Nation Rulers across the world of Equestia are being turned into glass thanks to the return of the Glass Kingdom, ruled by a sentient pig with EXTREME self-esteem issues known as Princess Porcina, a failed experiment from a Griffin Meat Company gone wrong who came to be adopted as the protégé of the chief of the Griffians second most fierce enemies, the Raptorians, dog-headed bird monsters with the power to turn places into glass, and now their newly-elected leader, Chief Schrock, now aims to take advantage of the downfall of the storm king and became the new name of conquest from Porcina. Porcina and Schock quickly captured the Princesses and the Pillers of Equestia to make sure they don't become the threat of their uprising. Now the Main 7 and the Lougers need to find a way to stop a wanna-be's rise to power and bring since back to Porcina and away from an obvious user that is Schock.

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