The Five Pariahs are a sect of outcasted Mothrons too powerful to be bared by the Mothrons as even the Mothron Emperor had deemed them a flight-risk in that otherwise embracing them would upset cosmic forces far beyond them and are thus exiled from Obscuro and left to be hounded by the Lightflies that agreed to the same concerns and aimed to capture the Pariahs to imprison into Kingdom Hearts itself. Even for Mothron standerds, the 5 Pariahs were really dark cretins, even beyond Mothlock's level of wickedness, because their abandonment drove them to cold-hearted extremists of evil. The Five Pariahs are said to be hiding out in particular worlds with the greatest "World Purity" as Lightflies and Mothrons had refered it to, for the assured intended purposes of indusing heavy darkness, which guarded 5 of the 13 Keyblades that forged the Chi-Blade and guarded by five additional Uniter Princesses before Gazelle. The Pariahs are behind Xehanort's discovery of the Book of Predictions and that of the Great Cycle, making them catalysts to why the whole mess with it thanks to awareness that he was a product of soft-resets because of the leader's hyper-cosmic awareness, thus they came to be his biggest benefactors of his goals, all the while it would enable them with their own ongoing goals of weakening the world purities of the worlds of the heaviest enfluence in the United Universes to make it weaker against the Great Cycle while incrising their own power, and giving Nega-Xehanort the five Keyblades in return. But despite their time, the five Uniter Princesses of old: Toyo, Madam Therium, Lady Corona, Schnee, and Doctress Junsei, were beyond being no pushovers, which is why they require their maximum power, giving the current Uniter Princess herself their own Familiars for the power to defeat them once and for all.


  1. Rummer the Buzzkill- An enturnally depressed Young Mothron and the most emotastic of the Pariahs. His enturnally downer attatude empowers him to enfluence others to endefelupt cynical and dark outlooks on life. Rummer is behind the negitive enfluences of Stinky Pete and Lotso, turning them against the shared ideals of being toys as a means to harm Toy Box's world purity of Childhood Joy, in which Rummer, being from a race that didn't believe in such things, scowls at with emo bitterness of never enjoying that himself. Being a teenager even for all these years, Rummer's the youngest of the 5 Pariahs.
  2. Decepta the Temptress- A female Mothron and a hyper industrial-strentgh relijustus bypasser with the power to heavily enfluence minds even when using the wildest of talltales and the greatest of obvious lies. She was known to enfluence even the strongest of wills of any Mothron to do anything she would desire, even at a great detriment. The Mothron Emperor was the only one able to resist her temptation, even when she gotten flirtly when she tried to have him make her an empress to replace what he already had, and failed when the Mothron Emperor was able to will himself to keep firm against her. Now as a member of the Pariahs, she was behind the negitive enfluences of Mr. Waternoose and Randall Boggs, being behind why monsters of Monstropolis initionally practiced being powered by the screams of children to reduse the world's purity of Compassion, corrupting Waternoose for his fear of irreliventcy and Randall's childhood insecurity of being unopular after a rough childhood to turn the two into her chronies in return for Waternoose to always be relivent and Randall to not be a loser. She's even behind why monsters had the false fear of children being infectious and deadly to monsters so to prevent her lie from being underminded, though eventually this was ruined. Now Decepta is aiming to re-establish her fear-hold once more.
  3. Profligo the Hurt- A masicistic Mothron who self-harms himself because pain makes him stronger. Profligo had a very, tragicly sad childhood as a nilistic depression drove him to cut himself and tear off bits of his wings to induse self-misery and pain due to being a tragtic figure of being a Mothron outcast even BEFORE his fate as one of 5 Pariahs due to his atraction to female Lightflies, being deemed an act of romancising with the enemy, as with their decade spanning war. But his powers began to become one with his pain, and it started to have negitive effects on Obsuro, even when it was already a wasteland of a planet, thus prompting the final indigity of being exiled. Profligo was the main negitive enfluencer of Mother Gothel and then later Varian, aiming to desimate the Kingdom of Corona's World Purity of Healing and Restoration, even more so that it was implied to also be the home of a famous Lightfly and a then-Uniter, deeming them his biggest targets.
  4. Fra'osster the Cold- A mothron obcessed with the power of ice and cold to the point of burdonsome ice puns and obcessing over the ice age in unforunate reminisence of Shoemocker's Batman and Robin's Mr. Freeze, which makes him the most unbareable and unserious of the Pariahs. He was the negitive enfluencer of Prince Hans and Duke of Weselton, utilising Hans' fear of being insignifigant to his brothers and the Duke's general cowerdly, greedy and phathic nature to turn into his agents to ensure that Elsa causes a new ice age in Arendelle, which not just reduses it's world purity of Prosperity, but it also just gives Fra'osster an Ice Age world to rule as he sees fit as a private dark winter wonderland. Though the less serious of the Pariahs, that's not to suggest he's an idiot, just obcessed with the power of the element of ice and a iceburg of an ego to boot. He was even behind why Elsa has ice powers to begin with, intentionally putting her into the position that would get her into the mess of the first movie to begin with, cause he's THAT obcessed with ice.
  5. Dr. Cyborgus Mindagora Telepathios Mcsquareson Latinaarus- A Mothron so mind-bogglingly intelligent that he placed himself inside a Motrhonian Robot Body cause his brain got too big for his organic form. He speaks in hyper intelligent speech that even when it sounds english it is VERY hard to follow what he is saying unless you're a brainiac like him. His passion for science drove him to become one with science, litterally, and thus atthived hyper-cosmic awareness, even having an enclylopedic knowledge on how The Multiversal Hierarchy works, which thus makes him the most over-powered of the Pariahs and the biggest outcast for knowing too much and lacking the humility to restrain himself, thus he is the genius leader of the 5 Pariahs and the mastermind of their groups. He is the negitive enfluencer of Professor Robert Callaghan, promising him tec that was the shorce of the professor's tecnological powers to begin with to enable the professor to take revenge on Alistair Krei, and the promise of resserecting his daughter due to the Doctor's strong ability to reach into Kingdom Hearts itself to extract hearts and restore their bodies. Cyborgus wants to reduse San Fransokyo's world Purity of Heroisum, the most impourent of the world purities because it was the birth power of the drive to be a hero, where without it, corruption will run rampent, which was Cygorbus' biggest game plan, to create a universe filled with villains. He has heavy interest in the boy that bested Callaghan, Hiro, and figures that the promise of bringing back his fallen brother's heart from kingdom hearts, hoping to turn Hiro to the dark path with the promise of bringing a family member back.
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