we were talking about such a glaring weakness like that out in the open like that to some undesireables that could be listening."
  • Tourest 1: "Well good thing that Equestria is a peaceful nation, huh buddy?"
  • The Two Tourests laughed as they left.
  • The Six peaked out their heads.....
  • Darklight: "...... New plan ladies..... We get, (Starts rubbing her hooves togather), The Crystal Empire. (Grinch Smile)"

Canterlot Lobby

  • A strict and elegant tour guide was seen around a couple of tourests ponies, along with A tannish-green green-haired pony with a sea turtle cutie mark with two unseen parents walking down the area.
  • Tour Guide: "And over here you can see the-"
  • The pony was seen daydreaming as the Tour Guide was heard to him as if she was saying nothing but blahs.

Fantasy Beach. 

  • This played.
SpongeBob Production Music Hawaiian Flower

SpongeBob Production Music Hawaiian Flower

  • Sandbar was seen snorkeling underwater in a reef until a beautiful seapony tickled him as he gurgle-laughs and she tore off his snorkel and kissed him as he surfaced for air.
  • Pony: (Gasps) Shore, you silly guppy.
  • Seapony (Shore): Aw come on, Sandy, you know I love messing with you. (Sighs) If only I had the magic to make you a seapony. Then we could be together forever.
  • Pony: Well, I am only a sea animal caretaker and rescue agent. I did meet you when seeing and rescuing sea turtles during a boat trip with my parents. I earned my cutie mark thanks to you.
  • Shore: Ohh, I didn't do it intentionally, Sandbar.
  • Pony (Sandbar): No you just did it because you were in love with me. I basically murdered and/or drowned your cootie phase.
  • Shore: Well you did start loving the sea when you were dunked here near my front door by accident. I ended up unintentionally inspiring you to become what you are now when you noticed me loving you. It was the cutest meeting ever.
  • Sandbar: Well, I am quite charming.
  • Shore: Oh, stop it!
  • Sandbar: How about you stop being cute?
  • Shore: (Giggles) You really want me to? You seem to like my company.
  • Sandbar: OH, WITH A BUBBLY PASSION!!! I love you, Shore Joy!
  • Shore: And I you, you cute little lovefish! (The two dunked and kissed)!
  • A shark dressed as a tour guide showed up!
  • Shark: "(Tour Guide's voice) YOUNG COLT?! May I politely ask you to STOP KISSING THAT BUST?!"


  • Sandbar was seen holding a bust of a regel pony, as Sandbar freaked out and clumsly ended up losing it, breaking the bust!
  • Tour Guide: "LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID, YOU CLUMSY OAF?! That was a Bustalina original! They don't make them like this anymore! Your lucky magic resloves these issues like nothing, but I expect MIMUMAL DAY DREAMING?! Your in Canterlot Palace now?!"
  • Sandbar: "Sorry, Miss Vicegrip. Won't happen again."
  • Vicegrip: "GOOD! Now, let's try to tour someplace with less, fragility. (Vicegrip forced Sandbar back into the crowd, as the Fake 6 were seen hiding in the shadows.....
  • Darklight: "...... ladies...... We found our sucker."
  • Applejerk: "..... The bitchy tourguide?"
  • Darklight: "..... (Sarcasticly) Yes, the bitchy tourguide."
  • Gray Dash: "Yeah, great plan, except, oh I don't know, that I DOUBT SHE KNOWS THE CHRISTAIL EMPIR- (Darklight made a dark magic hand slap Gray Dash) OW?!"
  • Darklight: "I meant the brat with the turtle, you idiots?!"
  • Greedly: "How come he gets to have a turtle cutie mark, let alone A cutie mark?! I want one too?!"
  • Cruelshy: "Well BOO-HOO you!"
  • Meanie: "Quit being a crybaby, will ya?!"
  • Darklight: "FOCUS IDIOTS?! That sea turtle lover is OUR ticket to the Christail Empire?! He's clumsy, so it means he's stupid!"
  • Meanie: "Well aren't we alittle bias to clumsy people, little miss faverite?!"
  • Darklight: "Oh like he's some kind of Einstain Progity with clumsiness like breaking a bust!"
  • Gray Dash: "Hey, there CAN actselly be clumsy smart people, Dorklight."
  • Darklight: (Through clenched teeth) I TOLD YOU TO STOP CALLING ME THAT!!! Let's just wait for him to be alone!
  • Gray: Whatever you say, your lowness!

The Tour's location.

  • Sandbar's Mother: Sandbar, care to explain why you went off into your own little world like that?
  • Sandbar: Sorry, mom, it's just...
  • Sandbar's Mother: You were thinking about Shore Joy again, weren't you?
  • Sandbar: Yes I was, yes I was. I can't help it. I love her. Her coral-colored hair, her beautiful piercing blue eyes, and... And she helped me discover my calling and my cutie mark.
  • Sandbar's Father: "Look, son, we get it, you miss her, but, well, with the new friendship school about to be open soon, this will be our life now. And Shore's parents are, obviously not yet ready for a big change like getting into this friendship school, espeically when you basicly have to move to Ponyville just to have a easier time to be near it. It is LITTERALLY a historic event. Cause usually those EEA guys are very picky about schools. We have to respect that they're worried that Shore wouldn't have what it takes to meet a certain criteria."
  • Sandbar: "I get that, but.... It doesn't make it any less diffucult."
  • Sandbar's mother: "..... Look, if it helps, Shore's Parents are bound to reconsider eventually. It may not be sometime soon, but, a friendship school's bound to prove positive enough to attract in more students."
  • Sandbar: I know, and I signed up to help seaponies and ponies since Princess Twilight's attempt to steal Queen Novo's pearl sparked trust issues. It would've saved my chance to admit my feelings since my attempt this Hearts and Hooves Day was a total bubble burst.
  • Sandbar's Father: I'm sorry we had to leave the Horseshoe Bay, son, but we had to. We don't have magic and can't just teleport there. Plus seaponies rarely venture out to land. There's riverways here, but Shore's parents have been uppity about this choice and worry for her.
  • Sandbar: You did the same to me the exact time I fell overboard during that boat trip, met Shore, and had a fun time with her. The sea is beautiful and I became a sea animal caretaker and rescue agent thanks to her. I just... Wasn't expecting that signing up for this school meant moving away from her.
  • Sandbar's Father: "Also not helping that the school is landlocked and built for convinence by being made near Ponyville. I imagine that isn't also really working for you."
  • Sandbar's Mother: "Honey!"
  • Sandbar's Father: "Sorry dear, ya know me, I always had that hoof-in-mouth tendingcy."
  • Vicegrip: "AHEAM?! May I interupt your conversation to remind you three that lunch is coming up in 5 minutes?"
  • Sandbar's Father: "Oh, uh, thanks for that, because we're straving. (Vicegrip went on to lead the group). (Quietly) Yeesh, no wonder she's called Vicegrip."
  • Sandbar's Mother: "(Quietly) Shush!"
  • Sandbar:... Well, I'd like some time alone. I need to process this decision.
  • Sandbar's Father: Well your gonna have to wait till after the tour for that, son.
  • Sandbar: I get it. Sheesh.
  • The Negitive Six were secretly watching this in the shadows.
  • Applejerk: I don't care what is going on.
  • Darklight: Quiet!
  • Meanie: I'd love to laugh at the misery we'll put him in. This is going to be more fun than slapping smiles on faces.
  • Darklight: Girls, remember the plan!
  • Gray Dash: "Well you chillax, we haven't forgoten an itch!"
  • Applejerk: I sure hope this goes without an itch.
  • Cruelshy: Okay, do you ever stop lying?
  • Applejerk:... Yes.
  • Cruelshy: Hmmph. Ass.
  • Darklight: Alright, I've got a plan. We just pretend to be the Mane Six but had our true selves and cutie marks stolen by Mayhem.
  • Gray Dash: Aw, come on, don't you feel like an idiot? There's no way he's going to believe that.
  • Darklight: Applejerk? You feel in the mood to do a little conning?
  • Applejerk: Con is NOT my middle name.
  • Greedily: Okay, at this point you only speak like it's Opposite Day.
  • Meanie: I HATE Opposite Day. Everything is randomly reversed. Ironic since we're reversed clones of the Mane Six.
  • Darklight: Well as soon as we get to the Crystal Empire, EVERYTHING will be as reversed as us, baby. Then I'll be able to take all the magic in Equestria.
  • Applejerk: Bad plan.
  • Darklight: "Glad you agree Applejerk, if mainly because you mean the oppisite of what you actselly say."
  • Gray Dash: So you want to steal all the magic in the world?
  • Darklight: I'm reverse Twilight. She wants to learn and understand magic, I want to do the opposite. With the Crystal Empire, we can make the world so reversed it'll be easier to steal it.
  • Meanie: So that's going to help them learn the hard lessons that made us?
  • Darklight: Pretty much, yes. Whether we win or lose, we can start all over again.
  • Greedly: "And we'll do it ALL for Daddy Nefarious. (A familier black pony was seen hiding in the shadows.)"
  • Familier figure: "......What luck that I get to encounter some fellow apostate ponies in the capital of Equestria of all things. (Laughs as the lighting briefly reveiled her as the depowered Wicked Heart)."
  • Suddenly, the episode came to a screeching halt!
  • Deadpool came up!
  • Deadpool: "Wait wait wait, didn't you already used this character like, an episode ago?"
  • Scroopfan: "Well, I felt that I should give Wicked abit more of a continuing enfluence beyond just Draconequui Wonderland instead of just not using her again until her next big appearence."
  • Deadpool: "Yeah, but, still, that's a bit too soon to bring a recently defeated villain back."
  • Scroopfan: "Look, it's a purely minor role, she'll be gone as quietly as she showed up, okay? Besides, she's kinda intended to be the reason for the Negative Six's betrayal as suppose to them just doing it randomly out of nowehere, because, well, she's a choas pony, they're choas ponies, so, what better way to have that betrayal justifived, am I right?"
  • Deadpool: "..... Not a bad plan actselly. But your sure MSM's gonna be cool with it?"
  • Scroopfan: "Again, she's mostly a minor role here, so she won't be a blunt interuption."
  • MSM: He has a point.
  • Scroopfan: "Now let us continue the episode, Deadpool."
  • Deadpool: "Okay okay, chill. (Leaves and the episode resumes)."

Twilight's Castle

  • The Mane 6 were seen chillaxing and reflecting around the map.
  • Applejack: "We sure done had an interesting week post-Draconquui Wonderland. From Twilight complicating having half of Equestria go independent that a visit to Celestia fixed, Rainbow Dash's, awkword revelations."
  • Rainbow Dash: "I know you were trying to help me with, that, but you still could've left Rarity out of it! Now the Wonderbolts won't look at me the same way."
  • Starlight: "Hey, if they were willing to pardon that stunt you pulled one time, I think a wing fetish isn't much of a stretch for them to get over."
  • Rainbow Dash: "Still doesn't make me feel less stupid to expect the element of honesty to keep secrets. You would probuly be the worse spy to secret agent ever."
  • Applejack: "I'd take offence, but considering how well Bon Bon kept that a secret from Equestria until the Bug Animals forced her exposure, I kinda have to agree."
  • Pinkie: "AND Let's not forget that I managed to cure Count Gryffindor's Tumor!"
  • Rarity: "Albeit out of dumb luck that you managed to be so enjoyable, even someone who was originally intolerent of joy, and/or stupidity, ended up getting cured of it. Cause otherwise, Pinkie, we didn't wanted you to end up upsetting him. But alcourse, egg on our face, cause you were just what was needed!"
  • Pinkie: "What can I say? Laughter IS the best medicine."
  • Rarity: "But it is nothing compaired to how I resloved issues with Vogue. Admitingly, I assumed she was after some extremely late revenge for the Suri Polomare lawsuit, but it turned out that she was legitamently trying to help me secure a shop in the christail empire. Admitingly, it could've ended even more embarrising. Fortunately, she was forgiving enough to consider helping me secure a shop there without giving up the ones I already had. She warned it may take time though, but, in all fairness, it did took time for me to accquire shops in Canterlot and Manehatten respectably, so, I can handle another timetable for a shop, I'm a paient mare."
  • Pinkie: "I'm glad that Suri's mom turned out to be nice too. Cause who knows what could've happen if she WAS after late revenge?"
  • Rainbow Dash: "Tch, well worse case scenario, Rarity would've used one of those black wishes."
  • Rarity: "Ha, ha, Rainbow Dash. But do keep in mind that I may be improving my magic under Mystic's tutelage, that doesn't mean he taught me everything, espeically not something so, unpleasent as Black Wishes. Those things tend to be overkill, espeically if you were to wish someone or their kin dead."
  • Fluttershy: "Well, I'm still feeling bad about Jargon's son and his friend. Awful as they were, they didn't deserved what those Parasite Oaks did to them."
  • Rainbow Dash: "You mean the Rape Trees?"
  • Twilight: "That is a crude over-classification, Rainbow! The Parasite Oaks only have their brances to penitraight..... Sensitive areas in the anal and reproductive regeins, is because the parasite oaks want to dig up the highest consintraightion of leftover nutrients, fertliser and, other things, to be able to grow because their photosynthesis depends on such, unplesent ways. Those two were lucky they survived, albeit, with mental and physical scars that, could never heal. I'd feel bad for them, but it was there stupid fault being near the row of everfree trees that happened to be Parasite Oaks. Even Zecora tried to warn them!"
  • Fluttershy: "I know they were awful ponies, but, they still didn't deserved it."
  • Applejack: "Perhaps not, but at least it will be a powerful lesson those two varments will NEVER forget."
  • Rainbow Dash: "Well, I think we can agree that compaired to Jargon's son and his dips*** friend, Joule and S***storm off of easier by extention. More so Joule, because you did an awesome job at talking the guy out of being crazy, as usual."
  • Twilight: "Happy yo obliged, Rainbow. Though I still have to admit disappointment that the Wonderolts wanted to weaponised the notorious Double Rainboom to basically Hiroshima bomb Joule's Twittermites out of existence! Even more disappointed at Firey that he was trying to frame you as a rogue."
  • Rainbow Dash: "Well thank goodness he had incompident goons that failed to keep Spitfire from exposing his butt. I'm glad Spitfire inhered her dad's quilities and not her doughe uncle."
  • Rarity: "It was also lucky that Celestia didn't desided to disban the Wonderbolts after that display, let alone the idea of trying to weaponise a crazy brony myth."
  • Rainbow Dash: Admit it, if things turned out differently, we would've been in some serious s***.
  • Golden Oak: Indeed. But girls? The Map is telling me it's about to expand it's reach to other lands.
  • Twilight: I figured. That's why I'm about to open myself a friendship school to make more agents of friendship.
  • Pinkie: Isn't this conflicting with how this will be introduced canonly?
  • Rarity: "Thing is, thanks to the massively-leaked footage, we tecnecally already know what Season 8 shall bring. I admit it will be weird to pretend that this is new infomation once again, but, that's what happens when leaks show up."
  • Pinkie: So it's kinda unfair visions from the future, then?
  • Spike: You could say that.
  • Twilight: Well however the school opens, it'll help improve friendship missions.
  • Applejack: I can agree with that.
  • Pinkie: "By the way, I have been meaning to ask, where's Starswirl and the pillers?"
  • Twilight: "I think he said something about being concerned about the Tree of Harmony."
  • Rainbow Dash: "Well, if that's the case, shouldn't we be concerned too?"
  • Twilight: "Well he didn't exactly said WHAT he was worried about, so, it's hard to say if this is serious or not."
  • Spike: Besides, we got students signing up early. Celestia said she's surprising us with 5 new ones, too. Tours are said to be ranged. One of them had a pony kissing the bust of a regal pony because of what his parents described as homesickness because of leaving a seapony love interest.
  • Fluttershy: Aww, love torn apart by bad circumstance?
  • Twilight: Unfortunately, yes. But a compromise should be coming soon enough. I hope that poor pony copes however we ponies do so, mainly through song.
  • Rainbow Dash: Oh, come on, how predictable is that?


  • Sandbar: (Looking out in the horizon with the wind blowing as he sung this)
Failure, Success Song Colt Version) (360p)

Failure, Success Song Colt Version) (360p)

  • ???: Not many of us are prepared for anything. (The Elements of Disharmony came) Especially if it means you have to leave a crush.
  • Sandbar: "Wait, Princess Twilight and the Main 6? What..... What happened to you guys?"
  • Applejerk: "Mayhem happened. The chaos from the Wicked Heart mess from the theme park allowed him to be free. This time, he desided to be more subtile then he was last time and just went out of his way take away our element, AND our cutie marks just to be a jerk."
  • Sandbar: "Mayhem's back?! Aw man, not him! I still can't get over the time he gave me and my family baracuda faces! He had to shove fish bowls in our heads because we also had the gill part of the fish face!"
  • Sandbar: "(Bewildered) Pinkie Pie? Did you just laugh at my expense..... And curse?! Pinkie Pie never swears."
  • Applejerk: "Mayhem also made us a might delirious, so, we kinda don't know how to behave at the moment. We can't afford to show ourselves to the princesses, let alone anyone or anypony else. We need to restore ourselves. We need you to tell us how to get to the Crystal Empire."
  • Sandbar: "..... Buuuuuuuuuut, don't you guys already know that?"
  • Applejerk: "Mayhem...... Also took our memories of it, because..... He's a jerk! (Acts nervous)."
  • Sandbar: "..... Yeah, sounds fair."
  • Darklight: "Now, be a good mino- Duh, I mean, subject, and, do ever so much remind us about the Crystal Empire."
  • Sandbar: "Oh sure, I- Wait..... Don't you usually have Spike and Starlight for that?"
  • Applejerk: "Mayhem kidnapped them."
  • Sandbar:... You know, maybe because he screwed your minds around too much, but you're acting REALLY suspicious.
  • Cruelshy: What made you say that?
  • Sandbar: Well for one, you sound like you were defeated too easily.
  • Gray Dash: Oh, what do you know about the battle of good and evil? You're just like those brainless Lodgers who take missions like a game. Things are never that straightforword, kid!
  • Sandbar:... Okay, you're so inconsistent, I can't tell if you're being truthful or not, so I'll take your word for it.
  • Applejerk: You're a very smart pony, Mister...
  • Sandbar: Sandbar.
  • Sandbar: "Actselly, it's more like a long, narrow sandbank, especially at the mouth of a river. In oceanography, geomorphology, and earth sciences, a shoal is a natural submerged ridge, bank, or bar that consists of, or is covered by, sand or other unconsolidated material, and rises from the bed of a body of water to near the surface. Often it refers to those submerged ridges, banks, or bars that rise near enough to the surface of a body of water as to constitute a danger to navigation-
  • Gray Dash: "Hey we didn't came here for a naterol geografthic lecture, kid?!"
  • Sandbar: Well I got the name because of where I lived. Believe it or not, I got my cutie mark underwater where I could hardly breath. I fell overboard during a fishing trip, met a cute seapony named Shore Joy, she showed me a fun time, I rescued a sea turtle and her children, and I discovered I liked underwater life. That's how I got my cutie mark. And I have Shore to thank for that.... I slowly started drowning in love with her. I spent every day with her ever since and became an animal rescue agent.... But since you tried to steal Queen Novo's pearl, it affected our relationship and I signed up to your friendship school to patch up our PR.... I just didn't consider that doing that meant moving to Ponyville... Away from her.
  • Cruelshy: (Going half-monochrome after sobbing in sorrow before going back abruptly)........ Welp, that's tough.
  • Darklight: So, can you help us?
  • Sandbar: I'll do it for Shore.
  • Darklight: "(Darkly) Perfect, (Shakes head) BLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBL, I mean...... Your doing Equestria a great service."
  • An Iphone vibrater was heard, coming from Darklight's neckbrace.
  • Darklight: "Duh, uh, I have to answer this, BYE! (Flew off somewhere far enough!)......"
  • Sandbar:... Wanna wait for her at the swimming hole?
  • Greedily: Got nothing much better to do.

Far Enough Hiding Spot

  • Darklight sat down in the hiding spot as the neckbrace conjured up a hologram of Nefarious.
  • Darklight: "Okay, you better have a good reason calling me in the middle of work, "Dad"!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Well, Bellwether completed the newly revised plan!"
  • Darklight: "Well make it quick, me and the girls managed to gain the trust of some hapless aquaphile loser to help us find the Christail Empire!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Perfect! But, in the meantime, why not do old dadsy an intermediate favor?"
  • Darklight: "Ugh, fine, what do you want? And it better not be a call to ask us to get you McDonalds or Burger King, or, whatever counts as the equilents in Equestria!"
  • Nefarious: Lawrence just discovered something unique. I had an extra plan inside my Attack Equestria plan. It's for a superweapon called the Hippobliterator.
  • Darklight: "Ya know, if I was stupid, I mistake that as a weapon that obliterates Hippos."
  • Nefarious: Well trust me, it's not. It's a device that turns ponies into... Uh... Reversed versions of themselves. Impure as they come.
  • Darklight: What was with the 'uh'?
  • Nefarious: Uh, it's nothing, really, don't worry about it.
  • Darklight: Oh, I think it is. Not telling us only implies you're hiding something from us.
  • Darklight: Okay, 'DAAAAAAAAAAAAD'!!! We'll do that. (They hung up)... Hippobliterator. What an odd name. Ugh, whatever, If it'll help me and the nitwit patrol to get what we want, I'll roll with it.
  • ???: Cease and desist at once.
  • Wicked: It was me. I am Wicked Darken Black Heart.
  • Darlight:... Sounds like the name of a rejected Care Bears villain....
  • Wicked: "So I had the misfortune of being told. Anywho, you must know that this Hippobliterator isn't meant to help you. It doesn't turn ponies impure. It turns ponies into androids.
  • Darklight: "..... Ya know,, given that my "father" is some kind of wacky cranky evil robotic spaztastic mad sciencetist, I actselly don't question that."
  • Wicked: He clearly created you for his own evil goals. He's using you. You're just another one of his anti-organic plans.
  • Darklight:... So he created organic lifeforms... Despite hating organic lifeforms? (Coughs) Hypocrite! (Coughs)
  • Wicked: Clearly you missed the fact that he's planning to turn all of Equestria into ANDROIDS!!! Despite being untechnical, the term now coins artificial sentient beings. Organic beings with mechanical internals. He only uses biology for it's uses. He has been specified to be planning to turn everyone on his side into robots should he win, which he won't.
  • Darklight:... That makes sense.
  • Wicked: (Angrily) NO DUH, PRINCESS OBVIOUS!!!! (Darklight was surprised by this)... My apologies. I'm a chaotic entity and former pony. I was told my mood swings are random. (Dubbed as TFS Rip Van Winkle) ZE GAAME!!!
  • Darklight: Do wha-
  • Wicked: YOU LOSE, LOL, I'M SO RANDOM!!!!
  • Darklight: So you told us-
  • Wicked: (Insanely with Golem tone) YOU MUST NOT LET NEFARIOUS USE YOU AS SCAPEGOATS!!! NO, YOU MUST NOT!!! (Cackles insanely)
  • Darklight:... Okay, now you're creeping me out.
  • Wicked: Point being, if you don't like being used, just dump his sorry robotic ass. You already have a purpose as foils to the Mane Six, don't you?
  • Darklight: Yeeeeees?
  • Wicked: Then what is it going to be? Being slaving plow horses, or wild horses? (Darklight pondered)... You clearly need time. I'll just leave you to it. (She teleports away)
  • Darklight:.... Better tell the others.


  • Applejerk: (As they were at the swimming hole)... And so that d***wipe kept sendin' us on endless goose chases and we couldn't be any ANGRIER!!!! (Releases fart bubbles sighing in relief)
  • Gray Dash: Oh, God, AJ, that's disgusting!!
  • Applejerk: What? The water was cold. (Farts again)
  • Gray Dash: It's spring. The water should be warm. (Applejerk farts harder)
  • Applejerk: Must've been something I ate. (Farts)... Maybe bad intestinal gas?...
  • Gray Dash:... You're sick, you know that?
  • Sandbar: If Applejack being gross and you being awkward with your messed up minds is done and over, do you have a plan to fix this problem?
  • Applejerk: We always do. (Farts) ALWAYS!
  • Greedily: Don't listen to that pig. We don't know how to fix this just yet.
  • Sandbar: You came all this way for my help... And you say you don't have a plan?
  • Meanie: Give us a break, we've been through a ton of s*** as it is we didn't have time to think.
  • Sandbar:... I just can't take all of you seriously when you act like this.
  • Meanie: "Blame Mayhem, whiner!"
  • Cruelshy: Why do you think we asked for help, idiot?
  • Sandbar: Ugh! It's just, why'd you come to me of all ponies?
  • Meanie: Again, BLAME, MAYHEM?!
  • Sandbar: (Sighs) You're right, dumb question.
  • Meanie: (Scoffs) Don't you feel like an idiot? (Applejerk farts bubbles again) WILL YOU STOP DOING THAT, YOU SICKO?!?
  • Applejerk: I didn't do nothing.
  • Darklight: (Teleports in) Girls? We need to ta- UGGH!!! OH BY THE PITS OF TARTARUS, WHAT IS THAT STENCH?!?
  • Applejerk: Wasn't me. (Looks around nervously)
  • Darklight:... (Sighs).... Just come with me, you morons. And you, Sandbar. Stay. Here. This is a private Main 6 matter of meeting. (Magicly drags the other five off with a Sandbar confused.).....
  • Sandbar: "..... Wow, Mayhem must've done a serious number on them for THAT to be an end result."


  • Gray Dash: Androids? Really? That's what old chrome dome wants?
  • Greedly: "Tch, so he wants us to turn ponies into robots? Knew I should've charged him extra."
  • Meanie: "He's not paying us for shit, ya crazed capitalist!"
  • Darklight: Alchourse he's not paying us anything, you dolts! He's clearly using us as one of his countless 'nefarious' schemes.
  • Gray Dash: Oh is that right? Big mistake. Nobody tells us what to do. Especially not our creator. We don't exist for his silly robot dreams. I say we ditch him.
  • Darklight: Not yet. We don't want to let on too early. We need to see what we can get and steal from him. We're clearly beyond his dumb schemes.
  • Cruelshy: I like the way you're thinking, Darklight.
  • Meanie: Heck yeah, I can't wait to see him cry like a little baby bitch. Waaawaaaawaaaaaaa!!
  • Greedily: I'm up for grabs with that plan. Power his caliber should be ours.
  • Gray Dash: So how does this help our Crystal Empire plans?
  • Darklight: Well should we fail, we can magically transform that Hippobliterator into something that actually does reverse the entire world like a portable weaponized Crystal Heart. We can improve ourselves with every loss.
  • Applejerk: Oh gee, it's not like we have our own Elements of Harmony or something.
  • Greedily: Oh, great, her lying just evolved into irony and/or sarcasium.
  • Darklight: It's not like the Elements of Disharmony will be enough anyway. We need to be more OP than that if we're going to knock some sense into our DNA donors.
  • Gray Dash: "What about the kid?"
  • Darklight: "What about him?"
  • Gray Dash: "Hey keep in mind that we roped him into thinking that Mayhem's back, and yet suddenly we would be packing one of the Doc's toys?"
  • Darklight: "....... That is a good point. He may be dumb, but he's clearly capable of SOME primitive form of thinking. We're gonna need to convince him that the device is meant to be some sort of defence against Mayhem."
  • Meanie: "He would CLEARLY see that the thing is alien since Equestria kinda isn't that very advanced!"
  • Darklight: "We'll tell him it's from the Lodgers!"
  • Cruelshy: "But what if that chrome-domed madman was stupid enough to plaster his face all over it?"
  • Darklight: "We'll cover such logos up with something!"
  • Cruelshy: What about-
  • Darklight: Look, we got this covered. Whatever poses a problem, we'll be all over it like stink on Applejerk.
  • Applejerk: HEY, I DON'T STINK THAT BAD!!
  • Darklight: Whatever. Point is, we'll do what we can to declare our independence from that gearhead!
  • Meanie: "You bet'ya! He ain't even our actual dad! He's just a kooky alien who made us from a machine!"
  • Cruelshy: We don't even need parents since we have the intelligence to take care of ourselves. F*** Nefarious.
  • Darklight: Well what're we waiting for? Let's con that little aquaphilic dum-dum!
  • Greedily: No, but it should be a miracle it turns out that way. Let's go meet up with Sandbar.

Swimming Hole

  • Sandbar: (Was underwater adoring the fish until Meanie pulled him out) Dwha?!
  • Meanie: Good news, Sandy, we have a plan now.
  • Sandbar: "Oh great to know."
  • Darklight: "We intend on building an anti-choas mahince that'll be used against Mayhem."
  • Sandbar: "Oh sure, but..... Equestria isn't a super-advanced world, so, how do we make them?"
  • Applejerk: "Though ahead of that, kiddo! We made contact with the Lodgers and they'll make one for us."
  • Sandbar: "Oh sure, but, all the same, why not just ask the Lodgers to capture Mayhem instead?"
  • Applejerk: "We did, actselly. The shield is just to keep Equestria from going balls to the walls crazy again."
  • Sandbar: Wow, you girls are starting to act more proactive since we met. Soon I can meet your true selves.
  • Darklight: You most certainly will... (Quietly) But not in the way you would've wish.


  • SpongeBob: (The Lodgers' van arrived at Twilight's Castle)... Nice to know this new school will help Twilight and her friends expand their efficiency in friendship missions.
  • Shenzi: Heck yeah. With the expanded world and with this 'Storm Clan' we keep hearing about being a possible problem in the future, we're glad the Map expanded itself.
  • Icky: "Granted, this would mean that we have to get involved with more craziness down the road. They're gonna need it after a crazy week of compinplating independence, wing fetishes, curing a rage tumor, misunderstanding the mother of Suri, dealing with the d***weeds that took advantage of Flutter's kindness only for the very forest they want to burn down getting some justice for them, rape tree style, and another case of the Wonderbolts being f***-ups via trying to weaponised an infamous brony concept to stop a bunch of electric bugs! How those mares are not getting more mental breakdowns dealing with crazy situations on a daily basis, I'll never know!"
  • Iago: "Oh that's nothing to the week we had during all that. Remember that Dr. Animontronic guy and his robotic nature's revenge?"
  • Boss Wolf: "I'm still recovering from being the Mad Barber's hostage."
  • Gazelle: "And don't get me started on how that week started with Jallmadoor causing a prison riot while I was visiting the Lightflies on getting Strife mostly out. Interestingly, he's still a sort've summon now."
  • Shifu: "And lest we forget our encounter with the red bamboo centapede army that nearly took over china."
  • Duke: "I was still weirded out by that Dark Bard mess."
  • Lord Shen: "And the less is said about that French Canadian Mafia called "The Moosers Family", the better. They have a strange combined tone of evilness but also being very polite."
  • Icky: "They were canadians, what did you expect?"
  • Lord Shen: "I was too used to villains never being gentle with us, but then, the Moosers..... They were such an unexpected oddity."
  • Gazelle: "Well, we at least have a good chance to get SOME form of break."
  • When the group were just near the door way, they saw Stygian arriving in exhaustion.....
  • Stygian: "(Huffs), Please, hold the door open for me! (Wheezes)..... I'm too bent out of shape to even just teleport in!"
  • Icky: "Hey, isn't that assentually Pillers of Equestria Spike and/or Starlight?"
  • Stygian: "I have a name, (wheezes), you know!"
  • Icky: "I know, I just like giving nicknames because I see them as what they are."
  • Trixie: "Well you look like you just took some exsirsize."
  • Stygian: Just... Shut up... And help me!!
  • Icky: Christ, fine!


  • Stygian: Starswirl said the Tree of Harmony was in danger. We didn't exactly see anything wrong with it, but we might need some help seeing what's up.
  • Merlin: Hmm. Maybe we should check it out. Teleportus! (They teleported)

Tree of Harmony

  • Starswirl: (They were magically examining the tree)... Vitals seem okay.
  • Meadowbrook: Indeed. But... All that seems different is that it's harmonic energy was briefly siphoned. Probably just a small thaumavore or something.
  • Starswirl: Siphoned? That doesn't sound like something normal to it. It naturally repels magic-eaters. It must've been wounded.
  • Flash Magnus: Star? I think I found the wound. (They saw the cracks left by Nefarious' robot woodpecker)... It looks as though it must've been a thaumavorous alicante.
  • Starswirl: Don't be so sure. They don't like the sour taste of the tree's sap. It's supposed to taste like earwax. This is something different.
  • Meadowbrook: You mean someone used it's power for something worse than nourishment?
  • Starswirl: Not exactly sure, but it seems like a good possibility.
  • Stygian: (They teleported in)... Guys! I didn't get to the girls, but I did find people just as good.
  • Icky: So, Beardo, what's up with the Tree?
  • Starswirl: "That's the problem. It's still being desided. But it is unfortunately leaning torwords bad news, because a thaumavorious creature has managed to siphoned some of the trees magic without being turned off by the tree's naterol defence, TERRORABLE-TASTING tree sap!"
  • Gazelle takes a good look at it.
  • Gazelle: "...... It looks consistent to something a VERY strong woodpecker would do."
  • Flash Magnus: "(Shudders). Well, if it siphoned the magic, then it, also had to be tolerent to the tree's sap, cause it usually tastes like Earwax!"
  • Icky: ".... Okay, are we dealing with a giant magical woodpecker with a tolerence to earwax?"
  • Rockhoof: "That's the thing. Birds usually have a bad hapit of leaving their calling cards, per exsample, some stray old feathers, or even..... Deafication."
  • Iago: "Ya mean if it took a shit somewhere?"
  • Meadowbrook: "The other problem is that there ain't alot of Magic-Sap Woodpecker spieces that can tolerate the Tree of Harmony's sap."
  • Shifu: ".... Perhaps, is it possable that the Woodpecker isn't even a living thing at all?"
  • Po: "You mean like a robot, like the ones Dr. Animontronic had? Aw gees, could he be behind this?!"
  • Icky: "Pretty sure we wrecked all that wackjob's toys."
  • Iago: "And that said wackjob is already locked up tight in Super Villain Jail!"
  • Soothsayer: "But are we certain someone hasn't gone out of their way to restore one of them?"
  • Crane: "Well if so, who would be brazen enough to completely restore a broken bot in a short amount of time to siphon some of the Tree's magic?"
  • Lord Shen: "Well it can be safely assume it's hardly for a good reason! Everyone, we are going to round up some of our villainious Genius Rouster and interigate them on if they had revived any of Animontronic's creations! In the maintime, Starswirl, see to it that you and the Main Six keep cautious of any unusual defeluptments."
  • Somnambula: "Kinda what we're already doing."
  • Lord Shen: "But first off, can you see about doing something about that crack?"
  • Starswirl: "Oh don't worry, the Tree of Harmony has self-healing properties, it ain't the first times magic-sappers have tried to harm it."
  • Patrick: "What about the ugly black spots on the pretty gems?"
  • Starswirl: "BLACK SPOTS?! (The group looked to see that small but barely noticeable black spots are seen)."
  • Icky: "..... Wow, I would've figured that something that's impourent to the tree and Equestria would be taken better cared off then that."
  • Merlin: "I don't think that's dirt! This looks like it's magic related! Perhaps a sign that the tree was siphoned, or a warning that the siphoned power has been taken to somewhere else?"
  • Iago: "Well how did we missed that until Patrick point it out?"
  • Rockhoof: "They couldve just, appeared. They certainly looked fine when we were here."
  • Starswirl: ".... I'm afraid the black spots could mean 1 thing..... Whoever has managed to siphon the magic, has used it to create a false elements of harmony, or worse."
  • Skipper: "Are you trying to say that SOMEBODY managed to create a counter-fit Elements of Harmony?"
  • Mistmane: "Heavens forbid, they manage to create another tree."
  • Thunderclap: "Well what crazo-pants would want with a christailian magical tree?"
  • Meadowbrook: "Try not to forget what the tree's capable of, suger. This tree has helped shaped Equestria. This tree can litterally shape worlds."
  • Starswirl: "And in the wrong, undesireable hands, it can also take just as much as it gives. Espeically if they create a dark tree. A Dark Tree will end up over-spreading it's enfluence beyond it's place of origin. Espeically if on a restrictive small evioment. And if the dark tree realises that it is in such an evioment, then it will control the current place if it is moble, to find a planet to germinate in and grow into a bigger tree, and spread. Then, it will proceed to repeat the process until it is capable of producing christaileen spores that will go to other worlds, and spread like madness, leading worlds to be infested with dark trees!"
  • The Lougers stared blankly.....
  • Icky: "..... Then how the fuck the Tree of Harmony isn't like that but a darker verson would?!"
  • Rockhoof: "That because the Tree of Harmony was planted to be a force for good. But if such a tree like it were to be created in evil hands, the results will be dishastorious, to even it's creaters."
  • Trixie: "(Gulp). And, how, did you know about this?"
  • Starswirl: "..... Ever wonder why I created a time travel scroll? Surely you realised that such a thing would be forbidden by the time lords otherwise."
  • Boss Wolf: "..... I don't like where this is going."
  • Starswirl: "And has it ever been wondered why the tree has to be in a cave and now be shown for the world to admire? Well, once apawn the time, we, initionaly didn't had this wise foresight to place the tree hidden. It was once displayed out in the open for all to see, precisely around where ponyville now resides. And it used to be VASTLY larger then this. Big enough to be seen for miles away, no less different then a simular case in Mythos."
  • Icky: "Well why is that not the case anymore other then paradox?"
  • Starswirl: "Well, again, I created the scroll to indirectly enfluence myself to plant the seed in the cave instead of out in the open, because, the original thing ended up becoming too beloved and public. That was how I learned that it's beauty and raw power were too much for even undesireables. Such an undesireable, a millaterry general named Helmit-For-Brains, (The Lougers were about to laugh) Don't laugh! Anyway, Helmit was Flash's self-rightious superior for the pegici millaterry he was apart of. He wanted to weaponised the Tree to be used to re-take the world we left behind during the Windego's reign. So, he took out the elements, and started to create element based weapons based on it's weilder's best traits. The fool's corruption tainted the tree, and it became dark. The Dark Tree began to spread it's roots through the world, that it ended up becoming the greatest dishastor to Equestria and all of the world.... It was too much for even the Time Lords to bare, hence why they gave me permission to create a time scroll and told me the indirection loophole to time travel, in that as long as you didn't directly influence it, you can actselly change time without paradox. And so, I did, and both Equestria and the Tree were saved from Helmit's stupidity. Though for added measure, since I knew the Tree of Harmony would not be secret forever, I also used the scroll to make it that helmit never became prime leader of the millaterry. Unfortunately, it had the buttterfly effect that, apart from his arrigance, he existed as being the shorce of our millaterry's compidence, so.... Our millaterry forces being incompident jokes was, my doing. I desided to have the scroll restricted away ever since."
  • Icky: "..... Wow! Good to know that fucking up epicly runs in the element profession!"
  • Starswirl: "I know, that is why I re-adjested the scroll to only take you in time for a few moments.... Before a certain Starlight Glimmer managed to basicly inadvertingly restored it's true funtions."
  • Flash Magnus: "Told ya you should've destroyed that scroll instead!"
  • Starswirl: "Confound it, Magnus, I kept the scroll in meant to be use for another not easly fightable emergency!"
  • Rockhoof: "Ya know Starswirl, you always have that infamous tendingcy to create things that cause more trouble then good!"
  • Monkey: "(Chuckles amused), Starswirl has a tendingcy to basicly Go Po on you guys?"
  • Po: "HEY?!"
  • Tigress: "Don't act like it isn't an accreate term, Po."
  • Mistmane: "(Chuckles), Like you wouldn't believe. He one time worried about being un-needed so badly, he ended up going crazy and created a problem by using a want it need spell on a dusty old book and caused the old village of Vanderfill to fight over it!"
  • Starswirl: "Confound it, I had asked we never speak of that mess again!"
  • Shenzi: "BAH!?! So essentally, you made the same mistake as Twilight?!"
  • Starswirl: "Wait, Miss Sparkle had a moment where she felt uneeded?"

Chapter 3: The New Secret Weapon..... Another Hippobliterator?

Chapter 4: Targeting Equestria/The Elements Betray Nefarious

(Later...) Horseshoe Bay, Hippobliterator Location

  • Twilight: There it is!
  • SpongeBob: But how do we take it out? Our van is totaled and there's no ion cannons around.
  • Merlin: And with those stupid anti-magic field generators, even Discord can't just wish it away.
  • Discord: I swear, I hate it when villains cheat.
  • Lord Shen: We're not having that debate again!
  • Icky: Okay, I'm open to suggestions. Does anyone have any bright ideas?
  • Twilight: Wait... I'm picking up a high concentration of magic somewhere nearby.
  • Starlight: Me too! It's almost like it's enough power for... A megaspell!
  • Rainbow Dash: Dear Alicorn Gods!! I thought Princess Celestia outlawed megaspells!
  • Twilight: She did. A spell with the power equal to a nuclear bomb is too dangerous. It could take the Hippobliterator out, but it could have potentially disastrous results.
  • Fluttershy: Who could come up with such a plan of overkill?
  • Icky: One, ask your Fallout Equestria counterpart for that. Second, let's not stand here and go find out!!

On the Hippobliterator

  • Darklight: (As she and her friends charged the megaspell for their Elements of Disharmony)... Excellent work, girls! Our chaos magic should be powerful enough to debunk the anti-magic field now. But whatever you do, don't lose focus for any reason.
  • Twilight: HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!
  • Darklight: Aw fudge nuts! The smart idiot!
  • Rainbow Dash: What are you girls doing with a banned spell?
  • Darklight: Well it's certainly not for the 4th of July, dips***s! (Nefarious appeared on the Hippobliterator's screen)
  • Darklight: "Sorry, dad! Change of plans! Me and the girls are striking out on our own!"
  • Nefarious started to cry, surprising everyone.
  • Nefarious: "I am conflicted about whether I should be proud that my little girls are already on their way of being serious villains, or upset that it had to happen while it's also an inconvincence to me!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Fair point. YOU GIRLS ARE SO GROUNDED WHEN I GET DOWN THER- (Darklight bucked the screen, breaking it)"
  • Darklight: "..... Dads. What can you really do, right?"
  • Applejack: "As much we appresiate goin' against Nefarious and planning to wreck one of his toys, the megaspell alone proves it ain't necessarily out of good intentions!"
  • Darklight: "Tch. Talk about ungrateful. At least be glad we're getting rid of this over-glorifived hunk of metel for you!"
  • Icky: "It's LITTERALLY the same s*** that created the Fallout Equestrian Fan Universe! There's better ways to wreck Nefarious' s*** without taking half the planet down with it!"
  • Darklight: What do you take us for, terrorist idiots? We're not going to use it that way. We just need the magical capacity to blow this thing up. So... You may want to... Clear the area, because you've got 60 seconds. (She starts it)
  • Twilight: Darklight, don't! You're smarter than this-
  • Darklight: Time's up. (The spell flared and the Elements of Disharmony got into a shield)
  • Pinkie: "But they're grown-up mares, not baby chickens!"
  • Icky:......
  • Pinkie: What?
  • Meanie: Buh-bye! (The Hippoblierator exploded and everyone survived cartoonishly as the Elements of Disharmony floated down within the shield and landed as the shield popped like a bubble)... (She cackled wildly at the humiliated heroes' expense) HAHAHA!! HOW DOES IT FEEL, HUH?!
  • The Beach was seen in utter, chaotic ruin.
  • Sandbar was looking on in shock.....
  • Sandbar: "...... Miss Twilight..... What have you done?"
  • Gray Dash: "(Darklight was about to speak) I have this moron covered! (Zooms up to Sandbar) Kid, I'll level with ya. Look at those clowns, (Points to the real Main 6 and the others), now back to us. Now back at them, now back at us. We are not them, we just screwed you and your girlfriend over. You helped the wrong mares. And now we know about where we can find the Christail Heart. AND, we basicly don't need ya anymore, dork!"
  • Sandbar: "But, but I don't understand! What about Mayhem's return?!"
  • Gray Dash: "Wanna know a big secret kiddo?..... WE LIED, DIPS***?! Mayhem didn't come back, steal our cutie marks with a restored cutie mark vault, OR dilate our colors!! And that thing we blow up wasn't an anti-chaos shield! We're not the actual Mane 6! We're basicly them, but better..... Annnnd born from a testtube, but not impourent."
  • Sandbar: "(Started to cry) But, but, then, how are you mares here?"
  • Meanie: "Well there's this cranky robot dude that's like our dad of sorts who took the DNA of those losers and made us possable, and created an Evil Tree of Harmony-"
  • Darklight: "DISharmony to be more accreate, Meanie."
  • Meanie: "Oh don't go politically correct on be, bitch! Anyway, he created it to basicly give us the Elements of DISharmony! We're here to basically wreck your s***?!"
  • Sandbar: "How, how could you all?! You used me?"
  • Applejerk: "No we didn't! (Looks around nervously)....."
  • Gray Dash: "Uh, yes we did! Mind Applejerk, she's the resident liar addict, just imagine her like Superman's Bizaaro. She means the oppisite of what she's saying. So yeah. We played you, like how a red neck plays the banjo! You bought our cons, hook, line, and sucker!"
  • Meanie: (Laughs hysterically) DON'T YOU FEEL STUPID RIGHT NOW?! YOU DIDN'T SEE THIS BY NOW?! (She laughs as Sandbar shed a tear)
  • Cruelshy: "What's a matter, Sandy Barhead? You gonna cry for your momma?"
  • Sandbar was wimpering!
  • Gray Dash: "(Snickers), Oh gosh, he's gonna exploud into tears!"
  • Sandbar started to cry loudly as he ran away!
  • Fluttershy: "(Crying) How can you be our clones, and yet, be so cruel?!"
  • Cruelshy: "Awww, what's the matter, Cluttershy? You gonna cry? BOO-HOO-HOO!!"
  • Gray Dash: "Oh yeah? What're you gonna do about it, ya mary sue of a dra- (Cynder turned into Avatar Cynder) GA-WHAT THE F***?!"
  • Lefou: Be grateful they couldn't do the first thing an evil clone/duplicate would do and frame you guys for crimes you didn't commit. Because that crud's been done to death.
  • Twilight: NOT HELPING!!!!
  • Sandbar was seen crying a mile from here at the shore, as tears fell into the water.
  • Gazelle looks to see Sandbar.....
  • Gazelle: "...... What do we do about the young colt?"
  • Icky: "Ya mean the Terrorable 6's unwitting errand boy?"
  • Iago: "Well what can we do with him? We can't really punish him for not knowing any better, but we can't leave him there either."
  • Twilight:... Hey kid! (Sandbar noticed them) Go save your girlfriend. Tell her we're sorry and we'll make those six pay for this!... I believe in you. (They teleported away as Sandbar got a determined face and dove underwater swimming for Shore's home)

Shore's home.

  • It suddenly now looked like Reef City from Shark Tale, but with a chaotic twist.
  • Scrawny Assitent: "It, gotten a make over that's both almost complimenting, yet dishastorious."
  • Bodyguard: "Well, maybe it isn't dangerious." (It exploded)... On the other hand.
  • ???: Mmph! (Sandbar appeared behind them with puffed cheeks) Mmmph!
  • Mayor: Mister Sandbar? I thought you moved away.
  • Sandbar: (Muffles incoherently)
  • Mayor: Okay, kid, don't embarrass yourself. Just get to the surface and we'll talk. (They surfaced, Sandbar gasping for air)
  • Sandbar: Mayor Treasure Trove, if I can explain, I need to let you know I can help you. I was tricked into following evil clones of the Equestrian Princess of Friendship and her friends and they destroyed this superweapon.
  • Mayor Trove: "Evil clones?!"
  • Bodyguard: "All things considered of crazy things always happening in a Equestria, I can't nessersarly question it, but, all the same..... Evil clones? Really?"
  • Sandbar: I'll explain later, it's complicated, and the real Main 6 and the Lougers said they'll take care of them! Right now, I need to help Shore's home!  I can help you, but I need to know, is Shore okay?
  • Mayor Trove: Well I believe so, but can you hold your breath long enough to save her? We don't have transformation spells without Novo's permission since... Certain events involving said princess.
  • Sandbar: I don't care, I need to save her, whatever it takes, oxygen or not. Just get forward with preserving as much as you can. I'll meet back with you soon. (Inhales deeply and dives)
  • Bodyguard:... That boy is quite the hero.
  • Sandbar: (Keeping his breath, he swam deep towards Shore's reef garden, and after admiring the scenery, he tugged in air deprivation and remembered the mission, searching for Shore)
  • Shore was heard screaming!
  • Sandbar swam to it and saw that Shore was being attacked by a chaos infected octopus!
  • Sandbar: (Gurgling) SHOOOORE!!!
  • Shore: Sandbar?! YOU'RE BACK!! (Sandbar swam over and the octopus just grabbed him and strangled the air bubbles out of him as he drowns) NOOO!!!.... (She got angry and burst in magic) SANDYYY!!!! (The magic blinded and harmed the octopus as it screeched in horror and swam away)... (She grabbed the unconscious Sandbar and took him to the surface, reviving him with CPR)
  • Sandbar: (Coughing the water out)... Shore!
  • Shore: You... You came back to save me!
  • Sandbar: Yes, and I need your help. The device that was destroyed by chaos magic was- (Shore kissed him on the lips as he sunk in love)...
  • Shore: I WANTED YOU TO KNOW I'VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU SINCE WE MET!! I didn't want you to leave.
  • Sandbar:... Funny thing, I was going to tell you the same thing..... But Shore, this.... This mess was kinda my fault, a gang of fake Main 6 ponies tricked me into doing something stupid and now..... Your gonna hate me for this.
  • Shore: "Sand, why would you ever think that? Nopony's perfect."
  • Sandbar: "But, your home and garden is ruined, because I mistakenly listened to those mares."
  • Shore: Well did they sound legitimate to you? Did they use easy-to-believe lies?
  • Sandbar: Yes, but-
  • Shore: Then why should I judge you? I know you. You're sweet, supportive, and you're really cute when you're nervous around me. Plus it took serious guts to stand up to a chaotic octopus even though it could drown you in an instant.
  • Sandbar: (Laughs) Well you're cute when nervous around me. Should've quite known you were in love with me just like I was.
  • Shore: Well, sometimes when you're in love you just...
  • Shore/Sandbar: Do adorable things. Hey, stop doing that, it's so weird. Sorry... Wanna date soon after? I'd love to.... (They cracked amused faces and laughed)... Could you get any cuter?.... (The two kissed)
  • Mayor Trove: If you two lovefishes are finished, we have a job to do.
  • Sandbar: Yes, we were getting to that, sir.
  • The two got up and went back into the water!

Chapter 5: Redeeming the Evil Clones

(Later...) Crystal Empire

  • Darklight: Yeah, baby! We totally reversed the Crystal Heart.
  • Meanie: Never doubted ya for a second.
  • Gray Dash: Now we'll make the world just as reversed as us, dudettes!! THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!
  • Applejerk: HELL YEAH!!! (She bucked the Heart and triggered it into spreading across the world)


  • Mayor Mare: (During the Friendship School's grand opening) As I commemorate this new school- (The reverse wave rushed past them and everyone stopped worshipping Twilight) TWILIGHT'S A USURPER, I SUPPORTED HER FOR MONEY!!! THIS TOWN'S MINE AND THIS SCHOOL'S MINE!!!


  • Capper: (He and Verko were at each other then switched sides when the reverser wave passed by)


  • Novo: (They were having a party until the reverser wave passed by and they started acting like fish and jerks)

Crystal Empire

  • Darklight: YEEEAAHH, S*** IT NEFARIOUS!!! I'M GONNA BE FREE TO STEAL ALL THE MAGIC IN THE WORLD!!! EVERYPONY PUT YOUR HOOVES IN THE AIR AND DO A VICTORY DANCE!!! (They did the Nasty Patty Cancan until the Mane Six arrived with magic aura protection) You again?! Didn't you learn last time that you can't beat us?
  • Twilight: Yes. And just like with Starlight, I found a better solution. THIS! (She blasted all except Darklight with a spell that cause them to start crying)
  • Darklight: THE TARTARUS?!
  • Twilight: That was a memory spell that contains memories pleasant enough to be painful to them and hopefully you. I'm simply doing you a favor by curing them.
  • Darklight: You think I want that horse s***?
  • Twilight: I KNOW you want that horse s***, dummy, because I know I don't want that kind of pain. We're reversed after all. Here's another thing I know. You want to not see them in this agony? Then turn off the Crystal Heart and willingly let us enter your minds and mentally cure you.
  • Darklight: Oh, come on, I know you're a p***y with smarts, stress issues and questionable autism, but this has got to be the all-time weakest bluff you've ever- (She blasted them again and caused them more mental pain and making them cry harder) CELESTIA'S HORN EXTENDER, WHAT'RE YOU DOING?!?
  • Applejack: She's doubling the spell and putting them in more pain.
  • Darklight: WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!?
  • Twilight: I could ask you the same thing. I know you lack my self-control, my compassion, my love for the world, MY SOCIAL ATTACHMENTS! They must be in that head of yours somewhere.
  • Twilight: You think I'm dumb just because I needed friendship lessons? It's called antisocialism. I used to have it. People like that require that sort of tutelage. You should too, because given you only want to be minor villains after blowing off Nefarious, I know there's some repressed positivity in you. Watch. (She blasted them again as they cried hysterically)
  • Darklight: OKAY, CUT IT OUT, YOU'RE NOT IMPRESSING ANYPONY!!! (Tends to her friends) Girls, please don't cry! Darklight's here.
  • Meanie: (Crying) So many ponies laughing at me!!
  • Darklight: Meanie, nopony's laughing at you. (The Mane Six laughed) DON'T LAUGH AT HER, YOU JERKS!!!
  • Twilight: Come on, you gotta have a sense of humor about these things. Oh, that's right, you can't. You're literally incapable of seeing the bigger picture. It's probably just funny because you've done nothing but complain about my intelligence and methods, but let's face it, if I gave you the wheel, we'd be doomed in 5 minutes.
  • Cruelshy: (Sobbing)
  • Twilight: You poor dumb mental animals.
  • Cruelshy: (Sobbing) Please make it stop!
  • Darklight: GRRRRRGH!!! (She reversed the Crystal Heart)




  • Capper: (As the re-reverse wave rushed past)... Why am I leading YOUR forces?


  • Novo: (As the re-reverse wave rushed past)... Why does the place look like a filthy aquarium?
  • Skystar: "I, think we were turned unsentient, and/or jerks."

Crystal Empire





Death Battle Titans of Magic (Score from the ScrewAttack Series)

Death Battle Titans of Magic (Score from the ScrewAttack Series)

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07 "A Dream Worth Keeping" - Sheena Easton

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