Dr. Nefarious managed to reverse engineer the Elements of Harmony by harnessing the powers of both the Elements and Discord, naming them the 'Elements of Disharmony'. He has also cloned the Mane 6 with opposite personalities (And no cutie marks since they were just born) to wield them. Their names are Darklight Spark (Magic), Gray Dash (Defiance), Cruelshy (Rudeness), Greedily (Greed), Applejerk (Dishonesty), and Meanie Pie (Dishumor). Using these new clones to cause disharmony, Nefarious plans to become the new ruler of Equestia and turn everyone there into robot-ponies with his new Hippobliterator ("Hippo" translates to 'horse'), and turn Equestria into a robotic world. The Lodgers and the Mane 6 are called into action once again, but Twilight senses something about Nefarious' clones, who are showing signs of positive feelings, indicating that they are under the same scenario that she and her friends were in when Discord was last freed. Twilight soon realizes that the clones are not truly evil, and all they need is the power of friendship. But is this true? or is it just because they are just more interested into be minor trouble makers then real threats?

(To be revised due to upcoming MLP episode Mean 6)

Fan-made Transcript

Chapter 1: Nefarious Strikes Again

Chapter 2: The Elements of DIsharmony

Chapter 3: The Mane 6's Mental Opposites Attack

Chapter 4: The New Secret Weapon

Chapter 5: Targeting Equestria

Chapter 6: Another Hippobliterator?

Chapter 7: Defeating Nefarious, and Redeeming the Evil Clones


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