Equestria has it's own strain of Heartless, known as The Equestia Heartless. They are Equestia themed Heartlesses found in Equestia that are activated once the Keyhole of Equestia is compromised. They range from looking like an Equestian Pony looking like a Soldier Heartless, to various ones simular to certain mythic beasts, to a Plunderweed Heartless caste system that's captures Ponies and other creatures to turn into heartless. They are reportingly lead by a Sythe-Themed Bone dragon monster that protacts the keyhole, as a result of a cursed Alicorn of Death.

Basic Class Heartlesses.

  • Pony Heartless

    Pony Heartless

    Pony Heartless: The most basic of the heartlesses in Equestia. Basicly it appears to be a Pony dressed up as a Soldier heartless. Their prime funtion is basic drone and trickster. They trick ponies into trusting them thanks to welcoming appearence, until they are within grabbing distence and grab them after they stand up perfectly erected and capable to funtion like a normal soldier. Fortunately, they are not known to be strong, having many stats simular to the standerd soldier heartless and are easy to get rid of. Their true threat comes from when the attack in numbers. The only tells of figuring out the imposters is that they don't have a tail, no cutie marks, and their costumes. Ordenarly, even an idiot wouldn't fall for this unless it was during a time of an attack, where fear will make them make a mistake of trusting anything pony-shaped, and end up dooming themselves against the creature.
    • Threat Level: 1 (Incrises when in groups)
    • Strategy: Trick ponies into coming close by being on all 4s. Attack methods simular with the Soldier Heartless.
  • Manitcore Heartless: 
    Manitcore Heartless

    Manitcore Heartless

    Manitcore Heartless are basicly a heartless in shape of a powerful Manitcore. They're basicly the big brutes of the Heartless forces of Equestia. As such, they're perfect for dispatching large armies of defenders quickly and swiftly breaking apart shelters. Alone, they're one-man armies. In a group, they're a desistating force. While they lack Manitcore venom, they're filled with something worse: Darkness Energy. It's capable to quickly heartlessify an unlucky victim, and are also usefull as a blunt weapon. They're capable to have use of those wings, and persue victims in a surprisngly quick pace. On land, they're decivingly slow, often traveling in a calm looking walk. However, once damaged enough in it's face, it can turn into a bulky speed demon. They often tend to appear amonst smaller heartlesses or in a trio of Manitcore Heartless, and are rarely found alone. It is a beast of pure power, and only a powerful enough oppenent can stop these beasts quickly.
    • Threat Level: 10 (Alone, number incrises when in groups).
    • Strategy: Pure brute force, flight, and the stinger. Rage in a last resort.
  • Harpy Heartless

    Harpy Heartless

    Harpy Heartless:
    Harpy heartlesses are small, but fast and angile heartlesses with a great wingspan and imtimidating vulture-like stare. They travel in very, very large flocks and have been known to swoop down and capture victims in amidst of a mass panic. Of any of the heartlesses in Equestia, they are the most capable to capture as many victims as possable, making these creatures a great benifet to the heartless of Equestia. While it may look frail, it can hold itself well in a fight. It can malmitulate wind to blow enemies away, use their talons to harm, and even a hypotising stare that scares enemies into retreating. They fly very fast, and rarely miss their target. They have also been known to drop down reinforcements from above, even shadow bombs to quickly dispose of great armies or damage them enough to weaken them. They also give alarm to heartlesses when an enemy intrdtrues a terratory, or if potainional prey has been spotted. They also spy on threats or targets and always be able to inform the heartlesses of the location. They circle doomed victims like real vultures, not only signels more Harpy Heartless, but other heartless in general of a victims location. Luckly, they are easy to kill quickly, but that's is why these creatures are so group savy, so even if you take one down, eventally, they'll get you.
    • Threat Level: 9 (depends on flock/group).
    • Strategy: Strength in numbers. Straight up Teamwork. Wind, Talons, and loud squacks.
  • Heartless Centuar (Leagonaire)

    Centaur Legionaire Heartless

    Centaur Legionaire Heartless:
    A practical commander of any invadion made by the Heartless of Equestia. They resumble members of the Centaur royal army, armed with a dark recreation of the legionaire pendulum, an infamous centaur weapon. They're also wild cards. Strong, and stragitic, it's not considered easy to take them down quickly. They are basicly redesigns of the Assult Raiders from the heartless of China (Disney), and are basicly simular to that in battle tactics and behavior. However, they also have improvements to those by compairison to the original. They commendar alot of basic class heartless. They like to spin their weapon around to incrise speed to use against any enemy, and they can straight up charge at you and mow you down horse-chest first. They also have a great toss distence with those weapons, capable to be used to interspect escaping targets (or worse), and as they claim their weapon, also the terrifived target that can't escape or defend out of fear of it's unavoidable foe. Attempts to attack the rear are met with a mule-kick. It's only weaknesses are the sides, as it can't move foreword or backwords enough to defend. However, if damaged enough, it will spin quickly and swipe at the offender. Outside of that, it is an overall imposing force.
    • Threat Level: 20 (even when alone. Level incrises depending on group.)
    • Strategy: Large groups under command. It's balence abilites in stragity and brute force. Clever useage of pendulum blade.

Higher Class Heartless.

Plunderweed Heartless caste

PlunderWeed Heartlesses.

Plunderweed Heartless: Cause of Plunderweed seeds effected by darkness engry, it recreated a unigte force of monsters based on the Plunderweeds. They are the "Hiveminds" of the basic class. Some can be seen aiding the Basic clase in many ways, and range in a mutlitude of classes, at least 2 are the mose impourent and/or powerful.
  • Pea-wee Shooter: They are the drones of the Plunderweed heartless and exist like moble torrents for offence and defence. They spit out disabling sludge that inmoblelises targets and enemies, and is not easy to get off quickly before a heartless grabs up. Luckly, they're not very strong, but they appear in numbers and never run out of ammo. Attempts to take them head on are met with failure with them spitting at you or simply evading you, as they are known to be fast little buggers.
  • Threat Lv: 1 (incrises in numbers)
  • Stragity: Being a moble torrent, numbers.
  • Season Weedlings: A rather strange collection of plunderweed heartless based on seasons. They range from powers based on the seasons, and their skinny, unthreating appearences make them nimble and fast.
  1. Spring Weedling: The Spring Weedling is frankly, the least strong of the weedlings. They go down quickly if they aren't protacted. However, it's mainly because they aren't made for combat (though they're known to kick and bitchslap), because they are the healers. Their body represents new life and new beginings, and have been known to heal injured heartlesses. They can even revive a fallen heartless by sucking in the freed heart, and spit it out covered in dark engry. It makes taking down the spring weedling a great priority and a urgent one if the potainional threat wishes to stop the heartlesses.
  2. Summer Weedling: The strongest and most powerful of the Weedlings. Being based on summer, they're capable of fire attacks, and more compident attacks outside of a kick and slap. They also can poison enemies, snoose them in a peaceful slumber, even effect them in a pollen of corruption to turn enemies against one and another. They tend to be the second dangerious weedling, cause at least one later down the road tops over it.
  3. Fall Weedling: The Fall weedling is the mildly weakest of the Season Weedlings, but it has a deadly trick in it's sleves: It's also the parasite of the weedlings. They are known to latch onto a target and sucks it dry of it's power and engry and then use it against the enemy by shooting a powerful and painful engry beam. Magic offers magic beams. Tecknowagey offers lazer beams. Stregnh offers powerful beams. Intelligents offers dumbifying rays. Any engry and power based on it's stats, it uses against, and it doens't discriminate on hosts. It's body represents on how quickly things dry up in times of fall, so it's parasitic effects reflect on how leafs in trees lose reshorses and shivel up.
  4. Winter Weedling: It may look weak and frail, but don't be fooled. It's the most strongest and deadliest of the Weedlings. It's mummy-like appearence represents the darkest, coldest espects of winter. Like the Summer capable of fire cause of summer propities, the Winter is capable of ice based elemental attacks. It is also dangerious on it's ability to have an engry sucking attack simular to the Fall weedling, but instead, it doesn't take engry... It takes the entire spirit heart of it's victim. Fortunately, it only does it to seriously dangerious foes, but this ability makes it a must destroy quickly on sight for it alone. While only second strongest behind the summer thanks to it's frail body, it's deadly ability allow it to top the Summer Weedling.
  • Threat Lv: 6-23 (Depending on groups)
  • Stragity: Spring: Healer. Summer: Fire master, poisonteer. Fall: Parasite. Winter: Walking death, Ice master. All: Being nimble and quick. Groups.
  • Weed Zombie: The Weed zombie is a monster made litterally of thornless weeds, broken armor and left behinds of a dead warrior imprisoned intside it. They're slow, but good with a sword and dangerious in numbers. Cutting off any part of their body is quickly replaced with anew, and they self heal. They quickly infest even the largest citys and towns, and even inpenditable fortress could do little to stop their onslught. While Weed Zombies to get taken down quickly, thanks to not being rather strong, their numbers make it inadviseable to attack them without a good plan and strong allies at your side.
  • Threat lv: 12 (depends on numbers and group)
  • Stragity: Infestation like zombies do.
  • Roselord: The roselord is the male "overlord" of the Pluderweed heartlesses. Creatures like this tend to appear in dominated areas and sevre like the kings of the heartlesses. It's job is mainly to keep the generator "fertle" and growing, but it can also attend battles and invadsion. It is the strongest of the Plunderweed heartless in total, thanks to it's brutal arms, great size, and superior command on all basic and Higher class heartless. When in battle, it's nearly unstoppable. And even when taken down, it can always be reborn by the darkness engry from the compromised Keyhole, and from the generator.
  • Threat Lv: 2000 (even alone. Worsens in an army.)
  • Stragity: Keep the Generator producing more, all out brute force and power.
  • Weed Generator Heart Trap: Basicly like, the "Queen" of the heartlesses of Equestia. It produces more heartlesses whenever it has been fed hearts of victims, and is perfectly capable to defend itself, though it rarely gets involved in battles, though it does appear in victory grounds to feed on the soils of an attack. It is protacted by Plunderweed Sprey traps against foes, and also used to incompasitate a resisent prey so it can eat them in peace. They travel quickly through the group via a photosympasis like process to be wherever food is present. Even if it were to be destroyed, the compromised keyhole always brings it back like the Roselord. It's biggest weakness would be it's giant eye, but it does well to chomp it's food/threats quickly or spray them to render them harmless for eating.
  • Threat lv: 9999 (even alone, worsens in a group that it often makes itself)
  • Stragity: Being a queen, Gluttionious greedy hunger, it's mouth, genius!

  • Sythe Bone Dragon: 
    Sythe Skull Dragon

    The Sythe Bone Dragon

    The Sythe Bone Dragon is the all-powerful godlike protacter of the compromised Keyhole created by it's fallen Alicorn creator. It's sythe-like blades are unquestionabley sharp and deadly to the touch. It tops every other Equestian Heartless in so many ways, and lives in the darkness engry and swims in it, coming out only when it needs to presevre the keyhole from being sealed. It obeys it's creator without question and has suprime godlike control of all of the Equestian heartless. It is the heartless of a fallen dragon general that was rather infamous in the fear wars who was exicuted for being a traitor for aiding Pitch Black in making dragons evil, and now it's long rotten corpse has become an ingredient to become a heartless, now nothing but a souless monster used to destroy all who dare threaten it's master's plans. It never stops until his master's plans are satisfived, or it is defeated.
  • Threat lv: 100000000000000000000000.
  • Stragity: Blades, blades everywhere, flight, hiding in the darkness pool, using it's god-like control of Equestian heartless to it's advantage.
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