the flimflam bros, ever since they gone stright, have become a profitable business, and now own a company reknowned to all of the equestia, and may soon be allowed to have universeal business. Flim and Flam are set for life, to the proudness of the apple family who have sense forgived them in Flim and Flam are back, baby!, and helped them get this way. however, Mr. Happy Drink is now not so happy with his business ruined, and threatens to ruin their company! how? insurence and lawsuit fraud! he intentionaly poisons himself with bad stuff HE added to one of the Brother's drinks, and hired Hammy Hammerhead to help with the case, and sued Flim and Flam for everything the got, as well as sueing the apple family for helping them! when Twilight and the Celestial sisters smell foul play, they contact the lougers, and Disney london's best dectective, as well as Axle, who is very knowledgeable when it comes to exposing frauds, to investigate Happy Drink's claims, and if proven fraud, stop him before lifes are ruined.

(Needs revising.)

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