The Grand Doom Master is an Amoral One and the owner and creator of the Second Alternate UUniverses. He is the brother of The Grand Fate Master who was best friends with The Grand Reverser and he wanted to do the same thing he did, except for the AUU, this one where villains always won and heroes had a hard time. The Villains Act is still alive, but split into three factions: Lawful Villainy, the last traditional remnants of the VA, Neutrality Evil, which is in-between villains that are basically mercenaries, and the Chaos Evils, who are pure extremists of villainy and a terror group with no sense of direction. Darkness Qui had a different fate due to the Second Dimension's Eagle-Beak and became so broken by her past she did Eagle-Beak's goals as leader of Lawful Villainy, and the Heroes Act never came to exist since Gygax was never stopped, and half of their members are known instead as The Elites of Preservation while others either remained independent, were never discovered, or in the rare unfortunate scenario, even became evil, including Xandy, who became a big member of the Lawful Villainy Branch, becoming evil since her love triangle with Clifton and Samantha ended in her own destruction as a hero when she ended up nearly killing Samantha, forcing Clifton to hit back hard and saved her BARELY in the nick of time! As a result, she was ousted from the Elites and became like Injustice Superman, while Xrandy became her replacement when the Bounty Hunter Consortium became part of the Neutrality Evil. The Secret Founders went dark as a result of this and try to formulate a plan to reunite the villains and punish Eagle-Beak for leaking their manipulation to Qui. All this has been formulated by GDM.

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