The Grand Designer

The Grand Designer

The Grand Designer is an interdimensional machine-like being and is the creator and owner of the United Universes. He is part of an omnipotent race of godly machines called the Amorals, which were creators of several dimensions across the multiverse. He was actually responsible for creating the idea of the endless struggles of good and evil, with the common godly disregard for mortal suffering. He desires only for things to go like he always plans. In otherwords, HE'S respondsable for all the good AND bad things that happen in ALL universes in the united universes. He's the reason all kinds of gods, demons, races, and all they feel are real and existing, he's respondsable for all the good times, and the bad times. He can decide the fate of all and is satisfived with any result. He lives to his race's name, cause he cares not if evil wins or goodness wins, all he cares is the grand design of things. However, he became upset when the lougers have been defying all of his grand designs for ending their existing universe by always winning and are somehow ammune to his control. So, he has unleased every world ending monster they faced in the series. He was the reason Xehanort found the book of predictions that started the great cycle, and he's the reason Anti-Kairi happen at all and WHY Malefor suddenly betrayed Mirage! The sad part is, he's programed to be like this. The Amoral are suppose to deside what good events and bad events happen, and he is doing what he was designed to do. It is in his nature, and his own nature sadly corrupted him beyond reason of his more reasonable fellow Amoral. While remaining undercover, he takes the form of an ancient angelic being on a hovering chair. (Second form coming soon...)


Coming soon...


  • "Welcome to my world, stupid little misfits. You have yet to pro-cess. This is the way of my design."
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