the Fang Empire Flag

The Fang Empire is a disbanded villain orginization that was formerly ruled by Emperor Fang, an evil twin of Sir Hiss and co-ruled by Iago's money-obsessed brother Othello. They have been known to be the first to have gained limited access to the horrid technology of the Darkspawn lord of machinery, Teridax and his Makuta armies. Their base was located in a certain area on the Makuta world of Spherus Magna. They attempted to conquer worlds for their oppressive cruelty, and to make others believe they only wanted what's best, as symbolized by their flag. However, this team didn't last very long as a traitor within Fang's ranks, Dark Dragon, had betrayed Fang and had him and Othello captured by the Shell Lodgers, leaving Dark Dragon to take over and convert the Fang Empire into The Dark Dragon Scourge Empire.

Former Members

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