Lightning still has diffitculty to let Daisy Beds go. Her friends offer ways to help her cope, but she refused. suddenly, she claims to actselly seen a spirit in the form of Daisy Beds, and she claims that the only way she can come back to live, is if the new and lost elements of harmony are too be taken to her grave, under the perfect moon. Lightning, desperate to get back her beloved friend, does that! she was able to get the elements with stupidly no trouble due to being a celebery to the guards (fine enforcers are they) and was able to bring the elements to Daisy's grave. however, she found out too late that the ghost was just Jungie in a sneaky kung-fu trick! Ligntning was quickly captured by his leopard henchmen, and Jungie disires the elements strictly for himself. Why? He figured if he alone suceeded in what Cobra failed in many times before, the leage would deside to make Jungie the better leader, or at least, make him an extra leader like they did with Mirage and Xenonort (either way, he would've made his point) and intents to do this by taking the elements to the leage, rendering Equestia defenceless for an invadion by the leage, and finally restoring the leage's reign of evil. However, that is, if he was to avoid a crafty Tyro and his friends that would counter it and louch another change for the leage's evil reign to return by useing the same trick Junjie pulled against him by disguising himself as Daisy Beds to scold Junjie for his nefarious deeds while the rest is in the hands of the louge, Aqua, Terra, Ventus, Mang and Oogway.

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