The Shell Lodgers learn a few more things about the Alternate UUniverses about a planet called Frunoblax after Qui brought it up by mistake. They find out from her that Frunoblax has had a worldwide feud between reptiles and mammals that's been lasting since before the Villains Act, and that some of the Villains Act's actions in recruiting mammals and reptiles, even when those same ones have no assusiations with the fuedulent planet, had made the feud worse when it made them fight over which side is purer. The two leaders, a bear-like creature named Bannus the Prophet and a anaconda-like creature named Snaikaro the Monarch, were attempting to force their own beliefs on each other, but their disagreements lead to the feud's origin. The Lodgers and the Heroes Act, plus Gazelle because of being very concerned about this sort of issue and wants to help in it, eventually decide to do something about it. They discover from several villagers on each side that both sides began to shanghai local warriors of neighboring worlds, trying to force them to fight in their battles, and even convert them into their way of thinking. They soon discover that not all of the people on each side hate each other. Bannus' unreligious son Beacin, and Snaikaro's half-daughter Isshara have secretly formed a friendship with each other. Beacin and Isshara have been trying since before the Villains Act to end this feud and overthrow their racist fathers, and have barely been able to watch out for the eyes of their infantry commanders, a giant marsupial brute named Borra, and a giant monitor lizard named Rynouge. However, the problem is, Bannus and Snaikaro have planned to use dangerous illegal weaponry to finally be rid of each other. With Beacin and Isshara able to convince some extremist hippies to sabotage the weapons, this ends up making everything worse when Bannus and Snaikaro blamed each other for this, and decide to declare a full-out war. Now, our heroes must do whatever they can to stop a bloody war on Frunoblax.


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