Dexter Fangasium is the self-proclaimed 'biggest fan' and head of the Heroes Act fan club, and saved enough money to build the fan club 'the perfect nerd home'. Thus, itching for an opportunity to take time off to visit the place, when that finally comes upon a vacation, Zosimo invites his nerdy wife, along with the geek heroes of the HA to the place. After having a good time, they end up making themselves look like 'geeks' to a malicious blackmailer in the form of 'someone the Heroes Act failed' named Obody. After talking about this the next day when the news is leaked out to Dexter and his girlfriend in the form of a former Dimensional Journalist Bureau member named Holly Rusa Squabble, despite telling them that they faced the same before to the point where even calling them 'geeks' is enough to get them angry, they end up following the other heroes' earlier advice and decide to not visit again as they might feel embarrassed. But they end up discovering that the blackmailer CONTINUES to mock them by showing them in their private time with Wars and Weapons and other stuff. As this ends up making them look like 'weenies' to the rest of the AUU, the heroes decide to put matters in their own hands by finding whoever's turning everyone against them. However, he ends up being one step ahead of them because, as it turns out, he was a former HA geek who knows all their tactics, and quit when he found it all boring and unfulfilling when 'heroism turned out too easy for them since they keep getting help from the Lodgers', making him believe they are far too reliant on them, and thus wanted to prove it to the rest of the AUU, mainly by the methods he's doing now. However, the stupid nerd inadvertingly ended up being a pawn for a former VA hopeful before the disbansion happened, named Chessmaster, who was the shorce of Obody getting the info to begin with, and has now asked him to exposed HA secret weapons to the media, which will end up being known by every single VA reniment with TV actcess or a way to connect, risking mass choas, just to prove a point. Well, guess that means Obody is NEVER gonna be happy with the HA, because the situation is too serious to do things on their own and the Lougers have to be brought out. Although, Obody made himself a personal matter to Dexter and Holly, and intent to expose him and Chessmaster as the assholes who did everything for some self-rightious point.


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