The Fire King

The Fire King, AKA Impes Heaven or Impes Storm, is an Equestrian satyr and a member of The Storm King's clan who is among one of the many members to deviate from the clan by using more than just storms, but also utilize the power of the 4 elements. Fire King wields the power of fire to burn all his opponents with his Staff of Impes, having an entire army of Lampads, or beings made of pure fire, a Firedrake steed with a flame breath so deadly it can incinerate anything within a fraction of a second, and has his own firefox assistant named Flamboya. The Fire King has many powers including those of a dragon, having increased senses, but this can allow his semicircular canals to overload and cause a feeling similar to vertigo, a common ailment to dragons even outside the world of Equestria, especially when non-dragons have it. He seeks all things that grant enhancements to his preferred element, and is very resilient when it comes to wielding fire.


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