With the Gloomsday machine destroyed which strucked a critical blow to the Gloom leagon, Professor Gloom has desided to challenge Spyro to a battle to see if he is strong and as powerful as the legends say since catching wind of Spyro's battles against Kung Khan and Ke-Pa. After accepting Gloom's challenge, Spyro figured that now that his powers and kung fu chi are enhanced by the Sacred Peach Tree Sapling and the Zodiac gifting Spyro the most powerful ability in the United Universes, He was gonna put an end to the Gloom Leagon his way and put Professor Gloom in his rightful place once and for all. All he needs now is some backup in the form of the Amazing 9, the Kung Fu Council and the Zodiac themselves while Lord Shen, Cynder and Riku come up with a crafty plan to make the final stand of the Gloom Leagon easy for Spyro and beat Gloomy at his own game.

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