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The Grand Fate Master

The Grand Fate Master is an immortal godly robotic-like force who is the obsessed and self-corrupted creator and owner of the Alternate UUniverses, in which he is referred to as Grafatus, a name that he personally hates. He is a member of the interdimensional godly robot beings called the Amorals, and is the cousin of The Grand Designer. He became far too favorable to strictly the villains of the AUU, where he took the guise of an organic physical godlike form so he can enjoy his work unfold. Like most Amorals, he also created and commanded their gods and evolution masters in ancient times, but following the mysterious AUU First Cartoonian War, he banished them into their own godly dimension, keeping the evolution masters around yet forbidding interaction with mortals, and left their homes, known as the God Zones, to be maintained by his godly machines. As of now, he currently lives in the Alpha Universes' God Zone, and has created 'children' in the form of seven secret followers to run the other God Zones. In a way, he orchestrated The Dark Founder to discover his cousin's UUniverses, and ensure that the Dark Founder made the mistake only knowing corruptive magic years prior, thus creating his perfect villain paradise. He ensured any hero would either die or would be too insignificant against the overly-powered Villains Act. In a way he is the 'True Dark Founder' and is technically responsible for the misfortune of everyone including Quidilin, whom he didn't have a lot of involvement or direct control of as it was mostly the doing of his unaware 'Secret Founders'. His paradise for villainy was perfect until the Shell Lodgers came in and destroyed his dystopia. Like his cousin, he can't alter their fates in any way, and as such his perfect universe shattered, watching all the villains he created lose their edges, and slowly get picked off one-by-one. But being an Amoral, he considered it only a minor setback, and so he figured the only way to fix it is to create predecessor, which would later become known as the Dark Radicals, where he even became the Radicals' own 'Secret Founder', like how it was done in the Villains Act. He's basically also why no one kicked out Nuke Munbay by now because he wanted an easily-manipulative and easily-bowing puppet as any other wouldn't've been so easy to control. His interest to defeat the Lodgers incresed when his own cousin would be defeated by them, and he soughts to show he can do far better. At the same time though, he would try at any cost to destroy the forces of good in the Alternate UUniverses to ensure his villain paradise would be reborn, then come after his cousin's UUniverses just as a preventive measure to avoid history repeating itself. He is the keeper of all left-behind Teadr 0 technology that was owned by his godly subjects, and if he must, he will leave them in anyone's hands if it means he reaches his goals. His artificial body looks like a Yatoran body, but his AUU lore says that he takes the appearance of what some would say the AUU gods looked like in their original and purest form, and his hoverchair is entirely Teadr 1 technology.


Grand Fate Master's Original Form

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  • "Fate is but a puppet, and I'm the puppeteer."


As an Outer God, GFM has little to no concern about mortal or lower god concerns, but possesses a need for challenging his existential purpose's possibilities. Because he is very envious of The Grand Designer's own universe, his own universe is nearly identical and yet different on an alien level, which is why many of the worlds in his dimension rip off famous works of fiction.