The Enigmas are a fictional group of Superior superheroes published in Kratos' Generation Comics series. The Enigmas are a group of 3 Superior friends who were raised together, and have a past that they're trying to figure out. Especially since they discovered that they aren't Superiors at all. They are members of a species called Gorsgothans, beings of pure energy from another dimension who are in a brutal war against a fascist empire called the Corlann Empire lead by Corlust the Disintegrator which plans to take over Kratos with an ancient evil called Cortex the Abomination, and their democratic rivals, the Orlianna Empire, lead by Corlust's kind-hearted brother Emperor Orlanthus. When the Enigmas were babies, their parents, who each worked in an Orlianna Resistance meant to stop Corlust, were executed by him, and Orlanthus winded up getting framed for it, taking down the Orlianna Empire, and leaving Corlust to rule. At the same time, Corlust had the Enigmas exiled to Kratos because it was fortold that they would stand in his way. Growing up, the Enigmas' superpowers blended in well with the Superior race while taking the form of Superiors themselves. Their lives changed when they were caught in a Gorsgothan invasion by Corlust. After their first adventure, they discover their true pasts, and vow to bring down the Corlann Empire, and restore the Orlianna Empire. But they find help in the form of a new resistance lead by Orlanthus to try and bring down the Corlann Empire. Trouble is, as the issues went on, Corlust's tricks and a few of Orlan's own past mistakes made it difficult for The Enigmas to tell right from wrong, and it would be up for a runaway daughter of Orlan named Xenmoa to try and get them on the right track. Corlust's plans prove futile, but he does manage to free Cortex from his prison and allow him to take control of all Gorsgothans and take over their home planet... But in the end, it was all for nought and Cortex was eventally banished back in, Corlust's true evil nature and his murder of the enigmas' parent's exposed, and his faver in the public greatly deminishes, and though the empire was not taken down, at least in a step of the right direction, the Corlann Empire is in a great enough unrest that citizens have started to refuse to fund Corlust's plans and pay taxes to the Empire, causing a fiancal problem, and the resistence, eventally evoled into a slowly growing rebirthed Orlan empire, soon to become powerful enough to stop Corlust for good. Since The Enigmas successfully stop them, their adventures to stop Corlust's further plans keep going.


Publication History

The Engimas were created by a Superior alpaca writer named Sam Eugene Enigma, who was a talented artist and storyteller. Though, Sam had been complaining about he thinks is a very "controversial" fictional viewing of governments being evil and rebellions being good, especially in the movies V for Vendetta, The Purge, and more specifically the Star Wars saga, mainly the first original triliagy. He's not ignorant to the concept of tyrants and extremely-flawed goverments, but he's not one to say that rebels are automatic good guys. The Enigmas are a prime example of his beliefs. He hates works of fiction where a government makes 'stupid' and 'cruel' decisions so that a rebellion has to punish them for it. He believes that movies like Star Wars, V for Vendetta, and The Purge are responsible for the long-running stereotype that rebels are good and governments are bad. He always made arguments that perhaps not all of the Star Wars imperials are directly evil, but were just people trying to support their families and the Empire may've payed more, always criticizing the 'heroic rebels' killing non-Stormtrooper Imperial workers because, unlike their clone trooper relatives, they're not clones of a bounty hunter. He wanted to make people believe that just because a government is flawed, that doesn't mean people should rebel and kill government workers and soldiers. He had this as an original concept:

"The Enigmas are a group of 3 Superior friends who were raised together, and have a past that they're trying to figure out. Especially from the one who started it all: Emperor Orlathus. Turns out, he and The Enigmas are the same species: Gorsgothans, beings of pure energy from another dimension who were overrun by a totalitarian empire called the Orlannis Empire which plan to take over Kratos. The Enigmas were Gorsogothan babies each born to parents that worked in a resistance meant to stop Orlathus, but Orlathus had them executed, and had the Enigmas exiled to Kratos. Growing up, the Enigmas' superpowers blended in well with the Superior race while taking the form of Superiors themselves. Since they first encountered Orlathus and figured out their true pasts, they vow to bring down his empire. But can they also discover that everything is not your typical "Evil Empire Vs. Good Rebels" senairio, and that Orlanthus is actselly quite benvolent? The real villain is an exsiled evil brother of his and a blood thristy rebel leader renagade named Corlust, who's the real murderor of the Enigmas' parents when they dsicovered that Orlan wasn't the real evil one, and that Corlust is helping a forgotten evil named Cortex the Abomination to devour the Gorsgothans and congure all united universes, and Orlan is trying to prevent this. Trouble is, Corlust's lies and a few of Orlan's own past mistakes make it diffitcult for the Enigmas to tell right from wrong, and it would be up for a runaway daughter of Orlan named Xenmoa to show them the truth that Orlan didn't exsiled them, but placed them there to protact them from being corrupted by Corlust and Cortex, and when the truth does reveil itself, it's up to the Enigmas to save all universes from conquest by Corlust and Cortex."

Sam wanted to educate people that 'You can't trust rebellions just because a goverment is dysfunctional or seemingly 'tyrannical' unless proven'. He was afraid that the kind of mindset films like Star Wars has set would cause people to rebel against governments if they made a controversial move for the greater good or for a mistake that seems irreversible. The original and independent Enigma comics were a hit with people, even without a corporate backing. However, the independent comics originally ended where Cortex the Abomination was defeated along with the original death of Corlust, and Sam proceeded to live in retirement. The independent Enigmas were much different than their corporate recreations. Sam has strongly protected the rights of the Enigma Comics from many comic publishers because he feared that they would ruin it with the painfully-familiar formula with rebels being good and empires being evil. Eventually, Sam started to get old and sick from a quantonium-based disease called quantonium-sugar deficiency, which caused his own powers to weaken due to massive low blood sugar, causing his quantonium to have poisonous effects. He gave the rights to the Enigma Comics to his son, Samuel, in his will to protect his series from being ruined by mainstream media and the stereotype. After his father's death, Samuel owned the rights of the comic series, but was confused of what to do with it since it was over. To make it worse, Samuel had financial trouble, and his job wasn't due to pay him for a while due to budget cuts. He was on the verge of not only losing his job, but also his home and everything in it, as well as the Enigma Comics. Then he was met with his old friend who worked in Generation Comics named Harold Cantuckory, who offered to buy the Enigma Comics off his hands to get him the money to pay for the debts. Despite Samuel continuing to respect his father's wishes, he was forced to sell it when Harold brought up that XD Comix had heard of the Enigmas, who would be actselly worse to the comics in light of their "Read Talon Controversey" and that the Enigmas had a better chance on belonging to Generation Comics. Harold eventually brought the stereotype to the comics despite Samuel's warnings about his father's wishes, arguing that it had to be changed to please the demographic, and needed a new way of looking at the story.

Samuel was very disappointed that Harold went against his warnings, but didn't want to disagree with his friend and make him feel bad. Very little in the story had changed, and the saga actually was made to continue on. He was at least thankful that the franchise was continuing and bringing new things. But a couple of years later, people start to feel suspicious around him after he claims to have been seeing ghostly presences he could never explain.

Comic History

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  1. Garth Alkaline- A Gorsgothan who takes the form of a Superior fossa and is the leader of the group. He is also the strongest and oldest, and has no time for nonsense. His birth name was Gal'Nirx. He can turn into a gas, can manipulate various forms of energy, he can possess others, and he can shapeshift, but only in energetic forms.
  2. Irma Alloy- A Gorsgothan who takes the form of a Superior puffin and has the affection of Roland. She is sassy, and enjoys action and adventure. Her birth name was Sor'Laix. She has similar powers to Garth, but she can't possess others. She can turn into a gas, can manipulate various forms of energy, and she can shapeshift into various energetic forms.
  3. Roland Chalcogen- A Gorsgothan who takes the form of a Superior penguin and is the brains of the team. He can build and fix anything. He has a crush on Irma who doesn't seem to take him very well with it. His birth name was Uor'Inav. He has the ability to turn into a gas, manipulate various forms of energy, and possess others.
  4. Anthony Alkaline- The son of Garth and Xenmoa who is known to be intelligent and reckless. Since he saved the Orlianna Empire with his sister, they both have become members of The Enigmas.
  5. Amanda Alkaline- The daughter of Garth and Xenmoa who is known to be too determined in her missions. Since she saved the Orlianna Empire with her brother, they both have become members of The Enigmas.



  • Emperor Orlanthus and the Orlianna Empire- Emperor Orlanthus is a Gorsgothan who is the true leader of his race, and is in a bloody war against the Corlann Empire and his evil brother Corlust the Disintegrator. Whenever he is on Kratos, a planet without the conductive gas that keeps his race stable, he takes the shape of a Superior lion. When he was taken down, he lead a resistance to take his planet back, and with the help of the Enigmas, he succeeded. But his brother still isn't done yet. Orlanthus serves as a father figure to the Enigmas and depends on them to protect his Empire. Being an energy being, he can manipulate various forms of energy, turn into a gas, shapeshift into several energetic forms, he can possess other Superiors and not other Gorsgothans, and he is a telepath.
  • Xenmoa- Emperor Orlanthus' teenage daughter who is the eventual heir to his throne. Unfortunately, she wishes to do greater roles in her community than just ruling. On Kratos, she takes the form of a Superior fossa, just for the sake of Garth, who will eventually become her boyfriend. She is a tough girl, and won't take any nonsense from anybody, and will risk her life to save the day the best way she knows how. She was nearly killed by Cortex, and she played a role in banishing him back where he belonged. She has a huge grudge against her uncle, but still has a family bond with him, never wanting him to be executed for his crimes. Her powers include manipulating various forms of energy, possession, sublimation, and she is a telepath like her father.
  • Sar'ran the Vigilant- A Gorsgothan who served in Orlanthus' resistance, and is Xenmoa's ex-boyfriend. On Kratos, he takes the form of a Superior jaguar. Even though he and Xenmoa are no longer together, he still cares for her like a girlfriend, and will do anything for her. He even sacrifices himself to save her from Cortex. Luckily, he was revived with help from the Enigmas. He has a hunky personality, and considers himself very handsome, and he is very self-absorbed, but has a good heart. His powers include energy manipulation, possession, and sublimation.
  • Zoron'odd- A strict Gorsgothan who worked for Orlanthus' resistance and was determined, and was the most serious of the resistance fighters. On Kratos, he took the form of a Superior wildebeest. When he was deemed serious, he wouldn't take any of the idiots' excuses or charades, and would often slap them out of it. Various resistance fighters, including the Enigmas, have questioned his potential, but have been convinced that he had what it takes when he sacrificed himself to save the resistance from getting destroyed by Cortex. After mourning his death, the Gorsgothans avenged him by stopping Cortex and Corlust. His powers included energy manipulation, possession, and telepathy.
  • Jenny Legacy- A Superior cassowary who grew up as a childhood friend of the Enigmas. When she grew up, she gained a job in xenobiology, and had been studying the community and biology of a deceased Gorsgothan specimen, and had always speculated that the Enigmas were interdimensional beings. Even though she was right, she still remained their friend, and served as their means to interact with the Superior world. Now, she knows everything about the Gorsgothans. She occasionally helps the Enigmas save the day, and even the Orlianna Empire respects her. In fact, in one issue, her powers caused the resistance to think she was a Gorsgothan. Her powers include telekinesis, electricity manipulation, possession, teleportation and invisibility.
  • C.A.S.T.L.E- An anti-terrorist organization comprising of Superiors and non-Superiors that were dedicated to protecting Kratos from terrorism or world domination. They rarely help the Enigmas.
  • Justice Continuum- A group of omnipotent Superiors who govern justice and power manipulation. They rarely help the Enigmas out.


  • Corlust the Disintegrator and the Corlann Empire- A Gorsgothan ruler of a fascist empire which had been able to overthrow his brother, Orlanthus, and take over the Gorsgothan homeworld. On Kratos, he takes the form of a Superior Komodo dragon. He has tried to get rid of the Enigmas because it was fortold that they would defeat and overthrow him in the future. He exiled them to Kratos as babies, and when they grew up, he invaded Kratos for the first time, only to be driven away by the Enigmas. He realizes the they're the Enigmas, and he tries to destroy them throughout the comics. He aims to release an evil beast called Cortex the Abomination from his prison and use him to destroy the Orlianna Resistance. While he manages to do it, and cause multiple resistance fighters to die, Cortex is destroyed, and the Corlann Empire is overthrown. Since then, Corlust has been trying to get revenge. His powers include energy manipulation, energetic manipulation, telepathy, possession, and sublimation.
  • Cortex the Abomination- A ancient, evil, and demonic Gorsgothan monster who was created by ancient Gorsgothans to be a guardian. Unfortunately, the monster went into insanity, and he was forcefully locked up in an ancient prison called the Realm of Sin, where he stayed for 10,000 years. But Corlust has been trying to find the seal to free Cortex and use him to take over Kratos and his Gorsgothan home. While he was able to, Cortex didn't take to him well, and refused to work for him. He was able to kill a few of the Orlianna Resistance, and nearly killed Xenmoa. He made his way to Kratos and was so close to taking it over. A lot of people died, but the Enigmas were able to injure him enough for them to seal him back to the Realm of Sin, and destroy it, trapping Cortex there forever. The beast was enormous, having a wide variety of Gorsgothan powers. But what makes him different from the energetic beings is the fact that he has no eyes, and relied on two senses: sonar and smell. He has an echolocation system that allows him to create a picture of his environment, but because the Gorsgothans are made of pure energy, the sonar doesn't work on them. So he relied on smelling the adrenaline of them when they are terrified, described in myth to 'smell fear'. Once his opponent is fearless and brave, they will become invisible to Cortex. But that doesn't mean he can't adapt. He can use the environment to get a shock out of his opponent. However, he is capable of speech. He is an intelligent and blood-thirsty beast who is nearly unstoppable. On Kratos, he takes the shape of a demonic monster similar to the Ursas on After Earth, and when he needs to kill, nothing has been able to come out alive. His powers include possession, energetic manipulation, energetic shapeshifting, sublimation, and ghosting powers.
  • Narvin the Accuser- A Gorsgothan who used to work for the Orlianna Empire until he was discovered to be a double-agent for Corlust. He was a commander of the Empire's police forces and on Kratos, he took the form of a Superior bear. He was an excellent wrestler in his younger days, and was a skilled tactics expert. When the Corlann Empire fell, he became an agent for Corlust because he believed that, because his parents were killed in a previous war despite the Orlianna Empire's best efforts, that the Orlianna Empire never had great law enforcement, especially when it was taken down for 19 years. So, when he was made an undercover commander of the Orlianna Empire's Police Department, he ensured that laws would be enforced in the way he wanted it to be, and would require Corlust's assistance to do it. When he accuses the Enigmas for causing more damage than Cortex had done, especially with the death of resistance members, they were placed on trial for it, especially after several people agreed to it. Nobody knew that Narvin was trying to help Corlust take them down, and he surprisingly almost wins. But just as the Enigmas were about to be executed, Orlanthus comes in and justifies their actions and they are immediately saved. Especially when Narvin reveals that he works for Corlust, and that the jury is his henchmen in disguise. He decides to release lies about how Orlanthus was defending the Enigmas after their accusations, but he is soon stopped, fired, and sent to prison. The Enigmas' names are cleared and Narvin swears revenge after escaping. Ironically, though, Narvin, outside of confusing the concept of justice that it means anyone is punishable, accident or not, is not inhertingly evil. It means he's just another corrupted victim of Corlust. Eventually, Corlust's own cruelty torwards a child who was defending the Enigmas woke up and told him that justice is more than giving out punishments, and that Corlust is the sole blame for the death of many resistance members and at least HALF of the crime problems, and redeems his mistake by arresting Corlust. It's not long until Corlust escapes, and becomes the co-leader of The Followers of Qo'doo, and they become the new series main villain team. Narvin decided to rekindle that the Orlianna Empire was not the weak empire he thought it was, he was stupid to ever listening to the sinful Corlust, and starts his path to redemption by returning to his original position, this time legitimate. His powers include possession, energetic manipulation, sublimation, and teleportation.
  • Exon Qoort- A Gorsgothan mutant being who was long ago created by the Corlann Empire to be the first in a long line of weaponized monsters, but he didn't turn out well when the serums made him animalistic. While he has the brain of an animal, he has the intelligence of a Gorsgothan. He started out as a young Gorsgothan who was abducted by Corlust to be part of the experiment. As a kid, he had a wild imagination, and a bit of a rambunctious behavior. His mutated form is the same, allowing him to rapidly mature, and give him much stronger powers. On Kratos, he takes the shape of a bear/cougar/lion hybrid. His imagination is transformed into intelligence, and his rambunctious behavior is turned into animal behavior. All he wanted was to share this new gift with not just his race, but Kratos. He tries to use the serums to infect both planets, but the Enigmas were able to stop him. However, it isn't until 2 battles later that he becomes a normal Gorsgothan again, and he is now grown up, and takes the shape of a cougar. His powers include teleportation, sublimation, energetic manipulation, and telepathy.
  • Professor Graffics- A Superior leopard who worked for the same research facility that Jenny does. He knows of her experiments even though they have been personally classified, and he has discovered all that she knows of the Gorsgothans, and wants to become a Gorsgothan so he can take over their home planet because he believes that it will raise the money to solve the company's financial crisis. He knows that if he enters the Gorsgothan dimension as a Superior, he will be disintegrated, and only Gorsgothans would be able to survive it. Once he gains the DNA of Garth, he becomes a Gorsgothan, and uses his amplified powers to attack the Orlianna Empire, imprison Orlanthus, and attempts to make Xenmoa his queen. When he returns to Kratos with Orlanthus being placed in a display tank, Jenny tries to free him, but is caught, fired, and imprisoned by Graffics. The Enigmas are seemingly destroyed by him, and he is left with no one to stop him. Unfortunately, the Enigmas pretended to have been destroyed, and free Jenny, only for Graffics to try and forcefully escort her to the lethal Gorsgothan dimension to try and kill her. Luckly, he was stopped just in time, defeated, and arrested and taken to jail. From then on, Graffics regrets letting desperation to help his company and allowing the unfaverable lust for money get into his head and ends up dooming the company then ACTSELLY help it. He swore to never have anything to do with the Gorsgothans and their dimention again, neither to help it, or anything simular to his one and only attempt, anonamusly gave Jenny apology gifts leaving only the card "I am sorry", and has since gone legit, though he still sort've hate the Engimas for his troubles and mistakes. He re-opened the company and still makes good on never messing with the engry beings ever again, and would react negitively to anyone talking about Gorsgothans and the Egimas and fires them without ryame or reason. His powers include teleportation, light manipulation, and omnilingualism.
  • Qo'doo the Injustic and The Followers of Qo'doo- Qo'doo is the main leader of The Followers of Qo'doo, a terrorist cult of Corlann Imperial origin. Qo'doo started off as a minor assistant to Corlust the Disintegrator who constantly abused, teased and intimidated Qo'doo. Qo'doo seemed to be much smarter than Corlust, but this trait was ignored. Qo'doo hated Corlust so much, he talks about him behind his back. When Corlust was overthrown, he abandoned him, and vowed to get back at The Enigmas with his own power. He created The Followers of Qo'doo as a means to take them over himself. When Corlust winds up joining them, however, Qo'doo makes him HIS assistant more than a co-leader of his team. He reveals that he had secretly gained DNA from Cortex the Abomination before he was banished again, and attempts to use it to create an army of stronger, more unstoppable beasts called Medullas. After a few issues, Qo'doo is able to create them, and unlike Cortex, they are all programmed with brain implants to obey him. The Medullas are able to bring up another war, and when all hope seems lost, two twin siblings of Garth Alkaline and Xenmoa will have to prove their worth in order to help Orlanthus being an end to Qo'doo's attempts to take over Gorsgan and Kratos. They prove to be brave enough to fight off the Medullas, and they stop Qo'doo and Corlust from destroying the Orlianna Empire. While Corlust is sent to jail, probably for the rest of the series, Qo'doo escapes and plots another scheme. Qo'doo is a huge jerk to even his own minions, and he is much smarter than Corlust, or so he claims. He is menacing, arrogant, and ruthless. He will kill anyone who tries to get in his way. His powers include energetic shapeshifting and manipulation, possession, sublimation, telepathy, and teleportation.
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