Equestia's cattle populations are once again dwindling thanks to rustlers, but this time, it's not by the bulls. Either way, since the law about not using magic to harm a resident of Equestria is amended for how stupid it was in that it pardons criminals to do harm since they maintains native status until they disrespected historic landmarks and now includes breaking the law of any kind, the Main 6 aim to address the trouble-maker. However, apawn arrival, the Main 6 are quickly ambushed by the very bandits they were after, this time a gang of mythics. A rouge western Centaur named Horse-Ass Pete, A Cactus Ent named Catcus Catleen, A Krylock named Billy Double-Venom and his pet centapeded snake named Demy, A short little Desert Goblin named Green Lit'le Shit Gorden, A Garbage Troll named Ranchid Philtucky, A Giant Tarantula Man named El Araña, A Bisontaur named Bi-Minos Hank, and their fearsome Clint-Eastwood-Inspired leader, a satyr named The Rustler Outlaw, who is yet another extreme deviant Storm Clan Member who went into being a notourious outlaw with his two magic-pistols that can shot Obsidian Bullets that turn all enemies into coal statues, as well as a Blunderduss that steals magic and allows him to wield it. And he heard talk about what the Main 6 and other heroes have been doing to his clan, and even despite being a deviant, he will not take kindly to anyone that disrespects his kin, and is only causing the rustling to happen to lure the Main Six to his turf, and kidnap them so use them as bait to lure all of the heroes that harmed his clan there as well so he can turned them all into coal. Thus, the heroes have to ensure they can get around his tricks, hopefully with the help of a new Stallion vigilante named Tremor Dust, who has a Johnny-Depp-like charm to him, and is the only one to survive countless confrontations with the Rustler Outlaw, and live to protect his people, being blessed with magic to do anything Saxton-Hale-style, and with his deputy in the form of a Tobey Maguire-sounding mini-pony similar to a larger Pip named Little Rock, can they help our heroes survive this bad hombre?


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