The Evolutionaries are a group of unknown Zootopian visionaries that existed since the days of Austria Pith whose goal is to 'make animal society evolve' through terrorist acts. It is hinted that people like Bellwether, Whyte, and Swineton were all members of this organization given they have tattoos that are symbols of the organization, but such a thing is so unknown, even THEY have no idea who their master is. Turns out, the organization has had a lot of periods because, as proven by the Mammoth of Zootopia, predators and prey have NEVER had perfect relations with each other, and the Night Howlers and Day Dreamers have been used by all the world's prehistoric eras from the Cambrian all the way to present day, though the Night Howlers and Day Dreamers didn't start out as flowers, given that flowers didn't exist during the first days of life on the world of Zootopia. Thus, the two flowers allowed the many ages of animal evolution to be sentient and later unsentient in periods called 'Before Co-Existence' (BCE or BC) and 'After Dawn' (AD), as many times as the time periods ended and began with extinction event after extinction event. However, remnants of the past BC-AD eras still exist in the form of a reserve known as Dinosica, which contains not just dinosaurs, but animals before and after, existing in a subterranean utopia similar to Zootopia and one of the most famous prehistoric undergrounds since Hades, Pellucidar, and many others. The Evolutionaries have some apparent origin to this underground society, and they are having a crazy effect on the surface world.


The Evolutionaries began at just around the Silurian Period, when the ancestors of Day Dreamers and Night Howlers began evolving on land, strengthening their effects as spreading their toxins in air was more effective than spreading underwater. The first creatures affected by these new descendants was tetrapods, and the second were the inferior cephalopods like ammonites and orthocones. While the tetrapods would become the first of what's known as the Primal Chain Animals, the cephalopods would aim to find the secret to their intelligence, but were limited due to their aquatic nature. The cephalopods would come to be the earliest Evolutionaries.

In the Devonian Period, Tiktaalik became the next Primal Chain Animals while trilobites would be the next Evolutionaries. Now able to crawl on land, the trilobites are close in discovering the Day Dreamers and Night Howlers' ancestors, but they are unable to do so with their limited range, especially since the Tiktaalik were more evolutionarily advanced. Though they would continue onward, another branch of Sanctocaris saw a better way and this branch would eventually spawn the Feral Monarchs. In the Carboniferous Period, Hylonomus and labyrinthodonts became the top species, as labyrinthodonts, as amphibians, had learned the secret of the previous Primal Chain Animals and learned how to live on land, allowing them to finally discover the ancestors of Day Dreamers and Night Howlers. But they were unable to grasp the powers of their toxins. In the Permian Period, Thrinaxodon and Cotylosaurs became the next top animals, as the cotylosaurs grew more advanced and became scientologist alchemists aiming to steal the secrets of the sentience-controlling effects of the Day Dreamers and Night Howlers.

By the Mesozoic Period, early mammals and avian dinosaurs became the top animals. In the Triassic, it was Trirachodon and coelurosaurs. In the Jurassic, it was Megazostrodon and Aurornis. And finally in the Cretaceous, it was Purgatorius and Dromaeosaurus. The mammals excelled in protecting their secrets because of their social and isolated habitats, as to combat the agility and lethality of the current Evolutionaries, the highly-intelligent raptors. By the KT Extinction, mammals seemingly heard the last of the Evolutionaries, with Purgatorius remaining the Primal Chain Animals until Dromaeosaurus was replaced with the most successful second-class intelligent species, the terror birds, which were aggressive in nature and were dedicated missionaries.

The terror birds became the most successful Evolutionary species to compete against the Primal Chain Animals, even when they advance from Purgatorius to Darwinius in the Eocene, eosimians in the Oligocene, Pliopithecus in the Miocene, Paradolichopithecus in the Pliocene, and finally Paranthropus in the Pleistocene. Primates were the crucial species of Primal Chain Animals, but the terror birds were growing successful and managed to decimate the last of the Primal Chain Animals in the Pleistocene, leaving the last of their kind, a newcomer anomalous species named Austria Pith, to ensure that the secrets that were finally discovered and abused, wouldn't be used for evil, gaining a Gigantopithecus friend named Koeningswald and building the foundations of modern society for Zootopia while dodging the Titanis barbarian Pierce, who killed Koeningswald and got killed by Austria years later.

After the terror birds died off and left the Evolutionaries to die along with them, during the Quaternary Period, the Predator and Prey Clans of the Savage Ages rediscovered the newly-evolved Day Dreamers and Night Howlers, which blessed them with the gift of sentience and yet not humility. After the events of the Extinction Ages, the coexistence of predators and prey bringing in the Dark Ages of Natural Selection allowed some predators to discover the body of Pierce, whose symbol was able to lead to the Evolutionaries' cure emblem, discovering through lost documents and ruins of the Evolutionaries' ancient mission. With this coinciding with the anti-equality beliefs of the Dark Ages of Natural Selection, the Evolutionaries were reborn as a conqueror force, and as time passed, they became a splinter group of terrorists.

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