The secret backstory of Goofy Goober's has been revealed and it's started to become a problem. Places have been overrun with sugarweed infestations. Sugarweeds are all forms of plants that are grown from sugar seeds from the candy world of Gobstopper, which is actually where the banana-split UFO that abducted Goofy Goober's founder, Reginald 'Goofy' Goober, originated. These sugar seeds are illegal to plant on other worlds because they could damage the ecosystem with its massive glucose production and/or siphoning, killing or overfeeding other plants, as well as the concern of heavy addiction risks. They learn Reginald's true secrets underneath Goofy Goober's: he cultivated sugar seeds in an underground cave and created his own ice cream paradise from it, which SpongeBob and Patrick had seen before when they got wasted in Goofy Goober's after SpongeBob wasn't picked as Krusty Krab 2 Manager in 2004, but didn't remember it and would've labeled it a mirage due to their conditions, making him a mass profit, but was unaware of what the seeds really were. Now the same aliens who abducted him, the obese but very powerful Glucons, who need sugared foods to survive, aim to colonize other worlds and must plant sugar seeds as terraformation, starting with Bikini Bottom, as Glucons are amphibious. Now the Lodgers need to stop this madness with help from Reginald himself, smack sense into the Glucons, and stomp the plans of the race's military general, Supreme General Reallyreallyfat.

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