The Flower-Obsessive Jokester

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A weird supervillain similar to The Joker named The Jokester has harnessed the evil power of people's own misery. He has snuck 12 tons of a very familiar flower from Equestria in order to perform his evil deeds. But this isn't just any flower, it's Poison Joke from 'Bridle Gossip'. The Jokester manages to suck the poison from the flowers, and use them for his first mission: Show a group of heroes what comedy really means. He plants a gas bomb at the Dragon Temple in the middle of the night where everyone inside is affected, even Kairi, who's breasts have gotten bigger (Cannot be shown on screen). The Shell Lodgers look downright rediculous after being affected by the Poison Joke's poison, so they have to find a cure. But their new adventure will lead them to a quest to stop The Jokester from spreading his Poison Joke throughout the entire UUniverses.


(Jokester's Theme)

♩♫ Epic and Dark Electronic Music ♪♬ - Welcome to Chaos (Copyright and Royalty Free)

♩♫ Epic and Dark Electronic Music ♪♬ - Welcome to Chaos (Copyright and Royalty Free)

Dragon Temple Ailments

Shell Lodgers

Note that the Likes of Hanz avoided infection cause Hanz is still undercover in the villain leage, while Si and Am, Napoleon and Lafayette, Willie the Giant, and Krebbs, were either ammuned, were out of reach of the poison joke poison, or slept outside.

  • SpongeBob- Becomes gelatinous
  • Patrick- Gets much stupider
  • Squidward- Nose gets swollen up
  • Mr. Krabs- Claws shrink
  • Sandy- Loses all her hair
  • Shenzi- Gets really hairy
  • Banzai- Gets a girl's voice
  • Ed- Tongue is swollen up
  • Alex- has long hair all over his face
  • Marty- Becomes black with red stripes
  • Melman- Neck gets longer
  • Gloria- Gets really thin
  • Baloo- Gets really hairy
  • Bagheera- Gets blue spots on his fur
  • Kaa- Turns into a hairy snake
  • Skipper- Gets a squeaky voice
  • Kowalski- Becomes stupid
  • Private- Gets a deeper voice
  • Rico- Stomach gains the ability to speak
  • Icky- Gets messy hair and a squeaky voice
  • Iago- Wings shrink
  • Po- Shrinks to the size of a child
  • Shifu- Gets bigger ears
  • Tigress- Become white with black stripes
  • Viper- Gains incredibly small arms
  • Crane- Wings and legs engorge
  • Mantis- Becomes as big as Po was
  • Monkey- His tail gets shorter
  • Mushu- Becomes a large Chinese Dragon like Taiku
  • Sir Hiss- Gains feathers
  • Spyro- Wings get smaller
  • Cynder- Wings get switched backwards
  • Sparx- Gets as big as Spyro
  • Sam- Gets hairy and large
  • Max- Legs get longer
  • Brandy- Ears get longer
  • Mr. Whiskers- Gets hairier
  • Lola Boa- Gets rainbow stripes
  • Ed the Otter- Head gets smaller
  • Max the Cat- Gets hairier
  • Fidget- Gets a bit larger
  • Mr. Dodo- Looks like a chicken
  • Tweedle Dee-Dum- Both become conjoined
  • Bill- Gets blue stripes and spots
  • Mad Hatter- Gets even dumber
  • March Hare- Gets hairier
  • Dorm Mouse- Gets too large for his teapot
  • White Rabbit- Gets black and white fur
  • Thundera- Becomes a living thundercloud
  • Dr. Cockroach- Turns into an actual cockroach
  • B.O.B- Gets rainbow colored
  • Missing Link- Becomes a walking sturgeon (A giant fish)
  • Ginormica- Shrinks to the size of a mouse
  • Insectasaurus- Shrinks to the size of Shifu
  • Lucky Jack- Ears get longer
  • Batty- Gets larger wings
  • Miguel- Limbs enlongate
  • Tulio- Nose gets larger
  • Devon and Cornwall- Brains have switched
  • Tai- Loses his hair
  • Sora- Gets hairy
  • Matt- Gets a hairy face
  • Izzy- Gets a hairy face
  • Mimi- Loses her hair
  • TK- Gets squeaky voice
  • Joe- Gets hairy face
  • Agumon- Becomes blue with orange spots
  • Biomon- Feathers stick out
  • Tentomon- Uncontrollably uses electricity
  • Gomamon- Gets larger
  • Patamon- Gets larger
  • Palmon- Gets a poison-joke flower on her head (Does not produce the poison, but the flower sprays a foul-smelling gas, and Palmon gets blue spots and gets fatigue)
  • Gabumon- Becomes a wolf pup
  • Phil- Gets hair on his chest that looks like a bikini bra
  • Lord Shen- Turns into a black peacock
  • Boss Wolf- Turns into a pup, and is still capable of speech.
  • Trigger- Loses his feathers
  • Nutzy- Beak gets longer
  • Dodger- Loses his fur
  • Rita- Gets a freaky hairdo
  • Einstien- Gets even stupider
  • Francis- Gets a squeaky voice
  • Tito- Gets hyperactive
  • Merlin- Loses his beard
  • Archimedes- Loses all his feathers
  • Thief- Nose gets bigger
  • Ralph- Gets longer
  • Eddy- Gets shorter
  • Savio- Becomes a snake-centipede
  • King of Hearts- Gets larger
  • Mr. Smee- Gets skinny
  • Chi Fu- Gets a squeaky voice
  • Soothsayer- Becomes a sheep
  • Pain- Stuck as a chicken
  • Panic- Stuck as a pig
  • Creeper- Gets an even uglier face
  • Djon- Eyes are engorged
  • Shrek- Gets even more gassier
  • Donkey- Becomes a mule
  • Puss in Boots- Fur gets longer
  • Gilda- Feathers stick out
  • Trixie- Horn gets flabby with blue spots
  • Choas- Hardly effected very badly aside from over-sized ears.
  • Samson the Lion- Swqeuaky roar.
  • Ryan the Lion- Even tinyer.
  • Nigel Koala- About Po's normal size.
  • Larry the Anaconda- Becomes hyper-intelligent and becomes too sofisicated and mean-spirited to actselly be of any help.
  • Bridgette the Giraffe- short neck, the size of a deer.
  • Benny the Squirrel- bushy tail gets naked.
  • Friend Owl- Turns into a jerk.
  • Harloud- looks like Albis Mal.
  • Big Mama- Becomes a small owl.
  • Frank the Lizard- Blinded by delusional fear.
  • Lost Boys- Pimples and Chicken Pox like systems.
  • Dinky and Boomer- Reverse of sizes.
  • Uncle Waldo- Actselly Sober.
  • Dr. Jumbaa- VERY fat tounge, extra eyes, nose of a long-nosed goblin.
  • Pleakly- Attracting Mosqitos even more now.
  • Peng- The simularites of Tai Lung.
  • Lian- The Leopard verson of Qusimodo.
  • Fu-Xi- Stuck in the shape of a prestzel and get unform out of it.
  • Lefou- Extremely fat, about as fat as Peter from the start of the Daggermouth episode.
  • Thunderclap and the Dactyls- Turned into more accerate representations of their spieces.
  • The Raptors- Same as Thunderclap and the Dactyls.
  • Duke Weaselton- Resemlbes a more accreate depiction of a weasel (It has been said that Duke is not accreately drawn to represent proper weasel features.)

Other Temple Occupants

  • Ignitus- Wings shrink
  • Cyril- Grows ice crystals on his back
  • Volteer- Wings and feet get flipped backwards
  • Terrador- Snout gets larger
  • Kairi- Breasts grow bigger (Cannot be shown on screen)
  • Human Fagin- Gets hairy


Mad Jack Orchestral Cover

Mad Jack Orchestral Cover

Intro Theme

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