The Grand Chaosmaker is an Amoral One and the owner and creator of the Memeverse, or the UUniverses where all forms of parody, creepypasta, YTPs, and anything else related, take place. Reported to be a little insane, the Grand Chaosmaker created this universe in the name of making a twist on everything existing in his fellow Amoral Ones' universes, singular or united. In ways, he is like a mad/good scientist who enjoys what he creates, yet he is easily angry that the tyrannical regime known as Viacom was created to destroy his creations, and even he cannot destroy it as it has proven to outwit even outer gods, and even their leader is a complete mystery. They destroyed worlds of currently-dead Youtube Poopers like Boogidyboo (Creator of the surviving YTP: Toys Gone Wild), and it scares anyone in the Memeverse simply by showing them their V of Doom. The Chaosmaker loathes this regime for threatening his home, and comes to realize that it is supposed to be the personification of the dangerous abuse of copyright law, as his universe is the personification of violating said law, and thus it was created by some mysterious force to represent the will of copyright infringement and it cannot be destroyed because copyright law will never be destroyed and will always be around destroying and threatening his world's freedoms no matter how justified they are. It drove him even more insane, to where he does all he can to 'give the middle finger to them', yet Viacom was all too good at adapting to his works.

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