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the worlds in the viewing of Xehanort.

the great cycle, an apopolictic-like event that'll suck away the united universe into kingdom hearts, bring the world that never was into the united universe, and create a new united universe, under Xenahnort's rule. They easily have great control of the heartless, nobodies, and even the unversed, turning them into an evil army of doom. They are set to be the true final and real battle as of the New Cronitcles episode to finish off season 13 of the original cronitcles. (That has now been offictally revised for the special Princess Salvation)


Kingdom Hearts, the door of obilian

as truely reveield in the Book of predictions, the great cycle starts by using the generator to open the way to the world that never was, then use kingdom hearts to suck in worlds, as one can tell when you see a heart shaped moon. apawn so, the world will be invaded by Heartlesses, Nobodies, and even Unversed, all the the same time.

the signs.

a world about to be sucked in

the first sign of the cycle is the appearence of a heart shaped moon in all worlds, then, comes the invadtions of heartless, nobodies, and unversed. all worlds will be victimised. and darkness begins to grow. the worlds will be sucked into kingdom hearts, and the world that never was comes forth, powered by the many victims. all the victims can do is panic. though heroes try as they must, failure is sadly ineditable.

The invadtion.

during the moon, Heartlesses, Nobodies, and Unversed attack everywhere and from all sides. all forms of good try and to fight the rising threats, but all eventally fail and are captured. the creatures then attack all the cities, capture and claim inosent lives, then, the engeries of the gates in the form of black holes, and the return to kingdom hearts begins.

return to Kingdom hearts.

shadow portal gates.

after the attacks, these shadowy portals began to appear all over worlds, sometimes, an even bigger one appears just outside the orbit of the world, incresing the sucking. no worlds have any defence against this uprising and attack. soon, all of the events repeat the same, again, and again, and again, until, the world that never was, begins to grow, a world simular to what it was in before.... only now, a universe.

a black hole of darkness

the world by Xehanort.

the world that never was, now the fully realised castle of true evils.

At this point, Xehanort has become truely powerful. darkness everywhere. his armies are growing. everyone is now an imprisoned soul in a realm of sadness. all of the united universe is gone. replaced by, a realm of treachery, and darkness. it will only take a great, and superior force, to face down this newfound dark new world. because once Xehanort gets the Cycle complete, he will never, want to be undone.

Xehanort, at full power.