The Fantasy Council is an Alternate UUniversal council consisting of all known AUU fairy tale characters that have been cherished in both literature and film, particularly in the famous Qalton Mimzy Films. Found on the fantasy world of Chronicus, the Council lives in the Castle of Chronicles which is found on a high mountain on an island in the center of the Chronicle Kingdom which consists of over 17 individual kingdoms spread throughout the surrounding continents. The Council and the Chronicle Kingdom is ruled by 17 princesses and their families, each of these princesses sharing hearts so pure, they intertwine with each other, and give each other sisterhood and powers worthy of the AUU Gods, even making them, in a way, immortal. These 17 princesses, for a majority, are the only humans that have stayed behind during the Villains Act because they refused to leave their kingdoms and their sisterhood. Though when the Villains Act threatened to conquer the Chronicle Kingdom to harness the Princesses' powers, their powers in combat and magic have made them too much for the Villains Act to handle, and after 25 failed attempts, have ceased anymore attacks, leaving Chronicus in eternal peace. Some downsides in the Princesses' power is that they relied on each other to stay strong, so when one or more is lost, the others get weaker in combat until they are no more. Though they have always kept that from being used as an advantage with their unbelievable powers. The rest of the fairy tale characters in the Council have had their own part in the Council, proving to be just as brave and skilled as the Princesses. These princesses and their fairy tale friends are dedicated to protect their own home no matter the cost as they have during their own stories, and still does to this very day. Though these characters are by technicality immortal, they only die by going through several generations depending upon the story, movie, or video game they're in.


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Members and Enemies


  1. Princess Shiri- The leading princess of the Council and a protagonist of the story Hearts of Pure Prosperity. Though she is the youngest of the princesses, she has proven to have the purest heart out of all the princesses, and has proven to be more smart in combat and magic than any of the other princesses. She was raised on an isolated island with some friends and because her heart was more pure than the other Princesses and it helped stop the first Villains Act attack, she was made the new leader, and her two friends are in the royal guard. She is the AUU version of Kairi.
  2. Princess Thelody- An Angellan princess who is an expert at Teadr 1 technology and the keeper of several high-tech artifacts. She is the main antihero character of the Angellan Gnostic-like fairy tale Æons and Angels, where she tries to steal back her kingdom when it's revealed her family weren't the rightful rulers, clashes with her antithesis and love interest, the prince of the Grand Aeons, Master Aeonox, and forms a syzygy-like bond to help defeat the prince's evil, over-vindictive, and manipulative uncle Aethemeus, and bring balanced peace to their heavenly kingdom in the clouds. She shares one of the strongest pure hearts of any of the princesses in the Fantasy Council, possessing a wide knowledge of science and information, being a former datakeeper in a data library, working as the head of the Castle of Chronicles' data library. She is said to be as beautiful as knowledge itself.
  3. Princess Arixie- A princess from a kingdom that descended from the neighboring planet of Majiborn, and came from a Sujimusian fairy tale called The Dark Warrior. She is an expert at charms and hexes, and is distinguished for having cat-like features, giving her natural agility, increased senses, and a bit of a cat-like personality. She was raised in royalty and since her father was murdered by the dark shadow wizard Zhadow, who took over and exiled the entire royal bloodline out of the kingdom. Arixie, wanting to avenge her father, set up a resistance to fight against Zhadow and his Shadow Shoguns. Zhadow placed a bounty on Arixie's head since she had the purity and strength to defeat him, though she prevailed, though not with the sacrifice of several more members of her family. Though with the help of an unlikely guard Cremble, was able to stop Zhadow for good. Arixie cast a life-threatening hex on Cremble to cure him of the shadow infection he was inflicted with in battle at the beginning of the story, and the two got married later.
  4. Princess Falma- A princess from the fairy tale known as Reljim's Tale. She is a princess fighter who came from a kingdom in the deserts of Chronicus which was ruled by her sultan father, and she was looking for a lot of things in her life until a business trip lead to her meeting Alagen Tomes, who was at first forbidden to marry a commoner, but then ran away due to being pushed too far with it. She ended up helping Alagen rescue their land from the evils of Jaragat and his plans for the Reljim. Her heroic achievement has lead to her becoming a pure-hearted fighter and a member of the many princesses in the Fantasy Council. She is the AUU version of Jasmine.
  5. Princess Hyrdema- A Neustoid princess who lives on a Neustoid water-land kingdom and fell in love with a human prince. However, so has another jealous Neustoid who ends up framing her for a crime against the humans' family, leaving the jealous neustoid to win his heart. Though the jealous Neustoid ends up being discovered by complete accident by the prince and banished from the waterlands, and after the jealous neustoid makes a deal with a sea witch to get revenge and nearly kills the kingdoms until the two defeated her, the two got married as they both gained the power to become a human or a Neustoid at will. She is essentially the AUU version of Ariel.
  6. Princess Abeyance- A beautiful princess who has always been silent, never learning how to speak except for a few giggles, groans, sobs, and so on. But despite this, she could communicate with life, and was considered the fairest of her land. She was a very expressive girl, but her evil queen stepmother tried to become much more fairer through magic, but ended up losing it completely, thus, blaming Abeyance, she tried to have her killed many times, and succeeded until she was revived by a childhood friend she fell in love through more than a kiss, and rescued thanks to help from animal friends. She is the AUU version of Snow White.
  7. Princess Goliana- A golden-haired princess which is the ruler of the land of Goliana. When her mother was cured at pregnancy by a healing power stolen from a neutrally-bitter enchantress, the enchantress undid the healing, and caused both parents to die, leaving the enchantress to take their place as queen and brainwashing the town into having no memory. However, with help from a new love interest, the carefree and heavily-enchanted golden-haired Goliana discovered the ruse, and the enchantress takes revenge when her property is threatened again by killing the love interest and placing a destructive curse onto the kingdom to have it disappear into nothingness unless Goliana makes a binding oath to stay forever, the enchantress ends up violating terms of her eternal youth, and dies of progressive aging as punishment for her crimes, and Goliana's boyfriend is resurrected with the same powers as Goliana, and the curse is effectively cancelled out because of the enchantress' death. She is the AUU version of Rapunzel.
  8. Princess Uriana- A princess who is actually a native-born interdimensional traveller who behaves in alien ways, not fitting in well to the dimension she lived in, to where she became a stranger to her peers, couldn't exist in her home universe because of being exiled and had to go there because of it's newfound power when an unstoppable evil wizard capable of reality manipulation through stolen quantum spells proved to be too much. However, beating him at his own game with friends, she managed to adapt to dimensional spells, stop the wizard, and earn a family of her own.
  9. Princess Caeserella- A princess which was raised by an evil tyrant stepmother that always kept her indoors and made her do chores 24-7, in order to keep her from fulfilling the wishes of her biological warrior father to stop her and free their home once and for all, though believed her mother and biological father were both peasant thanks to her lies. When sneaking out and meeting a handsome and brave prince and leader of a resistance, she fell in love. Though when this lead to the stepmother getting in the way and having her about to be killed, this lead to the prince fighting and arresting the stepmother. She and the prince have since been married. Her heart was pure enough to wield the same power the 17 princesses wield. She is the AUU version of Cinderella.
  10. Princess Odromeda- A princess that was raised during a time of war on the planet Biemna in the tall tale story of War or Peace, and had been exposed to so much violence, she became an utterly war-instinctive girl that learned how to plan strategies faster than the common strategist, and she had become naturally agile, fast, and powerful in magic spells and charms. However, this made her believe that she had to be tough all the time and show no weakness even if she had a lot of it, especially when a pacifist male falls in love with her and tries to teach her that life is not always violence, resulting in the risk of both kingdoms being endangered as they were split apart in lore for a reason, later resolving and reuniting again, the two becoming a couple and love each other for being polar opposites.
  11. Princess Noella- A carefree princess who ran away from her own kingdom for being a tyrannical dictatorship, and became a very excitable, lovable, and famously notorious local friend to everyone she meets, wishing for more than what she has until she ends up having to defeat another carefree vagabond and notorious figure who tries to win her heart by logical reasoning by turning her life against her, and even turning her into her evil father while trying to kill a local monster suffering a grieving curse, until everything was resolved, and the two lived happily ever after. She is, in a way, a twisted version of Belle.
  12. Princess Zephne- A gaming princess who lives in a wealthy gambling kingdom of magic, technology, and so on, living a questionable life without rules after she left it all selfishly, but discovered she had to change when her actions were having a damaging effect against what she could handle, undoing what she started, and remaining carefree as her parents apologized for pushing her in the first place.
  13. Princess Doila- A warrior girl who wished to stop a war to save her family in a land where women aren't allowed to be part of the military, and discovering from her magically-resurrected friend warrior who sided with the villains as a result of being killed by penalty of being part of the military against the laws, even if she was an inch closer to ending the enemy they were fighting, and even betraying the enemy and taking over everything to destroy her home instead, yet she was reformed as the resurrection was what corrupted her, and winning the war and proving females can be as tough as men. She is the AUU version of Mulan.
  14. Princess Natrine- A princess as beautiful as nature itself who has been naturally born from it, and was made to be part of it. She defends nature with her life, and has the power to control animals, shapeshift into any kind of animal, and do many amazing things, and originally had a distrust against sentient beings for their damage to the environment until learning that they have life in it as well, even when being turned against it many times by a nature fanatic who intended to destroy all sentient life for being 'too dangerous to live', falling in love with a human who loves nature and comes to live with her in her home. She is, in a way, the AUU version of Pocahontas.
  15. Princess Persha- A young princess who was accidentally launched away from home to AUU society, and learned the hard way that life isn't a fairy tale where singing a song or anything magically comes true, when she had to save everyone from the horror she had to endure. In a way, she's the AUU version of Alice, going to a world of chaos from a world of peace.
  16. Princess Auranica- A princess whose specialized in the art of tech-magic, a field which is incredibly rare in the rest of the AUU, being the one who ultimately mastered it since she was 18. After being nearly murdered by an evil vengeful tech sorceress for denying her the right to tech-magic back in the days of controversial laws and handing this gift later on to their daughter upon age 5, by having her poisoned by an incurable ailment and die with nothing, not even tech-magic, to save her. She gets far thanks to her superior power, but though the cure is discovered but given too late, even when the sorceress was killed, Auranica comes back to life as a spirit of tech-magic that takes physical form and becomes mortal once again. She is essentially the AUU version of Aurora.
  17. Princess Sophra- The second youngest of the princesses behind Shiri, and among the most carefree and high-spirited, eccentric, tomboyish, and ultimately bold and daring. Being a princess just as blessed and enchanted as Shiri, this young girl is on the verge of greatness since she became a princess that is still looking for her place with all the enchantments she has, defeating many monsters and doing good deeds, and continues searching by fighting alongside the Fantasy Council.

Other Members

  • Biroc- A daring and young knight and main protagonist in the story Hearts of Pure Prosperity who is Princess Shiri's childhood friend and possible love interest, as the two were raised on a distant island called Crystal Island during the beginning of the Villains Act. The two, along with their other friends, Qion and Jaces, have fought during the first invasion of the Villains Act, and Shiri possessed enough purity in her heart to fight alongside the other princesses, and quell off the villains. As a result, despite her age, her purity, as well as the purity of most of her friends, were greater than even them combined. So while Shiri would be the new leader, Biroc, Qion, and Jaces would be knighted, given magic swords with unbelievable magic capabilities, and Biroc would be the commander of all the non-Princess members and the royal guard. He is basically the AUU version of Sora.
  • Qion- A female knight and a protagonist of the story Hearts of Pure Prosperity who was one of the friends of Biroc and Princess Sairi who was also raised on Crystal Island. She is an orphan who was raised by an extinct clan of bounty hunters after an unknown enemy wiped them out, leaving her to be adopted by a family on this island. When she helped assist in fending off the first Villains Act attack, she became one of the greatest knights in the royal guard. She is exceptionally skilled in magic and melee combat, and knows how to heal injured comrades. She is the AUU version of Xion, though not a Heartless since they don't exist in the AUU.
  • Jaces- A knight and a protagonist in the story Hearts of Pure Prosperity who was one of the friends of Birac and the ex-boyfriend of Princess Sairi who was raised on Crystal Island in it's capital city of Crystall. He was the son of a family that was good friends to it's mayor, and dreamed of being a famous warrior who would defend his home from tyranny. Then he gained his chance by helping defend Chronicus from the first Villains Act attack, becoming a rookie in training for the Princess' royal guard. He has been known to easily balance out dark arts and light magic during one of his many adventures, and learned to become a highly-skilled knight. He is the AUU version of Riku.
  • Gemixi- An antihero and a supporting characters and former antagonist in the stories of Hearts of Pure Prosperity who is a rival of Biroc that was originally a part of the Princesses' royal guard until he vanished after overhearing that the Princesses were considering kicking him out due to his arrogance, pride, and ego. He has been doing independent fights ever since, and only fought Biroc because he felt that he was more superior. He is a selfish rogue who, despite doing some herowork, believes he is the best, and is willing to fight the best to do so, even fighting enemies more powerful than him regardless of the risk, or even letting them be more powerful than him depending upon the enemy. Though this gets him in more trouble, he is still considered a good friend to Biroc despite their rivalry. In a way, he is an AUU combination of Roxas and Vegeta.
  • Queen Atlana- An android mermaid-like queen who is the secret ruler of the Atlathinusians on Kikkali Mimn, which is a lost ancient Teadr 1 city of Watan origin, and one of the many surviving colonies of their creations since their extinction to Calalria. She was one of the many Atlathinusians who preserved a part of her body just to remain feeling organic. Though she still remains a robot, she still has organic capabilities such as reproduction. She had been known to assist the surviving person who discovered this place into helping share their knowledge in hopes that it'll restore them since a war that rendered them a weakening race of AIs. However, her evil uncle Duke Sethald, determined for his kingdom's safety, had him drowned in secret, and tried to burn all of his documents, only to miss a few important documents as they remained hidden until the grandchild of that explorer, Scyson Ocult, came and tried to learn it's secrets despite the Duke forbidding visitors like him. However, he was able to discover the lost documents, and learned about the Duke's deception upon discovering his grandfather's body. Despite almost being drowned to death by the Duke, he was rescued by Atlana and his friends, and together they had the Duke stopped as he ended up accidentally killing himself. Ever since, Atlana became the rightful queen, and after discovering the past of Atlathinus, it was best that they left it a secret. But after spending one last night with Scyson, she ended up getting pregnant and having several kids. Though the two had promised to keep in touch, while Scyson would become a hero who assists the Fantasy Council in not just defending the secret of Atlathinus, but also helping protect their kingdom in return.
  • Master Æonox- An Angellan warrior prince who serves as the son of the Grand Aeons in the Angellan fairy tale Æons and Angels, a Gnostic-themed story about how an unlikely female Angellan named Thelody met the prince, and form a syzygy-like bond to defeat a corrupt Aeon and Aeonox's uncle named Aemetheus, who seeked to use the never-ending pool of knowledge, purity, and energy called the Gnosticon to take over the kingdom and later the world. Aeonox and Thelody learned from the isolated Gnosticon demiurge Aethiria, who taught and inspired them to unlock their romantic syzygy bond, and give both equal strength and abilities, allowing them to defeat Aemetheus no matter how strong he got, and banish him to the Sige Zone forever. Ever since, Aeonox became a leading fighter in the royal guard of the Fantasy Council. Both he and Thelody fought at the same strength, and each grew stronger the more one of them trained, but they also require their own bond to remain strong. So, if one dies or weakens, so does the other.
  • Taran Pan- An immortal child and main character of the story Island of Young Dreams who resides on an island called Young Island, which he protects from evil pirates including Captain Vu Granse, and never grows up. He lives with other small immortal children and shares friends in the form of several tribesman, Neustoids, Zrixes, and other mythical creatures. He has a Zrix companion named Noina Bell who is very powerful and can grant flight. Taran is the AUU version of Peter Pan, and his Island is in a similar setting to the movie Pan, with more suspense. Taran is an incredibly skilled flier and combatant who, like Peter, doesn't understand love or adult things that much, but learns enough to get around.
  • Serosity- An immortal deity who was told of in over several fairy tale stories on Chronicus, and was born close to the end of the AUU First Cartoonian War on an unknown ocean world, and has a very pleasant past. She was born as the daughter of a mortal water-loving human and a minor god of water named Uarpaquis, who was exiled along with the rest of the AUU Gods when Serosity was only 8 months old. Being raised by her mortal mother, and spending a lot of time with her water nymyan friends, she grew in a pleasant childhood and gained god-like abilities including the ability to breath underwater, had the ability to control aquatic wildlife, could water-bend, and had a massive intelligence. She quickly grew in these abilities, and upon reaching age 21, she left with her nymyan friends to search for adventure and founded a kingdom of neustoids and nymyans to act as her subjects. Though at age 667, she grew in her power so much, she was able to cause an accident that used tritium and hydroxide to merge the water and the air in the atmosphere together to create a gelatinous atmosphere that was breathable to both land and sea creatures. Naming the planet after herself, Serosity grew into becoming this world's herald and guardian, able to shapeshift into any aquatic animal, and had never been seen for over a billion years. She was eventually made a member of the Council for her power and her legacy. Though she wasn't a princess, she was still a legendary figure.
  • Cremble- A warrior prince descended from Majiborn who is the main character of the fairy tale called The Dark Warrior, even going by the same nickname. He was raised in a world of poverty during the brink of a deadly war against the deadly Shadow Shoguns created and lead by the nefarious warrior wizard Zhadow. Cremble was a warrior that ended up getting infected by a Shadow Shogun and was doomed to sadly die within a week. He ran away as an independent warrior who met the royal family that was overthrown, including their beautiful daughter Princess Arixie, which Zhadow was trying to hunt down for her unbelievable power that had the potential to destroy Zhadow, and was the true heir to the throne due to her father being murdered by him. Training with her, Cremble fell in love with the princess until the final battle against Zhadow left Cremble seemingly long-gone by his infection. But Arixie was able to perform a life-threatening spell that brought him back, but gave him a balance of the code of a Shadow Shogun, giving him the ability to transform into a dark and nearly-invulnerable form for a temporary amount of time. This ability seems to serve him well as a knight for the Fantasy Council's royal guard. Cremble later got married to Arixie, and thus became a prince and a leading warrior in the royal guard.
  • Pixollo- A child android which has been known to have been introduced in the book Adventures of Pixollo. Pixollo was originally a child named Pixi who was killed by a tragic accident and was reborn as a biomechanical android by his grieving father's AI Blu, promising to make him a real boy again if he redeems himself because his selfishness lead to his death in the first place. And so, with the help of his friend and later love interest Marxene and a mouse-sized droid conscience Finn-TX, he got the bravery to redeem his past by rescuing Marxene and his father from a giant Whule, and when dying after short-circuiting from the water due to too much damage, Blu transferred his consciousness into a Pixi clone and brought him back to life, satisfied that he has finally redeemed himself as a hero. Despite the clone body having a bit of machinery inside him to grant him the abilities he had as an android, he was free to use what he gained for good in the Council of Fantasy. This is the AUU version of Pinocchio.
  • Pertram the Piper- A fairy tale character from the story The Piper Bounty Hunter who has been known to possess a musical instrument capable of mind-control and uncontrollable dancing. In his fairy tale, he used this to rescue his loved ones after feeling disgraced for using the instrument for personal gain as a bounty hunter. He is the AUU version of Shrek Pied Piper, only he was capable of speech.
  • Guck- A troll-like creature and a cunning trickster from the tall tale called The Trick that Doomed the World. He is a small antihero who is capable of magical things. After almost causing his own home planet to be destroyed by one of his tricks, he ended up going antihero to save it. With great tricks come great strategy, and so his skills have often been helpful for the Fantasy Council when they were fighting off their enemies. He often gets the heroes into trouble, and the heroes themselves often have trouble trusting him. Though he never lives with the fairy tale characters because he could never get past security most of the time, he can still find ways to sneak into their living room to either have fun or to give advice. He is basically the AUU version of Puck.
  • Maxus-001- A robot which is the main character of a fairy tale tragedy called Wired Emotion. This story is about a robot which develops feelings in a land where robots were nothing but evil, and a rebellion faction was trying to reprogram these robots into developing free will so they can overcome their search-and-destroy programming. One robot, dubbed Maxus-001 by the rebels, was plugged into a virtual fantasy environment where it would slowly build a relationship with a human female named Cici, unaware that she is actually a virtual matrix unit programmed to rehabilitate Maxus. Later on after the robot has a happy ending after a grand adventure of learning lessons and saving 'Cici' from a monster, the outside robots find the base and lay waste to it. When Maxus finds out 'Cici' is a virtual unit, it discovers that the real Cici is dying, and developing a crush on her due to it's training, he transfers her consciousness into the virtual unit to be with her. Much to it's dismay, Cici screams herself into dissolving, malfunctioning, and dying when she realizes she is trapped in a critically-unstable machine. Distraught, and actually crying, Maxus starts to fight with the rebels to end the robot war, and in 7 years time, the war has been ended and Maxus is a war hero. Maxus' accomplishment eventually made it a member of the Fantasy Council, and worthy enough to wield a knight's magic sword.
  • Alagen Tomes- A human and main character of the fairy tale story Reljim's Tale who has been known to be an orphan who earned a princess's heart through the discovery and rescuing of wish-granting ancient people called the Reljim, which had limitations on their wishes depending upon how powerful the individual contained within any known treasure is. He rescued the entirity of the people from being enslaved by an evil sorcerer named Jaragat, who wanted access to enough magic to wipe out all that opposed him. Though he ended up rendering Jaragat a member of that race and be imprisoned and later recovered, only to be defeated again and destroyed for good.
  • Xan and Yan- A married couple that is the result of a tragic story called Dooming Marriage. They are a couple that were cursed by a Chinese-like warlock into being polar opposites, and thus Xan and Yan became good and evil, Xan being utterly evil which worsened his fate because of being born of a criminal family, and Yan being good and the daughter of a ruthless and strict law enforcer, as the warlock hoped this would damage their lives and destroy much of his home for him to take over, until the two found a way to switch their moralities, resulting in Xan being good, and Yan being evil, and thus resulting in the married couple fighting each other, yet still remaining happily married, being antihero members of the Council.

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Assisting Members

  • Toud Stryke- A human who is like the AUU version of Cloud Strife from the story Dead World and takes place in the same universe as Hearts of Pure Prosperity. He is a supersoldier that was enhanced with dark magic and retained the memories and skills of a deceased friend, including a colossal energy blade. He is a very strong, durable, and nearly-unstoppable antihero who had bested the Council's Royal Knights in battle, including Biroc, Gemixi, Qion, and Jaces. He has had over a dozen girlfriends in his life travelling as a vagabond, and had been in over a hundred gladiator tournaments increasing his skill, powers, strength, durability, agility, stamina, speed, and his magical powers.
  • Sunber- A young human girl who is Taran's partner, best friend, and has a crush on him that his childishness blinds him from. She is the daughter of an Indian chief, and after she watches over Taran in his return to his homeland, she helps fight off Nothingverse, and later his son Captain Vu Granse, and despite trying to charm and seduce him through wearing provocative attire and even kissing him, he is all but impossible to have a relationship with, and despite this causing arguments between her and Noina Bell, she still serves as a good protector of Taran, living in his home of Imagination Tree. She is the AUU parallel to Tiger Lily in Neverland.
  • Noina Bell- A Zrix who is a main character in Island of Young Dreams known to be a trusted companion of Taran. She is a very skilled magic-caster who can fly at fast speeds, turn invisible, is mostly silent aside from a few words, and has a secret life as a bachelorette with male Zrixes. She is the AUU version of Tinker Bell, and like Tinker Bell, claiming disbelief in what she is can be fatal to her, though instead of clapping, the cure is a magical healing spell that only Zrixes and rarely a few highly-skilled people know. Hopefully, such an event is unlikely since they are already real enough to believe.
  • Lost Young- Several children who live in Young Island with Taran, and serve as his comrades. Ever since their home was destroyed by Nothingverse, they helped Taran defeat him, and now live in his treehouse home of the Imagination Tree. Though they are the AUU parallel to The Lost Boys, they are more similar in appearance to the Lost Boys in Hook.
  • Finn-TX- A mouse-sized robot and main character of Adventures of Pixollo which was built by Pixollo's father, and was told by BLU to be his conscience upon his revival as an android so he can redeem himself for what he did to cause his death. Throughout the story, Finn accompanies Pixollo, though fails to convince him out of things including wanting to help Malcolm and fall for his tricks. He is also a kind of a lookout and spy for Pixollo. When Pixi is brought back as more than just a real boy, Finn was rewarded with several things, particularly a digital badge of licensed conscious-bot, as well as a kiss due to him being able to develop feelings upon Pixollo's father installing BLU in his household. He is the AUU version of Jiminy Cricket.
  • BLU-G5- The Generation 5 Blue Liability Unit is an artificial intelligence service unit and supporting character in Adventures of Pixollo which, in a way, provides therapeutic assistance, fulfills needs of several people including personal wishes, and even serves as a bit of a rehabilitative unit on Chronicus. She is a downloadable system that rarely takes the virtual/holographic form of a beautiful blue Zrix. She was responsible for turning both Pixollo and Malcolm into androids, and offered to make them normal again if they redeemed their mistakes. Though while Malcolm would blow his last chance for her to return him back to a normal Macorlean and be reduced to a supervillain life, Pixollo would do better than him by stopping him and rescuing his father and girlfriend from him. She has done several other things for people, whether it be a wish or other purpose. She is basically the AUU version of the Blue Fairy.
  • Marxene- A little human girl and supporting character in Adventures of Pixollo who has been a friend of Pixollo since before he became the android hero he is today. She is the daughter of Pixollo's father's ex-fiancé, and despite Pixollo's selfishness, she still liked him, and was also a good person for him to talk to. They even share a time when Marxene helped Pixollo out with his frustrations about being reduced into 'bribery' with BLU, and the two suddenly started to form a romantic relationship. Later on, she is kidnapped by Malcolm and fed to a predatory Whule along with Pixollo's father. She was actually impressed that Pixollo would swim several miles just to rescue her and his father, and before escaping, the two share their first kiss. She was legitimately broken-hearted when Pixollo was fatally-damaged, and when Pixollo was revived as a semi-android and sent Malcolm to jail, the two became a couple. Over time, she talks about becoming a semi-android like Pixollo so she can fight alongside him in the Council despite her parents' disagreements.

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  • Lord Gothaxort- A dark and extremely-powerful Centarra and main antagonist of Hearts of Pure Prosperity which is known for being Chronicus' Worst Enemy #1 for being around for thousands of years, slaughtering billions of people during his reign, and for his unholy abilities that are a challenge to even the Fantasy Council. He lives in the farthest territories from the Castle of Chronicles and has tried for years to wipe out the Council. His black heart easily matches the pure heart of Princess Shiri, and she has been the best one to stand up to him and win every time. His tyrannical rule and iron-fist make him a force to be reckoned with. He occasionally teams with other Chronicusian villains if it means his own benefit. He has an army of other Centarras that are almost as powerful as him and can come in thousands. He is basically a combination of Xehanort and Tirek.
  • Sirioth- A demonic Skyple who was like the AUU version of Sephiroth and comes from the fairy tale Dead World. But unlike Sephiroth, he has two black wings, and was also magically enhanced by the same experiments as Toud, his sworn enemy and evenly-matched arch-nemesis. The two have equal abilities, and can rarely best each other in combat. Even Toud's sword is unable to kill him as he has a magical healing factor that can allow him to recover. He can wield plasma from his hands and manifest weapons from them at will. He can fly, is a powerful psychic, magician, and he currently serves as the second-in-command of Gothaxort's evil empire against the Fantasy Council.
  • Malcolm McXalvage- A greedy Macorlean roboticist and main antagonist of Adventures of Pixollo who, in his teenage youth, was a delinquent that was just as selfish as Pixollo before he was turned into an android. Since being turned into an android and completely blowing his chance to become organic again with his continued selfishness, he took his pain out on everyone around him by becoming a roboticist and overthrowing the CEO of a robot company, taking misbehaving children to a revamped funfair and turning them into mind-controlled android slaves for his plan to create a technocratic empire. Luckily, Pixollo confronted him after he kidnapped his father and girlfriend Marxene and feeding them to a predatory Whule and was rewarded with becoming human again, sending him to jail for his crimes. Pixollo perfectly understood the situation that Malcolm had been in, saying "If things had gone a bit differently, I could've been just like him."
  • Capitan Nothingverse- A space pirate from Young Island and the primary antagonist of Island of Young Dreams, and the father of Capitan Vu Granse. He is the personification of the cruelties of reality, and planned to thrust Young Island in such 18 times, the last few times being defeated by the mother of Taran, and lastly by Taran, who ended him once and for all even after he went so far to bring him out of hope, especially by killing his mother, easily striking him with an ultimate harshness of reality that almost defeated him, but with help from his friends in both his homes, especially Sunber and Wenby, he was able to kill him, ending his reign for the final time. He now serves as a spirit guide for Vu Granse. He is the AUU parallel to Blackbeard as portrayed in the 2015 live-action movie Pan.
  • Captain Vu Granse- A pirate and secondary, later primary, antagonist of Island of Young Dreams that hails from Young Island, and Taran Pan's archenemy. He was made immortal by the charm this island has that allows kids who enter to never grow up. He is a pirate with a cybernetic right eye and energy hook that uses plasma in several ways, and he wields a vibrosword. He has a crew consisting of his bumbling and dimwitted first mate Mr. Creebe, and a crew consisting of several cyborgs and rarely robots, all attaining traditional pirate attire. He vows revenge on Taran for taking his hand and eye, as well as the lost body parts of his own crew, and is constantly harassed by a Reefyockle that swallowed a comedy-bot of his, and now random comedy being heard is all it takes to know he's coming for prey.
  • Borgen EXO-19- A rogue military robot that, despite never being mentioned, was the one responsible for the robot empire that ruled the dystopia of the story Wired Emotion, and was never introduced until it's prequel story Wired Beginnings. Cause of a questionable desition to allow an incompident sciencetist create a truely faulty combat program meant to increase fighting efficiency on a neighboring planet to Chronicus, Borgen grew into a sadistic monster that used an army of a million robots to dominate his own planet, and with it under his control, he was eventually planning to conquer the world outside it, confident that his vastly-superior war machines and his power would be a match for even the Princesses. But eventually, hope came in the form of an emotionally-scarred robot named Maxus-001 that aided the rebellion to hold off the outside invasion plans for over 7 years until the empire crumbled, leaving Borgen to be sentenced to permanent termination for his crimes. While the original was destroyed for good, Borgen secretly made a duplicate of himself to continue his legacy so the AUU will never be done with him.
  • Zhadow- A power-hungry dark sorcerer who is the main antagonist of the story The Dark Warrior, in which his Shadow Shoguns are responsible for the infection that the main character, Cremble, has to fight with until he dies. Though he was able to defeat him before his crush, and the former princess of the royal family Zhadow overthrew, Princess Arixie, would heal his ailment at the risk of her own life. Zhadow has since been sent into exile in an artificial dark realm where he is plotting a way to get out and get revenge. Though he has never succeeded in doing this.
  • Jaragat- A powerful sorcerer and antagonist of Reljim's Tale who sought to rule over his entire home kingdom thanks to being an underappreciated vizier sought to be replaced and retired despite him trying to prove he could do better. He got back at his ruler master by using a Reljim, and used his first wish to become the most powerful sorcerer ever, but wished he never met the Reljim when he asked of a wish that was beyond his power, and disposed of him, hoping he'd never be used again, right until it went in the hands of Alagen Tomes, whose parents died in a business trip to Falma's kingdom due to Jaragat's influence, finding the lamp and using his first wish to be a prince and win the heart of Falma, who ran away because she was already in love with Alagen and was pushed too far with her obligations, saving her from being maimed for stealing, discovering together that her home had gotten a lot worse since she left, being run by Jaragat. Once Alagen discovered the Reljim Jaragat disposed of, he had to find a way to use the last wish, as the Reljim had to grant three wishes a year because of limited power, his first one being used for Jaragat, and the second for turning Alagen into a prince, leaving to them debating what the third should be. But by discovering Jaragat's overwhelming power when he plans to find a greater Reljim with no limits to his power, he discovers a way: free the Reljim from an eternity of servitude, and eliminate his boundaries and help stop Jaragat once and for all, succeeding with his unlimited power, and resulting in a happily ever after. Jaragat has since been planning revenge with Gothaxort. He even had a pet grarrot named Xoriago until he turned against him.
  • Maronica De Nelma- An evil neustoid who was in love with the same human prince as Princess Hyrdema, and stole his heart from her. When the ruse was discovered and exposed resulting in her exile, she went to a sea witch and gained the power to nearly destroy both kingdoms in a jealous rage, she is utterly defeated and killed, but resurrected as a member of Gothaxort's rogues gallery.
  • Valencia- A powerful and cunningly sadistic Gunsaglao sea witch who has an unknown history which ends in her making Faustian bargains with anyone who asks of her boundless services, yet in her case, a service always takes something else in return. She is the se witch that Maronica De Nelma made her deal with, and she sold any hope of redemption and anything similar in exchange for unlimited power to get revenge. She has since disappeared since her power was destroyed as punishment for her actions causing the near-destruction of two kingdoms, swearing revenge.
  • Queen Elehelde- A tyrannical and strict queen obsessed with beauty hoping it could give her a great life since she was harshly told that she'd never amount to anything by her abusive father, and humiliated terribly which resulted in a divorce of her husband. However, in trying to be more farer than her stepdaughter Abeyance, she ends up making herself an ugly hag, and blames her, intending to get revenge, and succeeds in killing her, until she later on gets exposed to potion wastes that cause her to age rapidly and die, while Abeyance is resurrected later on. She has since been resurrected by Gothaxort as part of his evil guild.
  • Enchantress Germaine- An evil enchantress who was given immense power and immortality by a higher power, but could only keep it if she used it responsibly. She thus had it for millennia until a healing power was stolen from her by royalty to cure a queen expecting a daughter. In response, Germaine reversed the effects the power granted, resulting in the queen dying and the father dying of infection. Their child, Goliana, was since raised by Germaine and she ran her parents' kingdom in their place, posing as her mother. But she discovered this lie, and makes the mistake of threatening to take away what was stolen in the first place for this, causing her to threaten to destroy her home unless she swears a binding oath to stay with her for the rest of her life. However, by doing this, she violates the terms of keeping her powers, as even though they stole from her, it lead to good results that she ended up destroying because of her greed, and by threatening her adopted daughter's home, she violates the redemption she made when killing her parents. Thus, all the power she had was taken from her and inserted into Goliana again (After it was cut by her boyfriend and angered her into fatally killing him) and resurrected her boyfriend and gave him the same powers, and all Germaine could do was watch in horror as her power was fading and she rapidly aged to death. She was then resurrected to be part of Gothaxort's group.

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