A Sphinx by the name of Sarcophagia, who was an ancient tyrant that owned a magic weapon called the Deity Alabaster, which could capture the souls of Alicorn Gods and use their godly powers, pretty much aims to do exactly that in aiming to restore the lost Sphinx Legacy lost because of his spieces pseudo-extinction, hunting down Alicornia in order to take all the souls. He captures the souls of the Celestial family and aims to capture more. He captures the souls of Aericolous, Maricolous, Princess Terricolous, Alicorn goddess of terrain, mountains, soil, land, ground, and the creator of many terrestrial creatures, Mana Magic and her mother and predecessor Queen Thaumeda. But he ends up subcoming to power-madness, completely forgets his goal to restore the Sphinxes and just goes on a Tirek-like rampage to the detriment of his sympathic henchmen, A Krylock named Venom-Snipe and a Pharohula named Kingus Tutus Dingusa, who try to keep Sarco on track but fail comedically miserably. Thus his plan changes and now he aims to go Thanos on Equestria and take the souls from Alicornia in order to destroy the worst of it and create a new world for him to rule. To stop him, the heroes and Lodgers must go to Sphinxia for the answers, and keep him from reaching Alicornia.

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