The Glory of Originos

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Originos is a well-respected and celebrated United Universal holiday celebrated by all cartoon characters of their own creator studios alike. It represents the joy of the sucesses of movie, shows, video games, and things of non-established company origin. Mickey Mouse introduces this worshipped event, as well as his technical brother, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, to the Lodgers and educates to them the joys of Originos, and that what almost became of Oswald and the events that happened with the both of them during Epic Mickey and their battle against the Shadow Blot, is a symbol of what all heroes always have prevented: a horrorable ruined world of darkness. Practically characters of all kinds, successful of unsuccessful, liked or hated, respected or controversial, and even obscured, worship this holiday regardless if they're popular or not, because opinions of others do not effect films and the like. However, Kung-Pow ultimately crashes the party by messing with Yen Sid's magic color map of the UUniverses, and while trying to create a new Shadow Blot, he ends up unknowingly trapping all of the UUniverses into a washed-up world similar to Wasteland, and not realizing that he just helped a treacherous entity achieve a dark dream. This entity is known as the Ruler of the Forgotten, a creature similar to the Shadow Blot, even having similar powers, but has no base form and, normally since the dawn of everything, has been able to build a base form with unlimited power by taking away things easily forgotten by people, like less successful movies or those obscured. Corrupting the idiotic little dragon Kung-Pow into his speaker herold, his influence starts to spread as he starts erasing the fabric of the UUniverses like it was just paint, and remaking it in his own image, and starts to take away characters' Hearts, AKA the source of their legacies, and making them forgotten one-by-one and making them his slaves. Even the Lodgers are getting picked off, and are soon to be forgotten and made slaves like the rest. However, they discover that there may still be hope in the form of the Fantasian Light, which is the relic that shines the power of Originos through every entertainment system including television and the Internet, and reminds viewers of the joy of Originos, and will hopefully restore the enslaved characters and make them remembered once again. But the Ruler will not let his grip on the UUniverses vanish that easily, and so he is starting to use his strengthened powers to make it much more difficult for the heroes to remind everyone to never truly forget movies, popular or not. Now, thanks to Kung-Pow, the Ruler might finally get what he wants.... But will the Lodgers just give him what he deserves?

Material Used

(The ROTF uses his power to show this during the Disney Originos, except replacing the characters with Disney Characters, as a sick joke to lower their spirits and control them, skip to 1:48)

Family Guy Disney Universe

Family Guy Disney Universe

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Epic Mickey OST The Phantom Blot Extended

Epic Mickey OST The Phantom Blot Extended

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Intro/Climax Theme (Epic Mickey- The Phantom Blot) Coming soon...
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