The holidays are back in the many UUniverses, as the Lodgers once again decide to spend the holidays with the Heroes Act, even with UIS in mind. They discover secret stories about an underground black market Kraanmas as they enjoy Kraanmas, and figure that things might be up. The clues lead them to the world of Specion Polex, which is the infamous capital of the Kraanmas Underground, head by 'The Person Who Killed Kraanmas' Lord Aoch, who used to run a toy company until he made a device that did Santha's job quickly and threatened his business, and utterly defended the mass criminal profit brought on by it and completely gave no care about the consequences, and lost everything, becoming an industrial mercenary after being shamed and angered by his cruel nickname, creating the Kraanmas for villains all over the AUU as Santha only delivers to the nice and not the naughty, and he serves as the one who delivers to the naughty. After hearing that Aoch seemingly plans to do something big, they plan to stop him from favoring among the strongest forces. However, when they get to Lord Aoch, something shocking occurs. All villains and criminals in the AUU, including those who used to be with the Villains Act, spontaneously regain their edge and plan to destroy the heroes upon arrival to Specion Polex, as Aoch reveals that, since he founded his business, the villains have nothing to have a proper break on without it, and thus if they take it away, they take away their holiday as well, and he was also abundantly clear that he has no extremist regulations in his deliveries, and the big thing he was planning was the anniversary of his business, which will make it even more damaging if the heroes are allowed to take it away from them, as they learn that even villains need something to properly celebrate the holidays with, the same way Malo Claus does for the Original UUniverses. Thus, even though they set him free, Aoch still intends to have them punished just like all the others who tried to shut down his business, as it is proper etiquette that anyone who declares the business that keeps villains from being depressed throughout the entire holiday to be destroyed. Thus, the heroes have to set things right however they can. All the while, keep their reputation from being destroyed by a Tiiken named Joll E. Fuk, who's infamous for being a Kraansmas Traditionalist and hates the idea from "Rewarding the Wicked", and, unshockingly, Aoch's most serious arch-enemy, making the Lougers worry that if they lose Grand Council and the USRA Races protection, they would be sitting ducks to UIS scrutanity once more. Enraged villains? A Pissed off Dark Kraansmas Lord? An Anti-Dark Kraansmas Nut with too much credability with the Grand Council? SO, not what our heroes had in mind for the holidays in the AUU.


Joll's Deception Revealed/Final Battle


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