Ca-killing-ian is arrested, and now ex mountie Pierre Grizzly is next. Pierre is a combination of brute force and intelligents, as well as an ironic sense of honor. it's just that because of a misunderstanding and an accsidental death of a criminal, he was wrongfully discharged from the mounties, and Kailass offered him a chance to seek justise, in return for servitude. Pierre's belief of being wronged blinded him of Kailass's true nature, and now, the tragic former enforcer is no different then Czar Benjamin, or Ca-Killing-ian. worse, Kailass values Pierre too greatly, and orders Penelope to supply Pierre with a very powerful and dangerious robot bodygaurd to see the dark gems make it the next phase of their dilivery to Kailass. The Lougers are going to need Bentley and his specialty with technology for this mission

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