The Grand Alternator Elder is an Amoral One and the twin brother of The Grand Amoral Elder who watches over universes of alternate timelines and their own Amoral Ones. He is considered the personification of time and space manipulation and fixes paradoxes by molding destroyed timelines into other dimensions and that is how grandfather paradoxes are not apparent in cartoons, but it can be unstable and cause a rip if not fixed in time, and the realities created by the change are what fill the void that was once filled by that change, and the new realities become new dimensions once it's restored. He is thus considered the ultimate time lord. He does this with the help of the 'Time Butterflys', which is an omnidimensional species of his design and the personification of multiverse theory, time and space, alternate timelines and possibilities, and the namesake butterfly effect, that stabilizes the flow of the timelines during a change by holding the main timestream in it's base body and holds the parallel realities together with it's wings until the void is fixed. This makes GAE a penultimate time lord.

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