The Extinctioners are an Alternate UUniversal group of Rabodans that formed ever since the Human-Rabodan War long ago when it's founder and distant ruler of the Rabodans, Baron Sidebottom, was embittered at the outcome of the war and that the two races had a truce due to evenly-matched military. Sidebottom was dedicated to the cause because he viewed humans as a disgusting, blasphemous, and primitive race with no place in the AUU ever since the simple fact that the Humans got into sentience because of tecnological interfearence, something that Radodans don't view postively, and was a major factor why the war exist along side a plethera of other politicaly motivated reasons. His descendant, Overlord Gen I Side, would continue running the Extinctioners and continue his ancestor's plan. Gen would continue to run the Extinctioners until his ancestor's goal was completed, as he planned to use a hidden nuclear arsenal to launch a full-scale assault on the humans in their current territory in The Tranquility Zone upon either gaining control of the AUU Interdimensional Portal or to make their own if getting the already existing one was proven too impossable for certain reasons. Their signature symbol is the extinction symbol '†'.


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  • Overlord Gen I Side- The leader and current descendant of the Extinctioners' founder, the leader of the Rabodans during the Human-Rabodan War, Baron Sidebottom.
  • Scratcher- A predatory feline that is a feral beast and pet of Gen. He was born from an unsentient animal that gained sentience from a mutagen after his entire pack was killed by human hunters. He now has the combined personality of A Bug's Life Thumper and Hotel Transylvania 2 Bella, as he is incredibly animalistic and vicious, with a monstrous prejudice against humans, though can speak on certain occasions.
  • Doctor Aberrant- A Rabodan scientist that comes from a long line of Rabodan geneticists with doctorates in both bioengineering and evolutionary biology. He joined because not only does he agree that the humans are a weak race since they advanced from ill-gotten assistance, but also because his father had discovered a genetic anomaly within AUU humans that proved that they could've evolved well-enough on their own, as the anomaly not only granted them things such as increased learning and the famous Cerwan's Mutation (A mutation that allows the individual to evolve through maturity depending on the environment), but this also made him and his son fear that, if the humans were to go into Teadr 1 status, they could suffer the same fate as another Teadr 1 race that could evolve rapidly and used their newfound power to begin an ancient conquest. Despite the fact that such a discovery was of little concern to Gen, it did prove his beliefs, and Aberrant himself acknowledged that the humans should be put out of their misery because the USRA races have given them Stockholm syndrome ('Slavemyge's syndrome' in AUU terms). His knowledge in AUU human biology and their own societies have allowed him to develop backup weapons that the humans were easily vulnerable to.

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