The Elements of Disharmony is the 10th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. Dr. Nefarious managed to reverse engineer the Elements of Harmony by stealing energy from the Tree and creating clones that were subugated to a corrupting machine become emotionless and opposite (as well as having no cutie marks since they were just born), naming them the 'Elements of Disharmony'. These clones are named Darklight Spark (Magic), Gray Dash (Defiance), Cruelshy (Rudeness), Greedily (Greed), Applejerk (Dishonesty), and Meanie Pie (Torment). Using these new clones to cause disharmony, Nefarious plans to become the new ruler of Equestia and turn the defenseless and defeated ponies there into robot-ponies with his new Hippobliterator, turning Equestria into a robotic world. The Lodgers and the Mane 6 are called into action once again, but Twilight senses something about Nefarious' clones, who are showing signs of positive feelings, indicating that they are under the same scenario that she and her friends were in when Discord was last freed, but in a different fashion, as Discord claims that they know chaos magic because they had to have been in self-pain, the emotional fuel for chaos magic. Thus Twilight realizes that the clones are not truly evil, and all they need is the power of friendship and some occlumency and Equinox training. But is this true, or is it just because they're just more interested into be minor trouble makers than real threats to the point where they become the true threat? Can our heroes be able to discover what's what and defeat them and Nefarious once more and teaching him a lesson about causing trouble in the wings of resolving another issue?


The Classic Evil Clone Idea

Nefarious Space Station

  • Zurg: You want, to make... CLONES... Of the Mane Six?
  • Nefarious: I know! It's a good plan! CHEER FOR ME!! (All the Nefarious Troopers clapped forcefully)
  • Zurg: It's actually among the most overdone villain plans in the book. Pretty much every single villain of the spectrum of the villain food chain has done it in various possable ways at some point! Heck, even I did it once with Team Lightyear. Didn't go over very well. First I create evil kid versions of them that beat me up for not including an XR, and then I create elderly clones. I had those elder clones sent to a retirement home since that clone mess. God knows what those kids are doing now!


  • The four are seen held up in a juvinal hall for young galactic space criminals.
  • Raeythgil: "...... Craters."

Back to Nefarious

  • Zurg: "Turns out the cloning device I had was made with faulty parts, so it's KINDA why it only made kid clones and elderly ones!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Oh, Zurg. That's litterally a level one problem of cloning. Bad parts or not, every good cloning machine needs to have a part that gets the clone to the exact age of the DNA host. Even the Leage's dorky Galaxhar guy knew this."
  • Zurg: "Now I'm being told this? And the Sin Ponies were more borrowed from random hosts but are otherwise their own creation. You basicly want to make clones that're EXACTLY like the Main 6! And let's not forget that ponies are among the purest, if not almost angelic purest, creatures in the universes! They wouldn't have an evil bone in their body!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "It has been shown that it is possable to make ponies BAD, Zurg. And I have my ways."
  • Dr. Nefarious: "What?! NO!? Alchourse not! In Doofinsmirtz' own words, THAT'S BAD EVIL?! Granted, evil is supposed to be bad irreguardless, but that torment stuff is obviously pushing it! I'm more thinking among the lines of doing like how that mishapen yuts Discord did it!"
  • Zurg: "You mean, basicly turn them into their oppisite personalities and have them be MORE obvious in being the clones?"
  • Bellwether: "That's kinda a missed oppertunity to maybe either frame those 6 as either jerks or manaces, or maybe like, have the clones hurt each of the real ones feelings and make them louthe eachother."
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Having you seen the leaked footage of the season 8 episodes which is why this episode is being released earlier into Season 3? Breaking their bonds will only result in someone like Starlight gluing it back togather. And the framing thing's too obvious of a first thing to do with clones anyway. It'll be too easily resolved. And the lougers have dealt with that kind of crud so many times before they'll reckindised it even before we framed Pinkie Pie of being a jerk!"
  • Bellwether: "Fair enough. So what would you have the clones do then if the initional things are made too obvious?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Simple. Remember my statement of giving them the same state as Discord's method to demoralising the Main 6? I'm being a step beyond just making them alternate personalities. I'm gonna see if I can turn them, into...... (Dramatic pose).... THE ELEMENTS, OFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, DISHARMONY?!"
  • Lawerence: "..... Your basicly saying that you want to make YOUR own elements?"
  • Bellwether: "Ya do realise that would require obtaining something from that magical chrsitaleen tree in that cavern in the ruins of the two sisters? And I'm pretty sure that once apon a time, even with a team up under pre-reformation Darkness Qui, you failed to get ahold of that thing!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "And thank you for the arbatory continuity check, Bellwether. But we don't nessersarly need the entire damn tree this time. This time, I intend to only taking enough to allow the clones their own elemental powers. And I already have a perfect method.... I borrowed a robotic woodpecker from that ironic nature loving mad sciencetist that is trying to causing an artifical nature uprising through robots, Dr. Animontronic C. Ritters."
  • Grounder: "Hehehehehe! Dumb name!"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Alot of intermediate or major villains with indignet names tend to have them. Kinda a trend in recent years. Point is, I managed to contain one such bot after a recent battle between him and the Misfits, rebuild it in my Nefarious image, and already had it sent to collect the amount of engery I need to give these my own Mane 6 the power they need!"
  • Scratch: "But how can it harvest a magical crhistail tree? Won't it be too tough for it to break?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "It doesn't need to do actual damage to it, moron! I modifived it to have some magic syphin abilities so it will collect just about enough for me to make use of so when after I am able to create my clones!"
  • Bellwether: "But what about DNA?"
  • Bellwether: "I hired a specialist to accure that. Some of you may be familier with Professor Sizemo?"
  • Lawerence: "You mean the dwarfed Blarg genius that can make himself a giant or the size of an hozsun ant?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "Yes! THAT Sizemo! Interestingly, he was an indirect cousin of Drek! I promised to make him a super weapon so he can take revenge onto Rachet and Clank in return of getting me the Main 6's DNA.... Admitingly, he kinda laughed at me about how I wanted to collect samples of ponies, but I explained my plans and, more or less he took me at least abit more seriously."
  • Zurg: "You sure an outsider indie villain can be trusted, Nefarious? You're sure the guy won't betray you for his own priorites the sooner he gets this super weapon from you?"
  • Dr. Nefarious: "I had insisted that the super-weapon's creation can only be garrentied if he plays ball with me."
  • Bellwether: "Ahhh, so you haven't even made it yet."
  • Dr. Nefarious: "And I only plan to AFTER I congured Equestria! By then, I would be too powerful to betray!"
  • Bellwether: So what exactly is this superweapon?
  • Nefarious: I prefer to keep that a surprise. The payoff is TOOOO huge!
  • Warp Darkmatter: "Well it better, given how risky a gambit you're playing by messing with the Equestrians Messiah Tree again since the Qui-Team-Up."

Enter Sandbar

Canterlot Lobby.

  • A strict and elegant tour guide was seen around a couple of tourests ponies, along with A tannish-green green-haired pony with a sea turtle cutie mark with two unseen parents walking down the area.
  • Tour Guide: "And over here you can see the-"
  • The pony was seen daydreaming as the Tour Guide was heard to him as if she was saying nothing but blahs.

Flashback Beach

  • He was seen snorkeling underwater in a reef until a beautiful seapony tickled him as he gurgle-laughs and she tore off his snorkel and kissed him as he surfaced for air.
  • Pony: (Gasps) Shore, you silly guppy.
  • Seapony (Shore): Aw come on, Sandy, you know I love messing with you. (Sighs) If only I had the magic to make you a seapony. Then we could be together forever.
  • Pony: Well, I am only a sea animal caretaker and rescue agent. I did meet you when rescuing sea turtles. I earned my cutie mark thanks to you.
  • Shore: Ohh, I didn't do it intentionally, Sandbar.
  • Pony (Sandbar): No you just did it because you were in love with me. I basically murdered and/or drowned your cootie phase.
  • Shore: Well you did start loving the sea when you were dunked here near my front door by accident. I ended up unintentionally inspiring you to become what you are now when you noticed me loving you. It was the cutest meeting ever.
  • Sandbar: Well, I am quite charming.
  • Shore: Oh, stop it!
  • Sandbar: How about you stop being cute?
  • Shore: (Giggles) You really want me to? You seem to like my company.
  • Sandbar: OH, WITH A BUBBLY PASSION!!! I love you, Shore Joy!
  • Shore: And I you, you cute little lovefish! (The two dunked and kissed)!
  • A shark dressed as a tour guide showed up!
  • Shark: "(Tour Guide's voice) YOUNG COLT?! May I politely ask you to STOP KISSING THAT BUST?!"


  • Sandbar was seen holding a bust of a regel pony, as Sandbar freaked out and clumsly ended up losing it, breaking the bust!
  • Tour Guide: "LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID, YOU CLUMSY OAF?! That was a Bustalina original! They don't make them like this anymore! Your lucky magic resloves these issues like nothing, but I expect MIMUMAL DAY DREAMING?! Your in Canterlot Palace now?!"
  • Sandbar: "Sorry, Miss Vicegrip. Won't happen again."
  • Vicegrip: "GOOD! Now, let's try to tour someplace with less, fragility. (Vicegrip forced Sandbar back into the crowd, as the Fake 6 were seen hiding in the shadows.....
  • Darklight: "...... ladies...... We found our sucker."
  • Applejerk: "..... The bitchy tourguide?"
  • Darklight: "..... (Sarcasticly) Yes, the bitchy tourguide."
  • Gray Dash: "Yeah, great plan, except, oh I don't know, that I DOUBT SHE KNOWS THE CHRISTAIL EMPIR- (Darklight made a dark magic hand slap Gray Dash) OW?!"
  • Darklight: "I meant the brat with the turtle, you idiots?!"
  • Greedly: "How come he gets to have a turtle cutie mark, let alone A cutie mark?! I want one too?!"
  • Cruelshy: "Well BOO-HOO you!"
  • Meanie: "Quit being a crybaby, will ya?!"
  • Darklight: "FOCUS IDIOTS?! That sea turtle lover is OUR ticket to the Christail Empire?! He's clumsy, so it means he's stupid!"
  • Meanie: "Well aren't we alittle bias to clumsy people, little miss faverite?!"
  • Darklight: "Oh like he's some kind of Einstain Progity with clumsiness like breaking a bust!"
  • Gray Dash: "Hey, there CAN actselly be clumsy smart people, Dorklight."
  • Darklight: (Through clenched teeth) I TOLD YOU TO STOP CALLING ME THAT!!! Let's just wait for him to be alone!
  • Gray: Whatever you say, your lowness!

The Tour's location.

  • Sandbar's Mother: Sandbar, care to explain why you went off into your own little world like that?
  • Sandbar: Sorry, mom, it's just...
  • Sandbar's Mother: You were thinking about Shore Joy again, weren't you?
  • Sandbar: Yes I was, yes I was. I can't help it. I love her. Her coral-colored hair, her beautiful piercing blue eyes, and... And she helped me discover my calling and my cutie mark.
  • Sandbar's Father: "Look, son, we get it, you miss her, but, well, with the new friendship school about to be open soon, this will be our life now. And Shore's parents are, obviously not yet ready for a big change like getting into this friendship school, espeically when you basicly have to move to Ponyville just to have a easier time to be near it. It is LITTERALLY a historic event. Cause usually those EEA guys are very picky about schools. We have to respect that they're worried that Shore wouldn't have what it takes to meet a certain criteria."
  • Sandbar: "I get that, but.... It doesn't make it any less diffucult."
  • Sandbar's mother: "..... Look, if it helps, Shore's Parents are bound to reconsider eventually. It may not be sometime soon, but, a friendship school's bound to prove positive enough to attract in more students."
  • Sandbar: I know, and I signed up to help seaponies and ponies since Princess Twilight's attempt to steal Queen Novo's pearl sparked trust issues. It would've saved my chance to admit my feelings since my attempt this Hearts and Hooves Day was a total bubble burst.
  • Sandbar's Father: I'm sorry we had to leave the Horseshoe Bay, son, but we had to. We don't have magic and can't just teleport there. Plus seaponies rarely venture out to land. There's riverways here, but Shore's parents have been uppity about this choice and worry for her.
  • Sandbar: You did the same to me the exact time I fell overboard during that boat trip, met Shore, and had a fun time with her. The sea is beautiful and I became a sea animal caretaker and rescue agent thanks to her. I just... Wasn't expecting that signing up for this school meant moving away from her.
  • Sandbar's Father: "Also not helping that the school is landlocked and built for convinence by being made near Ponyville. I imagine that isn't also really working for you."
  • Sandbar's Mother: "Honey!"
  • Sandbar's Father: "Sorry dear, ya know me, I always had that hoof-in-mouth tendingcy."
  • Vicegrip: "AHEAM?! May I interupt your conversation to remind you three that lunch is coming up in 5 minutes?"
  • Sandbar's Father: "Oh, uh, thanks for that, because we're straving. (Vicegrip went on to lead the group). (Quietly) Yeesh, no wonder she's called Vicegrip."
  • Sandbar's Mother: "(Quietly) Shush!"

The Elements of Disharmony Betray Nefarious

The Elements of Disharmony's True Colors


Chapter 1: Nefarious's New Plan of Attack

Chapter 2: The Elements of Disharmony

Chapter 3: The Mane 6's Mental Opposites Attack

Chapter 4: The New Secret Weapon

Chapter 5: Targeting Equestria/The Elements Betray Nefarious

Chapter 6: Another Hippobliterator?

Chapter 7: Defeating Nefarious/Redeeming the Evil Clones




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Death Battle Titans of Magic (Score from the ScrewAttack Series)

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Toxic rick and morty toxicifie earth

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