Narcotic gets a surprise visit from none other than his thought-to-be-deceased father Pathogenic, a recently reformed bioterrorist who devastated millions of worlds in the Alternate UUniverses with hundreds of epidemic plagues during the Villains' Act. Pathogenic, real name being Jarrod Wilcox, is grateful to be reunited with his son, and explained that his presumed death, being caused by an accidental Nanovirus leak, was overwhelmed when Pathogenic somehow built an immunity to Nanovirus infection. After he was presumed dead, Pathogenic's wife, Grace, moved to another planet with their infant son Tygo(Narcotic). After losing them, Pathogenic made amends for his life by retiring. However, what really happened was that after Narcotic's birth, Pathogenic created a serum that would make his body immune to any kind of pathogenic infection, and tested it on himself. As a result, it allowed him to survive his Nanovirus leak. He intended to use this power to continue his bioterrorism, and since then, he has worked on biological research for 15 years. Over time, he managed to create a genetically advanced superplague with the genetic combination of The Green Death, and the Black Death, which he managed to discover when transporting himself to the Original UUniverses, where he decided to study it's history, and eventually learn that his son is still alive, and that he was like his father until being reformed. Disgusted, Pathogenic plans to trick Narcotic into joining him in his plan to spread his superplague throughout the homeworlds of every hero in the Original AND Alternate UUniverses. It's up to the Lodge to find a way to stop him before it's too late.

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